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  1. IC:

    Warning: I would like this to run for a long time, so please do not join if you don't mind being pestered constantly about posting. In my experience, SAO RPs fill up quick, so place reservations will be revoked after 2 days if you have not made an app by then. Maximum 6 characters, but I will accept 2 more than this if you really impress me.

    On November the 6th, 2022, a new video game was released, with just 10,000 copies going on shelves all over Japan. This game was named Sword Art Online, and was the first game of it's kind to be released: A VRMMO, a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, utilizing a device called a Nervegear. The Nervegear effectively moves the user's consciousness inside the game world, where the game then feels exactly like real life. Unfortunately, the game's developer, Kayaba Akihiko, removed the Log Out button from the game's code while all 10,000 were logged in, effectively trapping them inside this world. If they died in Sword Art Online, their real life body died. Their only way out was to beat the 100th Boss.

    2 years later, in 2024, Sword Art Online was finally cleared. Thousands had died, including Kayaba Akihiko. During these two years, a newer Nerve Gear device was created, called the Amusphere, which was unable to effect the real world body in any way. Despite the infamous SAO, Amusphere still took off, with it's first game, Alfheim Online. Unlike other RPGs, this game featured no level system, and players had to rely on skill alone. This world was being used as a testing area for a method of mind control, however the player who cleared SAO also defeated the main bad guy in ALO. Then, he uploaded a base code item to the internet, that meant that anyone was able to easily create their own virtual world.

    It is now 2026, and people have even started to forget about SAO and have delved back into the virtual world with enthusiasm. So, where do you come in, you ask?

    2 days ago, a new game was released. This looked like a very major game, and had a lot of hype about it in the media and among gamers. It was set in a fantasy world, and was described by beta testers to be the ultimate RPG experience. The game world was the size of a real world country, and filled with any number of phenomenon. There was no leveling system, and the game replicated ALO and SAO's main mechanics, making it a duplication of real life, in terms of realism. In fact, if you didn't have magic and GUIs, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two. The name and development group of the game was never revealed; only aliases were used.

    It was a free to play game, and also had no apparent Pay to Win features, leaving many people very confused. It was however limited to only 12,000 players, and once those positions were filled, then no new accounts could be created. In addition, the game was limited to Japan, to maximise language compatibility between players. Today, at 7PM, a server-wide event is scheduled, in which new characters will be "finalised" and all players will be granted with the essentials to survive in the world. Anyone who doesn't turn up will have their character and account deleted, so it is expected that at least 98% will show. (After that event, y'all will be trapped in the world, and get to play an awesome game with no need to return to the real world.)

    Magic System (open)

    Magic Description:

    Lets start with the language of the humans that inhabit Aetherblade Online. The spoken language was made to be identical to Japanese, to reduce incompatibilities between players and surroundings. The written language is split into two parts - complex script and simple script. Simple script is a set of 48 characters used to write all the words of the spoken language, and is similar to katakana, with slight differences in character shaping. Complex script is more like Kanji, though each concept has a single character designated to it, rather than the combination of characters that can often occur, and like simple script, complex script characters have been altered slightly too. This is to make it easy for all players to write normally to AI NPCs etc, and for mages and others who have to use complex to be able to remember a lot of characters. As with all things, practice makes the knowledge of characters become force of habit, so increasing casting speed. There is a character for pretty much every concept under the sun.

    Now, for the magic. It is simplest to view the use of magic much like the way one would code a computer. We'll use the example of a fireball spell.

    The caster would start with the character for FIRE, which they would imagine in their head, or draw in the air. It doesn't matter which. Some imagine and some prefer to draw, not trusting their imagination to get all the details.
    Now, this character alone will do nothing as it has nothing to command what the fire does.
    At this point, the caster adds the character for "PROJECTILE" which now means that the two characters alone would form a small amount of fire that would fly in the aimed direction.
    Next, the caster adds the characters for "COLLISION", "EXPLOSION" and "FIRE" (for a second time) which is responsible for making the fireball EXPLODE with FIRE upon COLLISION with a solid.
    There are many modifiers that could be added to change effects. Perhaps the caster wants to make it a mortar spell. They add "GRAVITY" which means that the fireball will fall towards the ground, and should be thrown more like a ball than a slightshot.
    The caster finishes by using one of 5 elemental Master Characters, which does a number of things. First, it tells the Magical Spirit Aura that the spell has finished being coded and is ready to be fired at the target. Any new characters imagined will start a new spell. Secondly, it determines the dominant part of the spell. This is pointless in single element spells, but in complex things like a fire tornado spell, it is more important. If the master elemental character for FIRE is used, then the fire aspect of the tornado will be focused on, so the tornado will do high damage but have low speed and radius. If WIND master elemental character is used, then it will do low damage but have a high speed and radius. Finally, it determines spell mana cost. A mage can be naturally talented at one particular element, no more, no less. This is generated the moment they enter the world for the first time. A fire adept will have lower mana costs for using fire master seal spells than earth, wind, etc spells, though they can still use all spells.
    The 5 elemental seals are
    SPIRIT - spirit is a rare one, few are gifted with it, and it is the control over the mind and immaterial planes. Basically, it's responsible for Esper and Void magics.
    High power mages are able to cast spells using their "True Sign", in which, the caster does not have to imagine each aspect, and can imagine a single character, called the spell's True Sign. In order to be able to do this though, the user must fully understand what the sign means and stands for. A mage cannot cast a fireball simply by imagining the character that describes a fireball, they must also understand how the energy flows, and the consequences one could expect from it's casting, alongside other smaller things. This kind of magic requires many years to even begin to utilise, and it can take months of constant research to learn a single spell in such a method. For this reason, most mages simply learn to memorise the longer forms.

    Some Rules:
    1. No Power/meta gaming. This means you may not control other people's characters without their permission, and you may not use information in the IC that your character wouldn't know.

    2. I don't mind OP characters, as long as they're played fairly and are very strong applications.

    3. Try to make it realistic. Think carefully about the psychological effects of being trapped inside a game.


    Name: (Japanese style, please)
    In-game Name: (Styling irrelevant)
    Age: (Above 13 please)
    Gender: (One of the three genders, no weird alien things)
    (Either description or anime please. I don't mind artwork too much, but if you use a real life photo then I will just ignore the app)
    Personality: (Just to make sure you don't have your character do things they wouldn't usually do.)
    Short Bio: (You can make it really long if you like, but most people don't.)

    My Character:
    Miyamoto Ruko (open)

    Name: Ruko Miyamoto
    In-game Name: Ruko
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Ruko is optimistic and cheerful usually, though can be serious when the situation calls for it. She has a short attention span, although she can occasionally set her sights on something, at which point she'll do anything to achieve it. Often her successes are just byproducts of what she was actually doing.
    Short Bio:
    Ruko, AKA Kamikaze, "Spirit Wind", was one of the top players on ALO. Her build relied on pure speed, and she used the imported Sword Skills of the rapier-type weapon with the long-sword type weapon to devestating effect. Though no one has seen her core stats, it is rumoured that she invested every single point into speed, and her defense hasn't been boosted one bit. She was 3 places in the queue away from owning a copy of SAO, which she was thoroughly annoyed with, even after hearing about the Death Game event. On the first day of the new game, Aetherblade Online's release, she converted her ALO account, excited to experience "The next Sword Art Online". She obtained the legendary sword Mystletainn around the same time that Kirito obtained Excalibur, and even faced him in an arena battle shortly after that. No winner was declared from that match, as while Ruko was faster, the Black Swordsman's dual wielding skill left them about equal in terms of power. Her lack of interest in ranking meant that she spent a lot of her time in ALO hanging around lower level dungeons, helping out other players, and became well known throughout ALO not only for her skill.
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  2. So you say it's based of the real life country and you can't tell the diffrance with out the magic does that mean the game is based modern time ?
  3. No only the size is that of a real world country. I was meaning with video games its sometimes hard to tell. A PVP map on a shooter may look like its the size of a town district, but if you were to stand in it and run at the character speed it would probably feel like a couple of streets long. Or with skyrim, the map's about the size of a city. The game world of this would take about as long to walk from one side to the other as it would to walk across a country IRL, a country about the size of Egypt. The time period is hard to judge given it's fantasy but tech-level is pre-steampunk. A Crossbow is probably about the most high-tech thing you're going to find.
  4. Is this the same RP you made before? Did the old one die?
  5. It is indeed, and yes it did. All because one person didnt post.
  6. Well I would like to joing I will work on my CS after I get out of class
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  11. Name: Tadaharu Raido

    In-Game Name: Stormbringer527

    Age: 19.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance: His avatar is tall and broad shouldered, with long arms and legs, huge hands and feet that would look ridiculous on anyone else but look par for the course for him. His face is soft and trustworthy, and characterized by bright blue eyes, a mess of light brown hair, and a teddy bear nose. He looks similar in re life, but a lifetime of gaming hasn't done wonders for his gut.

    Personality: Tadaharu, or stormbringer527 (Storm for short) is very much the nerd type. But mostly he's kind and lighthearted. He's managed to maintain his clownish nature, and actually relies on it as a coping mechanism.

    Short Bio: Tadaharu was one of the top players in SAO. He survived all the way to the end, even aiding in the defeat of what ended up being the last floor boss. After it was over though, he went back to his boring old life. He got straight A's, and things were good. Or at least they should've been. In the game, he was important. A leader. Head of the Holy Dragon Alliance actually. Now, he was back to being some fat nerd again. This crushed Tadaharu, and he fell into a rut of misery. Until one night at Agil's, he started talking to other survivors who felt the same. Tadaharu was a skilled programmer, along with one other member of the group. There were four of them. Together, they created Aetherblade Online. Each member of the group was desperate to return to those years when they'd been heroes, leaders, and warriors. They agreed that their roles must be kept a secret, so they changed their gamer tags, and came up with a greating and response to indetify one another. "How long do you think it took to make all this?" It was a question they all knew the answer to. Down to the last second. "2,193 hours, fifty three minutes and twenty seven seconds"
  12. Name: Naoki Kabasawa
    In-game Name: IsoldeTranscendant
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    (Either description or anime please. I don't mind artwork too much, but if you use a real life photo then I will just ignore the app)
    Personality: Naoki is generally quiet, keeping to herself unless drawn out of her shell by others. However, once she is comfortable she is like a breath of fresh air, often cheerful and optimistic. A naturally cheerful, kind person but she doesn't really have a vengeful bone in her body, though when threatened often turns serious and rather vicious with her attacks.

    Short Bio: Having been 14 during SAO, Naoki (known in game as Isolde) considers herself very lucky to be alive. Though she made it quite high in the levels, assisting in the final boss clearance, though she felt she did very little, and like many others found herself lost in the outside world. She returned to school, got a job once she left but all the time, something was missing. She'd grown used to the violence and excitement of the virtual world, the way she had been important and valued. As one of ten children in her family, she'd grown up as just one in a crowd with little negative or positive attention from her parents. She seized on the opportunity to enter a new world, even with the niggling sensation of her suspicions around the game. Famous during her career in SAO for her sword skills, she was notably absent from the GGO game and though many asked her why she did not join, she would never say. She was too nervous around nerve gear around the time, remembering the friends and family she had lost during the Death Game event of SAO. Though she's never shared her stats with anyone, least of all anyone she doesn't know, she apparently invested all her time in ALO harnessing her points in speed and defence, never even touching her attack points from her account on SAO. She won the sword she currently uses, Fenrir, in a contest in SAO and was ecstatic. Someone had bet a legendary sword, obviously puffed up at the fact they were going win and she got a fantastic sword out of the exchange. She knew there were a few swords out there like this, knowing the defeater of the final boss had one such.

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  13. This looks very interesting, I'll have my CS up in a few =D
  14. @Eon Sorry, I didn't realise you were going to be a bad guy. There are things going on with the programmers that means they won't be playable characters. I'm not at liberty to say what those things are though. Sorry.

    @Quiet Souris Accepted.

    @Soñar Gardián No you may not RP the bio. And a list of words is not acceptable for a personality section.
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  15. Alright. I'm not sure if I'll make a new character.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Name: Kaia Hiku
    In game name: Kai
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Personality: Kai is normaly a chaotic nutral type. She does what she wants when she wants wether against the law or not. But, she does not go out of her way break the rules. She rides the line between good and evil Truly neutral. She dose not though believe in killing pointlessly with in her mmorpgs. She can be quiet, rude, and Bratty at time but she has that heart of gold that only appeared for her team mate anyone else she couldn't care less about.

    History: Kai didn't get a chance to play Sao but she though living in a game would be the best. Around the time of Sao she like games but didn't spend all her time on them until after her parents passed in a plane crash. After that she stayed in gun gale online most of her time. Being born into money and geting all that money at her parents death left her open to do as she wished. She earned more money on gun gale and increased her riches. Now out of high school she spends all her time in games. Hiring peoe to clean her house and take care of things. She has little friend beside those form the cleaning Servise.

    When she got the new game she couldn't wait! But, how will really being traped inside a new virtual world really affect her emotional, mentally, and personality wise.

    Fighting style: dual wielding. She often uses her dagger for quick kills, seilent kills, and blocking while dual wielding. In straight fights her primary attack with be from her long sword. She emphasizes on blocking and strong hits. Quick on her feet and reading her opponent.
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