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  1. Sebastian hated the idea of public school. Something about it made his skin crawl. He guessed it was probably due to the differences in pace, scenery, and objectives. In private school, you were free to live on or off campus. There wasn't many rules, though you were required to wear a suit and tie at all times. Classes seemed to flow much easier, and the hassle wasn't nearly as much as it appeared to be in public school.

    He scowled as he got out of his personal car, waving to his chauffeur who also was his butler. He sighed, pulling out his cell phone and dialing his mother's number. "Hello, mom. I was just calling to inform you that I arrived at this hell that you call public school." He hung up, hurrying to the office.

    Once past the doors, a surge of students ran in, pushing him over. He composed himself, muttering under his breath and grabbing his folders. He entered the office, fixing his suit as he waited. "Hello, ma'am. Unfortunately I'm a new student to this establishment of learning, and I would like to enroll." The woman who was seated at the desk nodded, pulling out papers and directing him to the principal.

    The principal was friendly and welcoming, smiling at him broadly. "Oh hello, Sebastian! My name is Mrs. Garrison. I received a call from your mother about who you are, and I'm so happy to have you as a student here." Sebastian nodded, his blue eyes wandering around her office as he lingered in the doorway. "Thank you very much, Mrs. Garrison. Honestly, I didn't expect to attend a public school, but it seems my father wants to show his customers that a child from wealth can attend public universities." Mrs. Garrison nodded, taken back by his words. "Let's get you set up."

    Sebastian soon found himself at the door of his first class, which happened to be writing class. He sighed, rolling his eyes and entering. The teacher read the note attached to his file, nodding and telling him to take a seat. As he sat, a girl caught his eye. He looked towards the teacher, ignoring the stares he received from the rest of the class. "What a day.."
  2. Beeping echoed through the room, finally breaking through to her brain. Sayomi flung up, gasping. She looked at the time. Late. Yet again. She cursed under her breath and jumped up, preparing for the day. Weekends were usually long for her, especially this one.

    After showering and changing, she got in her car and left quickly. Racing through traffic she arrived, amazingly on time. She beeped her doors and slugged her backpack over her shoulder. There was nothing special about the girl, or at least she would never think so. And all the talk that a couple of the jocks did only made that more evident.

    Walking inside with her head down, Sayomi ran into her only friend, who handed her coffee. "Rough weekend?" The only response she could muster was a nod as they walked into their first class. Writing. Would be much better if the king of all asses wasn't in the class too. Before the teach spoke, a new student entered. She looked him over, her greenish blue eyes lingering longer then intended. He didn't look excited in the least bit to be in the run down hunk of cap known as school.

    Mutters echoed the class before a voice rang out. "So when do I get a private showing?" Kyle, the obnoxious jock who has never left her alone since finding out that she danced for raves. Sayomi looked down at the top of her coffee, reddish brown hair cascading down to hide her face. Her hair still had a streak of random pink that refused to come out. "Come on. I'm sure plenty of other guys have gotten them" He said as he belted out a laugh with his friends.

    She just continued to stare at the coffee lid. She hated the school. She hated the people. No one except her friend bothered to ask what made her decide to dance. It just turned into a scandal with any guy the school could imagine, when nothing came close to that.
  3. Sebastian rolled his eyes at the jock who was making fun of the girl, shaking his head in distaste. The teacher stood, handing out papers and instructing the class to find a partner. Sebastian refused, folding his arms over his chest. The teacher scowled at him, instructing the girl known as Sayomi to be his partner, and he looked over at her, his interest piqued. Sebastian read over the paper, which was a 'common knowledge' worksheet. He grabbed a pencil out of his bag, waving to the girl and looking her over. "I assume you know what the teacher wants us to do." He paused for a moment, looking down at his paper. "Just name a few things you like to do, and I'll write them down. I'll tell you mine. First, I like to read. I love making business investments and finding a mutual function between two companies. I like order and rules. I like stability. I occasionally enjoy going to dance classes, and I'm an avid singer as well as a guitarist. Now, what do you like to do?"
  4. Once instructed, Sayomi stood and moved closer to her appointed partner. She pulled out a pen, and began writing everything down. Once he was finished, she couldn't help but be interested in him. But the fact that it was clear that his distastement for the school was aparent, she figured that it was only a matter of time before he joined the herds that made life at scool hard. She thought for a moment, her greenish blue eyes meeting his for a moment before looking down. "I love to dance, but it's probably far from what you do. I play the viola, and am an active archer. I like to draw and paint, but prefer charcoal. I too like to read, but have found a loss of time and that it's been harder to find books that are original enough to be interesting. I don't follow the norms of almost any group, so probably by your standards, I like to break some of the rules." She never knew how to answer things like this. Apparently she hardly even knew herself.

    "I'm sorry if they tease you for becoming my partner. Unfortunately it comes with my work..." She said softly as she doodled the corner of her page, trying not to let the social anxiety take over her that morning. She hated the school, but didn't have a choice but to put up with demeaning torture everyday.
  5. Sebastian smiled, leaning his head on his hand. "Maybe you'd like to dance with me sometime?" He wrote down her interests, his smile widening as she spoke of playing the viola. "I love the viola. It's such a sad, passionate instrument. I personally play the violin, but I fancy the viola too." He sat there silently, studying her as she spoke of art and apologizing in advance for people making fun of him. He scowled, looking around the room and leaning closer to Sayomi. "Can I honestly tell you something?" He paused, putting a finger to his lips before continuing. "I don't plan on being in a 'clique' here. I don't want to be a part of groups where men harass and humiliate women." He leaned back in his chair, looking over at the jock who had previously insulted her. "It's just not my thing." He put his hand on hers, looking over at the teacher. "Tell you what.. Anytime you'd like, feel free to come to my home and dance, sing... Do something fun with me. I live as an only child, and I have no friends. It'd be great to be able to see someone having fun with me for once in my life."

    The bell rang, and he stood, grabbing Sayomi's hand. He gently kissed it, smiling. "It was a pleasure to meet you." He slipped at piece of paper with his phone number on it. The paper read:

    Sebastian Black

    He turned his paper in, his mind focused on finding his next class.​
  6. Sayomi didn't have the heart to tell him what she did. But maybe he already knew. Just because he followed rules didn't mean he wasn't into the raves she danced at. She didn't do the underground scene, so she was in a setting that was under direct link with the officials and laws, usually the police were present or a few blocks away. The shyness had taken over once he had seemed to show interest in her. Once he leaned closer, she felt her face grow hot. When his hands made contact with hers her eyes jumped from hiding on her paper to looking into his eyes. He offered for her to come to his house and do something with him. Either he knew what she did, or it was just him being new to the school. The bell rang and brought her out of her thoughts, just in time for him to kiss her hand and hand her a piece of paper. She blushed a light pink as she smiled at him, then watched him walk away.

    She put her things away and grabbed her coffee, Sayomi's friend gawking at her, while the jock walked off angry. The rest of the morning she stayed in a cloud as she went through her classes. She wasn't sure why he wanted to do something with her, but for once she felt special in a good way. The lunch bell rang and she went outside to a spot in the courtyard that was decently hidden by bushes and flowers. She sat in the grass sighing, running her fingers through her purple stained hair.

    Sayomi pulled her phone from her pocket and weighed it for a moment before retrieving the paper with his number. She didn't know if he had this period lunch or not, but she only stayed in the commons if it was raining anyways. She entered in his number then typed a few types before finally deciding to keep it simple;

    Hey... It's Sayomi..

    She wasn't much of a texter, so she figured she would keep it short and simple before deciding the next line of action.
  7. After numerous classes, Sebastian had found himself at the class before the end of the school day. He went to study hall, asking if he could sit and read in the library. The teacher said yes, and Sebastian quickly gathered his books, making his way to the library. He enjoyed the library the most, the quiet relaxing his nerves. He got a text on his cell phone, and he smiled at the message. It was Sayomi. He saved her number, thinking of things he could say. He thought she was beautiful, but there was also a mysterious side to her. He knew his father would be weary of this girl, but he didn't care. Sebastian looked around, grabbing his things and walking to a deserted isle.

    Hello, Sayomi. I'm glad to see you texted me. Would you possibly like to have dinner with me?

    He ran a hand through his black hair, his blue eyes wide with anxiety. He shook the fears away, getting up and fixing his suit as he heard the bell ring. He pulled out his cell phone, calling his butler to inform him that he was ready to go home. "Hello, Alfred. I would like to come home now. No, I'm not trying to quit school. It's the end of the school day. Oh, and on your way, could you pick up a rose?" He clicked the 'end call' button, grinning and walking towards the parking lot.
  8. She needed to go to her microbiology class before she got a text back. Sayomi double checked her phone before returning it to her pocket. She tried not to worry about not getting an amswer. Third lunch had the smallest amount of students so she knew odds were he was still in class. She always had an issue with over thinking.

    As she walked into her microbiology class, she pulled her hair up and pulled on the white lab coat as was standard for students. It was a college level class with only about 15 students. As they were setting up, she felt the phone vibrate causing a smile across her face. She waited for an excuse, before running into the supply closet. She pulled out her phone, and read the text multiple times to make sure she wasn't reading it wrong. Butterflies pushed against her stomach as she read it yet again. How could someone she knew so little about get her so excited.

    I would love to. If you agree to have a different kind of fun, and make a mess with me after. At my house of course.

    She wasn't sure how open he would be for her open idea, but she thought it would give them most time late if they chose it. She grabbed a beaker and left the closet.

    Sayomi stayed late to clean up after her group. She kept her data book out as she walked out of the classroom into the nearly empty halls. Knowing the hall ways like her own house, she managed to make it to the parking lot without needing to look up from her notes and logs. There was something of about their data that day and it bugged her. She stopped, reaching for the keys in her backpack.
  9. Sebastian walked to the car as Alfred pulled up. Alfred got out, bowing to Sebastian and handing him the rose. Sebastian secretly smiled, shaking Alfred's hand. "Thank you very much, Alfred. I'm sure she will love this. I'll be right back." He had already read her text, and he began to walk further into the parking lot. He spotted Sayomi, who seemed to be looking down at a book. He walked over to her, waving slightly as he laid the rose on her open book. "Hello, Sayomi. I'd like to have fun with you, if it includes you dancing with me." He grinned, looking over at Alfred, who signaled that time was wasting. He nodded, grabbing Sayomi's hand and kissing it gently. "Text me your address, and I'll pick you up. I have to go to violin practice." He stepped back, looking her over once more. "Until tonight, I will bid you adieu."

    He got into the passenger seat of the car, smiling and laughing softly. "I've never been this happy in quite a while, Alfred." Alfred, glanced over at Sebastian, nodding. "You seem to have taken an interest in her, Sebastian. You must really like her." Sebastian nodded, looking out the window. "When I first arrived at class, a boy was picking on her. It was horrid. And I saw a mixture of myself lost within her... She's beautiful, and something tells me she has a wild side." Alfred continued to stare at the road, chuckling. "You're mother and father will be glad to have you make friends. Shall I drive you to her house tonight?" Sebastian shook his head, looking over at Alfred. "It's okay. Since I got my license I'll just take the mustang and drive myself. It'd be awfully late for you anyways."

    The violin session was wonderful. Sebastian's mind seemed to float in time with the music, and his mentor gave him high praises for the song he chose to play. He retired to his room to get a shower before speaking to his father. His mind was stuck on Sayomi. After the shower, he dressed himself in an elegant suit. He put his best cologne on; It cost him roughly a thousand dollars. He walked to his father's study, knocking and swiping the key-card before entering.

    His father welcomed him, a small smile on his lips. "Hello, Sebastian. I heard from your mother about this date you will be attending tonight." Sebastian sat down in a chair across from his father, nodding as he did so. "Correct, dad. I'm quite excited for it." His father tapped his pen on the notepad, looking down at his watch. "Stay out as late as you want, since it's a Friday night. Buy a gift for her." He handed Sebastian one thousand dollars in a stack, grinning and waving. "Have fun, son."
  10. Just as she found her keys, and returned her attention back to her book, Sayomi jumped as the rose was placed in it. A smile broke across her face a she looked up at him. She pulled the rose from the book, and looked at bit her lip softly as he spoke. Something about her found him extremely interesting. She had always felt like an oddball at the school, even before she started to dance. She played the viola in a school that did not offer orchestra, and she didn't do the typical art things. He didn't seem to do the typical things either. And he played the violin, along with guitar. She couldn't hide how much she was drawn to him. All she managed to do was nod as he walked off.

    As soon as he was gone, she put her book away, and nearly ran to her car as she gingerly held the rose. She reached her car, a newer VW Golf, a wolfsburg addition. A smart sporty car for someone who lugs others places on the weekends. Once she was inside, she pulled out her phone and texted her address to him, then drove off. She didn't want to prolong everything that she needed to get done before she was to be picked up. It seemed like it only took her a moment as she reached the upper middle class neighborhood. She was so lost in her thoughts, trying to decide what she should wear. She had no idea where they would be going. She stopped outside of the garage. She was unable to pull into it at the moment. Quickly she got out and went inside. The lady who used to be her nanny that was staying with her was on her honeymoon, leaving her in the home alone.

    She went out to the garage, picking up the charcoal, and began to finish the drawing that covered the rather large canvas. It was 14 feet by 14 feet and covered the complete side of the garage. Cans of paint littered the ground all around. She put the finishing touches on the picture. It had no rhyme or reason to it, it was just a bunch of random things tied into one. That's all she wanted it to be. She left the rest for later with a smile unlike any she had adorned lately.

    Sayomi jumped into the shower, and washed the last of the pink from her hair, revealing her reddish brown hair even more. Quickly, she got out and began to get ready. Starting with her hair. After she had her hair slightly done, she went in and tried on a few different dresses, then stopped. He had worn a suit to public school. It was going to be something more than casual. She looked some more, before she found the dress that she needed. She pulled out the red dress, getting excited. She quickly pulled it on. The dress hugged the top part of her body, the slowly started loosening, flowing down to the back so that it was a little shorter in the front then the back It was simple, but she thought it would look half way decent compared to everything else. It was the dress that she wore to her fathers military ball. She went into the bathroom and put on soft make up, and pulled her hair to the side, soft curls cascading down and around her shoulder. She finished everything off with a pair of silver heels.

    As she waiting the nerves of the night started to take over. What if she wasn't dressed properly. What if she was under dressed? Or not elegant enough in clothes like this for his taste? She started to shake with anxiety. Walking out into the living room, she sat in front of the piano and began to play to calm her nerves. After a few keys she began to sing, hoping it would calm her enough. The music filled the empty house and did indeed start to calm her.
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  11. Sebastian had decided to take his brand new Ford Mustang GTO. His father had bought it for him for his seventeenth birthday. It was a purplish black color, and it accentuated eyes. He finally had chosen his best suit, one that was tailored in the waist area. For some reason he decided to stop by the store and take his dad's advice and buy her a gift. It was nearing six in the evening, so he pulled into a store that had a personal assistant to help.

    As he entered the store, he waved to the assistant, who greeted him with a grin. "Hello, Mr. Black! How can I help you this evening?" Sebastian tapped a finger to his lips, thinking for a moment. "What would you get for a girl that you just met, and you're first date is tonight?" The assistant, known as Misty, chuckled. "I would buy her a bouquet of roses, and something that comes from the heart." Sebastian nodded, looking around. "Hmm. Okay.. Well, could you get me the best charcoal artistry set you can find." The assistant nodded, running to get the items.

    Sebastian took this time to call the florist, arranging a bouquet of roses to be sent in a crystal vase to Sayomi's address. He texted her, his nerves high.

    I'll be at your house within a half-hour. Don't wait outside.
    The items were roughly around seven hundred dollars, though Sebastian didn't mind. His weekly allowance was four thousand dollars. He had the artistry set put in a box and tied with a bow, grinning as he got in his car. The trip would usually take him about twenty minutes, but traffic held him up. He quickly found her house, his sterling silver cuff links shining in the street light. He had already set a reservation for the restaurant, one that was exclusive and had wonderful food.

    He walked up to the door, the box in his arms. The flowers had already been sent to her, and he fidgeted with his hands. Sebastian wondered if she would like him; If she would see that he wasn't an ordinary person. He shrugged the thoughts away, knocking on the door and waited. ​
  12. As her phone buzzed from the Kitchen, Sayomi jumped up to get it. She knew exactly who it was and almost burst with excitement. When she saw that he would be there soon she squealed with excitement. Then she realized it was all for sure happening, the he was going to be there soon. She started breathing heavy with anxiety trying not loose her grip on it.

    Not much longer after there was a knock on the door. She shot to it, and opened it, disappointed for a moment when she saw it wasn't Sebastian. The man handed her the flowers with a smile and started to leave. "Wait! Who are these from?" The man turned around with a smile. "Why Mr.Black, of course." And walked away. She held the roses, gawaking at them. It was the most beautiful bouquet she had ever seen. She went back inside and set them on the island in the kitchen. Standing in front of the flowers admiring them as she thought about everything. First she questioned what the florist meant by 'of course' it was Sebastian. Did he send flowers often, or was it him saying that she shouldn't be dumb. She should have known. She reached out and pet one of the petals as she waited. They were stunning and that made her even more nervous. She worried more that she wasn't going to be enought.

    As she straightened herself up, and dragged her finger across the vase then stopped. She looked closer then she gently flicked the glass, making it ring. Sayomi straightened again, eyes wide. It was real crystal. She quickly went to the bathroom and changed her make up. She darkened her eyes a little, making them more pronounced. Before she could change anymore there was a knock on the door. She stood frozen for a moment, then went to answer it, anxiety taking over.

    She opened the door, and smiled at him, her whole face lighting up. Even in heels she was still a few inches shorter than he was. His suit made him look amazing, which didn't help her nerves. The dress she wore accentuated the curves she had, but she didn't think much else. She wasn't skinny, not overweight. She was a healthy weight, and took pride in that she wasn't unhealthy skinny. She had an hourglass figure that she wasn't ashamed of.

    "You look smashing." She said with a small giggle as she looked down at herself. "Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'm dressed quite right. I can try to change quickly if I need to of course." She hadn't managed to stop smiling the entire time, feeling like she was just standing there looking stupid.
  13. Sebastian held a hand up, stunned as he looked her over. She was gorgeous. He smiled slightly, cocking his head to the side. "No, you are perfect. Gorgeous." He held out the package, stepping inside. "You have a lovely home, Sayomi. I hope you like the gift." He knew she'd like it; He distinctly remembered that she preferred charcoal. The present was indeed a charcoal artistry set, brand new and the best quality around. "I couldn't imagine anything else you'd like, and I figured this would make due until I can find a better present." He grinned, looking around the room as he rested his hands in his pockets. "I'd like to see more of your artwork someday, if that's okay."

    He grabbed her hand, leaning in closer and inhaling her scent. "You smell wonderful. It reminds me of a field of orchid's in the spring. So... Perfect." He set the gift aside, pulling her towards the door. "I want you to open the gift after our date. That way you will think of me for the rest of the night." He led her to the mustang, opening the passenger door and closing it after her. He then returned to his side of the car, getting in and turning the car on. "Sorry for the cramped room. I plan to buy another car on my birthday in a couple of days. I honestly hate this car." He scowled, pulling out of the driveway and turning onto the highway. "The restaurant is in the next town over. Quite a few people in this town know my father, and I hate people who snoop. I hope you don't mind." He looked over at her, taking one hand off the wheel and holding her hand. He was hoping, that for once in his life, someone would like him for himself.
  14. Sayomi's face darken when he said that she was perfect. She of all people knew that to be far from the truth. But at the moment, all that anyone thought, his thoughts were the only ones that mattered to her. Maybe it was the chance to be with someone who didn't judge her or want her strictly for what she did. Or maybe she was getting sucked up into something that wasn't real. Either way, the feelings that he gave her was unlike any she felt before. She never wanted that feeling to stop.

    When he held out the gift and talked of getting her something better, she couldn't help but feel guilty. She didn't want him to feel the need to get her gifts or anything. That wasn't what she was interested in at all. Before she said anything, his hand found hers and her heart skipped a beat. The feeling of his hand holdingo hers, his voice talking to her, it all felt like a dream. She was whisked away to the car. Her shyness came out more than usual around him.

    When they were in the car and he mentioned his birthday, she started to think. She held his hand in return, and placed her other on top of it. She looked at him and smiled "We absolutely must do something for your birthday, Sebastian." She watched as they neared the restaurant. She started to think of ideas of what she could do for him. She wanted to do something for him, something he would remember, hopefully.
  15. Sebastian focused his eyes on the road, occasionally glancing at Sayomi as she spoke. "Maybe we can throw something together for my birthday. Usually I just get money, a car, and sent to a party by myself." He looked over at her, concern clouding his eyes. "I hope you didn't take offense to me saying you are perfect. I promise you, I see nothing but perfect when I look at you. I see... I see a shy, lonely girl that desperately wants to be accepted, yet knows that she probably never will." He changed gears, flipping the turn signal on and turning off the interstate. "I've- I've been alone most of my life. The only people I've had to be around were my maids, butlers, and occasionally a nanny or two. I've never had friends. I'd like to call you a friend and hopefully more someday." He sighed, focusing on the drive and smiling as they pulled up to the restaurant. Sebastian opened his door, walking to the passenger side and opening Sayomi's door. He grabbed her hand, helping her out of the car. He threw the car keys to the valet who was waiting for them at the door.

    Sebastian suddenly got nervous, though he hid it in grace. He opened the restaurant door, letting Sayomi in before himself. A man at the front counter walked over to them, his beady little eyes glancing over at Sayomi. "Do you two have a reservation?" Sebastian nodded, smiling over at Sayomi. "The reservation is under the name Mr. Black." The waiter's eyes bulged, fumbling with his papers. "Oh! W-Welcome, Mr. Black! It's great to see that you are following in your father's footsteps. Please, follow me." He led them to a table hidden in a cove, one where privacy was key. The table cloth ironically matched Sayomi's dress, and Sebastian chuckled. "I read a wonderful review on my way to my new home. It said this was the best spot for food." He ordered a virgin cocktail for himself, sipping on the juice. "I'm not much of a drinker, actually. I just like the taste of the juice." He handed her a menu, looking her over. "Order anything you'd like. I want you to have a great time, Sayomi. For once in my life, I found someone who made me feel happiness with just a smile."
  16. When he talked about what he thought about his first encounter of Sayomi, she stayed quiet for a moment. Not wanting to say something too soon. "You are right. Outside, and around people. I'm a shy person. I hide in a shell built on years of solitude. At one point I had many friends, but as grew up we changed, and slowly drifted." She didn't go into complete details about her past, but still. "As much as it sucks, sometimes the only part I wish to change would be the harassment from school from people so shallow you couldn't even drown in them." She never really talked of her mother. It was a dark time in her childhood that she wished to never revisit, so she hoped that for now, that he wouldn't ask much about it. Before she could say too much more, they had arrived at the restaurant. She was intimidated by the elegance of it.

    She took Sebastian's hand thankfully as he helped her out of the car, and reluctantly let go when he opened the door for her to enter. Once she saw the man that was to seat them staring at her, she lowered her gaze, feeling extremely out of place. Once they were seated and he ordered, she ordered a virgin lemon drop and looked across to him. He liked to read and the viola. He followed rules and order. And like to match up companies. The only thing that she was able to do was stocks. She was grest in mathematics and science. So it went pretty well together. She thanked him softly for the menu then reached across the table and placed her hand on his. "Do not fret, Sebastian. I am having a wonderful time. I very much enjoy your company." With the passing time she was pulled more towards him. She didn't want him to think he needed to impress her in false ways.

    She smiled at him, and kept her hand on his as she opened the menu and looked over the menu. Once she decided what she wanted, she shut the menu and took a sip from her drink. She smiled yet again as she watched him for a moment. "You play multiple instruments, you like to dance, and sing. So artistic. But you also like rules, business investments and functions between buisnesses. Which points to structural and analytical. Not many people balance all of them as well as you seem to." She was an awkward social person. And was never sure what exactly to ask without it being completely different than she wanted, or sounded creepy. She looked at him for a bit, then decided to ask a completely unorthodox question. "Tell me a secret? And I'll tell you one too." She thought that it would be a good way to see if he trusted her with something few or no one knew of him. If they both were able to, and they seemed compatible enough so far, that maybe they could work as something more than friends.
  17. Sebastian smiled as Sayomi placed hee hand on his. She studied his qualities, observing them and pointing out his good traits. "You're right. I suppose I can balance these things due to how I was raised." He smiled as Sayomi stated that she was having a wonderful time. He waved to the waiter, who took their orders and left as fast as he came. Sebastian took another sip of his drink, finding himself surprised that Sayomi had asked him to tell her a secret about himself. He cleared his throat, leaning in closer and grinning. "I've never kissed a girl on the lips. I was always raised in a structured household, so the most I've done is kiss a girl on the cheek." He leaned back, taking a drink of his juice and holding back a laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm pretty lame." Their food came, and Sebastian picked up his fork, putting his napkin on his lap. "I ordered steak, though this better be good." He took a bite, smiling with glee. It was like butter, melting in his mouth. He looked to Sayomi, looking over her plate. "You know, years ago my nanny said that as long as you ate healthy meals, you didn't have to eat little servings. She was right about it." He put his hand on hers, his nerves seeming to disappear. He was so drawn to her; She was so interesting and wholesome.
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  18. Sayomi was greatly surprised by his secret. He was a very handsome man, and he seemed to be exceptionally smart. Obviously he had a lot of money, which for some girls would be one of the biggest reasons to go for him. She guessed that soon enough, the girls at their school would decide to chase him only for that reason. When he called himself lame, she couldn't help but let out a small giggle. "Just remember. This is your only life. And your only time to be young. I'm not saying be stupid. But don't forget to experience some of the things you won't be able to later. If you don't have stories to tell later, you may regret it. Plus, what business man doesn't love to hear a few wild stories from another well respected individual. It shows that they are more than money and numbers." She took another sip from her drink as she looked at the food as it arrived. She had gotten the chicken cordon bleu, one of her favorites. She smiled at his expression as she took a bit. It was perfect. Not too moist nor too dry. When he reached over and took her hand, she squeezed it softly in return, smiling at him. She never felt like she belonged, but with Sebastian she forgot that she wasn't normal. He didn't seem to mind that she was weird. That in reality, she wasn't perfect and certainly he knew that. Yet here he was, here with her. For some crazy reason he chose her to provide him company. She couldn't help but smile at him. She didn't know how long he would stay, but she didn't care. All she knew, was that every moment she got, she would take whatever she got.
  19. Sebastian leaned back in his chair, pushing his plate away and smiling. "Would you like desert?" He ordered himself a souffle, tapping a finger to his chin. "You're right. Honestly, though.. Women are more than just a play toy. They are like fine wine, or art. They deserve respect. I intend to do wild things soon, but I want to take my time and enjoy the fine things in life." He leaned closer, grinning. "You never told me a secret, Sayomi. But honestly.. I wouldn't judge you. You see, every girl I've been close to got word of my money and instantly chased me because of it. They didn't want me or anything about me. They just wanted what I could give them. That's why I never kissed any girl on the lips. But you.. You're so different. You didn't chase me. You like me for myself, and I am the one who has to chase you. I like it. I like this a lot, Sayomi. Don't change yourself, for anyone."

    He took a bite of his souffle, grinning and pushing the plate away. "I'm full. I work out quite a bit nowadays and my appetite hasn't been the same." He looked into her eyes, a sly smile spreading on his lips. "Would you like to go for a swim with me sometime?"
  20. Sayomi declined the desert as she finished her dinner. She went through spells where she would hardly eat, once a day maybe, to tines where she never stopped. SometInes it would change every few times, others would last week's or months. She also didn't tend to have much of a sweet tooth, unless she had been drinking. "I'm not much a sweets person. Occasionally, but most of the time not." As he leaned in she bit her lip softly, all his talk of never having kissed someone made her want to take that title. She never wanted him to say it again, and for her to be tied to that memory. She contained the urge, sure that he didn't want it to go that far, this soon."I wasn't exactly meaning women. But that one is completely up to you. I would imagine any man would enjoy those type of stories." She lranked in closer to him also, as she looked down at the table. "My secret.. is not as simple as just so much as saying it.. it's more of an I need to show you type of thing.. but I don't know if you would want to do that. It requires what you might consider breaking the rules.." She did not wish to tell him, but knew that the sooner he knew what she did the better. It would ensure less pain if he was to leave.

    After he commented on swimming, and the sly smile that was on Sebastian's face made her question exactly what he meant. She hid her confusion not wanting to seem stupid. "I'm not exactly the best swimmer. But I'll take that challenge." She said with a soft laugh as she picked up her drink, finishing it off and watching him. She felt horrible for questioning everything she was feeling, she knew it was self made walls causing it. But she was confused how she could be drawn to someone in barely 12 hours of knowing them.
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