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  1. "Magic is a faculty of wonderful virtue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound contemplation of most secret things, together with the nature, power, quality, substance and virtues thereof, as also the knowledge of whole Nature, and it doth instruct us concerning the differing and agreement of things amongst themselves, whence it produceth its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of things through the application of them one to the other."

    There was a time not so long ago when the world was deaf to magic's song. As time progressed people began to hear the whispers of the trees on the wind, fell the gentle groan of the earth, see fire's true majesty, and taste the power in the water. Their power came as a gift from the gods. This gift passed from generation to generation, from father to son, mother to daughter. Generations later the planet itself had become soaked in raw magic, seeping into everything. It was discovered that this raw magic could itself be controlled by anyone willing to learn, magically gifted or not. As kingdoms formed with them came large institutes dedicated to the studies of magic. The newest discovery in magic is the art of runic. Runic has opened the door to some of the deepest secretes of magic. It was the human kingdom of Ba'ni that discovered the art of runic. Though they are not as gifted in intellect as the elves of Riversong's Woods it was their curiosity and lust for knowledge that drove the humans to this discovery. The elves live long lives in their Riversong's Forest. They and are a very intelligent race and deeply connected to the planet. Their forests live and breath, their cities not built but grown. Their dense and vast forests are known for feeling alive and hiding secretes. Their long lives allow them vasts amounts of time to deeply study magic and were the first race to detect the magical saturation of the world. They began to experiment and they began to understand this raw energy and how to manipulate it. They were first to develop the art of manipulating this energy. They shared this knowledge with the humans and dwarves. Since the discovery of runic relations between elves and humans have greatly improved and they have begun to work together. The human's capital of Syla lies south of the elvish territories of Riversong's Woods. The city sits upon a giant island in the middle of the largest cross roads of the continent. The continent is covered by a vast river system known as the Kator River. The river reaches north, south, east, and west but they all meet at a the Yuka Sea. In the middle of this sea is a large island which mankind has built their capitol and declared themselves protectors of the Sea. The humans guard the other kingdoms from the savage south, a place where the war raging orcs live. To the east and west of the Syla lies the dwarven kingdom. They live in the mountains, turning their insides into homes. They are known as some of the best engineers alive and have a deep connection to the earth. They dig deep and far, some even believe they have tunnels connecting the two sides of the dwarvis empire. Dwarves prefer the mountains than the forests and plains and as such don't travel much, even though they live long lives. Since the discovery of runic the elvish and human kingdoms have been experiencing a time of advancement, the Gold Age, as it has become known as.
    People born into magic are gifted with one element normally and not many have been born that have the power to learn more than one other art of magic. Those who learn how to manipulate the energy of the world can only learn runic, they were not gifted with the power of nature. Very few people have been born that could learn to manipulate the elements. Just the same very few people born with the god's gift have been known to master all the elements let alone master all the arts of magic.
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  2. Vaid sat on the boat as it gently rocked back and forth, slowly making its way north to the Elvish forests. Vaid had been selected to have the honor of studying with the Elves. Vaid hadn't been born with the god's gift but at a young age he showed a lot of promise in manipulating raw magic. As a child he had been able to levitate objects. Living in Syla, Vaid had been able to go to the best magical school in the human kingdom. He even graduated top of his class in both manipulation of energies and in Runic. Even though the Humans had discovered Runic before the Elves, the Elves quickly caught on and began to advance their studies. The breeze picked up and the boat began to pick up pace and blew Vaid's short black hair around. Vaid looked up from his book, looking at the crew with his gray eyes. Far on either side plains of tall grass moved with the wind, far in the distance Vaid could make out the forest which marked the border of the Human and Elvish territories.
  3. Lyra had been a young girl when her elven parents had discovered her gift. She had been a lone child and only survived because she had been found in the Riversong Wood by two traveling elves. The couple had taken her in and raised her as their own, elven children being an uncommon occurrence. The gift had come when she had reached her teens and in the midst of a fight with her elvish parents, vines had burst from the ground to form a shield around her.

    The elves, knowing how dangerous a magic could be without guidance had prepared to send her off to a college when much older. One of the elvish colleges for mages. Lyra had spent the time with her parents preparing as they taught her basic control of magic. They had no experience themsevles, however, and by the time she turned twenty, they sent her off on her own. With green eyes and red hair, she was seen as quite the oddity.

    Lyra waved from the road, little flowers popping up by her parents feet as her way of saying goodbye. Then, she embarked on her journey towards the school where she was excited to study.
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  4. Vaid woke with a start as the boat bumped into the dock at the Elvis capitol of Katin. It was said that the brother of Kator, Katin, created the Elves right after Kator finished filling the land with water via his great river and sea. Vaid quickly made his way off the boat, his nerves buzzing with the magic of the Elves' forest. The capitol had no man built buildings, the Elves used their magic to grow their homes and places of work. Vaid stopped and asked a stranger in Elvish where the La Maridina was, the Elves' most prestigious school of magic. The Elf gave him directions and Vaid continued on his way.
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  6. Lyra had grown used to the Elves customs and so she passed through the smaller towns quite easily. She made her way to La Maridina, the only school that would accept her with her parents permission. She kept her light cloak bundled about her arms as well as the small handspun clothe sack that held her meager possessions.
  7. Vaid neared the school and he knew this was La Maridina. The school was made from five giant trees, each one connected by various walk ways. The tree soared high into the sky and so did the bridges connecting them. It was even said underneath the tress the roots had become part of the building too. Vaid walked though a giant opening in one of the trees, a seige weapon would have easily made its way though. Vaid avoided bumping into the many people coming and going. Once inside he went to a giant counter where several clerks were answering questions, filling out paper work, and sending summons to people. "Hello, my name is Vaid and I've come from the Syla to study here." The Elvish man smiled at Vaid and opened his arms in a welcoming gesture, "Welcome, welcome, welcome. We've been expecting you. Rumor is that you're quite the accomplished magic user." With a flick of his wrist a hole opened in the wooden counter so the man could get out from behind it. "Come with me," he said as he lead Vaid towards some stairs. The two continued to walk up the stairs for what seemed forever. Finally they took one of the hallways and came out onto one of the bridges. This bridge connected the main tower to the furthest one away. Vaid looked over the edge, the people looked like ants from the height he was at. The two continued to walk, making small talk, and finally entered the south tree. The man took Vaid to his room and let him in, then handed him the key. "For today there is nothing going on. Dinner will be served in the East tower in a few hours, you'll hear the clock give warning." With that the man left Vaid to his own devices. The room was large with a separate room that was to be his bathroom. The room even included a space for magical experiments. Vaid turned and left his room, there was nothing he needed to do here, and headed towards the West tower to see what was there.
  8. Lyra had been shown to her room an hour before dinner. She sat and stared out the window, chin in hand as she pondered her future. The elves would guide her in her magic and do whatever they could to support her, but she couldn't help feeling homesick. She had no garden here, no friends, no family. It was just herself. Hearing the clock strike for dinner time, she stood and dusted off her traveling clothes. She sighed, heading towards the East tower to the best of her ability.
  9. Vaid had spent the few hours before dinner wandering the grounds and seeing what there was. Some hallways had giggling Elvish girls, some were thick with magic, and some were empty. The bell rang for dinner so Vaid made his way towards the East tower. The giant dinning room smelled delicious with Elvish cooking. Vaid was looking around and didn't notice where he was going and bumped into a girl with red hair. "Oh sorry...." Vaid said as he looked at the girl, he was caught off guard by her red hair. "Uhhh I'm sorry for that."
  10. Lyra looked up to see the boy that had bumped into her. She gasped in surprise at seeing another human before nodding. "It is quite alright...don't fret about it..." She smiled, trying not to let curiosity get the better of her. If she allowed her thoughts to precede her tongue, she would burst into many impolite questions.
  11. Vaid looked at the girl, see seemed to be just as surprised as he was. "Hi I'm Vaid. It's strange to see another human in a place like this," Vaid smiled at the girl in front of her. They were standing in the middle of the room and people where coming and going around them. The tables were filling up with people eager to eat.
  12. Lyra beamed. "My name is Lyra, and I was just pondering over the same subject...how come you to be here?" She asked, ignoring the others in the room that all seemed to be taking their places at the tables. She was excited, not having seen another human. Her parents had explained the unusual circumstances behind finding her but she still had yet to find anyone like her.
  13. "I'm here from Syla to study magic with the Elves. How about you?" Vaid motioned to a table to see if Lyra wanted to sit down. The two of them made their way to the table, having to doge people on their way. As they sat down two glasses magically appeared before them, full of wine.
  14. Lyra laughed, sitting and impressed when two glasses of wine suddenly appeared before them. "I am here to study myself. Magic that is." She reached out and took the cup of wine, sipping it gingerly. She beamed when food appeared before them on large platters. Empty plates spread out and she looked at the buffet style with interest. "This is delightful!"
  15. "Yeah it is. The Elves are really good with magic. What are you studying?" Vaid picked up a fork and speared a chunk of spiced meat. As he put it in his mouth it felt like it was melting. The flavor was delicious. Around them the balls of fire that hang in the air to provide light began to slightly dim as the sun set.
  16. Lyra ate the meat, a shiver crossing her spine as she taste it. She took another small sip of the wine before addressing Vaid's question. "I am here to study natural magic. My parents could teach me very little of it, and since they were the only elves on the outskirts they decided to send me here..." She took another few bites of meat, sipping wine in between before she turned to look at him. He had interestingly colored eyes and she blinked as the thought crossed her mind. "What about you?"
  17. Vaid took a healthy pull from his wine, the Elves made amazing wine. He felt a small warmth begin to form in his stomach, a smile crossed his face. "So you were raised by Elves? Fascinating! I wasn't born with the gift but I showed talent for manipulation at a young age. So I went to school in Syla and ended up graduating first in my class for both manipulation and runic." Vaid traced a character onto the table and reached into himself to find his power. He needed only a little bit and a beautiful green and red rose grew from the table. Vaid picked it and held it out to Lyra, "See?"
  18. Lyra watched him, fascinated. She plucked the rose from his fingers and sniffed it, her green eyes widening. "Oh! This is quite real...marvelous!" She giggled, amused by the whole concept and egged on by the wine she had sipped. The cup was on an automatic refill so she had not truly appreciated how much she had ingested. "It is missing something..."
  19. Vaid continued to eat his food, "What is it missing?" Vaid felt the warmth in his belly grow, the Elves really did make delicious wine. The room was emptying of people, it seemed time was passing a lot faster than the two of them realized.
  20. Lyra beamed, taking another long sip of the wine. "Why...it says it does not wish to be this color...you made it the wrong color." She broke into fits of laughter before leaning against him. "Every plant eventually says they wish to be something else..."
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