Adventure and Fortune Await

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    (( That's the clothes she wears, but ignore the daggers/swords. Here's a more realistic version of her just for better reference: ))

    The feline demon wandered through one of the less busy streets of the town, crimson eyes taking in all the variety of people. Her olive skin with cream-colored markings placed on various parts of her body seemed to glow warmly with the dandelion sun rays shining on her, though maybe it was just because she was in a good mood. She was tired of this town and finally had enough of it! She had a plan. Well... a basic plan. She just needed a companion to travel with her, and she had the perfect person in mind.

    There was a dragon residing near the town, living off of rats and other similar creatures. Rumor was he was friendly towards the townspeople, and actually was treated like the town's pet! Nai'a had never met him, but surely he must tire of this place just as she did. After all, the town wasn't all that grand or had much scenery, it was just the people that made it pleasant.

    With her leopard ears, Nai'a had overheard a couple speak of where they had seen the dragon. That allowed her to follow the vague directions, and soon she was in the outskirts. Hm... if only she had overheard his name. That would at least allow her to call out and see if he was here.
  2. Tynebris - who is part of a fierce species of dragon - is the dragon mentioned. As the rumours say, he is friendly towards the towns people indeed. There might be one or two false rumours of him hurting someone, but no one can even prove it. The black scaled dragon has claimed a house in the outskirt of the town, now a ruined house, not a very suitable place to live for anyone but rats and other little critters - a perfect little but sufficient feeding ground for the 7meter long dragon. Though even Tynebris sometimes seeks for an adventure, which he usually does in form of hunting in a nearby forest.

    The peaceful dragon is having his daily morning flight, flying above town and roaring once or twice. The citizens are by now used tomthe morning roar, some using it as their alarm to wake up. However, flight is only short and followed by sunbathing, or well, shadowbathing below a tree at the outskirts. One day Tynebris is under this tree, the next day under another one, freely deciding on the closest one in his flight.

    The black dragon starts wondering, what it would be to go on a real adventure, spending time away from this town. Nevertheless, he doesn't want to wander off alone and without guidance on some profit or so. Slowly the dragon falls asleep, making him an easy target to approach. He usually curls up to sleep, but this time he isn't, seeing he didn't plan on falling asleep.

    (( This is how Tynebris looks, also fitting to the current situation:
    Black scales and dark red eyes, his wing and fin membranes are dark grey while bis claws, fangs and horns are a bit darker than the normal grey. ))
  3. Soon Nai'a's ears twitched to the sound of soft breathing. She followed it on instinct and came upon a tree where a large dragon lay sleeping. Her tail curiously swished as she walked closer until she was about ten feet away. The dragon looked peaceful enough in his sleep, his black scales glimmering slightly where the shade didn't provide. But who knew? He might really hate being waken up, so the female kept a safe distance away from him.

    "Dragon?" she called out with a smooth voice, pacing a couple of steps as she was too excited, head tilting to the side. "Dragon, wake up!"
  4. The dragon remained asleepnat the first call, but was woken up by surprise at the second call. Tynebris instinctively got up and faced Nai'a, cautiously looking at her. The dragon remains silent for some seconds, only stretching his wings a bit, but no growling or any other hostile actions.
    "I have a name." he replies, before he realizes, that his name is not very well known. "You are the first to approach me while I was asleep, you dare quite a bit." the dragon adds after some seconds of thinking. All of a sudden the dragon then tilts his own head, though not to match his head with her's.
  5. Nai'a stood her ground but not threateningly as the dragon awoke and faced her entirely. He stared at her, wings seeming growing to stretch, but there was no dangerous look in his stance nor eyes. When he spoke, his voice was deep. He tells her that he has a name, and that she is the first to approach him while he sleeps, making her 'quite daring'.

    "I know you have a name, but I do not know what it is," she replied lightly, wondering if he was studying her as she was studying him. "Daring, maybe. My name is Nai'a. I'm here with a proposal for you."
  6. "A proposal? You are also the first to do that." the dragon replies in a surprised and curious tone. "What is this proposal you speak of, Nai'a." Tynebris adds, pulling in his wings again, trying to not appear as a threat. Furthermore the black scaled dragon remains silent, curiously waiting for a reply, his stance changing to a more calm and friendlier one.
  7. Nai'a nearly beamed. Her ears perked and tail twitched happily; she was glad that this dragon was at least willing to listen to her proposal. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to tire of this town. The people are the same, only changing when tourists visit but they never stay. And also... this town has nothing left to offer me, and I believe it has been that way for a long time," she paused, walking a couple steps closer with a persuading smile.

    "I want to leave, to adventure! Travel the world and see what is out there, how it is really like! Preferably, maybe finding great treasures, but that is not necessary. It's about the journey, right?"
  8. "An adventure does sound very tempting. I always hear it is a big world, a lot to discover." Tynebris adds to what Nai'a said. "I think I can come with, is probably better than staying in this boring place. Here aren't even any treasures." the dragon says and immediately mumbles something afterwards: "There are no shinies in this town."

    After a few seconds of excitement from the dragon he suddenly lets his wings drop down a bit. "But where exactly will this journey go? Do you even know where to go?" Tynebris questions.
  9. Nai'a completely beamed now. Tynebris really would like to join her! She could hardly stand the excitement and happiness as she practically bounced on the balls of her feet. She wasn't even phased when he asked how the journey would go and if she even knew where to go.

    "Well, no, not really. But that's part of the adventure!" she smiled. "I mean, we can go anywhere."
  10. "I hope not where there is too much water, I do not like water." Tynebris replied, also getting excited. The dragon's tail wags slowly as he asked: "In which directikn shall our adventure start? I can't decide from all the possible directions" the black drago says, as his stomach grumbles quite loud and Tynebris immediately is embarresed. "Eh ... I think I am hungry." he adds to the grumbling.

    Tynebris looks a bit around and then daringly asks: "Could you pay me breakfast before he head out? I promise it will not be a mistake." Tynebris grins a bit and looks at Nai'a. "Believe me, a hungry dragon is no joke at all." he adds, still grinning.
  11. Nai'a laughs softly. "No, we do not have to go where there is too much water. But the direction... I was thinking of heading east first. How does that sound?" she grinned before she heard the large dragon's stomach rumbling. "Pay you breakfast? I'm afraid I don't have too much money, and I was saving it for the trip just in case we run into any... troubles." She answered honestly before she caught sight of the stream. Another grin slowly curved her lips and she looked to the dragon. "I could catch you some breakfast, if you'd like. I'm a feline, catching fish is like a natural talent." She waved her fingers as she held her hands up, nails like a human's but sharp like a cat's.
  12. "I am fine with east, shouldn't be too much water there." the dragon replies. Tynebris looks at the stream as Nai'a mentioned fish, and shortly afterwards back to her. "Fish are so smaller." the black dragon complains, though after a short time thinking and another grumble: "Though they are better than the small creatures I hunt in this town."

    Though immediately a new question arises. How comes it is a natural talent for you? I don't quite understand that. Flying is natural to me because of my wings, but how do sharp finger nails help at catching fish?" he asks curiously, tilting his head even. Tynebris places his rught frontleg infront and looks at nis sharp claws. "If sharp claws are the trick, then I should maybe try catching fish again." he adds, quite confused.
  13. (( Ah, I forgot to add that the cloth on her head is not as wide as the one in the picture, and allows her ears to be free. ))

    Nai'a nodded in agreement about the direction they were going to head in first. When Tynebris complained about how small fish were, she was going to point out that he ate rats most of the time, but he figured it out for himself. He did seem confused by how Nai'a was able to catch fish with sharp nails and she stared at him for a little bit before laughing warm-heartedly. "Did you not notice the ears and tail?" she asked as she moved to the side and swished her tail before pointing to her ears. "I'm a feline. It's just in my blood." She shrugged lightly before going over to the stream and peering down. "How many fish would you like?"
  14. (( No problem. ))

    As Nai'a mentioned that she has a tail Tyne inspected her closer, not having noticed it before. "So, you are no human? Are there more of your kind?" he bombards Nai'a with questions as he gets up, following her to the stream. Instead of answering her question directly he asks back: "How many can you catch? A hungry Tynebris can eat a lot." The black scaled dragon laughs softly afterwards. Tynebris observes the flow of the stream, focusing on it.
  15. "No. I am half-demon, half-leopard.... I hope that does not worry you," she looks at him almost sadly from over her shoulder before looking back to the stream. "I can catch as many as you'd like. Five? Six?" She smiled as she looked at him, waiting for an answer.
  16. "You are the first demon I see." he replies in a calm tone. "Six fish should do for now, we don't want to take all fish from this stream." Tynebris replies, laughing a bit. After the laughing he sits down and carefully observes Nai'a.
  17. Nai'a was a bit surprised. She was the first demon Tynebris had seen? Man, this dragon... how long of a life has he lived? Has he ever been on an adventure, whether it was life-changing or dull? Well... Nai'a supposed it was nice to be the first to join him, the first to ask him. She smiled lightly at his answer and nodded, taking off her boots before wading out in the stream. She would catch a few more easily than others, crimson eyes glued and moving swiftly to the fish that grabbed her attention. After catching each one, she would throw it to the dragon. She caught eight, the last one for herself as she walked back to the bank and smiled triumphantly.
  18. Tynebris smiles at the succesful fish catching. "You make it look so easy, I really should try it myself some day again." he compliments Nai'a, gulping one fish after the other. The dragon's tail wags slowly while he eats his breakfast, which defianetly was a better variety than all the rats he ate for an eternity. "These fish taste good, do they have a name like we do?" he asks curiously shortly after gulping his fourth fish.
  19. "Well... not really. There are different kinds of fish, yes? So each specie of fish have their own name. Like that, that is a regular trout," she answered as she pointed to one of the uneaten fish as she began to eat hers. She then looked at the dragon with a sense of soft inquisitiveness. "You're a curious dragon. How old are you?" She tilted her head slightly before taking a bite.
  20. "I think 20, I lost track some month ago." the dragon replies. "As far I know I may be curious, I saw no one saying I may not." he adds in a louder tone, a bit offended. Tynebris swoops to eat another fish. "There is still a lot I have to learn outside this village." the black scaled dragons says quietly. "They aren't anymore around to teach me." he mumbles to himself, a bit louder than he had hoped to speak.
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