A Troublesome Assignment

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  1. In the dimly lit, smoke filled room a three men were gathered around a table, cards and chips spread out in front of them, at the bar nearby a few people stood or sat, the bar was quite empty this evening and more silent than usual. Seth sat by the poker table, his brown bangs shading his expressionless grey eyes as he examined his cards, he'd been lucky so far tonight, a welcome change from a week of bad luck.

    Most of the regulars had already left and only Kevin and Bobby was still up for another round of poker. Seth needed some cash as rent was due this Sunday and he wasn't sure robbing the same store twice in the same week was such a good idea. Taking a chance he pushed his remaining ships forward. “All in.”

    “Feeling lucky today Seth,” Kevin said raising an eyebrow and also cast a glance at his own cards.“Do you think your little Irish luck is back already?” Bobby said with a laugh, always eager to couple Seth's Irish heritage with his luck, if only the younger man had been shorter Bobby undoubtedly would have nicknamed him “the leprechaun”.

    “It never left,” Seth retorted and drank some of his beer. “I just wanted to give you guys a chance to win something.” He said, a smirk twisting his lips.

    Some time later Seth walked out of the bar a few thousand dollars richer, taking out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one, inhaling deeply, the first taste was always the best one in his opinion. Taking out his cell with his left hand Seth answered some texts that he had received during the poker game, not really paying attention to his surroundings, it was late anyway and few people were out and about.

    Stuffing the phone back in his pocket, raising the cigarette to his lips again he cast a bored glance around him at the city clad in darkness, or it would be dark but the city was lit up by enough lights to keep the shadows at bay. Taking one last breath of his cigarette Seth flicked it away before taking a left turn, his apartment complex a few blocks away coming into view.
  2. Rose was excited to be able to start her first assignment as an angel. Well not a true angel for she didn't have her wings. She was determined to prove herself with this mission. Lots of the true angels tried to warn her that this assignment was almost impossible but she was ready. She walked into the assignment office and smiled at the elderly angel who sat at the desk. "I'm ready for my assignment now." she said. The woman smiled, nodded, and handed her a folder. "Good luck with that one." the woman said and went back to reading her book.

    Rose read the folder as she walked towards the gates. The gatesman wished her luck. Rose smiled at him. He waved her out and Rose felt herself being transported down to earth. It felt so strange to be back on earth again. Rose shook off the feeling and walked towards the building. Inside the folder were a set of keys to her apartment. She noticed someone else walking in who looked exactly like her assignment. She decided not to talk with directly yet and made her way up to her new apartment.
  3. Paying little attention as he walked inside the building Seth noted a strange girl, although he wasn't too sure she hadn't lived there for awhile as he had little knowledge about his neighbours and truthfully he didn't care much. Heading up the stairs, ignoring the unreliable elevator Seth unlocked his apartment, throwing the keys on a small table in the hall as he walked by.

    Moving to the small kitchen that also worked as a dining room grabbing a beer, taking with him to his small living room, starting the TV as he walked by it Seth opened the window letting in some cool air.

    The view wasn't something to brag about, the asphalted parking space for the building was right below and beyond that grew some trees and planted flowers before the streets took over again. While he had no balcony he was lucky enough to have the fire escape going down past his window, often he spent warm nights sitting on the fire escape.

    With the TV noise in the back ground he crawled through the window and drank his beer while playing with his phone. Texting back and forth some he eventually got up and fetched another beer and returned to his seat, lighting another cigarette Seth stared off into the pulsing beat of the city, although this are was a lot calmer than the heart of the city.
  4. Rose entered her apartment and saw that it was fully furnished. She was amazed. In the there was a large plush leather sofa and matching loveseat. The fireplace in front of it was already lit. Rose sat down and decided to read through the folder that she was given. About a third of the way through she fell asleep on the couch.

    When she woke up she walked into her bedroom. She looked inside her closet and saw it stalked with clothes. She picked out a simple outfit ,jeans and a blouse. Rose made herself some breakfast and then decided to go downstairs and see what her assignment was up to.
  5. As the moon rose higher Seth eventually headed inside, closing the window behind him and stripped of his clothes before going to bed, falling asleep instantly. The next morning he woke up as the sun fell in through his window annoying him until he gave up and got up, taking a quick shower and dressed in worn, pale jeans and a black shirt. Preparing coffee he then proceeded to make some toast before taking it all to his small table in the kitchen, reading yesterdays paper as he had not bothered going out an buying todays paper.

    Finally he rose up, placing his cup in the sink and stepped into his sneakers before grabbing his keys and headed downstairs. Using a small key he opened his mail box, bills and advertisment as usual probably, slamming the box shut he sorted through the mail as he went, finding now surprises as the stack consisted of bills.
  6. Rose skipped down the stairs of the building hoping to catch sight of Seth. She wasn't exactly sure where he lived and she guessed that he wouldn't be too happy having a random stranger stop over. She walked out into the lobby and noticed him at his mailbox. Perfect opportunity! she thought. Rose pulled out her keys and luckily there was one for the mailbox. Man those people upstairs sure do prepare you. Rose walked over to the mailboxes and searched for a few minutes. Pretending not to be able to find her mailbox she turned towards Seth. "Um excuse me i'm new here. Would it be too much trouble to ask if you knew where mailbox 228 is?" she asked him nervously.
  7. Looking up from the mail in his hands Seth fixed his steel grey eyes on the owner of the voice, her looks were familiar and he wondered where he had seen her before. But then it hit him that she was the girl he glimpsed last night when he got home, so she was new after all. With her blonde hair and good looks she was attractive but a bit to sweet and innocent for his taste really but it was nice to know there was options close to home. "Yeah, it should be around the middle, a bit on the right side," he answered motioning with his hand slightly, his voice still having a slight accent from his home land.
  8. Rose smiled at him. She noticed that he was way more attractive in person than his picture in her folder upstairs. She filed that away for future reference. "Thanks!" she said and walked over to where he indicated her mailbox was. She noticed a second folder sent from the assignment office. She pulled it out and quickly looked through it. "See you around.", she said and walked back towards the stairs. She hoped to be able to follow him around today. As creepy as that sounds it was her job. Hopefully he won't think i'm sort of stalker she thought to herself. That would be the last thing that would want.
  9. Seth huffed at her and headed up the stairs again, quickly forgetting about her as he went about to plan his day, maybe he should pick up a shift at the bar later, it had been ahwile since last time. Reaching his apartment he put the mail in the living room beside his laptop on the coffee table, and sat down in the couch starting said laptop up. Checking his mail and surfing around for awhile Seth started feeling bored and closed the lid on the computer before getting his phone from the charger and grabbed a thin, dark sweater jacket, took his keys and left.

    Well outside he lit a cigarette, unusual for him he actually respected the smoke ban in his apartment complex and only smoked on his fire escape or when he left home. Walking down the streets he easily found his way to his favourite club, it was open practically all the time and while it was mostly filled with regulars at odd hours like this it was a good place to meet his friends.

    Heading inside he saw Kevin by the bar, he and Bobby being two of his closest friends and the two he mostly hung out with in the day time as well. "Hey Kev," he called as he got closer. "Isn't it a bit early for drinking?" He smirked, nodding at his blonde friend's beer. "Nah, in Russia it's already afternoon or something so I say it's okay," Kevin said with a grin.

    "I don't see your logic at times but what the hell," Seth said and thre of some ash from his cigarette into an ashtray as he ordered a beer for himself.
  10. Rose watched from her window as Seth walked into the bar. She wasn't sure whether or not to follow him. She closed her window and walked back to sit on her couch. Rose read through the folder she had gotten this morning. She noticed that she was suppose to be a bartender at the bar that Seth just walked into. Oh boy she thought.

    Rose changed into a nicer pair of low rise jeans and a dark purple vneck shirt. She walked out of the building and into the bar. Apologizing to her boss for being late she went behind the bar and watched the other bartender work trying to learn from him. She watched in amazement as he mixed drinks in a matter of seconds. He called her over and started teaching her how it was done.
  11. "No way," Seth said, "For real?" Breaking out in laughter he was joined by Kevin. "I'm telling you man, it's true," the larger man said as the laughter died down and finished half his beer in one go. "Some people just deserves what they get," Seth added still chuckling slightly. At first he didn't really take note of when someone entered the bar, but as said person came behind the bar and started talking with the bartender he looked up and saw the girl from his building.

    Surprised to see her there he wondered why a girl that seemed so innocent as her took a job in a small bar, unless she was in need of money and took what job she could. Turning back to his beer he punched Kevin in the shoulder and snapped back at the man as he noted Seth's interest in the girl.

    Not bothering to explain anything Seth crushed his cigarette into the ashtray, "so is there anything interesting up for grabs in town?" He asked his friend, even in this don't ask type of bar he avoided to openly use the word steal, if he had never sid it he could deny it easier. "Hmm, it's risky nearby but perhaps further downtown," Kevin said calmly. Seth nodded but said nothing already plotting out some night time activities if he quit his shift early or if he didn't bother taking some hours.
  12. Rose was told to go and wash tables. She tried her best to avoid the tables with people at them. Everyone here seemed really sketchy and kept winking at her. Why in the world would they send me to work here she thought miserably.Rose didn't like this place one bit.

    Trying to stay positive she smiled as people passed and continued to clean off the tables. Finally with no one left in the bar at the moment except for Seth's table she walked over. "Anyone in need of a refill?" ,she asked wiping her hands off on the hand towel she had been carrying.
  13. Seth looked up as a female voice brought him from his thoughts, it was the new girl, it was quite obvious too she was the only female working here and for the moment she was the only female in the room. "I'll take another one of this sweetie," Kevin said, motioning wit his bottle and winked at her. Seth rolled his eyes but didn't remark on his friend but looked at the girl instead, "I'll take one as well." Wondering why she was doing here once more, she clearly didn't fit in here and truthfully she didn't seem too fond of the place either.

    As Kevin left for a quick little bathroom break Seth turned to her again, "what are you doing here?" he asked. "You obviously don't feel comfortable here." Depsite himself he was a tad bit curious, not enough to go out of his way to talk to her but seeing as she was standing right here.
  14. "Oh darn. And here i was thinking i was hiding my dislike for this place so well." Rose said picking up their empty bottles as she talked. "I needed a job quickly. This place was looking for someone. So here i am. I'll be right back with your drinks." Rose said walking away. She didn't like having to lie and she wasn't very good. Hopefully he'll believe that story she thought. In truth she didn't need a job. The assignment office provided her with enough neccessities as long as she was staying on earth.

    Right in the middle of her thoughts the bartender placed the two drinks in front of her. Rose picked them and took them back to the table. She smiled and said, "Here you go. If you need anything let me know." And with that she went back to the bar.
  15. Grinning slightly at her words despite his usual self Seth only nodded in response, it was pretty much what he had guessed as that was a logical thing, the only reason for taking a job you don't like is money. Had Seth retained his morals then he may very well have been forced to take a less than likable job to survive, luckily for him he had other ways of earning some quick money. As the girl brought the bottles he gave a rough thanks and waited for Kevin to come back, lighting another cigarette while waiting.

    Some time later Kevin had to leave, vaguely mentioning work although Seth knew it was the man's girlfriend who had put up rules to stop Kevin's tendency to get drunk often, he never got mean but having a drunk Kevin around was quite annoying. Emptying his bottle he decided to leave as well, not really interested in work just yet, maybe he'd drop in later though. Searching the bar for the girl to wave her over Seth dug for his wallet, normally he'd ask the bartender to put it on his tab and just leave but seeing as he won a lot the night before he planned to pay off some of that.
  16. Rose was bored. There wasn't much to do now since there was only one person in the bar. She had already cleaned the tables and done the dishes. The bartender was amazed at how quickly she learned how to mix drinks. Rose didn't see what the big deal was. She had always been a quick learner and picked things up before anyone else. Rose looked up from her place behind the bar and saw Seth waving her over.

    Rose got up and walked towards his table. "Another drink?" she asked picking up the empty bottles from his table.
  17. "No, I prefer to not get drunk during the day," he said with his normal smirk in place. "I thought I'd make Joe happy and pay my bill and some of the tab I have standing here." Brushing back strands of brown hair that hung down above his eyes Seth quickly counted in his head and decided to not pay the entire tab, he wanted some money left after all. "I think 200 will cover most of it," he said and gave her four fifties. It may sound like a lot but he often came here and rarely payed every time he left.

    Casting a glance out a window he saw a family walk by, being all happy and smiling, scoffing on the inside, a small frown creasing his face Seth looked back at the girl but his face smoothed out soon and he knew what he was going to do this afternoon if only he mmade it there in time. "Bye," he said to the girl as he stood up to leave, already feeling more at ease.
  18. "Good choice." Rose said taking the money and placing it in her apron. She too noticed the family outside. Instead of watching them though she looked at Seth. She saw his frown and could hear him scoff in his head. When he turned back to look at Rose she just smiled and pretended not to notice anything. She could see some sort of plan formulating in his eyes and whatever it was Rose had to make sure it didn't happen. "Good bye," she replied but he had already gone out the door.

    The bartender didn't let her stay much longer after that. He said something about not working too hard on the first day of a job. So Rose left her apron behind and went back to her apartment. She had to figure out where he went.
  19. Leaving the bar Seth headed for the nearest bus stop, he didn't take commercial transportation often enough to bother having a card for it but whenever he did not have a vehicle of his own or when it was inconvinient to take his own he preferred the bus over a taxi, not the least for the cheaper cost. Having a boost of his normal luck the bus he needed was scheduled to come by in just five minutes, waiting impatiently trying to make time speed up by will power Seth still didn't lit a cigarette. After what felt like more than five minutes the bus slowed down in front of Seth and in the quite empty bus he moved towards the back as the driver sped up towards the suburbs.

    Stepping of the bus on a calm, empty road with a series of similar houses on each side and trees lining the street, soon this place would be crowded as kids was let out of school, parents came home from work and the whole suburbian thing that went on here. Looking around Seth wondered how people wanted to live in these identical houses on identical streets in calm, planned out lives, not that he was overly fond of the bustling city with smog and people everywhere. Walking down the street he navigated by memory down some streets, taking a detour across some lawns and soon found himself outside an elementary school where children just started to flood out through the doors.

    Searching the crowd, taking advantage of his height seth soon spotted a certain pale, dark haired girl parting with some other kids that he didn't really care to notice, they headed for the school bus while the black haired girl came walking towards him. "Seth!" She called out as she noticed the tall man and her face brightened into a wide smile and she ran up to him and threw her arms around his neck as he kneeled down to her level. "Hi there, sunshine," he said with a rare smile of his own.
  20. Rose watched out of her window for any signs of Seth. She had read in the many folders that she had gotten that if she could focus on who her assignment was then she would be able to locate them. Keeping that piece of information in mind Rose closed her eyes. She concentrated hard on what Seth looked like. A few minutes later she found herself walking out of her apartment and down the streets. She made many twists and turns until finally she ended up at an elementary school.

    That's strange...Why on earth would i be led here?...Maybe my navigator is broken....she thought to herself. Just then she noticed a crowd of children leaving the school and a tall man stand in the middle of them. Not wanting to be seen, Rose hid behind a corner and watched as a pale, dark haired girl ran up to him. She saw him smile at her and say something. Wow if only he's smile like that more often she thought.