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  1. IC Thread

    "17 years ago almost to the day… Sozin’s Comet returned after a century of absence. A visitor to a long waged war. The turning factor in it all. At that moment the Fire Nation was empowered in a way that no other peoples could hope to compare and it was then, they did again attack. On the eve of that night Firelord Ozai declared himself the Phoenix King : rightful ruler of the world. He and his armies set out to burn the entire Earth Kingdom to ashes! But a small group had prepared for this day, prepared to put end to Ozai’s sinister plans AND his rule. Their preparation seemed complete, but luck and providence simply weren’t on their side that night. Those fighting with the Order of the White Lotus did all they could to stop the Fire Nation’s advance… and it cost most of them their lives.

    Avatar Aang overcame his fears and hesitations and confronted the Phoenix King. The young Avatar did all he could... he fought with every ounce of his being and heart... but he could not overcome Ozai. Not without the avatar state. He did enough to delay the outcome though, saving almost the entirety of the Earth Kingdom.. and perhaps the rest of the world, from being laid to ash. It was on that night that the Avatar died.
    While the world is still recovering from that day, we aren't without a chance. At the exact moment of Avatar Aang’s death, the new Avatar was born into the Northern Water Tribe... My sister.

    These days Fire Empress Azula oversees the newly formed Council of Nations, allowing her to maintain her absolute rule. Rule over what’s left of a still rebuilding world. And in the stead of all that happened, the Order of the White Lotus once more has gone into hiding.

    That’s where our story begins.

    With only mastery of Water the Avatar must set out on a journey to master Earth, Fire and Air. And restore balance to the world."

    So I've already posted an interest thread for this so the people that responded there get first dibs.
    There is going to be two main teams in this:
    Team Avatar:
    Avatar- Zirra (waterbender)
    Firebender- Alicia Matgama
    Earthbender- taken
    Airbender- Tian-Ci Kuan
    Non-bender - Kesuk

    The Red Lotus (enemy squad sent by Azula to stop the Avatar) :
    Airbender- Ken Tanaka
    (Leader of the Red Lotus)
    Firebender- taken
    earthbender- Jia Kong
    Other slots still open.

    If someone doesn't show up to fill their spot it will come available to everyone else.


    Character Sheet (open)



    Appearance: (Written or picture is fine)

    History: (Whatever you need to write to give us an idea)


    Bending ability/weapon: (If your character is a bender that uses a weapon make sure you put the element then weapon so the rest of us know. If your character is a chi blocker or some sort of ‘combustion man’ you should note that here).

    Skills: (You know… everyday stuff: sewing, cooking, first aid. Stuff like that.)

    Okay... just common sense stuff.
    No controlling other people's characters.
    No instant kills. Well unless its an animal that's going to be eaten.
    Killing characters' pets for meals is unacceptable! But by all means... try.
    No chat speak- we are civil.

    Also if you have any ideas for the plot feel free to let me know.
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  2. Leader of the Red Lotus

    Ken Tanaka




    Ken was born to a family on the move, one that didn't align themselves with any one nation. He was born before the avatar was discovered and he never fully knew what was going with his life due to his young age. One thing he learned very quick was that there was a reason his family was always on the move, they were descendants of the long since presumed extinct airbenders. They worried that if it got out they were airbenders, people would suspect them or their children to be the avatar. A ridiculous notion, but one they couldn't ignore. So he, his father, mother, three sister, brother and aunt were always on the move and never stayed in one place too long.

    His entire family were a bunch of airbenders always in hiding, sadly at the age of five they had failed to hide good enough. The family had been accused of thievery, stealing something of huge value from some very bad people. It turns out the accusations were right, their father had snatched a beautiful egg adored with gems that was worth a lot, from some people he really shouldn't have. This got him a bounty and they couldn't even make it out of the city before an assassin was sent to retrieve the item and bring Ken's family to the owner of the decorative gem.

    So it was done, Ken's family didn't even know what the father had done till they were all standing in front of the mob boss. A enraged mob boss known for his temper, rather than be scared Ken was more annoyed at how stupid his father had been. Only five and he scolded his own dad, not for stealing. Rather he was annoyed that the father hadn't hidden the egg better and had moved faster. This surprised the mob boss and the people around him but it wasn't like that would save his family. Moments later his father was executed in front of them, and while the rest of the family cried or weeped, five year old Ken just watched and shrugged it off.

    Both curious and impressed with the boy's apathy the mob boss decided to cut a deal. He would keep Ken and the rest of the family could go back on their merry way. Something he agreed with despite his family's protest. The mob boss who didn't have a son treated Ken like he was his. Having him train in several styles of bending, though its not like he could bend anything other than air. He was still taught these bending moves to get a sense of familiarity over styles, and it even allowed him to use air bending in ways far different than normal. Along with this being taught to him he was also taught how to fight with a blade (preferring a switch blade over anything) and how to fight hand to hand as well.

    He was prodigy when it came down to it, learning everything the mob boss and his associates had to offer by the age of 14. Which lead him to getting bored, he still learned more about the business and how to blend in with a crowd, he even picked up a few things like acrobatics, violin and dancing, all things he learned just to keep him entertained. Time went on and the mob business was getting boring to him, he got tired of the kneecap breaking, and the visit to people places to make them pay and the occasional shove into the river type of deal. He was sick of being underground and only doing business. So he decided he wanted to leave.

    This didn't sit well with the mob boss who started to put heavy security on Ken, not for his protection but to make sure he didn't try to run. To him Ken was too valuable to lose, he knew so much and he was the perfect candidate to take his place or to at the very least use until he was dead. The security detail wasn't enough to stop Ken however and he ended up beating them all up and killing a few while he was at it. He didn't run then, rather that was simply a show to let the others know he couldn't be tied down. Because of this action the mob boss sent men to get Ken's family, one he was only allowed to see once a month if that.

    He used them as hostages and it worked for a while, despite what many thought of Ken. He did love his family (just didn't care for his father) so he stuck with it. However at the age of 18 things changed, one night when he was practicing his spiritual projection, he witnessed something horrid that was happening to his sisters. Seeing this act he felt angered and stormed to the mob boss who was surprised by Ken being there but none the less held his ground as he kept one of Ken's sisters close to a blade.

    Ken talked the man down for a moment giving him time enough to kill him, saving his sister. Unknown to him as the mob boss died he pushed a button, one that filled an room with poisonous gas. It wasn't until his sister told him about the trap did he try and go and save them. Only to find it was far too late for them. Now it was only him and his physically as well as mentally wounded sister against the rest of the mob that was pissed at Ken's treachery.

    Despite the odds Ken was able to get his sister out of there carrying her almost the entire way. He ran for days on end getting rides whenever he could and just kept going non stop. Soon enough he ended up at the firenation where he searched for refuge. He found it soon enough, an older couple in the heart of the firenation, at the capital. These kind people took care of Ken and his little sister who is known as Abby.

    A year went by and Ken became well known for many reasons his music, his dancing, his tricks, and his bending. When it came to light he was an airbender he had been invited up to the palace where he had been ambushed. For no reason really Azula wanted to see if the rumors were true, and after he took out fifteen Da li agents with little bending and a lot of bloodshed (not his blood) she was impressed. Deciding to be so kind and not kill him she placed the young man in charge of the Red Lotus, a group of elite benders. At first he didn't accept the offer, but he barely turned to leave before she peaked his interest about the possibilities that the position held. So...he ended up accepting the job happily.

    Now he works for her and is very loyal to her since she gives him missions that quench his boredom. He doesn't have a set resident anymore. He sometimes lives at the palace other times with the old couple and his sister or he could be in someplace else. He's almost always traveling, but when he is needed he always shows up never least never late for meetings that the empresses calls. Any other meeting he deems unimportant he either won't be on time or he won't go at all.

    Talking, taking his time, enjoying the day, finishing a mission. relaxing, goofing off, bending for fun, someone else cooking, spirits, animals, slacking off, just getting to do what he wants, no orders

    Unable to hear himself, being stuck inside, being pulled off a mission, stress, work, his cooking, being forced to take orders from anyone other than Azula, his bending being taken.

    Bending ability/weapon
    He's an almost master airbender who does air bending a bit different than the average, and is adapt in sound bending. Along with this he very spiritual and has mastered Spirt projection, capable of going between worlds and speaking with the spirits there as well if he so wished. He uses a vast amount of switchblades for his weapon, either as throwing or simply to draw blood of his enemy.

    Charismatic, playing the violin, acrobatics, sleeping long hours (yes this is a skill), stitching, survival, riding, taming animals and even spirits.
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  3. (WIP)
    Name: Katsu Tenpi

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male


    Katsu was born being the second cousin of Fire Lord Azula, and being far enough removed from succession he wasn't deemed a threat to the throne and was raised as a noble. He showed talent in firebending at a young age and being from the royal family he had access to the best teachers. Because of this he was sent to fight under his father, an acting general in the army. He wasn't given a position of leadership, but became well liked for his brotherly attitude and success on the battlefield.
    The Firelord took notice of her young cousins talents and pressed him into service directly for her. She was impressed by both his loyalty and his ability to seemingly make whatever order she gave happen. As such at the time of the forming of the Red Lotus he was one of the first members she inducted.

    Likes: Eating. The Fire Nation. Patriots. Firebending. Fire Lord Azula
    Dislikes: Depressing atmosphere. Overly serious people. The White Lotus, The Current Avatar

    Bending ability/weapon: Firebender. Armored gauntlet with two hooked blades protruding from it

    Skills: Cooking, Slight of Hand, Connections within the Fire Nation.
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  4. Name:
    Tian-Ci Kuan


    117 years ago, the four Air Temples were invaded by the Fire Nation and their inhabitants purged, yet this was not the end of the Air Nomads. Those traveling the world during this time would lay low, hiding their tattoos and their ability to bend in order to survive. Aided by the Order of the White Lotus, several of these displaced Air Nomads would eventually find one another and formed a small village within the Earth Kingdom. For four years, this would be the home of Tian-Ci.
    With the emergence of Avatar Aang and a growing defiance for the Fire Nation, many of the able airbenders chose to reveal themselves and help however they could. Unfortunately, this would prove to be the village's downfall as Aang ultimately failed, the Earth Kingdom cowed, and the Fire Nation brought to their doorstep. Sent to stay with a family friend in Ba Sing Se beforehand, Tian-Ci would be spared the fates of his family.

    Order of the White Lotus
    Taking in the atmosphere
    Good tea and spirits
    Cute girls
    Games of chance and skill
    Daydreaming and wandering

    Fire Empress Azula and the Fire Nation
    Hope and "destiny"
    Extreme temperatures
    Smoke and incense
    Opening up to or relying on others
    Braggarts and show-offs

    Bending Ability/Weapon:
    Airbending - Mostly self-taught with his adoptive father's recollections as a guide, Tian-Ci is far from a master but possesses great potential to be so much more.
    Sheng Biao (Rope Dart) - His primary weapon which he can easily channel his airbending through.
    Fei Biao (Throwing Darts) - Much like his Sheng Biao, these throwing knives are enhanced through his air bending.

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  5. Remembering all these names is going to be a challenge =D
    Anyhow so far it's looking good. I'm waiting for our Avatar's cs before I make mine since they're siblings.
  6. Name: Kesuk

    Age: 15 (though he's technically 1 year and 4 months younger than his sister.)

    Gender: Male

    Pic (open)

    History: About year after their first child his parents found themselves wanting another- or perhaps it is better said: simply finding they were due to have one. To say he was an accident would be unkind as his sister and him were loved equally. Of course they had different chores growing up and he hadn't inherited their culture's bending prowess... but to let it get him down was something he simply wouldn't allow. He still had plenty of purpose in their family.

    His sister was after all pretty brilliant in some ways but she could be thoughtless and rash. He did his best to look out for her despite their parents thinking it was the other way around. When her affliation to fire was discovered he'd admit that he'd been nervous. Nervous for her. Part of him had known what it meant- she was the Avatar. He stuck close and soon it was confirmed. If there had ever been any doubt at that point...

    Things didn't change much right then but as the years progressed it was obvious what needed to be done- Zirra had only mastered water and there was still a handful more of elements that she needed to learn. She'd have to leave home.

    Though she had been reluctant he stated that he too would go and somehow convinced her that it was something that had to be done. With new found purpose and a task set out before them the two left home.

    What none of them knew was that he had a greater purpose than just what he believed was his duty as a brother. That his birth couldn't be further from an accident and rather was an act of the spirits seeking to aid the Avatar in a way that none of the current generation could.

    It was Yue, the goddess of the moon, that stepped forward after the battle that cost Aang his life for he was not the only one that perished on that night. Someone very dear to her had also succumbed to death and it was for him she asked a second chance with thought of the world's future.

    "We have no control over the Avatar cycle but perhaps we could do a favor for the next carnation in line? I know it has not been done in a very long time but I want to give Sokka another chance..."

    So despite not being an ancient soul of great knowledge it was agreed upon by those present. As morbid as it seemed... what did they have to lose? Knowing it might actually work.

    Likes: Having a purpose, his sister staying out of trouble, sweets (something the both of them share), trying new foods, his boomerang. Moonlight nights.
    Dislikes: Being compared to benders, creatures with way too many teeth, when his sister doesn't listen... Getting soaked. Too much fire (who doesn't?)

    Bending ability/weapon: Kesuk was born with zero bending ability unless bending his sister in her most stubborn moments counts... He carries a Water Tribe boomerang and fancies the idea of a sword should he ever get his hands on one. He also has a machette. Honestly, if it can function as some sort of club or projectile though he may very well consider just about any item a weapon.

    Skills: navigation, hunting- but mostly fishing, thinking things through and some killer skills with a boomerang. Sometimes he feels his patience with his sister is also a skill.

  7. “Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases,
    I send myself forth.
    For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil,
    and for the establishment of righteousness,
    I come into being age after age.”

    – Bhavagad Gita:4.7–

    Name: Zirra

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: About 5’7” tall, around 130 pounds. Dark skin, clear blue eyes and brunette hair. Long hair, usually tied into a ponytail (less of a hassle). Slim, muscular build.
    Pretty! (open)

    Fight On (open)

    Young (open)

    History: Born on the day of Sozin’s Comet, at the very moment of Avatar Aang’s death, Zirra is this generation’s Avatar. But this fact wasn’t known until just 5 years ago, when out of nowhere she was found by her mother to be controlling flames of fire. She thought she was just playing, as if the flames were some toy. After that.. one of the members of the council of the Northern Water Tribe was alerted, it was someone Zirra’s parents knew they could trust. Who knows where agents of the Fire Nation were these days..
    Her mother’s name is Yonno, her father Hanras, her younger brother Kesuk. Their parents were simple merchants within the safe borders of the Norther Water Tribe, no one special. Hanras did serve with the guard of the Water Tribe, often being called to quell little fights and unrest amongst the people of the North. Or to help defend against any outsiders that would try to invade. She has a younger brother also, one that seems to be constantly looking out for her, even before they realized Zirra was the Avatar.
    The councilman and family friend they contacted, Tosras, kept the secret of the Avatar to himself. Well, he did share with one other. A secret member of the Order of the White Lotus. Since then, the Order of the White Lotus has been keeping dibs on young Zirra. Without any even realizing it.
    It was finally decided Zirra had to leave the safety of the Northern Water Tribe, and her family and home, to become the fully realized Avatar. It was just Kesuk and Zirra now. She had mastered Waterbending many years before, but now she must set out to train in the other disciplines of Bending…

    ~Mama, Papa
    ~Her little brother (most days)
    Snowy! (open)

    ~Anything sweet, especially pastries (she seems to have a bottomless stomach sometimes)
    ~Being ‘of use’, as she puts it
    ~Seaweed Noodles
    ~Sea Prunes
    ~Being able to help others
    ~The cold
    ~Boats and ships
    ~The smell of a fire burning

    ~Being the Avatar (on some days)
    ~Not being home
    ~Her constant fear of failure
    ~Having low self esteem
    ~Fire Nation food (to spicy!)
    ~Bullies (no matter where they’re from)
    ~Having to fight
    ~Being alone
    ~Being the navigator
    ~Being told what to do
    ~When it’s to hot
    ~When her brother is acting like an ass

    Bending ability: Avatar level bending (potential). Zirra is nearly a master with Waterbending, having also mastered the subskill of healing using Waterbending. She has in the past (very sparsely and usually by accident) been able to utilize Firebending. But it is Waterbending she is naturally the best with, often using it for defense.

    Skills: Being the older sister of the siblings, Zirra’s mother and father thought it best if she knew a myriad of skills in order to take care of her little brother. Little did they know it usually didn’t happen like that, more the other way around.
    That being said, she is an accomplished chef and baker. She can sew her own clothes (which she often does), and repair just about any piece of clothing. While she is rather skilled in fighting (her father is a warrior, after all), she often just uses her Waterbending in self defense. Or defense of others, of course. While she is skilled in a few Water Tribe weapons (pike, spear, axe), she isn’t nearly as good with them as her brother or father are.
    She is an accomplished sailor, and she does love to be on the water. When the family was allowed to go out on fishing expeditions, it would always be Zirra manning the helm. But not navigating, that was a task for her brother. Since Zirra gets lost very very easily. She often has trouble reading maps. But ask her to hoist a sail or get a boat to move, she does so like an old maritime vet.

    ~Water skin x2, one on each hip
    ~Blanket/sleeping skin
    ~Small bone knife
    ~Change underclothes
    ~Pack of meat jerky
    ~Sharpening stone
    ~10 feet of rope
    ~Disassembled fishing rod
    ~Iron pan
    ~Portable grill mesh
    ~Wooden spoons x2, wooden fork x2
    ~Sewing kit
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  8. I'll make my firebender either later tonight or tomorrow morning~
  9. You just added that last one because of
    didn't you? I just now noticed lol
  10. That's fine Dualnte

    And yes Camleen, yes I did.
  11. Team Avatar - Earth Bender

    Name: Anju Dani

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    History: W.i.P.

    Likes: Bending, Sports involving bending (particularly earth), Stylish clothes
    Dislikes: Empress, Empress' followers, Conceited benders, Disrespect

    Bending ability/weapon: Earth bending (Master level) | Shanzi fans

    Skills: Cooking, basic sewing (for fixing clothing holes and tears), Martial Arts
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  12. Well so far Zirra is the only one with a pet/companion.. so.. wait.. NOT MY SNOWY!
  13. =p They can try.
  14. Name: Alicia Matgama

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: fd214337ffdba13fc64eb387c158d54a.jpg

    History: Alicia came from a village in the firenation rather far from the capital, one that got its food on it's own rather than with trading. Her family were known hunters of the village, each family member was trained in a different aspect of hunting so they could always work together when it came down to it. Alicia having a good eye was taught how to do archery, even though her family knew she was a firebender they didn't teach her how to use fire and had her focus on just hunting. That was her life, she was to be a hunter, no other option was given to her.

    This fact didn't sit well with her as she loved the idea of doing more, she had a knack for drawing and a taste for clothes and wanted to learn how to be a clothing designer. Sadly her parents didn't see the use in this and just pressured her to be a great hunter like her siblings. So for most of her life that's exactly what she did, hunting animals when asked and almost always retrieving them. She nor her family ever had to worry about getting hungry with her around. Her brother was the tracker of the family and with his help her life got a lot easier.

    He was the one that supported her idea on becoming a designer and even encouraged her to go out in the world despite what her parents said. With his words behind her she felt more and more inclined to go. A few weeks before she planned to run away an accident happened on a hunting trip and her brother was killed by a rapid animal that they had been warned about. She was there when it happened and she failed to protect him. She would have died herself had she not used the firebending she knew so little of. Just going off of instinct and anger she burned the beast to a crisp and despite her heartbreak the village cheered as if the day were good.

    She couldn't stand all the happiness that the villagers showered her with. She barely changed clothes before she ran away from home. Taking her bow and arrows as well as a few journals and other necessities. She was 14 when she ran and she traveled not just the firenation but to other nations as well trying to get away from her village where all her heartbreak was at. On her travels she had to learn to defend herself so she is practicing how to use her firebending but still isn't the best at it and mainly relies on her archery. She has no clue what's in store for her, but still keeps traveling hoping to find her destiny and possibly open her own clothing line.

    Likes: Fire, looking at the night sky, reading, not wearing shoes, nature, life, comedy, meat.....cabbages, making weapons, archery

    Dislikes: Cloudy skies, destruction of art, torture, vegetables (other than cabbages), being forced to fight even though she realllly can't.

    Bending ability/weapon: She is mediocre at firebending, not having much experience in fighting she is pretty much one would consider at newb level. She is however is great when it come to archery, far better at that than she is with her firebending.

    Skills: Cooking, acting, singing, sewing, drawing new desgins for clothes and even at times armor.
  15. You guys are coming up with some AMAZING characters! We're on the cusp of beginning the RP!
    "Please look forward to it!"™
  16. Totally isn't pumped for Ken to ruin everyone's day~
  17. lol, yeah. I'll be starting as soon as I get the moment.

    I think at the beginning the Red Lotus will not have enough intel to recognize the avatar. I will be sending them intel via messenger hawk when the time is right though. =D
  18. Oh Dualnte, would you like your character to already be apart of team avatar or just meeting them for the first time?
  19. Figured as much~ Ken still can be a pain in the arse however~~ Especially if a certain avatar went into the spirit world, a place Ken has a habit of spending a good amount of time in... Though chances of meeting each other their are slim XD

    Hmmmm I think meeting for the first time would be best~
  20. Speaking of this, how is the avatar group going to be set up? Will they be mostly formed by the time the story starts or are they going around to collecting them?
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