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  1. Traveling from one kingdom to another. Her own was slowly falling apart. War had broken out thanks to the random attacks from the enemy kingdom. Luckily, they survived the blood fest and even capture the Enemy King. He was forced in the jail cell to spend a sentence or be beheaded. Even though they survived, the kingdom was yet in danger. An arrangement was put together by the kings of two friendly kingdoms. The youngest daughter was to marry the prince to the heir of the throne. The middle child was against her younger sister marrying the of age male. She hadn't even reached age of 16. She was only 12. Traditions generally annoyed young Malayna. Malayna was 17. A year past the age of marriage. The first three ran from her due to the way she was. Outspoken, open minded, adventurous, and even not so girly. She was known as a wild child. Her impulsive behavior caused Malayna to travel to her sisters to-be betrothed.

    The kingdom was very beautiful. The whole time through travel, her eyes looked around seeing the ocean crash the sandy beaches and the mountain tops with white patches on top. It was abnormal. Around her kingdom she typically saw forests and animals. There were no mountains or beaches. It was a mixture of desert and oasis. The horses pulled up the lined up men in front of the partnered kingdom. On of her own men pulled up on their horse. "We have the woman who's to shall betrothed to your own kingdom."

    She hopped down from her black horse and slowly walked to men. The main guard popped with an automatic response. "Are you not a bit older than our lords wife?"

    Her sapphire green eyes shot at him along with her voice. "How dare you speak of me in that way! I am Malayna Cordea." She hated men that shot down woman because they were said to be not as important. Her light brunette hair drifted in the ocean breeze. "Let me in at once!"

    "I can not." The guard instantly retaliated with a response.

    Malayna was not giving up this easily. Not in the slightest. "Our parents had already agreed to me being a replacement. Now let me in!"

    The guard shook his head and turned. "Send for M'Lord." He was proof of some kind; any kind really. Then again, he felt threatened by the woman who was clearly not a proper lady. Far from to be exact. He found it degrading and embarrassing for the womankind. She on the other hand found it empowering, noble, and rightful.
  2. Bracken was alerted by the door guard to retrieve Lord Mordred. There was a fiery female demanding an audience. Bracken merely sighed. The maidens of Lord Lancelot's Kingdom were always trouble around here. Asking for audiences, telling the men off, all because they didn't agree with Lord Mordred's rule over the Western Lands. There was a war brewing, everyone could feel it.

    Bracken left his post by the inside of the door to go retrieve his master. Hopefully this disturbance would be over soon. He could take a bath in the guard's barracks after all of this was over. He made his way up to the third floor, nodded to the guards along the way, then knocked on his Lord's bedroom door.

    "Who is it?" came the drawl reply.

    "A woman from Lancelot's Kingdom requests an audience, my Lord. I don't think she'll leave until she gets one. She's... one of those." A groan came through the door. The wooden portal opened and revealed Lord Mordred, wearing all shiny black formal attire. "Of course she is. At least TRY to send her away. I know the outer door guards tried. And there is a reason I chose YOU from the other recruits sent my way. Without your armor, you could pass as me. Go get changed, and try to send her away. Please, I don't want to deal with this right now."

    Bracken nodded. "Very well, my Lord." As Bracken entered the barracks not but 5 minutes later, he removed his customary steel plating. His sleek black hair fell from his helm and dropped around his lean yet firmly toned shoulders. His tall figure was not to be taken as weakness however, as his thin muscles were small looking, yet very powerful. He donned his formal wear and began his way to the front door. He opened the wide front entrance to-


    His deep green eyes widened at the woman before him. She was stunning to his eyes, but his job came first.

    "Can I help you?"

  3. Malayna saw a man pass through. Finally. She switched her personality to come off as polite until the normal approach was needed. "I am Malayna Cordea. I was sent here due to the marriage arrange between my father and the king I this kingdom." She curtsied and have a bright smile. She didn't care who came to meet up with her there was no way she was leaving. She was the only female that dared speak the way she had. The other women would get into trouble even jail. Sometimes be headed sentences. Malayna arose and looked deep with in the dark green eyes of the man infront of her.

    "Lady Malayna's betrothed is here. Correct?" The top guard from her men spoke out.

    Her arm shot out with an open hand. It was her way to tell her men to quiet. She was very strict with her own guards. They followed every order or she had her own way of taking care of them. Malayna was definately one of a kind in all aspects. Life was just a giant game to her that she was determined she'd win no matter the cost. "Please send YOUR lord down."

    Remit, Malayna top man, had heard rumors about Lord Mordred. He sighed in though of how the personalities of the two were sure to collide. Sadly, he wouldn't have the luxury to leave Lady Malayna there. He'd stay by her side even after the ceremony. He dreaded the job of taking care of her. She was such a pain.
  4. "Sorry to disappoint, M'Lady, but I am Lord Mordred Pendragon, Son of King Arthur Pendragon," Bracken drawled on in his practiced Lord Mordred voice. "And I must ask again, apparently. Why. Are. You. Here?"

    He hated being this rude to the beautiful girl, but he had to stay in character as Lord Mordred. All the manor staff knew about the arrangement between him and his Lord. They were to treat him as the Lord, while he was instructed to do so. But even though he was Lord Mordred's double, he did not get such treatment OUTSIDE of the actor's gibe. Which was fine by him, he didn't want to get the rest of the manor jealous of him because of it.

    But that's not what his mind was focused on at the moment. He was focused on the beauteous harpy before him. This fire she kept inside... was intriguing and barbaric at the same time. By the way Bracken was raised... he should find this type of woman repulsive and whorish. But he couldn't help but find her strangely attractive.
  5. Her eye brow rose. Sure he acted as such but she found something off. "You're Lord Mordred?" Malayna questioned. Her steps closed in on the man before her. He was attractive in every way imaginable. The women sure wooed over him. Now she saw why. Still if he was attractive everything was off. Malayna was determined to find out too. Typically she wasn't easily tricked. This would take a few minutes but she was sure to find out.

    Remir stepped before her and bowed in respect. "My lord. I appologize for my lady's ways." he stood straight as he was there to do his job. "The king arranged the marriage of you and Lady Malayna. You should be aware of... Today struck the day of her to meet the king and yourself to settle the arrangement." Remir was middle aged and showed all respect towards the man. He was serious and hardly played around to any extent. "This here we are to request an audience with the king and--"

    At the time Malayan busted out in laughter. Remir turned to her and even gave her a death glare. She pulled her guard behind her and stood tall infront of the man who was supposedly lord Mordred. "So who are you anyways?"

    "My lady!"

    "Where is the real Lord Mordred? That pathetic man think he can simply send you to try to trick me? Who do you imbeciles think I am?" She looked at the man with a smirk.
  6. God forgive me for this! Bracken thought desperately.

    Then he sent his hand in a flying arch, connecting with the woman's face.

    A resounding SLAP! echoed across the grounds as he brought his false dander up. "You DARE speak to me in such a tone!?!? Be grateful I don't have you HANGED ON THE SPOT! You HARLOT! Tell Lancelot," Bracken said
    the name with false venom on his lips. "That if he wants to send message, send MALE MESSENGERS! I don't have time to bed with lesser women."

    Even the outer door guard had to admit that Bracken was doing a DAMN good job impersonating Lord Mordred. When their Lord got upset, no one was safe. Not even his own harem.

    Bracken on the other hand was killing himself on the inside. Why couldn't we have met on different circumstances? he demanded internally.

  7. "My lady!" Remir headed towards her until her hand shot out again.

    "Is that the best you got? You really think you can just toss around woman that can speak out and even recognize a liar. An imposter. A CHEAT!" with out any hessitation, the young woman walked up to him introduced her knee to his groin. "Dont you ever bring your filthy hand towards me again."

    For a lady, yeah, she was more like a Harlot since most men loved to cross the wrong lines with her. "Lady Malayna!" he rushed to the side of the man that impostered the lord. "Please forgive her."

    "No! Do not apologize. Especially on my behalf that is not even in the slightest sorry. I do not agree with men payin their hands on woman who have simply outsmarted them" Her anger issues associated with men escalated.

    Remir sighed and nodded. He didn't agree but he would do as he was told. The man just hoped she knew what she was doing.

    "You will accept the message from me and no other."
  8. OK. He had to admit, that hurt like hell. But his act was not over. Oh-ho NO. She wanted to play rough? Alright then, rough it was.

    "Guard, let us retire for the evening. Come inside and LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND YOU. Quickly now."

    Both of them, in one fluid motion, entered the manor and shut the door. A nice click sound came from the door as they locked it. Then Bracken fell to his knees. "Got you that good, huh?" The guard asked.

    "FUCK! SHE CRACKED MY JEWELS! GET ICE! PLEASE!" Bracken shouted in pain. He was sure she heard him scream, which meant she was right, and he had been found out. The guard, Grayn, left to get the poor young man some ice for his groin.

    Poor guy, thought Grayn as he ran to the kitchens. Only 23 and already some woman has scarred him. He'll stand with his legs closer together from now on I assure you.
  9. Now able to pearly walk into the boundaries of the kingdom, she gave a smile. Next followed the about that proved her right. Malayna acted innocent as she gave a giggle and knocked on the door. "I'm not leaving."

    And that she was serious. The middle aged man sighed. Even though the young man had lied he felt bad for him. He had gotten on Lady Malayna's bad side. Most were aware of not pissing her off yet they were in a new place. Also people around them weren't used to a woman who was as smart as any man. He went back to the horse that held something's. He was sure setting was going to happen so he brought a few supplies.

    That'd open up eventually which just meant they would wait. Maybe then she'd get to meet the real Lord Mordred. Her fist banged on the door making it quiet annoying for anyone inside. "The sooner you let me in the sooner you'll have quiet." She kept repeating. Even the real Lord Mordred couldn't ignore the loud mouth individual.
  10. Lord Mordred came storming down the stairs, in a rage. "The HELL is with all this racket!?!?"

    Bracken and Grayn simply pointed at the door. Bracken grinned as his Lord stormed past. That woman was in for it now.

    The doors swung open and slammed into the walls on either side, startling the lady's horses some feet away. His face was red with seething rage. As the woman opened her mouth to state her position, Lord Mordred cut her off.

    "What in the HELL do you think gives you the right to assault MY staff, on MY property, in MY kingdom, in MY HOUSE!?!? YOU-" he screamed, pointing a finger at her. "need to learn RESPECT for your betters! I know PRISSY LITTLE LANCELOT sent you for this BULL-CRAP wedding idea! Well you can tell him to PISS OFF! I don't talk to people who insult my subordinates, which directly insults ME! If it helps you understand any better, these people working under me are not PEOPLE any more. They are MY POSSESSIONS! So when some little BITCH from Lancelot's kingdom comes by and ASSAULTS MY DOUBLE, whom I asked to SEND YOU AWAY, IT TENDS TO SET ME OFF! NO BODY judges me! Not even FATHER! NOT EVEN GOD! I RULE MYSELF! You want to accomplish something marriage related while you're here? MARRY THE POOR SACK OF SHIT YOU ATTACKED!!!"

    As Lord Mordred stood there, heaving in ephemeral rage, Bracken spoke up.

    "W- what?" Lord Mordred turned on the spot.

    "What?!? I'm in a rage! What did I say!?!?" he demanded. Bracken stared at him.

    "You just told her to marry me!"

    Lord Mordred snorted. "Solves the problem of you having a place to live. You failed me. You're fired. Get the FUCK out of my house." At this, Lord- no, Mordred stormed up the stairs to his room.

    Bracken sat there, literally and emotionally broken.

    "What the fuck...?" he whispered, clutching the bag of ice closer to his crotch.

  11. She rolled her eyes listening to the damn fool who was so full of himself. As he was finished, Malayan watched him head up the stairs. Her plan worked no matter how pissy he was she got in. Luckily, Lord Mordred didn't have the right to send her off. Only his father did. Her family even warned the King how their daughter was. Somehow he still agreed to it all. Maybe for Entertainment.

    Lady Malayna stepped in and bowed to everyone in sight. She was lady like once more. "I'm very sorry for the intrusion..." Honestly the young miss was. She rather have been at home finding a man that could actually handle her. In reality, she was to marry. Her men scattered through the place and got themselves situated. Her foot steps neared the man that she did happen to assault. "I'm sorry for what I had to do to you..." Malayna sighed and gave the pathetic smile meaning she knew she was wrong. "I know you probably won't even believe me... You hit me. Even though it was an act, I don't take kindly to how men push woman around. I apologize."

    "My lady... What about--"

    Malayna cut off Remir followed by standing to her feet and facing him. "Leave the little child alone. I'll take care of him..." She gave a smile and stepped toward one of the woman that served him. "Can you show me where his room is?"

    She bowed and headed up the stairs to him. "Stay Remir. If need be find out if the King is actually here..." Malayna followed her to a door where she just bowed and left. The lady opened the doors and walked in unannounced. She was sure to hear him complain more. The young woman was brave. Sometimes a bit too much. "Don't think you can get away with talking to a woman like me like that. Especially since you're just mad, that I beat you at your own game. By the way, the only one who went around judging others was you, my lord." She said it. It was weird for her. A little too weird.

    All in all, Malayna was right. The trickery wasn't enough and he couldn't easily get her to run as he probably had the others. He was of course older than her but with his action is reminded her of a child she used to play with a kid. Always wanting his way. Pissed when someone figured him out. All this was a child's game that she was determined to solve. "So why not tell me what your deal is, so you can stop being an angry little brat." Malayna spoke like a commoner, acted as herself, stood her ground, never judged unless judged first, and never lied to anyone. This was her way. Polite yet the harlot she was often referred as.
  12. "I do not remember inviting you into my home," Mordred drawled. Before he could explode once more, a different voice spoke up from a corner of the room.

    "You'll have to forgive my son, M'Lady. He's a bit... possessive. How can your King help?"

    The voice belonged to a great man, the Lord of all the known kingdoms. The voice belonged to King Arthur Pendragon.


    Bracken was silently weeping.

    Everything he had worked for, everything he knew, had just been taken away by the equivalent of a pissed off 10 year old. Grayn sent himself to go pack Bracken's things. After they had been posted as fellow front door guards, they had made a friendship... a pact. Grayn took it upon himself to help the poor man out. After, Bracken had just lost everything.
  13. She stepped forward about to speak back to the man we always to wed. A strong stern voice interrupted causing her body to whip around. An instant curtsie came from her. "King Arthur. It's a pleasure to meet you." Her lips curled at his remarks of Mordred. "Honestly, there is no appology needed. I'm sure I can handle him." Malayna giggled. "I wanted to check in with you. I was sent here for betrothal... You obviously already know that. What are the sleeping arrangements?"

    *~*~* Downstairs *~*~*

    Seeing a saddened man, a figure walked to him. Her hand pressed against his shoulder. "You alright?" She remembered the show Lord Mordred pulled off. "If you are upset with moments ago, just know nothing should be worried about. Lady Malayna wont let anything happen. She has a very strong will."

    Remir walked up behind the woman and gave a nod. "She is correct. My lady won't let you get fired." He gave a confident smile. "Just because she figured out the little game doesn't mean you'll actually lose anything."

  14. King Arthur merely smiled. "I do not believe my son will accommodate you. Which is sad, but he doesn't listen to me."

    "And I do believe I asked for the youngest sister. You do not appear to be 12 years of age. I told Lancelot I wanted the youngest girl in his court, not the eldest. If there were to be a wedding, I want HER. Not YOU." Mordred retaliated.

    "Perhaps some new plan, must be made. I heard him tell you to marry another? Perhaps that may work."

    "He is no longer mine. I got rid of him."

    "Then perhaps I must employ him?"

    Mordred scoffed. "Take him," he said with a dismissive wave of his hand.


    Bracken scoffed. "If you think I still have a job, then you don't know Lord Mordred."

    But their words did help, Bracken could manage a smile. "So, I'm meant to marry your lady now according to him. Any words of warning?" he asked, jokingly.
  15. She rolled her eyes. This went far enough. "I appreciate the offer but I am not an item to just be handed off. I am a woman who has her own ideas, hopes, and desires. I'm sorry but I was sent here under preparations of a marriage. Even I know that there are some things I can not say no to. Just like there are things he can not either. Marriage of him is your decision no matter what he may personally think." Her body turned to the other. "And you! My sister is 12! 12! She is not of age and you are twice her age! Then again, what are you... 3? Just because you don't get your way does not mean you throw a hissy fit like a small child! That man I'm sure has put up with more of your attitude that any other. I refuse to have you let him be jobless. I shall hire him."

    She stepped closer to him and made him face her. "Get over your self! Who would want to marry a self centered prick anyways!" Malayna figured she was the first woman... No. The first person who ever stood up to him.

    *~*~* Downstairs *~*~*

    The woman disappeared as her job as the maid was far from over. Remir smiled. "If you think you don't have a job anymore, you don't know Lady Malayna." when hearing the words of a commoner marrying the lady, he shook his head. "The marriage portion, you don't have need to worry. My lady and her family would go against it. Well unless she fell in love." He chuckled. "but Lady Malayna falling in love or someone falling her is out of the question. She's simply too complex."
  16. King Arthur raised his eyebrows at the things the lady of Lancelot's Kingdom was saying.

    "My Dear Lady," he said with practiced politeness. "You are not a possession, of course. I was merely saying that my son does not want to marry at the moment. And he is 34 years of age, if your were curious." Mordred huffed and stormed out. King Arthur merely smiled.

    "Ah, now we may speak freely. Come! Sit with me. Allow us to talk about our current problem."


    "No, trust me, I am no longer employed under the service of Lord Mordred. That right there is a fact. Your lady will NEVER get him to change his mind. I can positively PROMISE you that. And to your other thing... I- I might be interested... you know... in her. She's... well, amazing to me."

    Bracken was prepared for the silence... but not the laughter. Grayn was standing at the top of the stairs, Bracken's suitcases by his sides, doubled over laughing.
  17. She sighed confused about it all. Malayna nodded then gave a fake smile. What was she supposed to do? Fighting with them was pointless. All she knew was she refused to marry right now unless it was for her kingdom. "Where shall we go to talk?" she shot a dirty look by Lord Mordred then turned all her attention to his father. He had all her attention.

    *~*~* Downstairs *~*~*

    He gave a chuckle when the man before him only spoke of his lord. "I never said he was the who you would work under. Lady Malayna may be a harlot in he eyes of others but she isn't one to leave someone jobless, homeless, nor without food or a source of water. She is stubborn to helping everyone but she likes to conflict with others too." He had to agree with Bracken. She was amazing.

    The laughter caught his attention which made him question. "if i may ask, what are you laughing at?
  18. "Well, considering that my son has left the room, I believe we may speak here. Now, it is my understanding that my son and Sir Lancelot are having a war right now. As they are both Knights of my Round Table it casts a poor shadow over my abilities as a King, if I cannot even hold peace over my own Knights. I want this war over as much as anyone, if not more. I know you are here as a replacement, which is a commendable act of love towards your younger sister, believe me. But it seems my son does not want you. I cannot change his mind, his taste in women is his own and I will not, as the young ones say it: 'touch that with a ten-foot spear'." The King chuckled at his little joke. "But by God's name I cannot in good faith let this war go on any longer. I have had a little idea forming recently and today's events have made me decide it is for the better. I cannot personally intervene with my subjects wars unless they affect me personally. That is what the Council has decided, so I must obey. However," and here the King's eyes grew mischievous. "If someone under MY employment was to marry into LANCELOT'S Kingdom, then I can see no wrong in sending my personal troops to aid in the battle."

    King Arthur grinned and laid a comforting hand on the lady's shoulder. "You fancy that recently unemployed guard, don't you?"


    "He fancies *laugh* the maiden *laugh* that kneed him *laugh more* in the scrotum! Ahahahaha~!"

    Grayn could not stop laughing to himself about this.
  19. The man before her went on about her little sister. It honestly sickened her. "Three times her age... I'm very sorry but he will have to look else were. He will never get his creepy hands on my sister. Guess he is stuck alone." She fancied? A smile spread across her face when laughter bursted from her. "I'm sorry... I don't fancy amyone." Malayna couldnt help but chuckle. "Are you talking about that commoner that struck me?" Lady started her laughter again. "If it will save my kingdom then I'll cooperate but do not take that as me actually fancying him. I'll just make him wish I would have married his lord."

    *~*~* Downstairs *~*~*

    Remir couldn't help but laugh along the man. "I wouldn't have her hear such things, she will make life difficult for you." but in reality it seemed that was going to happen either way.
  20. The King frowned at her laughter. He knew she was hiding something. He would have to ask Merlin for guidance on the matter, but until then it seemed she would go along with his little plan.

    "Very good. Well then! Shall we go hire us a commoner? Although, I feel that there is more than meets the eye with him," the King asked, while getting to his feet.


    "Laughter? Yes, you are fired as well."

    All noise ceased as Grayn turned around to see Lord Mordred staring at him with a bored look on his face. "Pack your things as well, I did not hire you to laugh."

    "But My Lord-"

    "I am no longer your Lord. Get. Out."
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