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  1. She was the goddess of athletics.
    He was just interested in finding a sport for himself.
    She was single. She usually scared all the guys she liked because she was tall, muscular, and short haired. Like a guy.
    But he wasn't as freaked out. No. He could be nice...

    There was once a girl who loved fitness. Lifting weights, participating in multiple sports, like Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc. She was all over the place. But she was lonely. All the men she ever had feelings for were frightened by her manly appearance, of short hair, muscle, and height, making her a real-life "Amazon" girl.

    Then "He" came into her life. This boy, who wanted to get stronger. Get more active. He was new to some of these sports. Wanted to find one that was right for him. Start lifting a couple weights. This was her opportunity…So she tries to help him get into the world of physical fun, however, often creeping him out by literally holding his hands all the way, or accidentally coming into the same locker. She also tends to get him hurt often, mostly accidental...

    This is the story of the Active Angel...
  2. Jack McCoy gulped when he stared at the sight before him: The Kinniku Gym and Athletics association building. It was filled with exercise equipment, and everything to make the dreams of those who played sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, etc come true. Upon entering, one of the things he noticed most importantly was that this place had it's own Wrestling/Martial Arts Ring and training area. Then he looked over, and saw a hallway that was supposed to be a shortcut to the indoor and outdoor pools. Next to that was one of the areas for weight-lifting equipment. Biting his lip, he walked towards the basketball area. Basketball was fun, and a great start, because he and his friends played this during the week, at least once or twice.

    Oh, speaking of which, as he entered the indoor court, he had spiked black hair, and dark brown eyes. His skin was caucasian, with a body that had an athletic build which stood at 5,10, at his age of 15. He was dressed in some form of T-shirt with some pop culture reference on it, and some track pants, which he wore quite often, even before he wanted to get into a sport. His shoes were black, with some dark red trimming, and just near his hand were two 3-4 inch sweatbands. But perhaps his most notable feature were his bushy black brows, like that of Bruce Lee. A detail he secretly prided himself in...
  3. "Come on, Kali, push! Push!"

    "It's kinda hard to do that if you're SCREAMING AT ME, DAVIS!"

    "You can do it! One more! Just one more!"


    Kaline let out a loud roar as she heaved the last 210 pound bar above her body which lie on the bench. Her arms were shaking in muscular spasms which was a cue to the spotters to return the bar back on its rinks. Once the loud CLINK sound resonated from the rinks, a loud applause shot up through the gym followed by cheers and whistles. Kali lay back on the bench, panting and covered with sweat that trickled down over the orange sports bra she had on. Her silver/white hair was stuck in strands that clung to her face do to the high perspiring. Her friend Davis, a tall scrawny boy with a medium fro of bushel orange hair, grinned down at her.

    "You did it, Kali! You maxed your record!"he said, clapping a hand to her own and heaving her up. Kali swayed slightly on the balls of her toes and shook her head, still hearing the cheers from the fellow gym members. A smirk planted on her lips as her golden eyes darted over to the faces of the muscular and not so muscular men around her.

    "Yeah, no kidding. I almost wouldn't have done it if you kept talking."she retorted, shoving Davis roughly. Davis laughed as he was forced to take two steps back, due to the roughness of the shove.

    "Well excuse me for giving you motivation! Great job, K. You deserve a drink."he said, jogging (very slowly, she may add), to the water fountain and pouring her a small cup of water. Kaline took the cup and pressed the brim of the plastic cup softly to her lips as she took small sips of the cool drink.

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  4. Jack was in the middle of a heated game, dashing back and forth with surprising speed, despite not getting out too often. He'd go left and right, back and forth, and when someone tried to slap the ball out of his hands, he used a couple slips, fades, and bobs he'd once seen boxers use, bouncing the ball in the direction his upper body would move. He managed to zip around him, and get over, before trying to jump up, and shoot.

    Unfortunately for Jack, this did not happen at all.

    Instead, just as he took his final steps, one of the players decided to play a cruel prank, and caught him off guard, tripping him as he fell onto the cold floor, trying to get up.

    "I'm sick of playing this game with this weak-ass here. Lemme throw him out with the rest of the trash!"

    "Yo, Robbie. Ease off. We're all cool here."

    "I dunno. He's mostly gotten lucky." Said another. "No offense or anything, but how's about we just let him try playing another game? he get's his own team, and loser has to leave."

    Jack groaned "I could just leave…"

    But it was too late. Most of the players joined Robbie's team. Not as much because they didn't like Jack, but because he couldn't play very well, and so far, he didn't get many people to help him out… and only one thought was going through his head:

  5. Kali took another sip of water and looked out over the gym. There were members on treadmills, benches, curling, and StepMasters. She looked down the the bench she was on moments before and smiled in triumph. 210, that was definitely a max record for her. Kali yawned, not feeling the effects of soreness on her arms from the lifting yet, and strode towards the door. Davis, who was conversing with a group of men, did a double take when he saw Kali walking towards the exit.

    "Woah woah woah, you done for today? I didn't take you as the quittin' type!"he teased, shoving her arm. After doing so, he backed up 3 steps to keep his distance from her. Kali merely smiled at the motion and shrugged.

    "Yeah, I'm done for today. What more do you want from me? I maxed out."she said, walking out of the door. Davis chose to follow her after sending a quick head nod to the guys behind him.

    "Yeah but your KALINE." Kali looked down momentarily. The statement caught her off guard. That was all she was known as in there. Kali, the dominant athletic empress. Even Davis, someone she chose to call friend, saw her as only a hardcore athletic machine.

    "Well, I'm tired."she said harsher than normal, though Davis didn't quite catch it. She grabbed her jacket off of the rack and walked out of the gym, past the basket ball court before hearing jeers and guffaws of the men there. Kali looked over to the court and saw a 4 men looking down on 2 guys. One of them didn't look familiar at all and Kali new instantly what was wrong: bully issue.

    "You've gotta be kidding..."she muttered, taking a detour from the exit to the court.

    "Hey hey, where ya goin'? I thought you were tired?" Davis exclaimed, trotting to keep up with her brisk walk. Kali was close enough to know that the leader of the 4 man squad was Ronnie.

    "Ron, you're about to play?"she asked, motioning towards the two boys with a raise of her head. "Seems a bit uneven to me. Mind if we join?" On cue, the posse of boys next to Ronnie sucked in their breaths with a sharp inhale; the usual reaction to a challenge by Kali. Ronnie, though doubt sparked his eyes, smirked at her and Davis.

    "Let's do it then." Kali turned and nodded towards the boy next to the new kid, Kirk.

    "Hey Kirk. Doing good today?"she asked him, removing her jacket. Kirk nodded though he didn't hold any eye contact with her. Kali's golden eyes turned over to the new boy while she bent over to tie her shoes, silver hair falling around her caramel face.

    "Haven't seen you here before. Name's Kali. You?"she asked while Davis began to suit up also.
  6. Jack was just about to serve the ball, and try to come up with a new plan of action. The odds were against him, but something in his mind made him want to take the challenge, and try to be a real cool kid. Again, this did not happen, because just as he was about to move, and put everything he had, a tall girl with dark skin, not sure if it was just a tan or not, with golden eyes and hair as white as snow came in, challenging Ron.

    "Jack. Jack McCoy." Mumbled Jack. It wasn't that a girl came to help him, but the fact he needed help at all. He wanted to prove himself, but again, something came up to prevent him from doing so.

    Ron himself was suddenly about to shit bricks. Kaline, the KALINE the GREAT KALINE, he mentally corrected himself, incase he happened to be sharing his thoughts unknowingly out loud, watched as the girl, and her friend, that skinny kid Davis, back up the new kids.

    "Whatever. But if you lose, blame those new guys. They don't know Jack Shit about how to play."

    And at that moment, something in Jack made him compelled to speak up.

    "I don't usually say much." He began. "But I'll tell you this: I play a little basketball. I'm not good enough for a team, but hell. If assholes like you keep that kinda talk up, I dunno what I might do…"

    Ronnie laughed. "Kid thinks he can take me. Let's just humor him n' play!"

    The teams were now all set. Jack had the ball, and just as he was about to take the shot, he had an idea form. He held out the ball with a small smile, as Ronnie looked back to his boys, and shrugged, before laughing and walking over. When he tried to slap the ball out of Jack's hands, he was pleasantly surprised to find it didn't budge, as Jack slipped past, smirking. He'd fooled that jerk perfectly.

    But things were suddenly stacked against him as he passed the ball to Davis. Jack was being tailed by two guys at once, and once he passed the ball, the same tactic would be applied: these two moved in a strange ribbon movement when the person with the ball was moving, constantly switching sides as they circled.

    Jack began to imagine up what he'd do next. it wasn't going to be easy, but great scott, he had a good idea. He gestured for Kirk to help out Davis however he could, while he went over to Kali. To tell the truth, as he tilted his head slightly to look at her, but certainly not directly into her eyes, he felt small, and a little weaker. Shaking it off, he began to speak, trying to tell her his idea.

    "Uh, hey... dude." greeted Jack. "I don't mean to boss you around or anything, but, uh...the next time you get the ball, could you go near the hoop, and mess around with that Ronnie guy a bit? just keep him in one spot. I got this move I use all the time with my friends when we play, and I've never lost...with it, with the move.…If that's cool with you?"
  7. "Did you just call me 'dude'?"

    "Kali!" Kali still held a glare towards Jack and grabbed the ball that was passed to her without even looking! She heard it bounce on the court once and knew which direction it was coming. The men on the opposite team all took surprised gasps. Even Ronnie stopped his movement momentarily before he snapped back into attention.

    "Guys, come on, pay attention, dammit!"he shouted, going up through the court to play defense against Kali. Kali let her golden eyes leave Jack before dribbling the ball slowly. She wasn't intimidated by him in the least. In fact, she hated his snarky attitude and puffed ego. Though he tried to seem so bad ass in front of the members, he knew where he stood if he faced Kali.

    With that thought in mine, Kali side stepped the boy quickly and spun once, and made her way to the hoop. On cue, Davis and Kirk both stuck to their men who both were going to assist Ronnie. And for good reason too. Kali needed more than one guard on her.

    "Show me what you got, Kali." Ronnie grumbled against her neck, crouching down with his arms out. Kali pivoted around on one foot with her backside against Ronnie, who was honestly too close to her. Kali ignored it and kept Ronnie in the paint for as long as possible, waiting for that Jack guy to make his move.
    He better be good...
  8. Jack got a little buzzed, mumbling a couple apologies, before watching the current actions go through. He hopped backwards a little, and came running in, Ronnie too busy with trying to get the ball. He didn't put much math into it, but he liked to think he did, as Jack began to hunch over a little, and pulled his arm back, clenching his fist as tightly as he could while Ronnie was occupied.

    Ronnie himself was putting all he could into trying to get the ball, starting to screw around with Kali's arm, each time he did, it went lower, and lower, before rising a bit just as Jack hoped it would. The positioning was perfect, just like every time his friends would do this to the opposing team...

    Ronnie suddenly snaked his way through, and took the ball with both hands, about to try and take a frantic shot, the ball around his chest area. And strangely enough, Jack seemed to have launched his arm as if he had been doing an uppercut of sorts, only his hand was open, and he struck the ball with his palm at a certain angle, practically jumping into the air, the ball accidentally hitting Ron in the jaw, as Jack kept the force going, and pushed it into the air where it flew, before coming back down. Ronnie trembled backwards in almost slow motion while everyone stared up at the soaring ball.

    Jack watched the ball head for the hoop, and in pure luck, just as he landed, the ball flew through the hoop, scoring. Jack caught the ball, and threw it towards Kirk, rubbing his neck, as he turned his head a little.

    "Sorry for calling you 'dude…' Kali? right?…Thanks for…well, you know. I just thought we could use the first point, and that was one'a my lucky moves..."

    Jack began to go after one of Ronnie's boys, trying to block him from getting the ball, leaving the rest of the shots to them. Ronnie himself was bugged that Jack got him back for tripping him.
  9. Davis and Kali exchanged glances momentairly before getting back into gear. Kali walked slowly up to Ronnie, extending an hand out to him to help him up.

    "You really know how to take balls to the face."she said while helping the boy up even as he scowled. Pissed off at the statement, he pulled Kali close to him with the same hand she used to help him up with. His brown eyes pierced into her golden ones as they were inches away from each other's face.

    "You showin' off?"

    "Did i do something?"

    "Just because there's a new kid here dont mean you got to flaunt."

    "Ron. Don't try me." Her voice grew cold as she looked at the boy. Ronnie blinked, thinking twice about getting on Kali's bad side. She didn't wait for a response before she got into her defensive position, squatting down to guard Ronnie, though one of his men had the ball. There was only a 2 inch difference between the two so it made blocking him easier. She was actually glad she was the one to do it. If it were jack, Ronnie's revenge was soon coming.
  10. A couple chuckles were exchanged at the 'balls to the face' comment. But things quickly got back to the game, and a shot had been made for Ronnie's team, one to one.

    Jack and Kirk were doing the best they could to try and catch the ball, but now their inexperience was starting to show. Kirk nearly fell over trying to get one of Ronnie's boys with the ball, and Jack had the ball stolen from him once or twice. Now Ronnie had two of the three total points he needed to kick them out of the court.

    He'd been really thankful for Kali blocking Ronnie. He did anticipate though that Ronnie would find some way through. Kirk had gotten a good shot in, just barely missing, Jack grabbing the ball, and Ronnie straight up running past Kali, and ramming into Jack, a closed fist meeting his stomach like a battering ram, and only colliding at the last moment where everyone would think it was all an accident.

    "Oh, I'm sorry" He snickered. "Guess your big strong girlfriend wasn't there to stand in my way."

    Jack climbed to his feet, taking a moment to get up, with Ronnie trying to take the ball from him. Jack, bothered by this attack, pretended to take a shot, and accidentally (seriously. He didn't see it coming…) hit Ronnie in the face, before passing it over to Kali to make the final shot, checking to see if he was alright. He'd put in some serious power trying to get it away from the other boy...

    "That kid…his spaghetti arms ain't as scrawny as I thought..."

    Jack hopped over behind Ronnie, and kept him upright, Ronnie mumbling thanks, before waving an arm to make Jack move away, as he went back over to his team.

    "Damn. Even I'm not this lucky…"

  11. "Check."

    Kali checked the ball into play while Jack made his way over to Ronnie, who was bending over in pain. The two of them seemed to be doing more boxing than basketball. Maybe they should make their way to the ring instead. The sound of dribbling snapped her head back into the game as she did her best to block one of Ronnie's men. He was tall with a peanut shaped head, so she decided to nickname him Cashew, just for kicks. It was easy to see that Cashew was intimidated by her. She hopped side to side on her feet like a rabbit, silver hair bouncing up and down, passing over her eyes momentarily. She didn't smile or look friendly at all. In fact, she was almost scowling.

    "Pass man!"she heard Ronnie call out. One look behind her told her that they left Davis covering Ronnie. Not good. She decided to go on the offensive by taking advantage of Cashew's nervous stupor. Leaning forward, she snatched the ball with one hand and spun on her right foot, making her way across the court. She could here Ronnie swear loudly. Her eyes darted to Kirk and Jack to see if they were open for a direct pass, but suddenly, a knee came in contact with her right leg.

    "Ahh!"she yelped while hissing in pain and slightly stumbling. Kali didn't need to look to know that it was Ronnie who did it. Davis was no good at defense whatsoever. Surprisingly, she still managed to pass the ball off to Kirk, hoping that he had the brains enough to make a move. Kali stepped down on her right leg and felt a pang of pain in her knee area. Her golden eyes shot into Ronnie's in a glare, but she didn't let him see anything other than anger in her eyes.

    "Two can play that game..."she said coldly, pleased to see him hesitate in nervousness as if he practically signed his own death wish.

  12. Jack was about to jump in and back up Kali with the pass, but he noticed the knee smash into Ronnie's right leg. His eyes flashed, and he gave a hidden thumbs up to Kali, gesturing he'd back her up. Now, Jack was mostly unintentionally hitting Ronnie, especially on the second smash into his face, but when the fist came into his stomach, he was pissed. Watching the knee go into Kali's leg was just enough now.

    Jack himself was trying to block two guys at once, hopping back and forth between the two other young men, so Kali could go in for the kill on Ronnie. Kirk was trying to back up Davis on defense, double teaming the one guy closest to Ronnie, but not noticing the two farther away, who actually presented the greater threat.

    "C'mon, Kali…" He muttered nervously, dashing left and right as quickly as he could, using a combination of his speed and willpower to keep on going. If Jack had anything going for him, it had to be his fiery spirit. Deep within, whenever he really wanted something, there was just a burning inner strength of sorts. And right now, more than ever, he wanted to see Kali win this, and kept Ronnie's two wingmen at bay via the strange tactic. The two slowly began to divide, making it more difficult for Jack to jump back and forth, as they had stayed closer to each other, and the hoop, ready to get the winning shot.

    Jack started to sweat, throwing his arms up whenever the two had their arms out. Kirk was on his way after Davis took over blocking the fourth member of Ronnie's team, that Cashew kid. with a swipe of his left wrist, his terrycloth sweatband absorbed the liquid, as Jack felt a sensation of fire in his body, as well as shortness in breath.

    "I'm not letting Ronnie get away with any of this shit!" He mentally roared at himself. "I've put up with guys like him for too long!…"
  13. She could tell that Davis was struggling. Kirk was struggling. Even Jack was struggling. Kali was starting to feel the burn in her arms after the bench presses she did, but she wasn't going to let Ronnie and his gang get away with that bullshit they had pulled, trying to take on a new guy and poor old Kirk.

    "Kirk."she called out after making a easy side step away from the man who was supposed to be defending her. Merely stepping around him like shooing off a fly, Kali skipped up just in time to scoop the ball up from Kirk's flimsy hands. If he would have thrown it any higher, it would have been stolen. She snaked her way across the court, running towards Ronnie who was feet away from the goal. She didn't stop there however, and kept her momentum going, still jogging up towards him. Ronnie crouched down and didn't move, preparing himself to block her as hard as she could when she entered the paint. He was going to prove that he was not going to be intimidated by a girl.

    It was all going according to plan.

    Kali smirked and did the exact opposite of what Ronnie calculated in his head, stopped before reaching the paint, and lightly leaned back to let the ball fly out of her hands and splash into the goal, making a opened three. The boys stood there, stunned, and looked towards Ronnie. His face was a priceless look of defeat and embarrassment as it became clear that he let Kali into his mind.

    "You done?"she said, placing a hand on her hip. Davis let out a whoop of laughter and even Kirk managed to chuckle as Ronnie's mouth opened and closed repeatedly.

    "Whatever. I was just teaching the kid the ropes."he stammered. Kali brushed her silver hair from her face and walked over to her jacket and items.

    "See how far that got you."she replied, as Davis trotted over to her, patting her on the back.

    "The Queen of Mean, baby! Yall can't take her!"he bragged, regardless of Kali's frown of aggravation as she put her jacket on and turned to face Jack.

    "Good game."she said, holding out a hand.
  14. Jack was trying to pick up his breath, raising an arm that was wobbling a little. That competitive spirit that burned in him as he did the impossible and kept two guys at bay at once was now a fading flame, as he looked up, and smiled, wiping sweat off his brow with his other hand, and shaking Kali's, firmly, as he rose up to stand straight.

    "It was amazing. That's what it was." Said Jack, thrilled by the action. "Thanks for backing me up…"

    Cashew came over and began talking to Kirk and Davis, Cashew amazed at the miracle that just occurred.

    "Don't I see you at school, in my classes or something?" Asked Jack. "Eh, nevermind, I'm probably wrong…I'm gonna go walk this off, maybe try something else out while I'm here. Never thought this'd be so fun, and fast-paced…I like it. That rush that feels like I'm in an action movie or something..."

    Jack began to walk off, a weak smile on his lips, and walking forward to the water fountain, taking a surprisingly short drink, and walking, as opposed to a long drink by Cashew, or Kirk.
  15. "No, dont believe i've seen you around."she replied as the two of them shook hands. He started talking and Kali listened in, walking with him to the water fountain. Davis was too engrossed in playing back the game for Kirk that he didn't recognize Kali's disappearance. As for Ronnie and the others, they left with half of their pride.

    "Basketball can do that to a person. Football is a rush too."she exclaimed and then clamped her mouth shut in disappointment. Really, Kali? Out of all sports to mention, you picked the male dominant one? She looked towards the ground and slowed down to walk next to him. Her pace was so fast that she had to accommodate by slowing. After the feeling of disappointment left, Kali looked back over to him and shrugged.

    "All sports, really. Not that I feel like I'm in a movie. It's just a normal day in the gym for me."she replied, running a hand through her hair. "You must not play sports much, judging by that statement and your performance."
  16. "Yeah…" Sighed Jack. "I decided I wanted to get stronger and healthier. So I decided to take up a sport full-time. I don't play too often, no, but a really competitive game like that makes me feel like I can fight a whole war, with a couple other people, maybe you guys."

    Jack looked over and saw said sport of football. Men were crashing into each other left right. Shuddering for a moment, he turned back.

    "Well, from the looks of things in there, I'll try that later…" He chuckled nervously. "Uh, are there any other things I could try out? besides the big names like Basketball or Football, that is."
  17. Kali let her eyes slide over to Jack's for a moment before stopping his walk by laying a hand on his shoulder.

    "Stand still."she ordered and then made her way to stand in front of him. Her head crooked as she scanned the boy's body up and down. He was clearly very fast, but not brawny like some of the guys in the gym. He was more skill than power. His calf muscles were about the same size as Davis's and like him too. He wasn't as tall as him of course, but no one ever was. Davis was up there.

    "You have the speed for track and legs for soccer. Your speed and brain are two important things in sports, not so much strength, so I would throw wrestling out the window for now." she said, still observing his features in order to pick the right sport for him. The last thing she wanted to do was get the man hurt or worse.

    "Any good in water?"she asked, tilting her head.
  18. "I wouldn't throw wrestling out yet…" Jack told Kali, turning a little red from the body scan. "I mean, that ring I saw before looked like it was for Japanese 'Puroresu.' Pro-Wrestling, with a bit of martial arts thrown in. Now, I wouldn't mind giving that a try…maybe I can use aerial kung fu or something, jumping off the ropes and land kicks and stuff."

    Then she began to ask about his water skills. He immediately shook his head no. "I can float to save my life, but I'd be one dead fish If I was competitively swimming or something. But, soccer did sound good.

    "Okay. I'm gonna go try Soccer outside now. Thanks!"

    Jack began to run off. Being stared at like that, her hand being on his shoulder…it gave him a nervous chill. He had nothing against her, but he was a little jumped, was all, as he headed to the field to give soccer a try. Thankfully there wasn't anyone like Ronnie, so he was able to get into a team easily, his team captain helping him to learn the ropes.
  19. The boy was talking to her at one moment, and then the next, he was running away out into the soccer feild. Kali watched him run off and then placed a hand on her hip. Typical.

    "Kali!" Kali didn't move but instead looked to the left of her to see Davis run up to her, throwing a pick into his orange from. He reminded her of a cheese ball every time he picked his hair out, but she wasn't in the mood for jokes. She just wanted to go home now.

    "What?"she asked, turning away from the feild that Jack ran off to and walking towards the exit. Davis's looked between her and the field in a stupor, trodding after her.

    "Hey hey! You didn't want to kick the ball around with that guy for a bit?"

    "He doesn't need someone to teach him how to kick a ball."

    "Yeah, and since when were you a teacher?"

    "Since when were you allowed in my business?"she snapped back with a bite to her crisp voice. Davis shut his mouth instantly and decided not to say anything more about it. Kali wasn't going to follow the kid around like a puppy. She had helped him find a sport. Fantastic. Now it was just going to move on with her day as she walked towards the exit to the gym.
  20. But, just as Kali was about to leave, Jack came back, actually a bit disappointed. In a comical effect, he seemed to be weeping over something. In this case, it was the fact he lost the game. Still in his chibi moping mode, he droned off.

    "Oh my GOD." He groaned to himself. "If only I knew how to properly kick a soccerball or something. DX Up till now, it had all been pure luck..."

    Yep, totally open for some caramel skinned, ghost white haired, muscular girls to take advantage of.