Adventures in the Land of Oooo

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  1. The land of Ooo a wonderful and magical land that was once ruled by many different Kings, Queens and Princesses! Finn and Jake being their helper!

    Now its been 200 years and all of the known characters have passed away, leaving their children or ancestors in charge.


    Jenny the adventurer! Her ancestor? Finn the human! She too is human too but she is the only one left in her species as far as she knows, Finn was fortunately able to find another human and his kin another human...will she find another human? Or meet different kinds of friends? Who knew! Right now she was a hero of the common community! However right now she was on her way to a party in the Candy Kingdom, she has never met anyone there and she was excited.

    (If you want I can draw your character for free, just ask over messages)
  2. "Just one more minute!" Bethany, better known as Betty, called from her lab. There was a part later, and she should have been ready, but there was just one more thing she had to test...
    "Oh my Glob, you look like such a mess!" Benjamin, nicknamed, Benny, exclaimed as he trotted in, interrupting his sister's experiment. "You gotta get cleaned up, what kind of Princess shows us to a party in a tank top and leggings with a lab coat on and her hair a mess? Bethany Bubblegum, you go get changed this instant!"
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    Do you want me to provide you drawings of your characters?
  4. Jenny whisled as she held onto the straps of her purple backpack, looking up in awe and shocked she entered the candy town.
    "Uhh woah," she said looking at a lollipop couple giggling about a joke they told to each other.

    "This whole made of candy?" She said and got on her hands and knees, sniffing the ground.
    The young adventurer gasped and grabbed a chunk of the purple dirt and ate it.
    "Mmm!" She said licking the crumbs from her face, the ground was indeed candy!

    The castle was further away and with the gorgeous view of the place she started walking again, it seemed as if everyone was getting for the party!
  5. (could i get a picture for an ice prince.)
    ryuk was sitting at his window. he was quite bored. being a descendant of the ice royalty, meant you were immediately labeled as a princess kidnapper. he could see the candy kingdom in the distance . he sighed as he knew that they would be hosting a party tonight. maybe he should try to change that. he began flying his way over to the candy kingdom.
  6. That would be awesome! Do you want descriptions?
    Reluctantly, Betty hurried upstairs to tame her hair, wash her face, and pull on a nice dress to make herself more presentable. She was the spitting image of Princess Bubblegum, just a little curvier, and with curly hair rather than straight. As she had a few minutes to spare, she sat in the window to look out at the horizon.
  7. Suddenly, the citizens of the candy
    yes please i would need
    Skin color
    Hair type
    Hair color
    Clothes and their color
    Body type
  8. Ignore the Suddenly the citizens of Candy part my ipods being a jerk
  9. Two bannana guards looked at Jenny up and down, "are you here for the party?"
    The young girl nodded and they opened the gates to let her in, she stepped into a wonderland of sweets before her very eyes. Gasping she backed up and bumped into a table, a important looking vase was about to fall but she grabbed it with her warrior like reflexes just in time and put it back with a smile.
  10. "Nice catch," Benny remarked as he entered the room, looking Jenny up and down.
  11. "Oh," Jenny blushed "thanks"
  12. "I'm Benjamin, people call me Benny," He grinned as he fixed his askew crown and offered her a hand to shake, "You are..?"
  13. Mary Claire just finished her violin recital when she heard from the candy people about the party. She badly wanted to go so she floated away to the candy kingdom, her wavy black hair with blue streaks and pale porcelain skin shaded by her ancestral umbrella with her violin case in hand. Her ancestral umbrella is one of her prized possessions, been passed down generation after generation from the original owner and her ancestor, Marceline Abadeer. She's half-vampire and half-demon, the vampire princess and the next vampire queen.

    As she sneakily sneaked in at the party with her violin case in tow, she saw one of the descendant of the princess of the candy kingdom, Princess Bubblegum and the descendant of Ooh's hero, Finn the human. "Interesting~" she cooed and floated over them, right after she grabbed a strawberry and sucked the red out of it.
  14. "Jenny...Jenny the human!" She said with a smile.
    Candy folks were partying as they came in and the young human chuckled before she started dancing with one of them.
    One of the candy people accidentally pushed the prince over the railing.
    Jenny gasped, "Benny!" She yelled as she ran past people, accidentally pushing one in the face.
    She caught him just as he was inches away from falling and set him down, the crowd gathered around murmuring, wondering if the prince was alright.
  15. "I'm fine," Benny assured, waving everyone off before turning to Jenny, "Thank you."
  16. Betty wandered around the gardens of the kingdom, as parties had never really been her thing.
  17. "Hey dude, no problem!" She blushed before standing up with two thumbs up.
  18. Benny's eyes flicked up and down Jenny, grinning.
    "So, what brings you here?"
  19. Mary watched the two converse, yawning at how boring their conversation is. Feeling a little mischievous, she threw the colorless strawberry at Benny, snickering a little "Pfft.. you two are so boring~ Don't you know anything to do for fun?" she asked.
  20. ryuk had just reached the candy kingdom. thats when he heard one of guards yell. "its the ice prince stop him protect the princess." a group of guards surrounded him. "what business do you have here you kidnapper."
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