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    ~Welcome, to Advent City~
    The world's leading developer of Magical Technologies and Sciences.

    Sure, we have crime, what city doesn't? But we have something unique. Guilds. Guilds are groups of well trained citizens working together outside of the city's government, with constant effort to ridding the city of crime. Using skills and weapons of every shape and size, the guilds each have their own style for dealing with things. I implore you, don't feel threatened, the city is perfectly safe. Why don't you see for yourself?
    • The year is 2102, 22nd Century, 3rd Millennium. Gangs and guilds have a heavy presence in Advent City. In recent years, gangs have become restless, and are now too much for the police alone to deal with. Guilds were then made into official groups of individuals who can take care of gangs of their own volition, with little to no help from the city's government or police force. Think of guilds as a form of militia, a group of worried citizens who pick up arms to perform civil arrests. The only support from the government that guilds receive is food and shelter funds.
    • Mana is the driving force of machinery power and weapon systems in similar fashions. Someone who is able to manipulate mana on their own without machine or tool aid is extremely rare. The mana was found by scientists discovering a new type of radiation which when tested and tried, revealed a new type of power source.
      Though mana powers most of the machines and houses in Advent City, Actual humans who can produce mana are few among the many non-magical humans. However, Special cores allow mana users to fill them with mana, for others to use in their homes with their machines. These cores can hold mana depending on their size. Inside a core, mana will not fade away until it is used, so as long as a machine is left unused, the core will retain its charge.
      Because of pollution rates, machines and other items that use fossil fuels are strictly banned from the city. This includes Nuclear powered items.
      (Gang members, who have no issues with breaking the law, may or may not bring banned machines into the city. It is the guilds job to make sure that doesn't happen)
    • Guilds are a legal group within a community that act upon the needs of the city or town they inhabit. They seem to wish to preserve the civilization they live in, and want it to flourish. Each guild has a guild master and then guild members. If a guild member messes up and does wrong, the guild master can be held accountable depending on if the member itself does not have a license of their own. Guild masters may punish their subordinates in any way/shape/form they see fit.

      List of Guilds:
      Razers= Led by Darien Dux: @Omega Black
      [Others may apply]

    • [Up for Discussion]

      Ammunition comes in two types for simplicity, standard rounds, and magical rounds. Due to the nature of the rounds, gunpowder rounds cannot be enchanted since the explosive energy seems to displace the magic.
      Standard rounds (Gunpowder, Lead, Sulfur) cannot be enchanted, because the combustion inside the chamber of the gun negates the magic.
      When enchanting a round, make sure to leave enough extra mana in the round for firing purposes. Too little will cause the round to miss its target, or not even fire at all. Too much mana, and you will blow your hand off.
      Magical rounds unfold halfway between the gun and the target after firing, the spell will then launch from the unfolded shell and do its best to hit the target.
      Older guns (20th and 21st Century) Weapons may fire magical rounds, as long as they are modified to do so.

      However, bb's and gas propelled rounds will have no issues being enchanted.
      Spells produced from a smoke grenade will affect anyone who touches/inhales the gas.

    • Basic elemental attacks
      Strategic spells
      Mana Sapping/Sharing
      Small Explosive spells (Shotgun only)
      Projection Spells
      Illusion spells
      [Up for Discussion]

    • Mass destruction spells
      Instant Death
      Transfiguration of Living Things.
      [Up for discussion]

    • Orichalcum - A golden colored bronze.
      Mithril - A silvery metal that is sturdy and lightweight.
      Adamantine - A very durable, almost crystal looking material.
      Angmallen - A material created by mixing gold and iron.
      Electrum - A material created by mixing silver and gold.
      Prometheum - A lower form of iron, with less durability. Green in color.
      Oureclase - A material with about as much durability as steel, bronze in color.
      Atlarus - a yellow colored dense material. Generally about as durable as Iron.
      Things like Kevlar and Carbon-Fiber have become obsolete, due to the strength of magical ores and alloys.

    • Enchanting works by focusing the mana into a engraved runic marking upon something, be it a gun, bullet, or anything else.
      Items can only hold certain enchantments, based on their structure.
      Example: Sight enhancing enchantments may only be placed on glasses, or other items that you look through.
      Guns can be enchanted to morph, but only to one other type of gun. Any more morphing enchantments will cause the gun to break. (This makes the gun into two primary weapons, another cannot be carried with a morphing gun)
      Enchanting requires focus and time, so it is impossible to make an enchantment in the heat of battle. Plan your enchantments wisely and be responsible.

    • Razers
      Guild Master - Darien "Dare" Dux: @Omega Black
      Member -
      Member -
      Member -

      For a guild to be publically and formally recognized, there must be at least four members, aside from the guild master.
      The guild master is the leader of the guild, and may take any actions necessary to secure the stability of the guild.
      He/she may punish his/her guild members any way they see fit for any misdeeds or transactions.

    • Gangs are the opposite of the guilds. They hinder the community and are most likely doing all sorts of illegal things. Several Color Gangs have arisen in the last few years. This led to the establishment of the guild laws, allowing citizens to take justice into their own hands.

      List of Gangs:
      Black Nightmares: Led by The Boogieman (@~\The Talentless/~)
      [others may apply]

    • Black Nightmares
      Leader - The Boogieman: @~\The Talentless/~
      Member - Shane Sterling: @Gabriel Heartache
      Member -
      Member -

    • Any spell not listed in the banned spell list can be used.
      [Up for Discussion]

    • The city makes the majority of it's income from magical and scientific advancements.
    • Same as current human society (2015-America), with a few twists and bends. The discovery of magic in 2033 changed how things work. Magical weapons of all kinds require a special license. You must be 18 or older to receive this license. Any criminal acts (Including negligence) involving a magical weapon will result in the suspension or revocation of your license. You must also be 18 in order to formally start a guild and recruit members. As a member of a guild, as long as the guild master has his/her license, you do not need to carry your own license, only a sign that you are a member of a guild. However, any gun law violations will directly affect the guild master, and punishment will be in his/her hands. As a member of a guild, your actions reflect solely on your guild master, and he/she is able to punish you in any way they see fit for any misdeeds or transgressions.

    Okay. That should be enough to at least give you enough info to apply. This RP will take place in an Invite Only group. This way, only members whose applications I've approved may join in. Here are some basic rules:
    1.) You may form a Guild or Gang, but it is unofficial until you have at least four subordinates.
    2.) If your character has already been approved, you may then take applications to your Guild or Gang, or apply to join an existing one.
    3.) No god-mode. There's a chance of character death, though I'd like to avoid it. So be smart with your tactics.
    4.) If a gang member is apprehended, and not killed, they will spend a random amount of time in the 'jail' thread. After a determined sentence (unless you escape) you will be released.
    5.) Limited ammo. You may only bring a total of five clips/magazines with you per gun you have. And you may only carry up to three (two secondary and one primary) guns with you. Aside from that, you may have a single melee weapon, and up to three cartridges of power cells (Should your melee weapon be magical). Each gun magazine may hold up to 9 rounds. However, higher powered guns (Assault Rifles) may hold larger magazines. Magical rounds and standard rounds must be held in separate magazines. You may not know 100% which magical round you are using, unless you have separate magazines for round types, or you remove the magazine IC to check. Bolt-Action rifles don't use magazines, so I'd allow for characters with these guns to hold a belt of at most 50 rounds. The magazine limit for Fully-Auto weapons is slightly increased. They can hold 3 magazines for a fully-automatic weapon, with each clip holding 30 rounds.
    6.) You must have made your enchanted items before going into battle, no on-the-fly enchantments.
    7.) If you make your character leave to go buy ammo or supplies, they will be gone for a total of seven turns. however, you may take your turn to describe your character's exact movements. Gang members may shoplift, but only small items that can fit in pockets. Also, don't make yourself magically rich, and don't come back in with a stockpile of goods. Be sensible.​
    8.) ALL characters must use magic of some sort.
    9.) NO overly powered gadgets or weapons. That includes magical rounds.
    10.) All characters other than NPCs must be in either a gang or a guild, NO exceptions.
    11.) No making up companies to support your character's background. If you want to make a company, PM @Omega Black first and ask permission.

    I'm looking for a co-GM. If I do not get a co-GM, I would like to form a group of members to help me out with rulings and such whenever said help is needed.

    Some of the tabs have an [Up for Discussion] in them. If you have any input for said subjects, please leave it after your character sheet. Please put character sheets in spoilers, so that the comments aren't a ClusterF**K of pictures and words.​

    Here's my character:

    Darien Dux (open)

    ConceptDualGunner.jpg dualgunnerwithblades.png
    Name: Darien "Dare" Dux
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Combat Type: Skeet Shooter/Mana Fighter
    Magic Type: Mana Manifestation
    Weapon of Choice: Chrome Revolvers. A pair of specially built revolvers that can handle various types of magical rounds. They also have a specially built chamber at the front of the gun for special "Mana Clips" that allow Darien to manifest mana better using his guns.
    Personality: Leader-Type, puts others before himself, fights through pain.
    History: Darien was a poor kid, living in the ghettos of Advent City, a large, shining city that is the world's capital for 'Magical Sciences'. He went to high school, like any other teenager, and graduated at the top of his class with a scholarship in Magical Mechanics. Instead of using his scholarship for attending a university, Darien used the money to buy a large house in the suburbs of the city, near the shipping docks. Darien then began working on his own project. He eventually developed a suit of armor for himself, as well as two specially made revolvers.
    Darien, otherwise known as "Dare", is now a young adult. He spends the majority of his time working on new Magic Tech. He then uses this tech to arm his 'friends'. In recent years, crime rates in Advent City have skyrocketed, and Dare wanted to do something about it. Dare began recruiting and eventually formed his own guild. He called this guild "Razers". The goal of Razers is to eliminate gang threats all over the city. They are a group of skilled young minds with various skill sets. But there is one thing that unites all Razers, their abilities with Mana Guns.

    A character sheet must be include the following:
    Images: Pictures of the character and/or his specific weaponry
    Sexual Orientation: Sexual content is a nono (Unless you do it behind closed doors in a conversation) , but love interests are possible.
    Combat Type: This is the way your character fights
    Magic Type: This is the favored spell type for your character
    Weapon of choice: Go into detail, explain the weapon's capabilities.
    Personality: What's your character like?
    History: What's his/her past?
    Other: Give a brief Bio.

    Copy+Paste CS (open)

    Sexual Orientation:
    Combat Type:
    Magic Type:
    Weapon of Choice:

    P.S. I'm currently recruiting for Darien's Guild: Razers. If you'd like to join, leave the word "Razers" at the very top of your comment, in size 7 font. Also looking for someone who can make a banner for this thread.

    I'd love to see what you all have to offer ^x^​
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  2. Blake;

    Name: Blake 'Inferno' Dunkirk.
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight, but not intrested.
    Combat Type: close combat with Mana-powered weapons

    Magic Type: Mana Syphon (Inverse mana Sapping, Rather than draining others mana, He can overload them or put mana in to other objects)
    Weapon of Choice: combi weapon (Think Gunblade) and Misdirection Shield
    Combi Weapon Examples;
    Misdirection Sheild;
    A large (ish) mana Crystal engraved with runes of protection and deflection, Used somewhat as a 'personal shield' unit, capable of protecting the user from solid rounds and magic bullets, though gasses and close combat weapons render it useless.
    Personality: Blake is the black sheep of one of the higher families. He hates anyone who would put threat to Advent's stability and structure and see's it as his job to render them unable to do it again, be that through putting them in jail or killing them he has no qualms about it. Outside of that, he's warm, talkative and happy to chat. though he is sarcastic from time to time.
    History: Born to one of the high Families of Advent he went through the best education Advent had to offer, finding he was adept at combat he quickly left the education system much to the chagrin of his family and eventual disownment, Meaning while they keep him out of poverty they are not willing to do any more than that unless he returns to what they call the 'proper' way of life.
    Other: His combat Style is highly non standard, Rather than shooting it out with his foe he prefers to use his Shield to protect him from bullets and spells and get up close and personal using his ability to power his own weapons to enhance his blades with mana, Skipping normal complex spells and engravings he often uses single repeated rune, Such as 'Flame' 'Burn' or 'Freeze' Resulting in his weapons having a 'aura' of sorts, Where as a throwing dagger enchanted to track the target down will only stab, his blades will burn, freeze, set aflame, put acid upon the target. He knows he toes the line with a few of them, as they aren't 'curses' and can be removed with normal means, but some could be construed as 'poison.' The one downside of this strategy is that he often has to carry several Shields as under intense fire they will run out of mana.



    Name: Alexander 'Lex' Gladstone
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Streight
    Combat Type: Sniper
    Magic Type: Transmutation
    Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle and Silenced Auto Pistol
    Rifle;Aether Rifle
    The Aether Rifle is a odd rifle to say the least. The rounds it fires contains mana crystals charged by Lex to Transmute the round or its target, Often resulting in Fireballs or Lightning bolts forming mid air. The rounds themselves are also non-standard, The back half containing a second mana crystal that produces a large amount of flame, projected through the 3 rear prongs producing a rocket like effect, allowing for higher accuracy as well as shorter flight times. The pointed tip allows for the round to impact on the target and then transmute in to something else. allowing for some stranger effects such as sudden appearances of large sofas atop people.
    Machine Pistol;
    More of a Emergency weapon, Exchanging the normal 9mm pistol rounds for much smaller .17 HMR which was 4.5mm allowed for much higher capacity per clip, Tripling the mag size from nine to 27. which was needed due to the pistol being fully automatic, However, the HMR rounds rather than having a rounded tip had a pointed tip, much like an assault rifle round, Meaning a flatter flight path AND higher penetrative power.
    Lex is quiet and only offering input when asked of him or he feels it is needed. He takes his job with a cold deliberation, seeing at as something that needs to be done but a distasteful thing nonetheless. Hence the distancing himself from combat, using a sniper rifle.
    History: Alexander grew up not quite in the slums but close enough for it to be violent he hated it. He hated the violence, he hated the killing, he hated those that perpetrate it. so he focused his energies on creating things to stop them finding his calling in creating weapons and tools. one of them being the Ather Rifle.
    I'll fill this in as I work it out


    I'm fine to join any gang or guild that wants a member for either of these. I'm also happy to play both of them (Pending GM approval) I'd also be happy to Co-Gm.
  3. Both are accepted. But I have 1 qualm. I understand it may have been meant as a joke, but transmuting a bullet into a giant sofa would be impossible. Transmutation works by turning the materials of one item into another item with equal properties. Also, the bullets transmuting as they penetrated would mean he'd have to be close to the target to cast the transmutation spell, which is pointless if it's a sniper.
    Those are my only issues.
  4. Ok. Bear with me for a moment as I try and get my head round something.
    You said magic works in 2 ways, Either the raw manipulation of mana from the body, which is very rare, spell casting as you will. hurling fireballs ect. Where as Enchantments take time to prep up, you have to pre-cast them if you will, they take time, effort and mana. and have to be cast on to a crystal. What the Ather rifle does, is fire said crystals, so Lex dosn't have expend any magic in combat. So the crystal would have the runes for transmutation, lets say in to a lightning bolt. and there would be a 'trigger' clause, For instance when Lex snapped his fingers, or spoke a command word or sentence.
    Enchanting works by focusing the mana into a engraved rune upon something, be it a gun, bullet, or anything else.
    Items can only hold certain enchantments, based on their structure.
    Example: Sight enhancing enchantments may only be placed on glasses, or other items that you look through.
    Guns can be enchanted to morph, but only to one other type of gun. Any more morphing enchantments will cause the gun to break.
    Enchanting requires focus and time, so it is impossible to make an enchantment in the heat of battle. Plan your enchantments wisely and be responsible.
    To quote your opening post. so he Enchants a pre-charged crystal, the crystal then contains the magic energy to cast the enchanted spell. that crystal is then put inside a Ather round and has a trigger effect, so it could be upon impact with the target that the transmutation happens.

    I need to ask though. Since the Rifle is bolt action single round, How many round can he carry? also how will we resolve sniper arguments? Like Normally a sniper shot is fatal/a solid 'sit down' round, and I am sure other players don't want their char's taken out with a single round. but yeah, The sofa to the face was a joke. but I can see it happening at least once. just like "hear catch! *SOFA*"
  5. I didn't even mention crystals? I said you pour magic into engraved runes. Runes as in the symbols, like magic circles. That kind of thing. Not Runes as in stones used in the practice of wicca. I think that's where your confusion started.
  6. Bolt action ay... Didn't think of that one. I'd say if you had one of those belt things that goes around your shoulder.... Along with the fact that standard guns are allowed 5 magazines, and the magazines for semi-auto guns would be around 9... About 50 rounds at one given time.
  7. Ok, 50 rounds for the bolt action sniper. sweet.
    right. now thats cleared up, do you see what I mean about pre-prepped enchantments? like pre-cast spells with trigger clauses. so they are already charged and ready to go, and all they need is a specific circumstance to trigger? would that work?
  8. Yea. But I think you should have what they're transfiguring into specifically carved into the enchantment, to avoid being an OP.

    Here's the situation I want to avoid: "Okay, so he's allergic to [insert earthly element here], I'll turn the flesh around the wound into it and kill him with allergies!"
    Here's how it should be: "Okay, he's [this distance] away, standing against a wall. I'll use a concrete transfiguration-" Searches belt for appropriate round "-to trap him there"
  9. Oh yeah, it was going to be way more stuff like, lets say 50 rounds, so he'd have pre packed
    10 fire/immolation rounds (explodes in to a ball of fire just before impact)
    10 Liquidation rounds (Transmutes the target in to its liquid state)
    10 Lightning rounds (transmutes in to a lightning bolt partway towards impact,)
    2 smoke rounds (On a command word explodes in to a huge cloud of dense black smoke)
    2 striker rounds (2 seconds after impact converts the surrounding area into pure energy (big boom))
    1 Dead Bolt Round (closest legal approximation of a 'isnta death' spell, maybe puts them comatose untill the counter spell is used?)
    5 Impact rounds (Enchanted with runes of puncturing and penetration, basicly his version of Anti-armour)
    5 Fusion Rounds (Melts the target, then lets it resolidify mostly used to seal things or render weapons useless)
    5 Eruption Rounds (Explodes in to Liquid Metal before impact)
    10 Frag rounds (creates a bunch of scything metal fragments mid air, resulting in a showering of lethal fragments, Anti Personnel)

    With each having its own braille code on it that he can read. either that or he can read magic via running his fingers over it. Your choice. I will state what exactly he has at the start of each combat, and in every post put a spoiler of his ammunition count so no one can call BS.

    So situations will be like "Ok so they are all standing clustered together. -searches belt for Frag Round-" Or, "Ok, so they are hiding behind lots and lots of weak armour, I'll use a Striker round to blow it all to hell, then use the Dead Bolt to take the leader out." clearly some are really circumstantial, Like The smoke rounds. "Shit they have a HMG/LMG =hits the LMG guy in the chest with a smoke round to blind him and make sure my team has a chance to run=" hence the reduced number of them.

    I assume he can own more than 50 round, like have a stockpile at the guild base? so he can take different selections in to combat. like I have some fun ideas, Like flash-bang rounds and Double Rounds which take up 2 slots but upon firing create a duplicate bullet heading on a different trajectory.
  10. Just remember. No large explosions.

    Oh, btw, could you make the acid from your first character be a weak acid? Something that only stings the skin? Trying to avoid instances of overpowering lol.
  11. Sure, it won't be so much an explosion, more just a ball of fire, like when you light a hydrogen baloon on fire or something.
    as for the acid, you ever got lemon juice in a cut? or vinegar? Yeah, thats what he's aiming for with it, crippling pain.
  12. Ah, so like going to the bathroom after cooking with hot sauce (Happened to a friend, not me, but I heard his cries of pain)

    Well, with those minor changes, your characters are set and accepted. Will be adding them to my PC folder for the RP. Keep your eyes on the groups section, I will be inviting you shortly.
  13. But also, would you like either of them to join the already existing guild "Razers", or would you like them to start their own? I'm saying guild because neither of your characters seems like a criminal type.
  14. Yup. On that note, Does he have to conform to the 1 melee weapon limit? as thats his primary combat form, Like most people will be carrying a knife or something, he'll be carrying round a frigging battle axe ect. IE swap the limits, so he carries 1 main melee combat + 2 lesser ones, and replaces the ranged weapons with his shield unit?

    Edit for guid;
    Well, we'll wait for other players, but neither of them are the leader type. so they'll join a guild, but I'd rather not put down a solid affiliation as of yet.
  15. Well, since the character is based on melee combat. I'd say it's fine to carry the main one and two smaller ones. But that limit doesn't say he can't own more than that, just that he can only carry that many with him at one time.

    And yeah, I agree with that, waiting for other guilds to show up.
  16. I can see him becoming a weapon nut very fast.
  17. Sounds good
  18. Are we alone? ~insert ailen joke here~
  19. Currently, yes. You are my first submission. I invited you to the group though, so hurry along and join. there's currently only a thread to repost your CS. So please do that and add in the few changes we've made.
  20. So being a total Noob, where da frig do You find invites?

    Found it. Jeeze its aquard to locate.
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