Age of the dragon riders

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  1. The sound of fluttering wings broke through Varandas sleep and she rolled over with a groan. 'Done hunting already?' She questioned of the great beast in front of her. 'The Snalglí were particularly pleasing this morning.' Umaroth hummed happily. Varanda rolled her eyes before stretching and getting out of bed, mindful of her sore body. Although Varanda was the riders teacher, she herself still went through rigorous training with either Eragon or Arya. Yesterday she had trained with Arya, who was particularly harsh on the younger elven woman. 'Alright, let's get to the shore and await the new arrivals. Eragon said there were quite a few of them this year.' All of the rooms and halls on Vroengard had been built so that a dragon could fit. Going over to the corner of her massive room Varanda picked up Umaroths saddle and strapped it onto his back before clambering up to settle in the saddle between his spikes. Umaroth roared loudly before taking off towards the sea.

    It had been many years since Varanda was able to train in a new group of riders. Their numbers were few still and the wild dragons had not born anymore eggs for the riders lately. With so many eggs waiting to hatch and so few ever finding their partners, things were becoming strained between the riders and wild dragons. This new group of riders would help to strengthen the bond once again, they brought a sense of hope to the island that had been waning as of late.

    Relishing in the air under his wings Umaroth blew a puff of fire, causing Varanda to jump. It was rare for her dragon to become so excited about something. 'You'd better calm down big guy. They aren't even here yet!' Umaroth let out a sound akin to a barking laugh and Varanda shook her head. Her dragon was acting like a hatchling. 'Watch who you call hatchling.' Umaroth said good naturedly as he landed. Laughing she slipped from his back and stood next to him, rubbing his wing lightly. Today would be a good day. Looking out to sea, both Umaroth and Varanda awaited the arrival of the new riders, hope within their hearts.
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  2. Tore sat on the back of his bond partner as the sea sprayed around them sending saltly water into both thier faces, although they were close to the surface of the sea no creatures were near them even though that had heard rumors of distant cousins of the dragons living below the waters. ''You excited to see some other dragons here Iron?'' he asked his dragon as he pat the side of her neck with a free hand causing her to let out a small laugh. her head turned slightly as she looked back at him ''It would be enjoyable'' she said in a rather matronly voice. The young dragon sped up as she could sense the feeling of her partenr wanting to meet some new people as she knew he had wanted to do so badly due to how he felt his life style was restictive before she hatched for him.

    A few hours later they saw the Island of the riders coming up into thier view, Tore himself hadnt expected the new generation to make this area where they would train them as it was where Galbatorix had killed a large amount of the old riders, he then saw that there seemed to be a woman and her dragon waiting on the shores of the beach, ''You think that they are waiting for us?'' he asked his patner causing a chuckle to escape form her jaws as she angled over to them and came in for a landing.
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  3. Rosaline let out another squeal as grimlock did another dive bomb towards the water just catching himself before they crashed into the water. Rosaline had her face buried into the saddle, holding on for dear life. "I hate you grim." She screamed as her partner gained altitude once more while laughing. He spoke in a sarcastic manner after he caught his breath. "Awe rosaline, you need to lighten up and enjoy yourself. " He said as he did a quick barrel roll causing rosaline to leg another squeal. "I would if you weren't trying to kill me."

    This caused another chuckle to leave grimlock mouth. "I'm not trying to kill you. I'm just having some fun." He said as the island came into view. "Rosaline you gotta see this." Grimlock said as rosaline poked her head up.
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  4. Magda's spirits felt strangely leaden as she and Vandalu prepared for their journey. For one thing, she didn't know how long it would be until she saw her foster father again. She had felt very protective of him, ever since two years ago when she learned that his brother had mysteriously been found dead around the time of her birth, a brother "whose eyes looked just like yours, missy!" the old woman had hissed. So she'd been in a gloom, worrying if she would come back someday to an empty home. As if SHE could drive back all evil from the threshold, she scoffed at herself. Hah. But there had been a number of unexplained "accidents" over the years... Near-misses. She told herself to put it from her mind. Why would anyone have a murderous vendetta against the Fairhands? Then, as she prepared her gear for the upcoming journey, Magda found her saddle had been tampered with. Vandalu let out such roar at that. Magda spewed a few choice curse words herself as she put it aside and dragged out a beat-up old practice saddle to replace it.

    "Calm down, Van," she soothed, "It was just a prank by some nitwit." "Hmmm, or spurned suitor. Or spurned nitwit suitor." Van replied heavily, as if ready to go scour the streets for such. "Oh Van, as if sawing the saddle straps could bring ANY harm to me while I'm with you. That's just idiotic." "An idiot like that - I'd like to meet," growled Van. Magda stroked his neck and hugged him. "We're such a pair of hot-heads! But listen, we have work to do now. It's time to go." "Work?" sighed Van, nudging into her. "I know," Magda commiserated, "I wish we didn't have responsibilities - that it could just be the two of us, well, and Da too, roaming free; but that's a child's dream." Van didn't reply, but she could sense his silent agreement. The "prank" bothered her more than she could admit, that saddle had been a gift, and one that she cherished.

    Not long after, they found themselves gliding over the sea, the sunlight playing hide & seek with the clouds, making the waves glint and glitter, and then turn dark and mysterious. The beauty of their surroundings and the fresh air lightened their hearts. Van started humming one of his traveling tunes and Magda choked back a laugh at his off-key noises. "Laughing at ME?" said Van in mock outrage, "I'll teach YOU, little girl!" and he immediately picked up speed, skimming low over the water, getting Magda completely soaked with ocean spray, as Magda squealed in protest.

    "You BASTARD," gasped Magda, as she grinned and shook her wet mane like a drenched dog. "Yes, it's true," mused Vandalu, "I believe my parents were never formally married, but what's that got to do with it?" As they caught sight of people on the fast-approaching shore, Magda gave thanks she was wearing an old set of traveling clothes and nothing fancy that would have gotten ruined by the sea-bath. "Wellll, here we go," she muttered under her breath, as she prepared to face some very important strangers, her being totally soaked to the skin and looking like a complete vagabond with a shabby old saddle, to boot!

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  5. It was early in the morning, but Zain was up and about in his work area like he had always been, probably the only thing that hadn't changed in his few years with Kellius. It was today they'd set off for a new adventure. Quite frankly he unsure of how it would go, working with other riders and their dragons. Besides Kellius he never worked with anyone so he lacked what many would call a team spirit, but he'd have adapt and overcome like he'd done before. It wasn't long before Kellius walked into the open area of the workshop. "Zain. It's about time to leave isn't it? We got a bit of a flight ahead of us."

    Zain sighed before turning to the black dragon and giving him a slight nod. "Yeah I suppose so. Still having my doubts though honestly. You know I never work with others." "You need to lighten up and loosen up Zain. After there is strength in numbers." Hearing his comment made Zain chuckle a bit. "Lighten up? This coming from a black dragon. Well I won't make any promises, but I'll try. Let me just get my armor and your saddle and we'll be off. Just try not to scare anyone with your glare. You do have the fiery eyes of war after all."

    After sometime he returned fully dressed in his black and white armor carrying Kellius' saddle before strapping in on and mounting him to get comfortable and set his long sword down in the saddles holster before they finally took off. After a few hours of gliding over the sea they could see the island, and it looked as though a few others were already there. Zain took a deep breath before pointing Kellius to land on the shore. Once they were stopped he dismounted from the dragon and grabbed his blade to set it onto his belt. He glanced at Kellius for a moment before sighing and taking off his helmet to hold under his left arm.
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  6. Melaine sighed as he stared out over the distant horizon, squinting his eyes as the wind tore through his face and hair, mussing it up completely with disregard. So much for trying to look presentable before a meeting... Hopefully this person they were going to meet didn't expect him to look completely spotless, which would be quite idiotic considering that it's nearly impossible to keep oneself nice and neat after riding on the back of a dragon.
    You've been awfully quiet lately. Karath said gently, before catching an updraft and raising a few yards higher above the crashing waves.
    You say that as if it's anything new. Melaine replied, receiving a snort in response from the crimson dragon.
    If anything, you should be excited! We finally get to meet other Riders, and I'll finally get to spend time with other dragons. I know I'm excited!
    Oh, really? I hadn't noticed. Melaine said, sarcasm thick in his tone.
    What's wrong, love? Karath asked, looking back at him.
    Karath snorted again. You should remember that we both practically share a mind. I can tell when you're lying. You're worried that you'll be judged by the others based off of your history, and the fact that you carry the burden of your family's name. Darling, if any of them had a shred of common sense, then they would know that none of that matters now. And who knows? Perhaps you'll even make a few friends who wouldn't care if you were a descendant of Galbatorix himself.
    Melaine propped his chin up with his elbow and stared at the crashing abyss below. Why would I need friends when I have you?
    Karath sighed and once again turned to face ahead. Well, that's sweet of you, but it seems we're already here. She replied, and Melaine looked up to find Vroengard not too far away. Without a word, Karath descended towards the beach near where a number of other dragon riders were, along with a woman and what they could only guess as her own dragon.
    The second she addresses me as an underling, we're leaving. Melaine thought as they landed.
  7. "Five riders." Varanda said delighted.
    'And five dragons,' he stood to everyone before silently adding 'two of which are females.' Umaroth added so that only Varanda could hear and wiggled happily. Varanda rolled her eyes. Lately Umaroth had been set on finding a partner or mate. 'They're not but hatchlings big guy. Reign in your excitement.' Their silent exchange was quick enough that Varanda was able to scrutinize each rider individually.

    "This day signals the beginning of your training. Up to this point you have spent time getting to know your bond as dragon and rider. We will now test that bond to the limit. You will learn to both fight and to use magic. You will be tired every day from now on, but by the time your training under me is complete you will be able to match even the oldest elves in combat." She said, meeting the eyes of each rider. 'And each of you hatchlings will be able to match the oldest of our race. If you work together, we are the strongest beings that exist. Give us respect and you will recieve it in turn. Just because you aren't as strong or old as us doesn't mean you will be treated any differently than our leaders.' Umaroth added, projecting his thoughts so that all could hear. "I am Varanda and this is my bond partner Umaroth. Welcome to Vroengard, your new home. Would you like to introduce yourselves?" She asked.
  8. Rosaline was happy that they had finally reached the island as she stepped off the back of grimlock. "Did you enjoy your ride Rosaline?" Rosaline leaned back against her partners wing before. "Shut up." She said playfully before turning her attention to the elder there to meet them. It was weird but strangely satisfying to be here about to begin her training as a rider. Once varanda and her partner umaroth finished their speech and introduced themselves. Rosaline closed her eyes to let her partner into her thoughts. Grimlock kindly projected her thoughts. "I am Rosaline and this is my partner grimlock."
  9. Tore jumped down from his partners back and walked slightly closer to veranda as he was excited about meeting new people but also because he hadn't seen an elf before. "I'm Tore and this here is iron claw" he said as he partner brought her head down to beside his, she then told him to calm down slightly as he was looking around at all the new people quite a lot, there was also the fact that there would be combat training and he was itching to use his axes soon as a good fight was always so ething that he loved to do after a long days travel.
  10. Kellius and his rider listened to the two, respectively looking at them as they spoke which was rather hard for Kellius given his bright red eyes that most would see a murderous beast in his stare. However his calm demeanor showed he was far from being a dangerous beast. After a moment Zain stepped forward holding the grip of his sword with his free hand. "You can call me Zain, and this is Kellius." He said nodding to the group as Kellius laid there studying the group.

  11. Magda listened to Varanda and Umaroth intently and respectfully during their greeting, while surreptitiously eyeing the other dragons and riders assembled there. She yanked on the edge of her soaking wet tunic, trying to appear as poised and unwrinkled as possible, and ran a hand casually through her wet mop of hair. Tired every day from now on? Whew. Not much to look forward to there! And the promise of matching even the oldest elves in combat? Magda just didn’t know if she would ever be that good! Vandalu, she didn’t doubt. Maybe the others here would be that good. Some appeared extremely confident. But for herself? She just couldn’t see it happening.

    Oh Van,” she mind-whispered woefully. “What have we got ourselves into?” Vandalu answered wordlessly, flooding her with feelings of warmth and reassurance. “Just don’t leave me, don’t ever leave me,” Magda continued to whisper.

    She listened as some other students introduced themselves and then stepped forward with a polite half-bow to Varanda and Umaroth. “I am Magda Fairhand and this is MY bond partner, the amazing Vandalu. Thank you for having us here and for being our teachers. And hello to my fellow students.” And she gave them something between a wave and a salute.

    Vandalu poked her with a wing-tip. “I can’t believe you just said that. The AMAZING Vandalu. You make us sound like a juggling act! You madcap girl!”
    Well, you know, Van,” Magda replied with an attempt at cheerfulness, “It’s no use in pretending to be otherwise!”
  12. Melaine listened as Varanda and Umaroth spoke, tapping his index and middle finger impatiently on his knee. He didn't bother to make eye contact with any of the riders or their dragons, and stayed where he was on the saddle where he felt safe. He perked up a bit when Varanda mentioned that by the time they were finished, then they would be able to match even the oldest of their race. Don't know how that's even possible, but whatever. He thought privately to himself. Then Umaroth mentioned that they would not be treated as minors or underlings, and will give respect as long as they show it in turn. That's a relief.
    The young man zoned out for a bit as the rest of the dragons and riders began to introduce themselves. By the time it was his turn, Karath had to nudge him with her tail in order to snap him back to reality.
    "Oh.... Um... Melaine Malaquiin..." He mumbled partially under his breath.
    Louder, dear. Karath prodded.
    "Melaine Malaquiin." He repeated, this time loud enough for the others to hear. "And this is Karath."
  13. 'The amazing Vandalu huh?' asked Umaroth, bending down so that he was level with the smaller dragon. Umaroth was a little over double the size of the younger dragons, but 76 years difference would do that. 'Our riders often hold so much confidence in us and sometimes it may be hard to live up to, but I have no doubt that if you don't now, that you will soon live up to the title of amazing.' With something akin to a smile Umaroth once more stood to his full height and Varanda mounted him quickly. "Alright then. Let's see what you're all made of. Follow us to the dragonhold." She paused and winked before saying "That is, if you can keep up." Umaroth roared loudly and stretch his glittering wings, taking quickly to the skies.

    "Push them Umaroth, I want to see how they ride together." Varanda commented to her bond partner as he soared through the skies. They were careful not to leave anybody behind, but forced them to fly faster and harder. Taking the sea route they encountered a few Snalglí and Varanda projected her thoughts to rider and dragon alike. "When we reach the dragon hold Umaroth will take the dragons hunting while we have lunch." As if on cue Varandas stomach growled just as they landed at a set of man made shelves with caves in the side.

    Once everyone had landed Varanda turned to address the group before her. "This is where you will be staying for the time being until you've reached the magical capabilities to build or grow your own house. It is named after the hold in Farthen Dûr where our leaders Eragon and Saphira first resided." Turning she and Umaroth entered the biggest cave, large enough to fit several dragons all at the same time. At the center of the cave lay a table, laden with foods.

    'Alright hatchlings, come with me and I will teach you to hunt on the island.' Umaroth said as he exited the cave and took to the skies. "The rest of you may eat and then rest. It is a difficult journey from the mainland to Vroengard and I remember our own journey 76 years ago. Today is a day of rest and celebration tonight. Tomorrow your training begins. If you have any questions, now would be the time to ask them."
  14. Tore watched his new teacher's take to the skies before grinning and running over to where iron claw was sitting and jumping on her back, ''Lets go partner'' he said through their link as she took to the skies with a large roar, the large thump of wings moving through the air sounded out as iron claw pushed herself to keep up with Umaroth as seeing as she was still rather young she didn't have much speed as her body was still growing.

    As they travelled anlong the coast the both of them took in the sights and sounds as they listened to what their new teachers told them, everything that they were told was interesting as it seemed these Snagli might be an interesting fight, as theny landed in the rider hold the both of them looked around while Tore let out a whistle. ''This is very impressive, it must have taken months at the very least to create it'' he said with a tone that showed he was rather intrigued by what he saw.
  15. [BCOLOR=#000000]Magda had no questions—for, what would it matter, she thought to herself? Things would unfold as they would, they would be told what to do and when to do it, and be judged for the same -- and she doubted there was a damn thing she could do to change anything that was forthcoming. Ugh to duty and obligation and having her life predestined--tied to the dictates of strangers--but this was her existence now. A Rider with any conscience couldn’t just run off and join a troupe of acrobats, for instance, or live like a hermit. "Van, dearest," she thought to herself, "help me bear this."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]As the word was given to follow after Umaroth and his rider, Magda flung herself into the battered old practice saddle on Vandalu’s back and they were off like an arrow shot from a greatbow. Vandalu gave her another helping of good-natured grief about calling him “amazing.” Magda admitted she had it coming. However, Van was certainly living up to the appellation at the moment, as they sped through the skies. (Magda instinctively felt that Vandalu would not be among the largest and strongest of dragons as he continued to grow, but he was agile and fast. At least that.)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] They had to fly straight and true to keep up with the challenge issued (oh, she hated tests), so there was no fooling about, no upside-down and topsy-turvy romps through the sky, despite being firmly strapped into the practice saddle. Magda and Van noted the lay of the land, and mentally marked anything of interest, including Van’s potential dinner, as they continued to silently chat. They agreed Umaroth and Varanda seemed decent and true. Their fellow student riders were more of a cipher, but the dragons were all nice fellows said Vandalu. “Fellows, eh?” asked Magda, “you know, I reckon there’s a couple of lady dragons here. I hoped you could identify the difference. But,” she feigned a yawn, “I guess there’s no hope of romance for you, you poor slowtop.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] Van would have mischievously paid her back for that comment, but they were landing at that moment and they had to be on best behavior and he told her so. “This best behavior will wear us out soon, Val,” whispered Magda. “Hah, wear YOU out, you mean,” replied Van, as he preened, “I’m ALWAYS on MY best behavior.[/BCOLOR]
  16. Almost as soon as Varanda uttered the words "keep up", Karath was already into the air and following Umaroth as closely as possible, finding it a tad easier to take off before the others since Melaine was still perched in the saddle. The young man yelped when she suddenly lifted off into the air, clutching the grips tightly until his knuckles were white. Warn me next time before you do that, eh? Melaine inquired, earning nothing but a playful growl in response from the crimson dragon as she surged onward. Karath was a bit smaller than the others, which gave her the advantage of speed and maneuverability. However, her smaller wings couldn't do much as the others slowly closed in on them. By the time they made it to the man-made shelves and caves, they were only the third ones to land on the cold stone flooring. With a sigh, Melaine loosened the leather straps from his legs, allowing him to slide out of the saddle and onto the ground. For a moment, he had to lean against Karath's shoulders before his wobbly legs were once again used to solid ground. With a deep sigh, he regained his composure. "Thank you, madam, but I'm not exactly hungry at the moment. I actually had a big lunch." Obviously, this was a lie, and Karath knew it, but didn't acknowledge it with much more than a simple venomous glare. "Is there perhaps a place I can practice with my bow? It's been three weeks since I've properly trained with it, and I wish to make sure my skills aren't lacking."
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