As the Metal Trees Grow

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    Outside the tent, penetrating the fabric came the sounds of twisting metal, of crashing trees and of new technology that has begun to ravage the land. The man, like everyone else, just did nothing and accepted the changing of the world. The world had changed many times in his lifetime and still they all persevered and survived, why should this be any different? The man was old, getting on in ears, each day he prayed to be revealed of this life as his bones had grown weary and frail. His body slow and damaged, yet he did not die. His one good eye peered over the tent, over his possessions He made his way to the small round chalice that sat in the middle of the table at the center of the room and began to chant in an old elvish tongue that not many knew to speak. The water in the chalice twirled and spun faster and faster with every word, "Release me from this life," he whispered soft. The water settled and he waited as he had done before, waiting for the sign. Slowly an image began to fill the chalice of a group of travelers headed his way. His mouth cracked with a smile, "Finally,"
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    Zhai sat in one of the few remaining forests. This did not bode well for creatures like her... she sighs heavily damnit.... she was approached by a man not long ago, they never go into caves anymore.... she was surprised and she sighs. Join a group... save the forests. There was only one problem with this plan... she was spider folk... not exactly blending material. She had not the courage to leave the Forrest yet, of course she could make it appear as though she had legs but her skin? And the sun... she hisses in ain just thinking about. Besides where are all these travelors?
  3. Grezn approached the growing settlement. The forest was dissapearing, and in it's place came buildings and streets. Neither of which where very good to hide in for a goblin. Or a tribe of goblins, for that matter. Hiding in the forests would be hard when it got cut down, and hiding behind a larger race would be one of the few ways of saving the tribe. But none would simply accept a bunch of goblins into their home. And so, money would be needed. Or something else. Grezn had didn't truly care which it became. Money or bringing the forests back.
    He pulled his small hood further over his face and entered, having heard the rumors of a "treasure" that could "make the world green". He could see no way that could be negative.
  4. A small gray fox wandered the forest and saw the Spideraan sitting alone. It stepped slowly closer, sniffing at the air around the creature surveying it, then it stopped, body frozen, eyes shifted from a curious black to an almost human green. It sat upright staring intently, "You can't hide here forever, you know that," it said in a strange voice.

    Back in the settlement the construction waged on like a tidal wave of progress. Spideraan's crawled over the intricate metal work, dwarfs tossed pieces of metal and tools this way and that banging on the metal that would be the city walls. Small gnomes ran steam powered lifts and began tinkering with the new invention of electricity. There seemed to be a creature of every race working, but tensions were high and it almost seemed like one spark could set off a fight. A tall man saw the little goblin in the cloak and grabbed him by the back of it, "You trying to sneak off of work early?!" he barked in an authoritative tone, "Not on my watch you little bugger!" The noise and commotion stopped as all waited for a response.
  5. She looks to the fox. " I do not hide. I wait." she sighs and sees the little goblin. She looks at all the others and wonders why none help him. With a finger she points and webs shoot forward around the little goblin. Flicking her wrist she pulls him back away from harm and deep in the forest right to her. She then drops her web, " I wait for instruction fox. I wait for the others"
  6. "GAH!" Grenz yelled in surprise at the sudden yanking. He struggled for a moment before he registered what had been said. "I'm not trying to get off duty! I don't even work here!" He pleaded, almost in panic. He knew that in his situation, he didn't stand a chance. He also knew that humans tended to not be... very nice to goblins.
    Before he could do anything more, he was yanked in another direction, away from the human, landing in a bush in the forest. After a bit of a struggle to get out and removing some branches, he could see his savior. A spider-folk. He approached her. "Uh... Thanks..." He said weakly. Saved by a stranger, almost before his quest had even started. How was he supposed to save his tribe, if he couldn't even enter the town without needing saving? He looked down, hiding his eyes under his hood, trying to hide his face, fearing she could read it like a open book.
  7. Zhai lays her torso down on the branch along with the rest of her an she smiles her fangs showing, " no problem goblin. It is not wise to walk into settlements unless you want to become a slave to their machines." She stretches her eight legs out enjoying her freedoms even as small as they were they were better then nothing... "what were you doing walking in there like that anyway? do you not realize how foolish that is?"
  8. Grenz didn't answer the spider at first, trying to make sure his voice was normal. "When one has no other options, one walk into danger, staring it in the eyes." He said, pausing a moment. "I saw no other way. My tribe is in danger. And I've heard of something that can save it in there. And I see no other option than to try again." He moved his hand behind him, under his cloak, to make sure his dagger was still there. He knew it would most likely only make things worse for him, if he at all dared to use it, yet having it was something that made him feel a bit safer.
  9. She arches a brow, "who in there will help you? Their spirits are broken, they are drones... were you perhaps approached a few months ago by a man speaking of change? I was told to meet others here. If this is true then you are the first other then myself to arrive" she tilts her head examining the little goblin more closely. She could smell the iron on him, cursed iron. She looks at him silently, weighing his worth
  10. "I... I don't know where the rumor started... But some of the other said something about a stranger passing, telling them of a great treasure that would turn the world green!" He said, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. "I don't know what it truly means, but it can't make anything any worse!" He realized he had raised his voice a bit, and looked down again, rubbing his hands to keep them occupied.
  11. She nods, "I care less about the treasure and more about keeping the caves. Have you seen any others coming? I am hoping there are more of us then just we two...." she sighs and plays through her hair with her fingers, "a goblin and a spindraan..... not enough to take on an army"
  12. The man shook his head, his vision blurry. He awoke to the sound of clanging metal and many voices yelling. "Hmm, what is all of the commotion?" He looked down from his resting place, which was atop a tree branch, and saw that there were two dwarfs trying to cut down the tree that laid on. "Hey hey hey, can't you tell that I am up here?!" But obviously the two weren't listening. The male then sighed and closed his eyes once more. "When I feel as if the tree is not sturdy enough, I will just try and jump to the other one..." Obviously the male was not aware that most of the trees were being cut down so that the workers could make way for the city walls.
  13. "No, I haven't seen any..." Grezn's eyes grew wide, a look of absolute horror filling them. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN *TAKE OUT AN ARMY*?!" He screamed at the spideraan, his hands grabbing onto the sides of his face. "I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT ANY ARMY! I CAN'T FIGHT AN ARMY! I CAN BARELY FIGHT ONE MAN!" By now, it almost looked like the goblin was about to tear of his small, green face.
  14. She looks at him amusement in her eyes, "relax goblin. I would not ask you to fight. It is not your peoples nature to act thus. I would find other purposes for you. Do not worry we will make good allies you and I... we are just in need of more... I am more of a spy and less of a warrior. I am a hunter. We need someone to fight the front line at the very least"
  15. "Oh... Okay..." He said, calming down slightly and letting go of his face. "Okay, so you mean that we, a hunter and a... Slow and painful death-type killer, plus one warrior to be in the front would be enough for an army?" He looked at her still very doubtful. "I mean... A lot of big burly guys in front, and maybe. But if I could get that kinda people, I wouldn't be here anyways..." He put his hand on the small purse on his belt, containing a few coins.
  16. She nods, "the rumors say to meet here... with much luck that means soon we will find them here... soon someone will come. We can find people " she nods with a smile, "but then again... how long do you suppose it'll take...?"
  17. The man watched as the small goblin was torn from his hands, "what in the hell?! HAS EVERYONE GONE MAD?!" a soft growl peirced his lips.
    "What should do?" asked another man peering into the forest.
    "Get the mages, burn em out." he replied gritting his teeth.
    "That will not be necessary captain," The old man ventured from his tent standing next to him, "They're here for me, I have a task for them,"
    The man's tone shifted quickly, he bowed, "I am sorry Elder, I did not know they were your guests,"

    The man smiled a soft smile and in an instant vanished. The small gray fox began to whimper and twist, his body shifted and slowly rose, it's form changing into The Elder, "Ah and so the first have arrived," he glanced down at the goblin, "Do not worry little one, there are no armies, only bandits and pirates and elves and the great Heart Forest itself in your way. You know and army might be easier."
  18. "Eh, I dunno..." Was all Grenz had time to say, before the fox he'd barely noticed suddenly started... changing. In no time, a old man stood there, and Grenz instinctively reached for his dagger. Yet he let his arm fall back down to his side at the old man's words. "Bandits and pirates and elves... Yeah, I'm almost starting to prefer the army-alternative." He shook his head for a moment, before taking a step backwards and almost demanding "Who are you, and how'd you do the... fox thing?!"
  19. "They call me The Elder," he smiled down at the goblin, "my name has long since been forfeight, and I am the one who called you here, I have seen the treasure, i know it's power, it can change the world." His tone was light and happy, almost youthful.
  20. The male once more woke up before noticing that the tree he was resting upon was about to break. He then stood up before stretching lightly and then yawned. "It seems that it is time for me to go.." He then stood straight up before squatting a few times, and shook out his legs. "I am probably going to fail this but.." He leapt from then tree towards another a few feet a head from him and sadly... He did fail. His right hands index finger hit the branch, but he could not get a hold of it, and fell downwards into the underbrush that lay by the goblin and the spider creature.