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    A separate world calls to a single human that can help it, yet once, it felt his influence in a different way. It is all colors and good will, a large continent with a kingdom to the north, and the Wilde Isles to the East, where the villages and their commonfolk gather beside the treeline to live long, and prosper.

    However after the destruction of the Shards - North, East, South, and West, the spirits vie against the villagers, and living so close to the beauty of the forests is no longer so very safe.~


    PuppyPuppy stared fondly at the bright screen before him.

    His laptop felt warmed his lap, and warmed his heart too. He could feel the fan's inside whirring as it processed Kitty's old chat logs, and why he needed to see them now... Well, he thought they maybe they'd help bring her back to him, because she was so far away now... His best friend's profile picture flashed on the screen, and Puppy felt a lump form in his throat when her fluffy, short hair and silly expression seemed to convey just what she would say and do at a moment like this - 'Hey, Pups. Get over it, you've got your incessant craving for chocolate to worry about.' She would ruffle his hair, or poke him in the cheek with a loud, 'Boop,' until he couldn't do anything else but smile.

    Now... A week had passed since she left him forever.

    She the only person in the world that had gone from stranger to forever-friend in less than a year... In fact, it had only taken her a few weeks to roll into his heart.

    The short little ball of dorky sweaters, scarves, and giggles was gone now- leaving a lopsided, fuzzy-edged hole. Puppy yearned for her spastic sense of humor... Oh Kitty, with her silly faces, and bold stares, had now fixated his bright, honey eyes on the screen. There she was on her 16th birthday, two years ago- with a group of other people Puppy didn't recognize. He didn't really bother to, anyway. He was here for Kitty.

    "hey pups, wacha dooooooin? :3"


    "ugh, BOOOORING~ here, let me make your suffering less painful x3"


    "woah, this is really neat~ (o.o)b"

    "hahaha, this song really made me think of you ;3"

    Puppy sighed, leaning his head back on the pillows to listen. His eyes scanned the darkness of his room while his fingers tapped out a rhythm against the edges of the laptop.
    After a moment, he glanced back at the screen and giggled, feeling tears spill down his cheeks. It wasn't fair. Why did people have to die?

    Puppy abruptly shut the laptop, put it aside, and let himself lie down. It was 11 at night- early for summer vacation- but he just didn't feel like doing anything else, couldn't bear to think of anything to do, and couldn't bear the thought of doing anything when Kitty was on his mind.

    Puppy could see the night sky outside the window. It seemed static and dead- it had rained earlier in the day, and the clouds were likely covering the stars. But then, a twinkling caught his eyes. Bright blue, a needle-point star sparkled against a black backdrop. He felt something catch in his throat and he sobbed.

    "Please... I don't want to be here. I just want to go somewhere else..." He wished upon the star, bitter and mournful.

    Puppy didn't know if he meant it or not. He just needed to feel better. It felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest... Tired and hurt, he drifted off to sleep just as a bright flash of light engulfed his room.


    HeisHeis flung the door open and ran outside of his little shack-house. His bare feet pounded against the floor and kicked up dust from the path as he charged over to the neighbor's house, with his heavy tail bouncing behind him. There was something very important he needed to tell them.


    He smashed against the door, forgetting to open it in his excitement. Faint swearing cold be heard, before it clicked open to reveal a frazzled Heis standing awkwardly in the frame. "Shit, I forgot to open the door again..."

    "YOU GUYS. YOU GUUUYS." He made loud sounds to attract their attention.
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  2. <p>

    QuinnThe blonde starred down at her plate with half-lidded eyes, trying to remain awake. "You look like you're going to pass out." A deep voice resounded from the hallway and the blonde only groaned and covered her face with her tiny hands."Go away." She grumbled as she remained hunched over the table. Suddenly, there was a loud bang from the front door, yet Quinn didn't even flinch. The blonde already knew who it was.

    DashDash starred at the fox-girl, who was literally dozing off. Any second now and she would collapse over her plate filled with food. Suddenly his dark colored ears twitched when he heard the sound of heavy footsteps outside of Quinn&#039;s home. It was no surprise when Heis stepped in, as loud as ever."You're hurting my ears!" The male growled out as he glared at the male. "Tone it down will you? Anyways, what is it?"
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  3. HeisDespite the cold welcome, the snake-boy grinned widely and waltzed right in, closing the wooden door behind him with his tail. "Hey, what're you guys doing?" He didn't bother to wait for an answer, instead he calmly approached the table where Quinn was falling asleep, placed his hands on either side of the girl, and blew on her ears from behind her, trying to get them to twitch. He loved it when they did that, it was one of the cutest things ever. He wasn't really trying to be annoying - Heis just wanted to make someone smile, anyone really, although he wasn't really sure how to get them to do that...

    But, right now, Quinn was falling asleep, and he wanted her to not be doing that - and that was the pinnacle of Heis's critical thinking ability at that time.

  4. Quinn
    "Well, Quinn would be eating breakfast right now if not for the fact that she's more asleep than awake." Dash murmured while he watched Heis stride over towards the blonde. A small smirk settled onto his lips and he leaned against the door frame, already knowing that the male would do something entertaining.

    Quinn was dosing off when she felt big warm hands rest at her sides and a cool gust of wind, aimed directly at her ears. Acting on instinct, Quinn's ears twitched before she abruptly reached up to shield them from further advancements. "Heiiis," the girl whined before tilting her head back to look up at the male. He was always finding ways to mess with her ears, and would often claim that he loved seeing them twitch or whatever. It was weird, but she didn't really bother much on his reasoning. Orangish-red colored eyes starred up at Heis, before slowly starting to close again. A chuckle resounded from Dash at Quinn's sleepy state.

  5. Heis and suddenly KaisanThe boy grinned in response to seeing Quinn's ears move, joy bubbling up in his chest. "Hehe," he giggled, gosh, they really were adorable. His eyes suddenly widened, and the boy spun around to face Dash, barely able to contain his excitement.

    "My secret gift is waking people up. I'm the bast at getting my dad to get up, thought nothin' but a bucket of water seems to work on him... And he doesn't even get mad!" Probably because Heis's dad is an epic bounty hunter and could barely care any less about anything but being really cool and hot in a muscular, stubble-faced kinda way. "Anyways, the rest of the gang is gonna be here in a few minutes! Come on guys, we're going to the woods!" Heis grinned and immediately pivoted on his heel, and rushed out the door with his tail flying out behind him...

    And fell completely flat on his face.

    ... And then promptly gave up on getting up, apparently, as he lay there. "Oh good. Ok, never mind about the woods, I'll stay here." He hissed, disheartened, and pressed his face against the dirt.

    Suddenly, boots appeared in front of him. Heis craned his neck up to see who it was...

    "Kaisan!" He exclaimed, immediately flailing to get up. The older ram-brother chuckled, and stuck his hands into his leather pant's pockets. His grey-black jacket was open all the way down the front, exposing his chest. Heis self-consciously pulled up the neck of his shirt, sensitive about the scars splitting his skin in ugly lines. Thanks, forest sprites... He thought. Most of the village folk knew about the massive marks, after all, he had been dragged out of the forest half-dead. The whole village thought he wasn't going to make it - and it was all because he had been trying to be like his dad. Fighting the sprites wasn't a good idea.

    "Hehe, I figured you'd be here, you massive dork."
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  6. Dash
    Dash raised a brow at Heis's 'secret gift', yet he couldn't help but to chuckle. When he suddenly ran off and face planted on the floor, Dash's brows furrowed in concern. Heis was so energetic a great contrast to Dash's calm behavior. He was just about to go help the boy up, when Kaisan appeared. "Quinn," he called out to the blonde as he turned to look at her. "Get up, we're going out." He received no response from the girl, leaving him to just stand there. Walking over, he picked up the tiny girl and set her on her feet, hoping that she would react and she did. "Why can't you guys just let me sleep?" She grumbled while rubbing her eyes. "Hey, no one orders you to go to sleep late at night." Dash stated before nudging her forward and soon they stepped out to where Heis and Kaisan were.

    "Hey, Kaisan." Dash greeted with a wave. Quinn had a small smile on her lips as she looked up at Kaisan and offered him a wave as well.

  7. Heis and KaisanKaisan smiled cooly and answered with a nonchalant, "Hey guys."

    Heis, meanwhile, had pulled himself up and began to dust off his clothes. "I am not a 'massive dork'..." He grumble under his breath, crossing his arms in front of his chest. The ram-horned male regarded the other with a bemused smirk. "Oh? You have dirt on your face."

    "And you have ugly on your face," he shot back. There was a friendly rivalry between the two - sometimes it seemed like Heis disliked Kaisan for his overly-cool attitude, but really they were very close friends. Heis aggressively rubbed the back of his arm over the cheek that he had pressed into the dirt, still fuming, then asked, "Hey, where's your brother?"

    "Ohiba?" The male shrugged. "I think he went to the forest. Why?"

    "Th... Th-th-the forest?!" Heis stammered, suddenly appearing to be very alarmed. Kaisan lifted a black-clawed hand and ran it through his long, dark hair. "What are you getting so freaked out about? Ohiba knows not to go too deep into the forest. He should be fine."

    "I saw a bright flash, just over the trees... I wanted all of you to go with to see what it was, it looked like it came from where the Broken Shard stands. I was too scared to go alone..."

    Kaisan stiffened, a look of worry crossing his features. "And if that flash was some kind of sprite... Ohiba... Oh no..."

  8. Quinn
    Quinn watched the two interact before Ohida was mentioned, which caused for her ears to perk up. She was very good friends with all of them, but she and Ohida were very close. It was only natural for her to grow concerned when Kaisan informed them that he had gone off into the forest. It wasn't a safe place and most recently, things have gotten worse.

    "A flash?" Quinn questioned as her ears lowered. What if he got hurt?

    "We should go look for him." Dash spoke out, since he too was worried over Ohiba. They were a tight knit group and they all always looked out for each other.

  9. Heis Kaisan JothorusHeis nodded at Dash's suggestion, and turned around - discovering a figure had been standing behind him. "Oh, hey Jet!" Jothoros winced at the nickname, disliking the butchering of his dragon-kind name, but said nothing. He bowed his horn-crowned head in greeting, "Hey. So Ohiba is in the forest, huh? We better go get him. There's no telling with kind of trouble he might get himself into..." He reached up with a clawed hand to grasp one of his horns - something Heis noticed the male liked to do when he was worried, or confused. Jothorus had been the newest addition to their group. The dragon-kind was born somewhere far in the south, where no other kind of creature would dare to dwell, but had had lived on an island - until a volcanic eruption forced him to flee.

    Heir had always wondered if the dragon-kind had any family, but he lived on a don't-ask-wait-for-them-to-tell policy. If Jet wouldn't tell him, he wouldn't ask. That was that.

    "Alright! Let's go!" Heis puffed his chest out an stuck a fist into the air like some kind of proud, military leader. He took off in the direction of the forest, and the rest of the group slowly began to follow him. Kaisan turned to Quinn. "Hey, you look kinda tired... What were you doing all night, huh?" The male winked, and stuck his tongue out. He had a habit of being a massive perv at times, but it... Fit him, oddly.

    PuppyHe blinked slowly at the head of blonde hair leaning over him. Above whoever it was (maybe it was Barry- he probably came over to get notes from the math class he keeps missing) Puppy could see a green canopy of leaves.

    LEAVES?! He shot up, bashing his head into the stranger's and immediately falling back down, clutching his face. "Owowow..."

    Ohiba was unfazed (being a ram and all, he had a really tough skull), but worried. "Hey, are you alright? Why're you out here?" Puppy stopped whimpering and uncovered his eyes so that he could peek out at the person that had woken him up. "I don't know... Where am I?"

    Ohiba gave the boy a strange look. "You're... Full human... Why are you doing out here, with the Tribes?"

    In reply, Puppy gave the boy a bewildered expression. "What're you talking about? What...? Oh God, you have horns!?"

    "Oh man, that headbutt must have given you amnesia! Nooooo, I'm sorry!" Ohiba covered his face with his hands and looked like he was utterly devastated. Puppy shot up and reached out, "H-hey, I'm fine, don't worry! I know my name: it's Puppy."

    "Ohhhh no, you only know your name!..."

    "I live in America..."

    "Ahhh, and now you're making up weird places just to make me feel better about giving you amnesia..."

    "Uhm... N-no... that's a real place... Argh! Stopppp~ Just look! Tell me exactly where I am!" Puppy was starting to get frustrated.

    "Ok, ok..." The boy appeared to be trying to calm himself down. "You're on the Southern Islands, where the Wilde Tribes are. Your just outside of the Silverglen village."

    ... What did any of that mean?!

  10. Quinn
    Jothorus joined them minute later and it seemed everyone was here except for Ren and Ohiba. Perhaps Ren would show up later, since Quinn could vaguely remember the girl mentioning something about watching her little brothers. Returning her attention to Heis as he took off, the girl began to follow along, though at a much slower pace. Her blonde tail fluffed out behind her while she walked behind Dash.

    "Hmm...?" Looking up at Kaisan, the blonde caught onto his wink and she raised her eyebrows before letting out a laugh. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Kaisan." The blonde was quite honestly used to his perverted comments and jokes. The one that would actually turn red and get nervous was Ren. Poor girl. "I was actually reading." Quinn stated as she looked up at him before a small smirk settled onto her lips. "What about you Kaisan? What do you do in the night?" She jokingly wiggled her eyebrows up at him.

    Dash watched as Heis took off, causing him to breath out a sigh. He was energetic as ever. "Heis, wait up?" Dash called out before rushing after the male in a light jog. There was a little bounce to his steps, true signs of a bunny. It was quite funny, and his friends often teased him about him, how he had a little bushy ball as his tail. Of course, the male hid it with his long coat.

  11. Heis Kaisan JothorusKaisan shot Quinn a sharp-toothed smirk at her reply. Oh of course, books again. He liked to read as well, but trying to relax and read was impossible when Ohiba was always trying so hard to do everything he did. It was so distracting - sitting there while Ohiba sat beside him, watching every move he made with a critical glance. He understood that his brother might look up to him and whatnot, but it was often times simply too annoying to bear. So now Kaisan spent most of his time outside, training so that he could fight off the sprites if they ever decided to attack the village.

    "Well, you'll have to be there to find out, hehe. Maybe tonight?" He turned away a bit to glance ahead of himself where Heis was leading the group. If Heis heard him talk like that... Well, the snake-boy wouldn't be too happy about it... And an angry Heis was about fifty times more annoying than an excited one.

    Heis, meanwhile, glanced up as he heard his name being called. Seeing Dash bounce up to him made the snake-boy smile from ear-to-ear. He loved the way the bunny-boy walked - it was really adorable. "What's up?"

    Puppy and Ohiba"S... So you just woke up here after that, huh?" Ohiba asked, cocking his head to one side. Puppy nodded, and the ram-boy placed a black claw against his bottom lip, deep in thought. "Huh... Well, that's interesting. I have no idea how that could have happened... Hey, Puppy's a really weird name. Are you really named Puppy?"

    "It's what I go by..." The boy muttered, eyes suddenly falling to the ground. He remembered fondly the nicknames him and Kitty exchanged, until they settled on those particular ones, because Puppy liked to use puppy-dog eyes to beg her for attention, and she was frisky and silly - like a kitten. Was... Ohiba sensed that that subject was somehow affecting the boy negatively, so he quickly said, "Hey, it's alright. Lets head back to my house, we can figure out what to do from there..." The white-haired boy stood up, brushed his knees off from the moss and dirt of the forest floor, and stuck his hand out to Puppy, who took it and also stood. "So what's your name?"

    "My name's Ohiba. My brother's name is Kaisan. Even though he's my brother, we look pretty different. That's because I take after out mother, who was an albino, and he takes after our father. Do you have any siblings?"

    "No..." Puppy answered, and quickly followed after Ohiba as he began to walk. "Kaisan, huh? He has a cool-sounding name."

    "Yeah... He's really cool overall." The white-haired boy lowered his gaze to the ground, insecurity rushing up through his system and filling him once more with negativity.
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  12. Quinn
    Quinn raised a brow at his words, not sure whether he meant that in a joking matter or if he was serious. She briefly glanced up at him to see if there was a smirk or expression that showed he was only joking, but all he was doing was starring forward. "Do you mean that jokingly?" Quinn questioned as she starred after Dash, who caught up to Heis after running-more like hopping towards him.

    The girl would never do such intimate actions with Kaisan. For one, she viewed him as more of a very good friend. Plus, her interest was in someone else.

    Giving the male a small smile once he caught up, Dash moved his dark locks away from his gaze. "Well, I wanted to apologize for how mean I was earlier." Dash started as he looked over to Heis. He hadn't meant to be so rude and cold, but the bunny-boy really did have sensitive ears so Heis screaming had really affected him. "It was insensitive of me."

  13. Kaisan and JothorusAt the girl's confusion, Kaisan only laughed. Amused by the situation, he turned his head to her, ran a hand down the front of his body, and hooked his thumb into the edge of his jeans, posing all sexy-like while they walked. "Of course I'm serious." But, he was smirking again, just like always when he joked. Kaisan, much to everyone's disbelief, was still a virgin and had no intention of loosing that virginity for only a one-night stand. Oddly enough, he cared about that sort of thing.

    Jothorus suddenly turned to the two."I think he wants to... Ram you." The pun was so bad that Kaisan couldn't help but laugh, and Joth, who was usually the quietest of the group, joined in, turning bright red and pressing his clwed hands over his mouth when he snorted mid-laugh.

    HeisHeis grinned up at Dash, and chuckled. "Hey, it's ok. I know you don't like it when I yell." The snake-boy reached up to gently touch one of Dash's ears, ogling at their softness. He quickly lowered his hand with a silly blush. "Sorry..." He really couldn't help it, he loved fluffy ears. He loved fluffy anything.

    By then, they were almost at the edge of the forest. A large wooden fence, in addiction to big wooden spikes, stuck out of the ground in an intimidating display of just how much the villagers didn't trust whatever was lurking in the emerald depths. The group would have no problem getting past the barricade by climbing over. Heis's fear of heights was a bit of a problem though...

    Puppy and MonsterSoon, they were walking through the forest and Puppy felt a sense of fear clawing its way up his spine. He didn't know why... What could be causing it?

    A twig broke in the distance. Ohiba turned to Puppy, wide-eyed, with his wispy-furred ears standing straight up. "Danger... We have to run!" He seized Puppy by the wrist and took off, feet pounding against the ground as he ran like a madman through leaves and spider-webs alike. Whatever that sound was, Ohiba wasn't too thrilled to hear it. He let go of the boy when it was clear that he would be able to catch up.

    It kinda sounded like a lawnmower, Puppy thought, and glanced down at the ground as he ran. When he looked back up, Ohiba was nowhere to be seen.

    "O... Ohiba?!" He called, turning around to see if maybe the other was standing behind him... Maybe it was a prank or something. Maybe it was Steven all along, with cotton balls and paper-mache horns glued to his head... But, Puppy doubted it.

    Something pulsed in his head - a flash of pain, bright-red and white-hot, bolted up his spine. "Argh!" He cried out, clutching his head as agony took over in mere moments. Something scalded his skin and bubbled at the edge of his vision, dark and sick-looking, like some kind of oil spill came alive to become an ink-blot nightmare, clinging to his side. Right before Puppy's eyes, the mass began to morph into a shape - cat ears, big eyes, a tail. He was looking at some kind of feline-creature with a big mouth, and sharp teeth. Coming out of him.

    "What the... What are you!?"

    "Me?" The creature gestured to itself with an elegant flick of its claws. "I'm your Fairy Godfather. No, really."

    Puppy's brain felt like it would overload.

    "I'm just called Monster. You don't remember me, but I was with you all along. I'm here to help, just like always."

    "But... What? Why... How?"

    "Oh, enough about the details. This world is polluted by evil sprites that are trying to take over! That sound you heard? That was one of them. The ram-boy was trying to lead you into a trap, and now you're stuck here." A clawed hand slammed into another open-clawed palm. "Kill him. That ram-boy, kill him."
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  14. Quinn
    Quinn, with a hint of amusement, watched Kaisan run his hand down his bare chest and stopped when he hooked his thumb into the waistband of his jeans. It was a very appealing pose, but the girl wasn't interested. Suddenly, Jothorus butted into the conversation with a pun. Now that, actually caused the girl's cheeks to warm up while her ears lowered slightly in embarrassment. However, she still joined in on their laughter because it was pretty funny.

    "It's an intriguing offer, Kaisan, but I think I'm going to pass." The girl chuckled while trying to keep her composure. The fox was still a virgin and she planned on loosing her virginity with someone special-with an individual she truly loved.

    Dash's ears slightly twitched but otherwise the male remained still. "Nah, it's cool." The bunny-boy chuckle lightly as he glanced over to Heis before coming to a halt at the fence in front of him. "Well, let's climb."

    Gripping the wood, Dash pulled himself up and eventually made it to the top. "C'mon Heis." He urged the male with a reassuring smile. Leaning down slightly, he held out his hand for the lizard-boy to take.


  15. Kaisan Jothorus and HeisKaisan clicked his tongue in mock annoyance, and gestured to himself. "You're gonna reject all of this? Alright then... Your loss, I guess." He chuckled, and the fact that Heis had stopped walking alerted him to where they were. They were by the fence already? Wow, that was quick...

    The snake-boy paused, wearing an oddly hesitant expression as he stared up at the layers of wood, interlocked tightly to build a makeshift wall between the village and the forest. Gah, he really didn't want to... Heis was very bottom-heavy due to his thick, scaly tail, and so climbing was most certainly not something he really enjoyed doing at all. "Oh boy, here we go..." He reached up, taking a hold of Dash's outstretched hand, and placed his leg up on one of the bits of wood. Jothorus furrowed his brows as he watched the boy climb up, reaching up to grasp his horn again. "Heis, you're sticking your butt out too much..." The snake-boy turned his head a bit to stick his forked tongue out at the dragonkind. "Don't like it, don't look." Joth pressed the palm of his hand against his face. "You're going to fall."

    Kaisan stepped closer to Heis and pressed his hands against the base of the boy's green tail, pushing to force the snakekind up the wall. "Damn, for such a skinny little brat, you're really heavy..."
    As soon as Heis managed to reach the top of the wall, he did exactly what any proper idiot would do, and tumbled over it, landing on his back on the other side of the structure. "Ow..." Joth and Kaisan began to laugh, given that the other hadn't even flailed, or attempted to grab onto anything - Heis dropped like a stone.

    Puppy and OhibaPuppy freaked out, trying to stumble away from the creature, forgetting that he was attached to it. "Wh... What the hell? No way!"

    "Well... Then I'll make you..." The creature retreated back into Puppy within seconds, almost as if it had never been there. A sharp pain formed in what felt like the very center of his brain, right between his eyes. The boy reached out to clutch his head, but the feeling was gone in split second, and Ohiba was suddenly right in front of him again, watching the boy with a concerned look on his features. "Hey, are you ok?"

    "Ohiba!" Puppy exclaimed, smiling at the ram-boy. "I was worried, where'd you go?"

    "Heh, I didn't think you were gonna run so slow..."
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  16. Dash
    Dash glanced up to see Kaisan and Quinn laughing, before returning his gaze to stare down at Heis, who was having a difficult time climbing the fence. Gripping his hand tightly, he attempted to pull the lizard boy up, but he was far heavier than he appeared. "Why are you so heavy?" The bunny boy grumbled before Kaisan came to push him up. Eventually, Heis made it, but he didn't even bother to climb down. The male just let himself drop like a rock.

    " sure know how to stick a landing." Dash chuckled before hopping down and landing right besides him. Soon enough, blonde ears appeared over the fence, signaling that Quinn was coming. For such a small size, she really did move fast. Soon enough, she was climbing down the fence and was at the bottom.

    "Heis, where was the flash?" Dash questioned as he held his hand out for him to take.


  17. Kaisan Jothorus and HeisHeis reached up to take Dash's hand, and pulled himself up with a grin. "I dunno, I saw it over the forest..."

    "We can't look all over the forest..." Jothorus, being a natural climber due to the rocky conditions of his earlier home was already over the fence and standing beside the two with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

    Kaisan quickly came down the fence after Quinn, and found himself steadily growing more and more worried about the safety of his brother. "Ohiba should have been here... He always stays by the fence." Heis smiled, despite the circumstances, and quickly did his best to reassure the male. "Hey, maybe he went deeper into the forest 'cuz he saw the flash? Hey, don't worry, I'll use my mercenary skills to track him down!"

    "Oh yeah? The same skills that almost got you killed?" Oops, Kaisan hadn't meant to really say that out loud. He regretted it instantly when Heis's goofy grin immediately shifted into a look of pain while he clutched the front of his shirt, bitterness washing over the snakekind as he recalled his humiliating defeat. "Hey, I didn't-" Heis cut him off by a forced grin, "Hey, I got better at fighting since then." Kaisan seriously doubted that for some reason, but whatever.

  18. Quinn
    Quinn could sense the worry from Kaisan's voice, which only increased her concern for Ohiba's well being. Possibilities of the male being hurt or worse began to cloud her mind. What if they didn't reach him on time? Before the blonde could even suggest that they hurry in their search, Kaisan blurted out words that should have never been said.

    Everyone had known what had happened to Heis, yet they had all promised never to make any negative comments about it he was their friend, after all and friends stuck together. So now that Kaisan made that comment, well it didn't settle well with her.

    "We should hurry, the longer we take the longer it will take us to find Ohiba." Quinn stated as she glanced between the two. "Lead the way, Heis." The girl gestures to the forest beyond them and unease settled into the pit of her stomach. They never really traveled far into the forest since it was dangerous, but now they had to and she would do it, if it meant making sure Ohiba was okay.

    As they made their way through, Quinn tugged on Kaisan's arm. "Be careful." She murmured while gesturing towards Heis with a tilt of her head.

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  19. Kaisan Jothorus Heis Puppy and OhibaJothorus felt Quinn tug on his sleeve, and looked down at the little fox girl with understanding in his gaze. "I know..." He felt bad, he really did. Kaisan hadn't meant to remind Heis of something so dark - sometimes he forgot that not everybody could be as cool about everything as he was.

    The group progressed deeper into the woods, and silence spread among then as they began to fear the creatures that hid in the shadows, under the canopy. One wrong move might set them off - and who knows what that was? The trigger could be anything from the snapping of a twig to breaking out into dance. Heis opened his mouth to call for Ohiba, but Jothorus quickly reached over and pressed his clawed hand over his face before he could yell. "Shush, who knows what's out here?" Indeed, a bad feeling came over Heis, and he shivered. It was summer, yet the wind was chilly and unfriendly... Perhaps becasue it was so late in the day. "Man, it's cold.... I hate the cold..."

    "Think that has anything to do with how close we are to the Shard?" Kaisan asked, cocking his head to one side.

    "Heh... Icee that you don't like winter."

    Heis turned to Jothorus, eyes narrowing. A pun-off was about to begin. "Winter is s-no-w joke." God, the two were such dorks. Kaisan rolled his eyes and chuckled.

    A few steps more, and suddenly they entere a clearing in the woods - and standing at the very center was the white-haired Ohiba, with a brown-haired stranger at his side. Both were quaking in fear as a creature toward over them - a grey-furred deer with a skull for a face, and massive, pointed antlers. It bellowed, opening its decaying jaws and pointing them towards whoever the brown-haired boy was, seemingly angry with him, and ooze poured out to splatter against the forest floor. In a second the spirit stood on its hind legs, ready to send its front hooves through the boy's skull.

    And that was when Heis made a mad dash toward the monster, leapt into the air, and aimed a kick at its side. "Go to HAIL!" Wham, the spirit took the blow, stumbled away for a moment, then stood its ground. Meanwhile Joth and Kaisan were practically shitting themselves. "Idiot, what the..."

    "Does he have a death wish or something?"

    "Heis, get your butt back over here!"
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  20. Quinn
    Quinn quietly followed behind Heis and Dash as they continued to make their way through the forest. The fox felt like at any given moment, something dangerous would appear, ready to kill them. She felt a bit at ease when Jothorus and Heis began to say those funny puns of there's. Until, they reached the clearing where they found Ohiba.

    "Ohiba!" The blonde called out before her gaze shifted over to brown haired boy besides him. Who was that? She had never seen him before.

    When Heis suddenly attacked the spirit, the girl's eyes widened and she stood rooted to her spot, unsure of what to do.

    "Heis! You idiot!" Dash shouted from besides her before rushing over to help the lizard boy. Deciding to go check on Ohiba, the blonde sprinted over to the albino.

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