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  1. Screams filled the air. The smell of blood rushed away with the scent of rose water. Scent the royals carried washed over the room once again. The guards and personal servants ran through out the halls. A full body suit of armor walked up to a man left in robes. The scholar's eyes widened leaving his jaw to drop.

    "What-?" A man in royal attire stepped forward showing worry in both voice and eyes. "What a shame..." The other continued the conversation as he left the room. A smirk from the devil himself spilled across his face.

    The scholar and the guard began to speak of something that was thought to be forgotten. A legend that was just that. "Send him in." The scholar spoke so stern. The guard bowed his head and rushed out the room.

    He stopped in front of a young man, who's job was just a mere servant. "Reshon, demands your presence at once." Within that moment, he turned and walked away.

    "An audience with me?" Reshon was the right hand man of the queen after all. The man rushed to the library to find the scholar. "You called for me?"

    Reshon's eyes full of worry. "The queen has passed... There is a legend that is not just a story. You need to find the Queen's daughter. She was sent to another world for her own protection." He paused. "You must find her."

    The man bowed then soon disappeared. Royal attire fled from the shadows with anger. He wasn't going to let any other have the crown.

    The rumor spread of his leave and the story of princess revived once more.

    This is the story of an adopted young woman who soon finds out that she is indeed the rightful heir of the crown. She lives in the amazing and absolutely gorgeous state of Hawaii. The woman even has dreams that does not consist of being a queen, nor a princess. The soul of the princess was severed on the departure from Aedia thanks to an evil force who attacked the queen in mid sent off. The soul separated into two causing two individual bodies to form. As child they were identical but soon grew up looking completely different and leading two completely different lives.

    The magical world is consisted of a country that that had disappeared from the present-day modern world over 600 years ago. Aedia is filled with creatures that have only been considered mythological and things that are just old fairy tales. They have an ancient way of life and have not yet seen the "magic" from the modern world called technology. The only ones who can honestly conjure magic are the royals. The personal servants and the scholars are the only people who know how it works, even though they can't cast magic at all.

    The male servant ventures around the radius of the known location of the princess. His job is to locate her, teach her about Aedia, teach her magic, lastly bring her back to the magical world to follow her "destiny." He is not to speak of the other possible heir of the throne, nor of her mother. Her death wasn't a mere coincident.

    The other heir to the throne is a royal who is distant relations to the princess. He will do absolutely anything to get a hold of the crown and become king. This man was born and raised so feels the absence of the princess automatically give him the right over her. In reality, if the princess decided after all the training and knowledge she does not want the throne, he will take over. This will surely bring chaos.

    All character's are welcome.

    This role play is for absolutely everyone. The main story line is about the princesses getting back to the magical world but of course they'd come into contact with a LOT of other people along the way. The story continues in both worlds just as any other role play does with characters own stories that get wrapped in.
    So the main story is just given for a background. I just provided the main story and how it all starts.
    The other, characters who come into play, are given their own choices to play how they want, converse with who they want, given the choice to stay in the story or not, be on whatever side they want to be, and most of all take the story where ever they lead it. This also leaves the princesses decide if they take the crown, if they want their normal lives, who travels between worlds, and so on. :) All characters have their own parts in the story. It's their choice where they take it.

    This role play I'd also really like to play out to be a complete story. Also this role play may include, romance, violence, and betrayal.

    You, as the player, decide how to continue on with this story. Enjoy it and just have fun.

    Rules (open)

    1) Any rules can change over time. Please keep well aware of these rules.

    2) No more than three characters.
    Rules (open)

    3) All characters are human; no exceptions.

    4) Be nice to others in general unless your character, just doesn't like another.
    If that's the case, let others have the chance to reply to you to be given the chance to retaliate.

    5) No Godmodding.
    If one is inactive with out notice for an unreasonable amount of time,
    then one, with permission from me or Alice, maybe kill off, banish,
    or anything else, with reason, to the other character.

    6) All Iwaku rules apply.

    7) If you are to leave the role play,
    please tell me at once and tie up the loose ends with your character.

    8) Romance and Violence are welcomed.
    Just don't get too carried away in either department.

    9) Cursing is allowed but don't use it in every sentence nor every post.
    Keep it only with a maximum of two curse words, in a post.

    10) Please post as much as you can.
    Twice a week is the least, unless you tell me before hand.

    Character Sheet:

    Native World:

    Accepted Characters (open)

    [post=481628]Denala Kanali Trepese[/post]
    [post=481628]Aiden Sven Fresch[/post]
    Bear Kulton
    Princess Traum Weit
    Princess Raven Havens
    [post=481659]Allen Wells[/post]
    [post=482582]Ĉampiono Noblesse[/post]
    [post=483484]Cecil Edgewinder[/post]
    [post=484403]Tod Diener[/post]
  2. Name: Bear Kulton
    Gender: Male
    Personality: quiet, Humble, timid
    Skills/Hobbies: likes to carve wood and is fairly good at it. He has great balance as well.
    Native World: Aedia
    History: He was found alone outside the castle. No one knew really why he was there or what had happened to him but they took mercy on him and brought him in. He isn't exactly part of the family or a servant... hes almost like a permanent guest now. Other than what he looks like and where they found him they don't know anything about him, his past, or even his likes.

    Native World:

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  4. I would like to join...I'll post my character sheet tomorrow.
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    Alright. ^^ Can't wait to see it.
  6. Ha ha thanks...but I'm having trouble thinking up a history for my character...
  7. Take your time. If you need to put a small history sum up of family, how younger life was then current. I typically don't put much myself because I often admit things of my characters past through out stories. ^^
  8. Alright then...I'll get working on it tomorrow (a bit late here)...lol
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  10. Name: Traum Weit (Will change last name if need be)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_YQU8W6-Ns...computer-girl-anime-girls-2281857-640-480.jpg
    Green hair and computer.jpg
    Personality:Distant, a deep thinker, smart, creative, reclusive.
    Skills/Hobbies: She loves towrite and read and dream.
    Native World: Aedia but haslived in the modern world
    History: Traum knows nothingof her real parents, but was adopted by a caring couple. But she doesn’t knowthem well. She goes to school, does well, and obeys her adoptive parentsmostly. But once her duties are done she finds a hiding place to either read,write, think, or sleep. She spends a lot of time sleeping. And her dreams arevery vivid. Whenever she comes back to the real world, she can only think ofwhat she did in her dreams. Traum finds her life in the dream lands much moreenjoyable than her life. So she pulled away. Now she hardly sees or knowspeople and spends hours alone. She hates this world and wishes to sleepforever. She feels like she belongs in her dream world.

    I want to be the Princess if thats okay. Her dreams may or may not be of Aedia.

    Thanks for the invite Noodle! <3

  11. lol Red why are you always royalty in the RPs xD
  12. Name: Ranve havens
    Gender: female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: in mondern world:[​IMG]

    Personality: kind and caring
    Skills/Hobbies: can talk to animles, she draw, sings and dance
    Native World: mondern world but was telapoted to Aedia
    History: Raven fells like she does not belong to this world and fells alone. her family thinks she nothing they don't even look alike. She hopes one day someone would save her from this world. she keep on dreaming on other worlds she just wished she could stay there.
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