Academy for the different.

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  1. IC:

    Story line:

    No one notices the boy running the other way or the girl heading thru the crowd.No one tries to talk with them, offer a hand. They all are heading the same way, pushing through the crowds heading to the place no one would live. Once someone was different and tried to talk to them, those people disappeared. Cause only different can see us. That is why you are here, become one of us, the world doesn't know of us yet but we Can teach the young. Come with us.

    The main presence of this RP is you have just joined a secret society called the Different. You are here because you are different, you each have a special ability that will be unlocked thru the training. The elders discovered the different have powers and by keeping these powers in the campus they can slowly build up a different civilization, one that can over come many obstacles that face the normal humans. A place were nothing is two hard. But the catch is that no one here can leave. Or else they are brainwashed and left without use of there powers and any memory of the campus.

    Enjoy your stay, you'll be here for a while..

    1. Fallow all site rules.
    2. Everything I say will go
    3. I can have your character brainwashed (kicked out) if you don't fallow mine or the sites rules
    4. Remember as this is a campus rp people are all over. So don't quickly make your way across the campus in a matter of seconds. Unless your a teleported and can do it in seconds.
    5. No godmode powers
    6. I will make more rules as they come to mind.

    Campus lay out:

    The campus is located in a deep forest in the middle of it it to be exact. There is a long steep road leading away from the campus. The campus is gated and has a section of forest which is also gated. For a more natural appearance, the gates are painted to look like wooden doors.
    There are a few buildings inside the area and two outside. The main administrative buildings and the Gym/ power training facility's. The dorms are located on the west side of the wall and are made of brick and wood. Boys and girls are in the same dorm buildings but never the same room as that would be silly.
    Each dorm is a good sized room that has a entrance on the right of the room. There is a wall that leads to the open room. The queen sized bed in each room is in the left bottle corner and there is a closet across from it. Each room also has a good sized dresser and a stack of hangers.
    Moving on to the cafeteria it is in a separate building that is located between the two dormitory buildings. The kitchen is a fifth of the whole cafeteria and has a side area which has a few vending machines and utensils. The tables are periodically placed around and are moved by the students.


    Accepted Charecters and there powers:
    hello I'm lazy and this will be done over time please read the others CS's in the mean time, thank you.

    Aaryn - Ice
    Lala - telekinesis
    Zanna - shapeshifter
    Maori - Telepathy
    Kaori - Illusion manipulator

    So who wants this rp to start??

    Sorry for the inconvenience I posted the original in the wrong thread sorry for the inconvenience.
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  2. Sure

    Have a cookie you must be hungry.
  3. Haha thank you Cx
  4. Ah, I was about to do my CS.. but do you want anime pics or real life pics?
  5. Interesting, may a newbie like me join?
  6. This seems like a good roleplay. Can I join even though I'm a newbie?
  7. Newbies can join.

    As for pictures I would say real or anime ether works. Though for preference no over the top pictures please.
  8. I will have my character sheet up either tonight or tomorrow. How long do our posts have to be when we get the rp going?
  9. Oh! I'd love to join ^^ This will be my first rp on Iwaku then :3

    Can I just ask a few questions about the CS?
    -Do you want the names to be English, Japanese, no preference, ...?
    -Can I choose my power or do I just write mental/physical for now?
    -And about the luggage.. Did the students bring a suitcase, a backpack, ... How much can we bring?

    (Sorry for asking these questions, I just wanna do this right ^^;)
  10. At least a paragraph it's.
    No preference.
    You can choose but you don't have it at the moment.
    And for luggage what would you bring with you if you were going to collage.
  11. [​IMG]
    Height and Weight: 5'11, 130
    Character Name: Aaryn Kitahara
    Personality: Aaryn is friendly towards people, even when he first meets them. He will try to make any situation funny as he likes to joke around. Other times he can be cautious and serious.
    Likes: Having fun with friends, going to parties, anything to be around the people he cares about.
    Dislikes: Since Aaryn is kind to others, he really doesn't like people who keep to themselves. He doesn't like spicy food at all.
    Power to be unlocked: Ice
    History: Aaryn grew up in Japan until he was 13. His family moved to the US for the chance of a better life. When he was old enough to move out, Aaryn wanted to search for his career. He heard about an academy for the different and couldn't wait to get started on his life.
    Luggage: Suitcase, iPod, posters, skateboard
  12. [​IMG]
    Height, weight: 155cm, 44kg
    Character name: Lala Ueda
    Age: 18
    Personality: Doesn't talk much but opens up once she gets to know the person, daydreams often, hard worker.
    Likes: Listening to music, cats, languages, eating candy.
    Dislikes: Homework, people who talk to her while she's listening to music, people pointing out that she's quite short, people who think she's younger than she actually is.
    Power to be unlocked: Telekinesis
    Brief history: Lala has always been a great student, she got good grades even though she actually dislikes school. Her parents are her main motivation for getting good grades, they always supported her. Since she graduated her parents have been pushing her to pick a college she would like to go to. She chose the Different.
    Things that they brought with them: Cellphone, iPod and headphones, her stuffed bunny doll, a few packs of her favorite candy, some pens and pencils, her laptop.
  13. Accepted but what's his power. Ice making and controlling?
  14. Yay! Thank you ^^
    Looking forward to the rp :3
  15. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Height & Weight
    5'5" & 121lbs | 5'9" & 149lbs

    Kaori Takeda | Kaoru Takeda

    17 | 17

    Unfriendly | Moody | Scowling most of the time | Not afraid to speak up | Blunt | Hardworking | Protective of brother
    Calm | Collected | Poker face | Quiet | Can be blunt sometimes | Introvert | Tends to daydream a lot | Hardworking | Protective of sister

    Playing the bass guitar, listening to music, sleeping, improving on her playing skills
    Writing, reading, daydreaming

    People annoying her and her brother, loud & annoying people, school work
    People disturbing him when he's reading, school work, people annoying him and his sister

    Power to be unlocked
    Illusion Manipulation| Telepathy

    Brief history
    Kaoru & Kaori were born 6 minutes apart, Kaoru's older. They have been inseparable since young. Their parents would usually be busy with their work, leaving them in the care of their grandparents. Hence, they weren't close with their parents, more like, they dislike thier parents for dumping them at their grandparents place. It's not like they dislike their grandparents, but they felt like their parents didn't want them. In school, they would usually stay together since no one really wanted to glance their way. Maybe it was because of Kaori's unfriendly face or Kaoru's straight look, as though his eyes was drilling holes into you. When they were 16, their grandparents died in a car accident, their parents couldn't be contacted at that time. A year after that, they self enrolled into the Academy for the Different.

    Things that they brought with them
    Bass guitar, cell phone & laptop [and their chargers], clothing, amp for bass
    Cell phone & laptop, his notebook for story ideas, his collection of novels, clothing
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  16. Yes, that's right.
  17. I'd like to post a character later if that's alright
  18. We already have a telepath so I don't really like overlapping powers as everyone is different here. Maybe you could find something else.
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