Aldertree Institute for the Magically Distressed.

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    Little is known about the Aldertree Institute other than it has been owned by the Mayhew family for eight generations. Some believe it's a haunted house filled with nothing but the ghost of a jilted lover. Others believe that it's a house of ill repute, where the owner takes his mistress' to have his way with them. A few insane religious nuts believe that it's the home of satan worshipers. But it is none of the above. In fact, no one really knows what it's for unless of course you're a patient there. But it's not your regular kind of hospital. You see, the Aldertree Institute specializes in all things that regular humans might find unnatural. If only they knew.

    In the mid-1600's a ceasefire of sorts was established between our kind and the witches. It wasn't exactly a war, but both sides killed great numbers of the other out of spite, pride and fear, and the list of casualties was becoming unbearably high on both sides. And so a bargain was struck that ensured peace between the coven and the church. But as the years passed, the ceasefire was all but forgotten and slowly witches began to attack humans once more. Not to kill them, but for sport. They found ways around the treaty. Like curses.

    The curses varied of course, depending on who the witch was and what they intended to do, but always they would turn their victim's world upside down. And when other humans found out, they would kill their own kind out of fear.

    In 1893, the Aldrertree Institute for the Magically Distressed was founded by one such victim. Martin Mayhew. He built it as a hospital of sorts for those humans who have been affected by those of a magical nature. Or at least, it was until it was shut down in 1998, due to a most unfortunate accident. They helped out dozens, if not hundreds, of patients with their ailments whether it was to cure them completely or to just help them to deal with the changes to their lives, or even just to give them a safe place to stay. A.I.M.D helped them all no matter what afflicted them.

    But now after an eighteen-year break, the institute has opened again. And perhaps a dozen patients, whether they be new or old, have been invited to receive treatment whether they are forced to turn into an animal or catch on fire whenever they sneeze. And they may not know it yet, but perhaps their curses aren't so bad after all.

    James Mayhew had thought long and hard about what he wanted to do. His family had owned the institute, the house and the surrounding grounds for centuries but since James had been a child, it had been empty. There had been an accident when he was around ten years old, almost too young to remember, that had seen nine cursed and two ordinaries injured or worse. His father had been one of them.

    His mother and grandfather had refused to talk about it, stating that it had been nothing more than a misunderstanding. But they had had no choice but to close the institute. It had simply been too painful to sit day after day with the people who had caused such pain. James saw it as those in the cursed community being let down, because where else did they have to go? Who else could they turn to for help? The witches? The ordinary humans? Both would turn them away as soon as they had nothing to gain, and the cursed would be treated like freaks. But they weren't. Not to James. They were patients, and like any patients they just needed help.

    So he'd written a letter. It was very simple, and very to the point, but revealed enough to know that this was a safe place where they could go to. And then he'd sent one to every cursed lead he could find. Although witches were the problem for most curses, not all witches were evil per se. Every species, every creature on the Earth has both good and evil qualities and witches were no exception. And the witch he'd used to track down members of the cursed community was considered almost good. Expensive, but good.

    He hadn't had as many responses as he would have liked, but when people started showing up he knew he'd done the right thing. The house once abandoned was now buzzing with life, and there were plenty of curses to figure out, and patients to help out just like every generation had done since the beginning.
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  2. Clo was sat on the porch, her soft blonde hair flowing behind her in the breeze as she sipped on a glass of cool ice water, staring out at the treeline surrounding the institute as she enjoyed the summer sun. There were a few clouds drifting across the sky, but all in all it was a beautiful day. Or at least it would have been had she not needed to be here. Not that she wasn't greatful for all the help that the doctors were giving her, especially given the circumstances, but she missed home.

    It had been two weeks since she'd departed from home. Paris, France. And without a date for her return. She'd left behind her studies, her job, her friends, her family... and all because she'd been cursed by the same witch who had killed her husband. He hadn't been killed by the witch exactly... but it had been her fault that he was dead. At least in Claudette's eyes. And now here she sat, holding onto a small wooden box and her heart locked away. She could hear someone approach her from behind, but she didn't turn to look. "Do you think others will come?" she asked whoever it was, her accent thick, making it obvious where she'd come from before coming here. "It 'as been two weeks, and yet I am one of ze only ones 'ere," she continued quietly before taking another sip of her drink.
  3. Lucas began finishing up the last order of the day, and as the completion of work drew closer his anxiety grew. Of course, he would never let a customer see this; to the old man he was serving, he was a suave, intelligent, handsome man with a healthy mentality and an overall good life. But Lucas couldn't be anymore of an emotional wreck. After receiving the news of his curse, which he didn't even contract himself, the only thing he's been able to think about is how he's going to spend the rest of his life. There's something unwittingly distressing about knowing of the scenario in which your death takes place.

    Placing a macchiato and sample of monkey bread on the table, Lucas thanks the elder for his generosity and unties his apron. A young woman, probably Anna, the head of the bakery section of the menu, calls out to him. "End of your shift?"

    "Yeah, I need to get somewhere," he replies. Grabbing a pair of car keys from the drawer just beneath the cash register, Lucas pushes open the entrance for a young couple and stares back into the kitchen. "Don't slack without me, the monkey bread's been too popular and I'm tired of waiting hours on end for a sample to give to customers." A small laugh from the kitchen door signifies a joke well executed, and the only thing that's left to do now is to drive to the institute.

    But instead of crossing the small expanse of parking lot, getting inside his chipped white truck, starting it, and driving to Aldertree, Lucas only performs the first two steps. It's almost a somber, depressing silence. One that takes place after a person has died suddenly, like... like Lucas will. ...It's the sound of Lucas' death.

    Vroom, vrrroom. And the truck's engine begins whirring.
  4. One, two, three, breathe. Four, five, six, breathe. One, two, three, brea--Oh it was just too hard to practice her anxiety management exercise when something so important and nerve wracking was happening! As soon as Quincy had disembarked the plane two hours ago, she had been debating whether this was a good idea. On one hand, she did in fact want to learn how to control her curse. But on the other hand, this place was just so new and she'd never been to America and what if no one liked her? What if the staff didn't like her what if she hurt somebody--HONK HONK! In her bout of anxiety, Quincy had forgotten where she was standing, which was at the crosswalk and somehow during her inner conflict, she had stepped out and now a massive tractor trailer was beside her honking aggressively and and and-- "MEEEOOOOWWW!" Quincy screamed transforming into a cat and streaking across the street, tail fluffed up behind her and eyes wide with terror. Somehow through all that panic and fear, she ended up just insides the gates of Aldertree Institute.

    Guess she wasn't so unlucky after all.
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  5. Alex sighed, staring up at the building from the front. She knew that this was a big leap from her previous life, not to mention her ability to get pissed at almost anything, and then try to turn her aggressor into a meal, which proved challenging when humans didn't enjoy having their skulls crushed. Shaking her shoulders, Alex ran a hand through her short hair, licking her lips as she walked up the steps to the front door. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she tried to contain her fear. If she got to fearful, the beast would go into territorial mode. And that would not be fun, considering she lost most of herself when she went into her trance, searching only for food and territory. Knocking lightly on the front door, Alex waited for someone to come answer it, if anyone would answer it.
  6. "We're here."

    These two, rather normal words caused the swarm of butterflies currently inhabiting Elle's stomach to begin their frenzied dance anew. She hesitated for a few moments, fingers stilling on the car door as she swallowed her nervousness and stepped out. Knowing her father would rush to help her do something as small and mundane as closing the door of a car, the girl quickly slammed it shut behind her. Her sudden disability - she hated that word - had forced a series of complications and difficulties on both herself and her family. That was the entire reason why they were here at Aldertree, after all.

    "This place looks really quite normal. Its all very... white."

    Johnathan Cline offered her his arm, his grey eyes scrutinizing the tasteful building that rose up in front of them.

    "Is that a hint of disappointment I detect in your voice? Wait a minute, you want me to stay at some creepy institute straight out of a Gothic novel?"

    Elle tried to hide a smile, comfortably settling her fingers into the crook of his elbow.

    "Well. You are my favorite daughter. Still, you'd think they would have at least one ivy covered tower, considering how old this place is."

    "I'm your only daughter. And I'll make certain to suggest they place building such a tower at the top of their priorities."

    The attempt at casual banter felt somewhat like a parody of their usual camaraderie. She could detect the worry in her father's voice even if she couldn't see his face. They waited in silence for a few moments, each lost to their own thoughts. Someone from the institute was supposed to meet them at the gate. Elle was beginning to wonder if it had slipped their mind when she heard brisk footsteps approaching, followed by a friendly male voice.

    The young man introduced himself as Jacob Smith, part of the staff at Aldertree.

    Elle and her father followed Jacob onto the porch, where he took her decidedly light bags. It seemed that this was where they would have to say goodbye.

    "I'll see you soon, dad."

    She even managed a smile and patted her father on the arm. In the background, she could hear Jacob welcome someone else inside. It seemed that there were at least a few more people who had recently arrived. That would make things a bit easier for her.

    "See you soon."

    Almost reluctantly, her father let go of her arm and stepped back. He wasn't always so overprotective. In fact, as parents went, he was considered easy going. But the curse had changed that.

    Elle took a deep breath and stepped in through the door Jacob held open for her. She hated using her white cane, but it seemed that she would have no choice but to rely on it from now on.
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  7. Much to her surprise, Clo watched as a small mass of people began to arrive. It almost seemed like, to her, that as soon as she'd begun to wonder when others were arriving they did. And although she wouldn't wish any kind of curse on anyone, she couldn't help but be grateful they were all here. The institute was exactly what she needed in order to get better, but it could be incredibly quiet and lonely at times. The house itself was huge, and at times it was unbearable. The staff themselves were kind enough, but those who hadn't been previously afflicted by curses looked at those who were as though they were lesser. As though they were broken. But Clo knew that there was a chance that she might never be fixed, or return to who she was. And it scared her.

    Not half as much as meeting the others did though. She'd heard some of the staff talking about what had happened eighteen years ago, about the 'accident' but it was mostly rumour. 'I heard this' and 'I heard that'. Nothing definate and concrete. Even James refused to talk about it, in the few times that he'd come out of his office. He was a shut-in, that much was obvious from the few weeks she'd been in this place. She'd seen him only a handful of times and mostly at her weekly therapy session. He ate in his office, slept in his office. The man practically refused to come out of it.

    Clo spent her time torn between walking the grounds and reading anything and everything in the library. She'd stumbled upon it quite by accident the first time, but she'd gone in every day since. It shouldn't have surprised her that a place as grand as this had a library, but it had. And if anything, her ability to read English had certainly grown better since being admitted. So there was always that.

    "Can I 'elp you?" Clo asked Alex, carefully standing from her position and moving towards the door. "Are you 'ere to stay at ze Institute?" she asked, trying to appear friendly enough even if deep down she couldn't feel enough emotion to push herself to experience the desire to make a friend. She just couldn't feel anything. Her hand clenched around the small wooden box in her hand, stepping back slightly as Jacob opened the door and lead another girl inside. Elle. However, she didn't really get a good look at her. She got distracted as a cat came shrieking into the gates of the Institute's land, and Clo turned her head to look over towards the sound for just a moment before turning back.

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  8. Alex had expected some butler or maid to come to the door and greet her, but was pleasantly surprised to se a rather bright haired female greeted her first. Turning her head, Alex looked over at the woman with a heavy accent. Swallowing as she looked the woman up and down, Alex could feel her hands tightening on her luggage. Her heart was pounding fast as she stared back at the woman, who had a strange box in her hands. It was hard to get the words to come out of her lips, considering she was trying very hard not to let herself get out of control. She feared the worst at the moment, considering that she could feel her claws start to poke out of her fingers and into her palms, one of the few signs that she was teetering on the edge of transforming.

    "Yes, I am here to stay at the institute." She said tightly, a slight hint of a growl entering her voice as she bit down on her lip, trying to swallow down all of her worries. "I am Alex, who are you?" She asked, her body stiff as she observed the woman. 'Possibly my next meal....' Alex thought, shaking her head and letting one of her hands come up to run through her hair as she tried to calm herself, her breaths deepening.
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  9. Clo held her smile in place despite not feeling the necessary emotions that were associated with well.... anything. She never could unless she was in physical contact with her heart, but while it was safely tucked away inside the wooden box in her possession she had no choice but to try and fake it just like she always did. She didn't want to alienate the girl in front of her because she knew how important it was for them all to have somewhere safe to be with their 'disabilities'.

    She didn't know if this girl in front of her had a particularly dangerous curse. There was no real way of telling sometimes, like with Clo. No one would be able to tell that she had no emotions because she'd gotten particularly good at pretending that she did have them. She smiled when she was supposed to, was kind when she was supposed to. But if she hadn't been, and instead had decided to become a mass-murdering lunatic, she wouldn't have felt any guilt at all over any of her crimes. These days she barely remembered what it was like before she'd been cursed, but each and every time she touched her heart with even the slightest touch of her fingers she felt all her emotions rushing back to her. It was overwhelming. But necessary.

    "Claudette," she said immediately, relaxing her shoulders to try and seem as unthreatening as possible. There was something about the way that Alex was looking at her, and the way that she spoke, that gave her the distinct impression that she was wound up. "But people 'ere call me Clo. I came to ze Institute a few weeks ago. We should let ze Doctor know you 'ave arrived," she said thoughtfully. "'e will want to know. Ze other girl too." Turning, Clo opened the door that Alex had been knocking on and held it open for the new girl to go inside.

  10. Alex looked up at the girl who had introduced herself as Clo, which was much easier than the long mouthful of words her regular name. She was very relaxed, and for that Alex was very grateful, considering that her finger nails were scraping against her scalp quite painfully. "Well I am glad you arrived early." Alex sighed, rolling her shoulders as she tried to get rid of the tenseness of being in a new area. It smelled weird, different, strange. She knew this would happen, but keeping it down was harder than she thought.

    Offering as much of a smile as she could, Alex looked from her to the girl behind her, who had been briefly mentioned by Clo. It took Alex only a moment to spot the girl who was walking up the driveway, a cane placed in her hands as she walked up the steps. Smiling tightly, she looked back at her. "I would help but, my hands aren't really the best for that." She said, showing off her hand with very sharp nails attached to them as she walked inside.
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  11. When Matrona stepped out of the airport she was greeted with familiar things; shuttles, excited tourists, tired home comers, taxis, and lots of luggage. What was unexpected was just how warm the weather was out in California. It was her first times in the States and she had done her research before coming, but it was almost overwhelming. Her chest lifted with a deep inhale and she tilted her face up towards the sun to briefly take in the warmth on her cheeks. Carefully, she released a silent sigh then removed her hoodie to tie around her waist before picking up an old orange and black backpack and tossing it onto one shoulder. With her left hand she picked up the large grey duffel-bag at her feet and placed the strap across her chest so its weight was against one hip.

    She hated interacting with strangers. After she had been cursed she found public transportation to be a very hectic and awkward situation when a driver or another passenger wanted to speak to her. Maddie would often feel like she was coming off as rude when she couldn't give detailed answers to inquiries to have a normal conversation. So instead of getting on a bus or asking a taxi driver for a lift via the notebook in her right hand, she decided she was going to walk to the institute. That is, if she could get her hands on a proper map...

    After stopping at a Walmart, a library, and two different convenient stores, she was on her merry way having only used simple gestures and the word 'map' written in red ink on the back of her left hand. Her worn down black boots softly scraped along the cement while walking, deliberately crunching rather loudly on a small bag of cone shaped chips just to hear noise from her mouth. Every now and then she would glance down to the folded paper she held on top of her hardback notebook to make sure she was following the correct streets, which surprisingly she had been achieving.

    The weather really was delightful given the month of the year. The sun's rays felt nice on her bare arms and even seeped through the fabric of her jeans and eased her nerves until she took a second glance at the street sign she had passed. Arabian Way. Her stomach tightened into a single knot and a lump formed in her throat. "What if they can't fix me?" The thought was just a whisper in her mind, but it was a terrifying thing to think about nonetheless. She tried to swallow back the emotion suddenly lodged in her esophagus lest she regurgitate it in an audible sob that would ruin her day. The female crumpled up the empty plastic bag she had and shoved it in her backpack along with the map, held her breath, then turned back around to face the large white building up the street. This place was her only hope...

    Shaky fingers pushed back baby blue and lilac dyed hair only to have strands blow forward with the breeze. It would be alright, wouldn't it? Her head slightly ducked down and the tips of her fingernails began a rhythmic tapping of threes on the back of her journal as she slowly made her way to the porch of Aldertree Institute.
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  12. Gideon woke up in the back of a shipping truck, surrounded by boxes and assorted junk. Checking his phone, he noticed he was getting close to the address listed on Aldertree's info sheet, and pounder on the wall of the cab to signal the driver. Gideon hopped out and slipped the guy a stack of $20s before watching him drive off. There was still a 4 mile hike to get to the school, might as well get started.

    As he walked, music blaring into his ears, he began to reflect on the journey to get here. He'd been robbing banks with a small gang back in Portland, Oregon, and had made quite a fine living doing so. His unique way of robbing the banks, keeping everyone in too much pain with his voice while his partners gathered dough, earned him the name Decibel with the authorities. Unfortunately, he made a mistake and robbed one of his dad's bank branches; apparently that was a little much for him, and he finally decided to report his son to the authorities. He fled, taking as much money as he could grab, and made his way to Aldertree, figuring they'd give him safe haven, at least. I'd nothing else, he still had bribe money...

    As he came up to the property, he noticed people walking into the large home he assumed was the main AI dwelling. As he got closer though, he noticed one girl lagging behind everyone else, seemingly unsure whether she should go in or not. Taking his headphones off, he snuck up on the girl, grabbing her butt for a moment before moving to her front to introduce himself. "Good morning, my name is Gideon, also known as Decibel, but beautiful women seem to just call me asshole." He got no response from her, which confused him. Was she deaf, maybe? He began trying to speak with sign language. It's very lucky to meet such a beautiful woman so soon. My best friend back home is deaf as well. It never occurred to him she might be too shocked by the mild sexual assault to respond, let alone have something preventing her from doing so.

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  13. Her shoulders instinctively drew forward and her elbows came in against her sides as her lips parted in a voiceless squeak. The notebook in her possession fell to the ground, the contents of chicken scratch in the Cyrillic and English alphabet sprawled in every which direction for the world to see while hands occupied the space against her mouth. She was still recovering from the surprise as the culprit who scared her came around to the front, her gaze cast downward to his shoes. It took another few moments before she could lift her face up, small traces of black liquid seeping out from between her fingers and wide eyes narrowing into a very brief glare. Matrona carefully pulled her cupped palms away and flicked as much of the tasteless ink as she could from them and away from Gideon so she didn't mess up his clothing.

    It became a fruitless task after the initial shake and the girl ended up wiping them off on her jeans before removing the now ruined gauze bandage from her left palm, exposing a long, shallow slit in the center. She quickly wiped her mouth off with it while watching him and then his hands, giving her head a quick shake. She couldn't understand sign language even though she had desperately tried to learn when the curse was new and even more of a pain to deal with. "Wait, wait," She mouthed, holding both palms open towards him to get him to stop. Her eyes remained locked on his face, studying the expression before the right corner of her mouth twitched into a small smile that grew as she suppressed her laughter. He seemed frantic and unsure of himself, which was a one-eighty from him confidently grabbing her behind.

    She stooped down and gathered up her book, scribbling as clearly as she could in rather large letters: "Hi, Gideon. Decibal?" She paused, glancing up with a quizzical expression. "I'm Matrona, or Maddie." Another quick pause followed by a shrug. "I can't speak, but I'm not deaf." After she was certain he read it all she slipped inside the still open door, the pen she used scratching against the paper. Might as well get introductions out of the way between the rest of them.
    The woman tore out the modified page that had the specific addressing crossed out, offering it between the trio who seemed to be beginning their own introductions.

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  14. The boy sat in the back of the taxi on the way from the airport. Today was supposed to be a good day, a day where he finally found a place to call home. A place where he wouldn't be shoved off onto another foster care home as soon as possible, or thrown into a jail cell because of his peticular peculiarities. Meldito had made certain to place two pairs of socks on his feet, and a pair of thick hiking boots just in case. It may get him a few stares, but at least this way he didn't damage anything, he could only imagine what the fair would be if he did that, and it wasn't like Meldito had a whole lot of money. In fact, this little taxi ride was probably going to cost him what little money he actually had. The taxi driver pulled over at a curb, within reasonable walking distance of the institute, the taxi driver said this was as far as he would take him, and it wasn't like Meldito was blaming him. If there were others like him at this Aldertree place, then he wouldn't want to get too close either, or maybe the guy was just worried about the house as a whole, he'd talked to the driver on the way over, and he said something about the place being haunted. Meldito didn't really make anything of it, he'd learned a while ago to just let stuff like that roll away, no use stressing over meeting new people, though it did make him nervous about the safety of his crucifix.

    Meldito stepped out of the cab, then paid the man the fare, and began the short walk up to the house. It seemed as though two people were lagging behind what seemed to be a group going inside. Seeing as they were engaged in conversation already, he thought it best to just go ahead and pass them by, he could get whatever information he needed inside, he was certain. He shifted the bag containing his belongings from one arm to the other, then continued onward after the small group, there inside it seemed there was a few other people, groups, not exactly his style.... now this was something he might stress over. He hoped this institute would let him be alone most of the time, unless of course he needed help finding his crucifix, that would be a good thing have.... Something he didn't usually get back in that county jail.

    He watched as the door opened, and a person disappeared inside, he waited patiently just off to the side of the door. He wanted to talk to whoever it was that sent the invitation, mostly because he was curious just how the invitation had found it's way to him.
  15. Alex looked behind her as the distant sound of more people approaching their doorway. Based on the two of them, she was going to have a hell of a time. It only took seconds for one girl to spew sludge from her mouth, supposedly caused by her simply trying to squeal as the male pinched her rear end. Growling softly, Alex felt her claws dig back into her palm, fitting perfectly back into their punctured holes as she stared at the man. Watching his every move, she could feel her muscles tighten looking at him. 'Sleaze ball.' She thought to herself, hands flexing as he came closer. The woman seemed to be relatively harmless, and based on the piece of paper she seemed content on waving around, she couldn't speak. 'Probably from the sludge earlier.' Alex thought, turning back to the two of them. "Alex." She said curtly, letting her gaze linger suspiciously on the male before looking back at Clo.

    Before anyone else could move inside and Alex could shut the door, another form seemed to approach out of a cab. 'Yay.... More frightened people.' Alex thought to herself, looking at the male who was walking up. Most of the people here were skittish, besides whoever the dark skinned guy was and Clo, which only meant that the beast thought he could take anyone on. But at the same time, the man was imposing more of a threat on to her. She knew she needed to get out of here fast. Looking towards the boy, who was just sort of waiting outside the door, she scoffed. "Well are you just going to stand there like an idiot or come inside." She growled, her canines poking through her lips slightly as she fidgeted her hand against her leg. There was a lot of new smells and sounds, a lot of different chemicals in the air, it was driving her senses nuts.
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  16. Meldito was surprised, to say the least, to hear the woman speak to him. It nearly made him jump. Meldito began to worry slightly about the whole stress thing. Already he was feeling some anxiety. He just wasn't a people person, and the way this woman spoke was just making it worse.... The canines that he could see poking through her upper lip reminded him a lot of predatory animals. This just wasn't going to be easy, not with other like himself around. Though it did make him curious as to whether or not any normal people hung around. His words came out nervously, his voice semi meek.

    "Oh.. uh.. yeah... come inside."

    He cast his eyes down ward and moved inside and past the woman, and inside, where he waited, keeping a hold on his crucifix with one hand. He didn't know these people, and he certainly didn't want anyone stealing it.
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  17. Ryuunosuke had mostly remained in his room. It had been 5 days since he was dropped off and he spent the most part crying, since his dad was no longer around to look after him. He barely appeared for meals and had to have dinner taken to him for the most part. As the staff had explained before, it would take the young boy a while to settle in.

    At the moment, he had crawled under his bed with a little torch and a paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to amuse himself with, since the book itself started with the protagonist casting a spell of light in his bed at night. However, the curtains did not make the room sufficiently dark enough to recreate the scene. Ryuunosuke had to improvise. His lips moved as his brows furrowed in concentration, carefully making his way through the more complex words. He heard the front door open.

    After listening to the hubbub increase and the sound of people, Ryuunosuke poked his head out from under the bed. He shoved the torch in the book to work as a rudimentary bookmark and tentatively opened the door to his bedroom, peering up and down the corridor. He rubbed his nose and coughed. A deep breath to calm the jittery nerves, and Ryuunosuke shuffled down the corridor towards the front hall.

    The little boy barely stood at 5 feet, a pair of dark brown and inquisitive eyes and a crop of very dark hair peeping around the corner into the front hall towards Claudette, Meldito and Alex in particular. They were all much older than him, and he was raised to be polite and out of the way. Whilst he knew Claudette - he recalled seeing her around and about every time he stole glances and eavesdropped into the rest of the Institute from the crack under his bedroom door - the other two were new. His gaze shifted to the open doorway and outside; there was a cat and two people near the gates. It was the busiest that Ryuunosuke had seen the Institute thus far.

    His initial reaction was to draw away from the front hall and go back towards his bedroom, but his curiosity overrode his intention to sulk on his bed until he was able to leave the Institute. Instead, he remained where he was, wide-eyed and clearly thinking hard over what he was to do. He felt a particular affinity towards Alex, simply because he looked like her. He knew there would be people arriving but never expected them to come in droves. "Where is Doctor Mayhew? he asked, remarkably calm and well-spoken for such a young boy.
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  18. Claudette would have been both relieved and surprised that others had begun to join the institute, despite the feelings also making her feel guilty. 'Would have' being the most important part of the sentence because she couldn't feel anything. No pesky emotions to sway her reactions, which was both a blessing and a curse. It meant she didn't have to bother with pain, fear, heartbreak. She didn't have to deal much with her humanity at all. She reacted mostly on instinct, and everything else left her feeling numb. But with the lack of negative emotions, she no longer felt joy or happiness. Or even love. She just existed without opinion or a care in the world. Sometimes people could pick up on it, but she'd gotten good at hiding it behind a wall of indifference.

    "Ze Doctor is in his study," Clo replied, stepping aside to allow them all in out of the hot sun. Running a hand through her light blonde hair, she pushed it back from her face and pulled the small wooden box she carried against her chest. Even through the wood, she could feel the familiar thumping of her heart as if it were still pounding inside of her chest. Thu-thump. Thu-thump. Thu-thump. Steady and slow at 78 beats per minute. "It iz a pleasure to meet you all, I'm sure ze Doctor will be excited to 'ave you all 'ere," she told them, her voice as blunt and emotionless as ever even with her thick French accent. "I shall go and tell 'im zat you are all 'ere. Ze quicker you see him, ze quicker you can all settle in," she said simply, as she turned on her heels and headed for the long curved staircase.

    The house itself was beautiful, filled with marble stone floors and wall carvings. It was clear that the house was old, and over the years had changed many times across the various hands that had taken ownership over the property but it still held the character that many old buildings did. And just like the outside of the house, everything was light and bright with the sunshine streaming in through the large windows and reflecting off of the white and cream walls. ((OOC:// Pictures of the rooms will come out later this week. For now, just say something similar to this and we'll figure the rest out later when I've decided what it's supposed to really look like xD ))

    She moved through the house easily, having been around for a few weeks already which was more than enough time to learn her way around. And it wasn't long until she reached the room she needed. Doctor Mayhew's office. Curling one of her polished fingernails towards her palm, she wrapped her knuckle on the door three times before calling out the Doctor's name and brushing down the front of her black dress. It was simple and plain, much to her taste, and in the colour of mourning. The only colour she'd worn since the death of her husband. "Doctor May'ew. Ze others 'ave arrived," she said, knocking again when she was met with silence. But then the door swung open. It would have and should have surprised her, but it didn't. He looked down at her with wild purple eyes that were far too bright a colour to have been natural, or they would have been before she'd come to this place, but they quickly quietened to a much softer blue.

    He was a striking man upon first glance. Dark hair always slicked back without a strand out of place, eyes that changed colour. Tall, but not the kind you'd need to strain your neck to see his face. Probably around 5'11. And he was clearly well versed in the gym equipment on the ground floor. He could not leave the institute, and it showed in his pale skin but with his strong physique and chiselled jawline, it was the last thing anyone would notice. "Miss Reyer," he began, clearing his throat with a small cough. "I wasn't expecting you today. Is there something you would like to discuss? Have you opened your chest yet?" he asked, asking his questions in rapid succession but Clo didn't say anything to dissuade him until he had finished.
    "Not today," she replied, looking up into his eyes. "I came 'ere to tell you zat ze others 'ave arrived. Zey are down in ze lobby," she told him, tucking her chest under her arm as she turned and went to go back to what she had been doing before the interruption of the other's arrival. Sitting on the porch, enjoying the sunshine and the gentle breeze that drifted through the air. Although 'enjoying' was a loosely fitted word that she used simply to mean that it was something she would have enjoyed before. Before everything.

    James contemplated following her for a long moment, watching her turn and walk away before shutting the door to his office behind him and locking it. He began to walk, his dress shoes clicking against the marble floor as he moved through the institute, heading in the direction of the lobby. He was intrigued to find out who the new patients were because of the hundred or so information packet's he'd sent out he'd had no responses for weeks. That is until one day Claudette Reyer showed up out of the blue. Later to be joined by others, and one by one life began to return to the institute.

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  19. Meldito

    Meldito openly stared at the small child. It was true then, he wasn't the only one who was effected by curses at a young age. He had suspicions, but he hadn't assumed. In fact, with not enough cases to look into, he had really been forced to look to lore. Prior to receiving the letter he hadn't even known that it was a curse from a witch. Shortly after the boy appeared he asked where a certain doctor Mayhew was, a question Meldito had as well. After answering the boy, the woman walked away. While she didn't exactly say that they were supposed to stay, she sort of implied that they should, which Meldito was fine with. Unfamiliar places stressed him out. Just to check and make sure he was still okay, Meldito quickly looked down at his shoes while wiggling his toes, making sure the familiar black sludge hadn't begun to seep out and claim the ground and his shoes. Afterwards he looked up again, and then looked around at the people inside.

    "I suppose introductions are in order then? I'm Meldito O'Malley"

    Meldito instantly regretted letting the words leave his lips. He should have just stayed silent, not said anything. What would happen if that extended canines woman turned on him for it? That would be stressful.

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  20. Alex was already stressed out enough, seeing a little kid was even worse. "Great..." Alex growled in frustration, looking up at the little boy. He was defiantly a similar ethnicity to her, but that didn't help at all. She still saw herself being able to crack him in half, or snapping his neck in pure need for food. Turning her gaze back towards the scaredy cat who was wiggling his toes. "Alex. And I hope that woman gets back here fast because I'm not sure I can stand this much longer." She groaned, rolling her eyes and pulling one of her hands up to her head. Long claws pulled at her scalp again, scratching irritably at the skin. Controlling herself was exactly what she came for. She couldn't go a single day without having a breakdown, especially with new people. And considering her stomach was starting to growl, her body was following suit.

    "Anyone have some raw meat? Or maybe some chains..." She grumbled, looking around nervously. She needed space, and fast, she could feel her heart starting to pound loudly in her ears.
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