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    Hello resident one on one roleplayers of Iwaku. I'm Peregrine. You probably know me because I've deleted your bump posts, or moved your thread to the libertine forum when you really didn't want it there, but you just didn't want to say anything because I'm staff.

    Well guess what?


    ...What do you mean you already know that?

    Ahem. Moving on.

    Normally I'm just stalking all your threads, and if I find someone interesting I send you a message. But it's been a while since I've put out an interest check of my own, for all you lurkers. I'm interested in making a few new friends, and picking up a few new partners along the way. :D

    A few things to note.

    I'm a college student, which means I will be busy occasionally. All the same, I'd really love an active writer, who can typically post at least once a day, barring unexpected circumstances. I consider myself an advanced writer, and probably won't be particularly interested in roleplaying with you if you aren't at least adept yourself. There may be an occasional exception, but it's probably rare. I'm an obsessive worldbuilder, so if you want a high fantasy story anticipate spending several weeks before hand fleshing it out, depending on your activity. I'm not interested in romance. I don't typically enjoy fandoms. Read my resume before you respond to me. It contains some important information about writing with me.

    There! That wasn't so painful. I even color coded the important things for you.


    Well. One in particular.

    After spending too much time watching anime, playing video games, and obsessing over this fascinating new show that is Lucifer, combined with the general frustrations of school, I really, really, really need the cathartic release that comes with a power fantasy. Make what judgements you will from that, but I really want to get obsessed over a story where I can play a character so overpowered it's almost silly. I have no bigger plot candy than being able to play a character that continually surprises everyone around him or her with how strong they are. Right now, I could really, really, really use a story like that.

    Therefore, you need to trust that I won't use that to ruin the story for you. I can't make any promise that can fully assuage the natural fear in people of the "OP" character. You'll simply have to believe that my goal is to create something fun, entertaining, and engaging for the both of us. I don't want to dominate the story, or have everything go perfectly right for my character, or our characters, all the time. That's just boring.

    As for the plot, that's something we can totally work out together. At the moment, I'm finding myself craving something a little bit darker, and am probably not in the mood for something highly comedic. If you let me, any roleplay I create at the moment could end up in the "dangerously dark" category, so keep an eye on me and don't let me stray too far outside the bounds of what is reasonable. If you don't have any ideas but this sounds fun, I've got plenty enough stored away. If you have an idea, pitch it my way!

    If you don't like that character archetype, but still really, really want to roleplay with me, understanding this is what I'm really craving right now, and I genuinely enjoy working this into any story in one way or another, you can still reach out to me. Pitch me something too awesome to refuse, and I'll do it. :D Just don't feel too put out if I say no, mmkay?

    That's all.

  2. Heyy! If you're still continuing your search for a partner for this, I'd be up for it! I'd love to world-build (though I haven't had years of experience with it) and I love the character archetype! If you wanna work together, go ahead and shoot me a PM (I promise I'm super friendly and nice and respectful ^_^)

    Thanks in advance for whatever your response may be~!
  3. Wow! You dragged this up from the depths. It was going to get archived in... three days time. :tongue: I'm impressed.

    I'll toss you a PM, and we can see whether or not we'll be compatible.
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  4. Not asking to rp just had to say one thing.COLOR PRETTY* attaches to your leg* I like your colors
  5. Lol, thanks. Purple and orange has always been my all-time favorite color combination. I love photoshop. :heart:
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