Annoyingly Lovely

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  1. Darkness. All she saw was complete, utter darkness. She sighed deeply and squirmed a bit, squeaking when she realized there was thick rope holding her in place. She squirmed more, making her, and the chair she was successfuly tied to, fall over with a loud thud and she gasped, iting her lip a bit hard and squeezing her eyes shut. She hoped the men who had taken her hadn't heard this commotion. She was wrong, of course. The door to the dark dank room she was in burst open and two men, each big enough to have to maneuver sideways through the door, rushed in. They had masks on, even if she could see them, but the little light that shone in from behind them turned their forms to sillouhettes, making them seem just dark and featurless. She squirmed, her violet eyes huge, her long chesnut hair messy and tangled around her face. The biggest man lifted her easily, untieing her and thrusting her again the cold cement wall behind her, knocking the air from her lungs with a soft squeaking ugh.

    "Now now, lookat who's tryin'a leave? I guess I'mma have to teach you a lesson, yeah?"

    Juliet's eyes widened and filled with tears as the men laughed, grinning with their horrid teeth and rank breath as they unbuttoned their pants. No. God, no, please, no! They can't do this to me! I'm a virgin, please God if you exist, don't let this happen, please!

    She squeezed her eyes shut, fresh tears rolling from her eyes and trailing down her dirty face.
  2. Just as the two men pull down there pant there faces go blank, and there eyes dim over the girl tied to the chair hears the sound of metal on metal the two bodys fall over blood trickilg out of a hole in both thier neck. Now standing in front of the girl is a anther shadow one that is lean with unblinking midnight blue eyes not olny staring at but as if into to her and and thruough her all at one giving the girl a chill down here spine
  3. Juliet looked up at the tall shadow, the statue of the man that stood there and she slid to the floor, shaking hands slipping from the now loosened ropes and she wrapped her hands around herself. She bit her lip, head falling into her knees which she hugged to her chest. What would this man do to her? Where would she be taken now? She was so far from home, not that anyone there cared. Her father was the one who sold her to the two criminals. She whimpered, her body trembling. She was honestly terrified of this man, but a tiny part of her told her he may have been sent to save her... or kill her.
  4. Taven steps forward into the light to where he is visable he is wearing a black hoodie and pants, he stares at the girl for a minute barly moving he then closes the distance amd knees in fonrt of hear he moves his squesses his hand and a blade pops of his is sleave he then looks at the girl's eyes and cuts the ropes with out saying a word he once the ropes fall away he stands up and turns and walks to the door then speaks in a calm but yet chilling tone. "Im telling you now you slow me down i will leave you behind. understood? I didnt have to save you i could of just killed you."
  5. Juliet froze in terror as she heard the scraping of the metal blade slipping from his sleeve. Oh lord, this is it. This is how I die. She wanted to scream, but even her vocal chords were frozen in fear. She stayed absolutely still until he stood, leaving her behind alive. She stood carefully, straightening out her filthy dress and she followed him, dainty bare feet testing the cool ground in front of her. Leave me behind? He wasn't kidding. She nodded, for she still could not speak. She followed him out, wide eyes staring at his back, the black hoodie. What kind of professional hitman wears a hoodie? He must be an ameture. She bit her lip and swiftly moved behind him, wincing as her sensitive feet moved over sharp objects and she kept her head down, her hair falling into her face. She'd been taken captive for months and she knew she looked absolutely terrible, but there was nothing she could do to fix it.
  6. I can't belive im taking this risk should of just left her to fend for herself hope this doesnt bit me in the ass. The two walk through the building walking down and through many halls and rooms some empty others filled with dead bodys others even littered with severed limbs and heads, blood and gore all around in these rooms, but yet not a single drop on the hooded man. He takes a few more turns and come to door with light comthing through the window he then stop only breifly. "where would you like to be dropped off at woman? dont give me a place ill pick one my self and you may not like it he cast her a indiffernt look"
  7. She gasped as she saw all of this gore and carnage. What had he done to these people? She sighed a bit and walked out in front of him, keeping her eyes on the floor. Where did she w3asnt to be taken? She had nowhere to go. Everyone wanted her dead for some reason or another. She just shrugged and spoke, her weak voice empty.

    "Not like I have anywhere to go..."
  8. Taven let out a deep sigh. great i gotta drag her around with me for awhile till i can figure out how to get rid of here. "find follow me he opens the door to the out side and walks briskly to a ptich black mustang parked in front. "hurry up and get in"
  9. Juliet smiled and rolled her eyes a bit. Of course. A Mustang. She hated Mustangs. She huffed a bit and leaned against it, laughing a bit, her voice weak from malnourishment.

    "What, no Dodge Charger? Maybe a 1967 Chevy Impala or a 1978 Camaro RS?"
  10. Taven then rolled his eyes "Im sorry those are in the shop, this is all they had for rental cars. Now get in the fucking car or walk I could car less." taven walks over to the driver seat and opens the doors and gets in he puts his hand on the dash borad and a scannner hums to life once completed the Mustang Roars to life.
  11. At the harsh tone and the cursing, Juliet gasped, her eyes widening in shock. She stood for a moment, expecting him to apologize, her hands on her hips and a look of mild anger on her face.

    "Hey! That's no way to talk to a young... hey, what are you... dammit!"

    She stopped talking as she realized no apology was coming and he slipped into the car. Growling in frustration she yanked her door open and fell into the passenger side seat.

    "Could have at least opened my door like a gentleman..."
  12. Taven puts his car in drive and looks at the girl in his car. "I told you either keep up or get left behind." With that he hits the gas and works the manual shiter on the Mustang bringing it up to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds he speeds away as cops sirens can be heard in the distance drifting around turns and coners running red lights and stop signs. he then slows down as he come up to a semi beat up house on the edge of town he turns off the car and gets out and head to the door.
  13. Juliet clung to the inside of the car as it swerved and sped around corners and she cried out, both loving and fearing the speed and adrenaline rushing through her body. Her nails dug into the leather interior and she didn't dare relax until he came to a stop in front of the run-down shack-like house. When he turned the car off she slowly allowed herself to breathe and she looked over to him, her eyes sparkling with fear and excitement.

    "Like the hideout, who bought it, the Beverly Hillbillies BEFORE they hit oil?"
  14. Taven looks over his should "its only tempory until i finish my job then ill burn it to the ground into nothing but ash then move one. if you dont like the accomdations the leave the door is always open now if your gonna stay your gonna do what i say when i say." At this Taven lets out a smile but then it fades " dont worry ill ussaly keep to myself onlything i ask is do not touch my weapons if you see them laying around. And ill take you out later to but new cloths and other items later gonna let the heat die down you can use my shower and everything in it to clean up ill leave out a pair of my cloths that might fit you.
  15. At hs words, especially the mention of a hot shower, Juliet's eyes widened and began sparkling like that of a kitten eyeing a bowl of fresh milk. She bit her lip and quietly nodded, willing to obey every word for a shower and clean clothes. She smiled wide, unable to hide her joy any longer.
  16. "by the way my name is taven whats your?, also for the shower all you have to do is strip for me thats it... for now." at that taven lets out a evil smile.
  17. Juliet froze in her tracks as he told her the rules for the shower and she eyed him with a pissy glare. How dare this sexist pig treat her this way!! She turned to him, her hands on her hips and she spoke, her voice icy and firm.

    "One, I will not strip for you. Ever. So don't even speak in that fashion. Two, I am Juliet Dubois, daughter of the billionaire Robert Dubois. Well... ex-daughter..."

    As she finished this sentence her voice faded and she seemed to shrink, her face turning away as she held back tears. She'd done nothing wrong, but her father had disowned her. He said he'd just gotten... tired of her. He'd thrown her out like a worn tire, leaving her to sleep on the streets with no money and nowhere to go. She was homeless.
  18. At this Taven smile. "Im glad they didnt break your will, that was merely a test to see if you were broken by those guys i apologize as to your Father i apologize for what he did i know it may mean nothing. Now go shower, and if you dont annoy me to much ill buy you cloths later on tonight."
  19. Juliet could only nod, for she was deep in thought. What had she done? As she made her way to the bathroom and shut the door behind her, she wondered. She had tried to be the best daughter she could be, honestly. She'd obeyed everything and anything her father told her to do and she'd been the best she could be, but still he grew tired of her. She sighed as she began stripping her clothes off and found out how to turn on the shower, then she stepped in and she shivered a bit. She loved the hot water as it rubbed over her skin, rinsing away the first few layers of grime and pain. She scrubbed at her skin until it was red and squeaky clean, then she scrubbed at her hair until it had paled from dirt brown to a light blond. Once she was done she stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around herself, blushing as she just waited for a moment. Wasn't this Taven guy supposed to bring her clothes? He hadn't yet... She wandered out into the hall, towel clinging to her body and she went to search for him.
  20. Taven was in his room grunts could be heard, He was in the middle of an intesne work out he was in the middle of doing suspened crunches from a mounted pull up bar he had serval of his wepons layed out below him an assorment of hand guns, daggers, and his sword, he was methodlicly cleaning each weapon with that of a OCD personoonlity all the while he was blindfolded and shirtless sweat running down his toned body.