Angel x Demon

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  1. It was a bright, sunshiney day like it always was in heaven. The
    golden gates sparkled, and the angels lived in harmony. Well, most of
    them did. Kieara wasn't one of them. She never really was at peace in
    Heaven. Always so curious and wanted to have fun.

    Something very peculiar had happened today. She'd been banished from
    Heaven. Oh, this had happened before, but normally an angel was sent
    to Hell when this happened. She was banished to Earth. This was an odd
    happening in heaven. One would think it would be inhumane for the
    angels to even think of this torture right? Well, for most. There
    was always the exception made on....rare offenses. This was one of

    A loud boom echoed for miles around. Kieara was in a local park
    unconcious. She lay across the ground loose feathers scattered about
    the area. There was a large crater that she'd landed in. Her wings
    would no longer function to allow her to fly into Heaven. Yes she
    still had them, yes she could still fly, but not very long, or very
    far. Her halo was on the other side of the clearing.

    She was a new angel and had a very open mind and a kind heart. She was
    also very niave. She didn't mean to be, but it was in her soft, smooth
    nature. She couldn't help being the way she was. After all, her
    creator had made her that way.

    She was a petite girl and had pretty light greyish brown eyes. Unlike
    most angels, she had yet to get her white robes and such. She was
    still wearing what she had been when she died. Her simple outfit was
    black and loose. She had long brown hair that framed her face.

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    Finally, he had made it through the portal. He looked around at earth and tilted his head to the left. It was somewhat different from what he had heard stories about. There were no people, well at least in this area. His wings flapped a little as he made his way a little further in the area. What to do? What to do? He stretched for a moment and his his wings. He wanted to maintain a low profile, so as not to alarm the humans. If he encountered any. Although he was a demon, he oddly kept the look of an average human.

    He looked up at the sky and the sun blazed. He shielded his eyes as he stared up at it. As much as he wanted to stay and watch it a little longer, he had to get moving and fast. If he stayed at the portal sight any longer, his brothers would surely come and drag him back to the abyss. He hated that place, which was odd because he was born there originally, created to be a servant.

    He continued to look arounf the park until what seemed to look like a comet, zipped through the clouds and then hit the center of the park with a huge explosion. He looked to the left of him, then headed towards that direction. He reluctantly ran to see what or who it was. The dust filled the area as he made it closer to the crash site. He covered his eyes and coughed a little. It was only temporary, as the wind blew in from the North, carrying the dust with it.

    Now that the dust was cleared, he could see who it was that crashed. He examined what appeared to be a girl. He knelled down and took a closer look at her, scanning her body. A angel , what is she doing here? In legends told, angels and demons had often fought against each other. He stayed on his knees and examined the girl a little longer before picking her up firmly in his arms.

    He walked over to a bench and laid her down on her back, gently. He sat on the ground in front of the bench and waited for her to wake up.

  3. Kieara slowly started to rouse. She blinked her eyes open. Her greyish eyes slowly opened. She looked around feeling a little bewildered. Her head was aching, she felt like she couldn't hardly breathe, and her wings, oh her wings....They hurt so much.

    She looked to a man sitting beside her. She jumped and fell off the bench staring at him. She wasn't sure what he was. She looked to the boy curiously. Was he a demon? She'd never seen one. She looked him over. "Um....." she spoke softly. Her voice was slightly raspy. However, it was soft and gentle and held a melodious angelic tone in it. "Where am I?" She asked slightly afraid.
  4. Rio watched as the girl slowly started to wake up. He tilted his head left then right and then straightened it. He was still wondering where she came from and why she was laying down in the park. More so, she had wings. He had never seen anything like this before. Once she was fully awake, she looked up at him, then screamed and flipped out of the bench.

    He blinked twice." "You fell through the sky and crashed in the center of the park." "He pointed to the crater where he found her. The crater still smoked a little, until the remainder of it blew away with the wind. "We are in the park. " He said, turning his attention back to her.
  5. Kieara watched the mezmerizing boy and then looked to the smoking crater. She spoke softly, more so to herself. "No wonder my wings hurt...." She mumbled quietly. She tried to move them a bit, but winced and stopped. It was a fruitless effort. It hurt waaaay too much. She sighed a bit after the majority of the throbbing left her wings. She then turned her attention back to the boy in front of her.

    "My name's Kieara...." She spoke. "Who are you?" She asked softly tilting her head curiously. She moved a bit closer to him seeming intrigued by him.
  6. It was kind of strange how the girl studied him. But, he had no problem being stared at. Honestly, he thought she was pretty interesting as well, with the wings and all. She had a voice as sweet as honey and he liked it. He couldn't help but smile at her. After she asked him his name, he hesitated for a few seconds, then smiled , speaking in a soft tone.

    " My name is Rio. It is a pleasure to me you Kieara." He looked at her, as she scooted closer.
  7. Kieara smiled. "So where exactly am I Rio?" She asked. She could tell she was in a park, but she wasn't sure where she'd been banished to. She took in the surrounding area and deduced that it wasn't hell. If it was hell, it would be more.....unpleasant....right? She dismissed the thought and looked back to her new found companion.
  8. Rio stared at the girl. Did she really have no knowledge of where she was? At any rate, she was curious. Rio straightened his head. " You are on earth, a place where humans live." Rio stood up and stretched then looked around the park. There wasn't anyone there, so he could try and fix the huge crater. Only one thing, how was he going to fix it?
  9. "Earth?" She asked and appeared scared. "What am I supposed to do about my wings?" She asked knowing if humans saw an angel it wouldn't be good. She'd be tested and other mean things. She didn't want that to happen. "What about you? How do you stay here?" she didn't know whether he'd just arrived, or if he'd been here for ages.
  10. The girl had started to freak out when she found out that she was on Earth. She started to ask various questions as well. Rio looked at her with a confused look. "I'm not to sure what to tell you about the wings." He placed his right thumb and index finger on his chin, while his left hand rested on his hip. " Perhaps you could try to focus on concealing them like I have done with my own. It was pretty easy for me. Perhaps, it will be easy for you." He said, lowering his hand, looking at Keiara.
  11. Kieara nodded to him. She'd try, but she wasn't aware that she didn't have that kind of power. She focused but nothing happened. Loose, bloody feathers fell from her wings. She soon stopped seeing it wasn't working. "I...It didn't work." She spoke frowning. "I'll just have to hide." she spoke to him.
  12. "You have to relax and just clear your mind." He placed a hand on her shoulder, then smiled at her. Now, try to focus, I will help you." He said, softly as he closed his eyes. Maybe, if he could help her relax, then she could hide her wings and not damage them. But, this was not not going to be an easy process to complete.
  13. Kieara nodded and closed her eyes. She focused as hard as she could on hiding her wings. She allowed him to help her. She sighed as she focused. HEr brow was creased in concentration. Her wings soon felt a little tingly.
  14. Kieara was making progress. He continued to watch her and smiled. She was starting to get it and he was in awe. Rio chuckled a little at her face expressions, but covered his mouth to muffle them. This was a serious process and he didn't want her to lose concentration. But, he truly wanted to just break out into laughter. He remained quiet and watched her, then relaxed as his chuckling died down.

    "That is it, Kieara. You are getting the hang of it now. Just a little bit more and you are done." He said, softly.
  15. Kieara's wings soon fully disappeared and she reopened her eyes. She was cute yet charming in her own way. No one else could mimick it. She looked up at him. "Did I get it?" She asked him and then turned to look at her back. It's like in a way she could feel her wings, but at the same time she couldn't. It was so odd to her. She'd never felt like that before.
  16. Rio smiled at her. "Yes, you did well, Kieara. See, it wasn't so hard now, was it?" He chuckled and then stood up, holding out his right hand for her to take. They had to get out of the park soon. It would be a matter of time, before people would come to the park. There was no sense in explaining what had happened. It would most sound crazy, if they told them that they were an angel and demon." Come on, lets get out of here." He said, smiling at Kieara.
  17. Kieara smiled. "No." She blushed and took his hand. She let him lead her along. She liked her new friend. He seemed so friendly. She spoke. "Where are we going now?" she asked letting him lead her. She seemed so niave. She followed him obediently like a lost little puppy. Which in essence she was in this situation.
  18. Rio held her hand, tightly as they walked. He looked ahead of him as he lead her out of the park, through the East gate. "I honestly have no clue. I guess we will just figure something out on the way." Rio looked back at Keiana and smiled. "Perhaps, we both can find a job somewhere."
  19. Kieara gave a nod. She would be content with that. She hadn't been on Earth in so very long. It was odd being back. She looked around as they moved around. She was silent unsure what to say.
  20. Rio slowed down a bit, so that he could walk side by side with Kieara. The streets were noisy and people walked passed them. Some were going the same way as them, while others went the opposite way. A bakery store came into view and he stopped and read a sign. The store was looking for employees to bake and do choirs around the store.

    They were in luck, by working in the store they could make money and rent a room to stay in. Rio looked back at Keiara." Hey, we should apply for the positions!" He said, with excitement.