An Undead Sanctuary/Guild?! WHAT?!?!

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  1. Greetings, hello's, howdies and hiya's! It's your boy, Jegigol, here, with a kickin' idea that I think all of us migt be able to enjoy!

    Alright, so check it, in this massive land with a 1200AC's(I really have no idea on how to gauge the era of this stuff, but it is in the 'medieval age') kind of setting, the undead are a prominent presence in the living world, and anything that involves death and what have you.

    Okay, so, what else?

    Well, my friends, I thought about it and thought that a band of undead, a Lich and some others, roam across the land to seek the respect of the living and to make it known that not all undead or death-related thing is evil!

    As they do this, they slowly fashion a place for rest, training, all sorts of things, so that they may recruit more undead into their party and give safe haven to those most not alive!

    Well? Eh, eh? How does it sound? I'm open to suggestions!
  2. Sounds kinda like Dark Souls. I'm in.
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  3. 35.jpg

    I imagine bigass skeletal knights would do well in this. Maybe a few Liches in the past raised some huge undead armies, starting all the undead racism and hatred, maybe one of those Liches comes back or something, our heroes have to stop 'im.

    There's room for all sorts of stuff! Throw some ideas at me, about the land, about why undead are hated, anything you want to put out there.
  4. Well, for one thing, I think there should be a distinction, maybe not one recognized by the living, between the conscious undead and the unconscious undead. The conscious undead are ones like us, but of course the bad ones do tend to create problems. Conscious undead would have to include liches as well, but could include comparatively lesser undead, such as those raised by a grieving loved one but were rejected because of their undeath.
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  5. Hmm, perhaps necromancy would be a prominently practiced, but secretively, among many folks across the land, while there is a rule, decreed by the king/emperor that the dark arts are forbidden? And I can see Conscious Undead involving so many kinds of undead, so much that they are easily categorized into a list of races that could join a kind of civilization, such as the one that hates them. Liches in the past raised armies, mass genocide nearly occured, the survivors united after the war ended and created a new kingdom or empire, whichever, and- you can see where I am going with this.

    Hmm. Loved ones raising ths dead?... Perhaps an ancient practice of worshipping an old god was still in play, even though the current state of the law forbids such activity, creating new gods for worship or.....

    I went blank.

    And the unconscious undead are the ones that go and maul villagers in the middle of the night, the conscious simply stay in secured locations, to stay away from the living. Fortresses, dungeons, even abandoned towns, perhaps at the bottom of the sea.
  6. I am so totally in. Could one, by chance, play a necromancer?

    I imagine that unconscious undead are the ones that remain under the power of the necromancy that created them and because the Litches that controlled them have probably been slain or driven into hiding they continually carry out their last order, simplified by time, to kill the living. Perhaps a Litch's influence returns and orders the unconsciouses to gather stuff like his/her remains, powerful magic items, exetra so they can return to full strength?
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  7. Seems like a totally fine scenario. And perhaps necromancy isn't the only thing that raises the dead?... Perhaps souls from some abyss, sorrowful and fueled by rage, come back as wights or some other paranormal figure?
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  8. @VerbalAbuse


    Want to officially help in the world's creation? Perhaps via PMs.
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