All time favorite soda flavor?

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  1. We're talking flavors here, not brands. Pepsi, Sprite, Sunkist, etc. are all excluded from this thread.

    I was gonna make this a poll, but as it turns out, there are hundreds of different soda flavors out there, way too many to fit into a simple little poll. Anyways, my all time favorite used to be orange soda, that is until I discovered the wonder that is orange cream soda. It tastes like carbonated orange cream pops and is ridiculously good.

    So what are some of your favorite flavors? Don't be afraid to share some bizarre ones.
  2. IBC Root Beer in a bottle.

    Best flavor of root beer in my opinion. My spouse loves anything cherry. Lately it's been black cherry.

    Anyone remember suicides? Where you mixed everything from a soda fountain together? My friends loved those.
  3. Dr. Pepper 10, and the generic diet cherry cola from Winn Dixie.
  4. Well I don't know this soda you speak of, around here I do have this thing called pop. Favorite flavor would be Cream
  5. Julmust!
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    It's indescribable, really... Imagine Coke, except a billion times better. It tastes like Christmas in a bottle!
  6. I'm from Atlanta. Is there any contest?


    Runners-up includes Root Beer, and Sprite.
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  7. Let's see. Most cherry flavored sodas. Various IBC sodas. Pespi. Classic Coke, out of a fountain. Several flavors of Dew. Dr.Pepper. Meh, I have too many favorite flavors. Pepsi and regular Dew are the two flavors I tend to make sure I have at home, though.
  8. Vanilla Coke.
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  9. Vanilla Cola (coke) (preferably hand made with vanilla added in)
    Or (this one's odd but go with me here)
    Chocolate Cola (coke). The first time I tried it was at a Steak n' Shake. It's surprisingly good.
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  10. All of them.
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  11. I'll have to go with Vanilla Root Beer. I've only been able to get it at those fancy soda machines where you can mix and match flavors, though. Otherwise, Vanilla Coke... Although I can't find it very often around my parts.

    A very, very close second is Cream Soda.

    Cheer wine also has a special place in my southern-bred heart.
  12. Stewart's Orange Cream Soda! = D
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  13. And half of us have failed and named brands, not flavors.

    You know.
    Like Lemon-Lime.
    Or cherry.

    Coke is not a fucking flavor.
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  14. Thaaaank yoooou!

    Coke is the brand, cola is the flavor.
  15. On the other hand, it's really hard to determine what "flavor" Dr. Pepper is.

    What the hell is it? (open)
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  16. Apple is the best soda flavor.

    Apple Sidra (a Chinese apple soda)
    Manzanita Sol (a Pepsi brand)
    I think at one point Crush had an apple flavor too.

    There are a few others but those are the ones I remember.
  17. I beg to differ. Vanilla (regular) coke is just as much a flavour as "flavoured" sodas are. It's all artificial crap. If you really require someone to state "I like regular coke cola" then you're a tad daft don't'cha think? Cuz' if they like coke zero, they'll say "coke zero", if they like cherry soda, they'll say "cherry soda". Ergo, by extension, if they say "coke cola"...

    Sheesh. Just because something's the default doesn't mean it's not a flavour.

    That being said, obviously, I like regular coke cola. I also like A&W Root Beer. Just the way it fizzles and the smooth taste...
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  18. Hatsune pointed that out. "Cola" is the proper word for any dark colored soda such as Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi. They just have a variation of sweetness and cumulative flavors.
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  19. Dr. Pepper and Grape. That's all I like, but for the most part I hate soda.