Angel Wars

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  1. I propose an angel war themed roleplay, where the characters are all angels or demons.

    Premise :

    Hell has fallen out of line and has once again swarmed the earth. Hell has been guarded by Tar-taros, but the holy gate has fallen to the legions of demons.

    It is up to the holy to take down this huge threat. God doesn't interfere in affairs, but will not take this lightly. He has sent the most qualified of fighters to eliminate the threat.

    Character Sheet

    Name :
    Rank :
    Angel Type :
    Appearance :
    Personality :
    Specialty : (I.E. weapons, strategy (front lines, infiltration, long range, close range))

    Remember, angels use old weapons. Swords daggers bows.
  2. Name : Selaphiel
    Rank : Chief Master Sargent (five star)
    Angel Type : Seraphim (highest)
    Appearance : dark_seraphim_by_xdark_angel-d3a2ayb.jpg
    Personality : strict, but lenient when it comes to loved ones, always training, and loves slaughtering demons.
    Specialty : close combat, leading, front lines, choice of weapon scythe Yay_for_awesome_weapons_by_thegriffiniscool.jpg
  3. Interested :) Probs post char sheet tomorrow.
  4. I might join in.

    But could you provide some more info? I'm kinda rusty on my angel ranks.
  5. Soooo.... Anyone interested?
  6. By the way. I'm using air force ranking for ranks.
  7. Well Ash I am interested. Would like to see what you do with this subject.
  8. Okie. Put up a character app and we'll go from there. But we still need 5 other people.
  9. Cahr sheet up tomorrow? Laptop crashed again. This is what happens when you let a kitten near it -_-
  10. No kitty, my cheesy poofs.
  11. Hope you don't mind if I join in

    Name : Selimas
    Rank : Chief Master Sergant
    Angel Type : Dominion
    Appearance : [​IMG]
    Personality : Reserved, she is loyal to her cause and puts those she mentors before herself at times, though at first she may seem like a hard ass. Selimas is a fierce fighter, a quick thinker, and sometimes just the kick in the ass you need to get out there and fight.
    Specialty : She's close range with a mace [​IMG]
  12. YAY! That's one down. Five to go. And I already have three other maybes.
  13. Just so it doesn't get confusing. There will be an order to posting. That way, one doesn't post before another who had a response that contradicts the other.
  14. Sounds fair :)
  15. EEEHHH. So. I'm going to go by ranking. Though, if I feel your not worthy of rank, I will strip your status 2 below original. I'm not particularly mean, but I like the excitement. So, Eolande, would you be my right hand woman, since you were the first to sign up.
  16. Sure! :) Would I need to change my rank for that position? Or is the one I chose okay?
  17. Your promoted to chief master sergeant.
  18. Rwar. Today's going to be a long day. I can't wait to get this one going.