An intruder barges into your room! Your weapon is the object to your left...

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    Mine's a cup. :/
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  2. Mines....a filing cabinet....sun'bitch gunna be heavy
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  3. 2L pop bottle filled with water. Heavy, unwieldy and not likely to do much :[
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  4. You do realize that that's essentially a 2KG club, right? Getting smacked in the head with one of those things will hurt quite badly.

    Anyway, my weapon would be... either thin air, one of the random objects on my desk, or the TV sitting on said desk.
  5. Yes, it would. IF it had a longer neck that I could grip on to. A lot of the force comes from the motion and momentum as much as the objects weight. With the bottle's shape, I wouldn't be able to swing it nearly fast enough to do much of anything.
  6. Beer bottle. Classic.
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  7. An easter egg...
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  8. Mine is Lady Bernkastel....
  9. My new weapon is a cup of Cheez-Its!
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  10. O_o o_O @_@ >_> <_< >_<
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  11. Apparently you are to his left...
  12. I'm a bit scared now! >_<

    I've changed the object next to me to a frying pan, just to be safe.
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  13. I've got my roll-on deodorant, which is made of pretty solid glass, so I think I could knock someone out with it... If I had a lot of time and hit really hard, that is.
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  14. You are indeed a wise one. Study the ancient lore fighting film known as Tangled in order to fully appreciate and master frying pan fu.

    Your deodorant... is glass...?
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  15. Nonono, not the deodorant itself, rather the container it's in... XD (I didn't realize how funny it sounded)
  16. I will also grab Seiji who is also to my left
  17. Umm... a rather grumpy cat.
  18. A queen-sized bed.. BRING IT ON.
  19. A nearly empty spool of white thread

    I'm going to have to get creative
  20. A plate of mashed potatoes.

    These plates are square shaped too, those corners be deadly. And I imagine getting potatoes in your eyes would be uncomfortable.
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