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      The Setting
      The facility, a research center, was all they had ever known in their short life. Most of them had born there, those who had lived outside the facility, had been wiped from their memory upon arrival. They seem to be just normal young people, however they possess very unique powers. Powers that make them feared, that make them useful possibly. That was what the research center was all about after all. If they could be used for wars, as an advantage, or if their powers were useless after all. And they were finally sick of being pushed around, probed with, tested on, so they tried to escape. Only one thing that was not something they had taken in consideration, that their escape was the ultimate test….
      The Facility
      The Facility is a goverment supported clean facility. Researches and Staff are respectful and friendly towards the Subjects. They are treated as they deserve, not abused nor harmed intentionally. Subjects are granted a lot of freedom within the facility and their wishes are heard for as far possible. Punishments mostly are restriction of power use or reduction of their allowed outside time. In extreme cases isolation or death can be used as punishment. The facility is a non violent enviroment and provides a home for the Subjects from the all ages.

      The Facility can be roughly divided in four areas. The Sleeping Area, the Training Area, the General Area and the Outside Area.

      The Sleeping Area covers all the rooms of the Subjects as well as the bathrooms (male bathroom on the left, female bathroom on the right). This area is at all times accessible for the Subjects. An secluded area of the Sleeping Area is the Breeding Wing. Here are all the Couple rooms.

      The Training Area can be divided in the Training room and the Fight Boxes.
      The Training Room is free accessible for Subjects. Here they can train in whatever way they want (under the watchful eyes of the Staff). The Fight Boxes are only available with permission from the Researchers and mostly used by Researchers. The Fight Boxes can be simple rings for 1 on 1 fights, yet there are two big Fight boxes that are so advanced that (with help of technology) the terrain can be changed so Subjects can be fully tested. Mostly this is used for big fights or group study.

      The General Area is meant for general uses. The Lunchroom is here, yet it can also be used for simple socializing of Subjects. General Area is only accessible during daytime (8 AM to 9 PM).

      The Outside Area can only be accessed with permission from Researchers or Staff. Mostly this will be for an set amount of time (an hour per day). More Outside time can be granted by good behavior. From the Outside Area the huge dark forest surround the facility can be seen and nothing more. The most remarkable point is the big Red Oak that stands tall among the green trees.

      More rules can be found in the rule tab
      Note this is slightly propagadic written. In reality Subjects are seen as nothing more than Subjects and Study Material. However they are still treated well. While it says for all ages there are hardly any Subjects older than 25. At the age of 30 Researchers deem them no longer usefull. It is still unknown what they do or where Subjects above the age of 25 go. Subjects between the age of of 25 and 30 are an exception.

      The Escape
      Every three months there is a system update of the surveillance and restriction system. It is during this time our characters have decided to escape, since they will be able to use their abilities and the Staff can in no way restrict their abilities. Of course this will not be the first time someone tried to escape, yet never did they try to get away in such a big group. The plan is rather simple. Those who are part of the plan have been divided in smaller groups. Once the ‘leaders’ give the sign, drop whatever you are doing and run for your group’s fire exit. (During the update fire exits are disable as well, meaning they can be opened at any time). Once outside regroup at the large oak tree that can be seen from the (normally secured) outside area. Everyone who is not there by midnight will be left behind…


      • ~General~

        - All Iwaku Rules apply on this roleplay

        - All general roleplay rules apply (this includes no overpowered characters, no godmoding, no controlling other characters, no perfect characters etc)

        - Respect each other and be nice to each other. This includes taking in consideration how something you post, can affect someone else. Be friendly

        -If I give you a warning, tell you to edit something, or generally say something about your behavior (in or out of character), listen to it.

        - I, as the GM, have the right to exclude you from the rp (no matter how far we have progressed)

        - I, as the GM, have the right to not accept characters or certain aspects of characters.

        - I, as the GM, will promise to use my aforementioned rights only when it is really necessary (meaning I will warn you or tell you to do/change something on beforehand)

        - If you have a problem with me or someone, you can always PM me (or that person). No need for fights in the OOC

        - If someone tells you that something makes them uncomfortable, take this in consideration and respect this. No matter how silly/useless/unimportant it may seem to you personally.

        - If I tell you to drop a subject/discussion or to take it to PM, please do so

        - Libertine is allowed, but is not the drive of this rp. Since it is not in the libertine section take this in consider and use prober warnings when anything goes beyond (heavy) kissing sessions.

        - Romance is allowed, but take in consideration this can be denied by the other party. Just because your character goes head over heels, doesn’t mean their character has to do the same.

        - Your character can be a total bitch to others. As a player you cannot be a bitch to others.

        - Reservations for a power can be made in the OOC. They will stand for 24 hours (exceptions can be made in certain situations)

        - This rp is open to all genders and sexualities. Please respect that. If you have a problem with this, please do not join this rp.

        - I, as GM and player, will try to be available at all times. However I do have a personal life (school, work, other rps) so iIf I don't respond on chat or you think I may have over looked your comment, feel free to PM me. You can at all times PM me with questions or comments.

      • ~Characters~

        - They have all been facility born or been at the facility since a young age. If they are not facility born, they hold no (or barely) any memories of their life outside the facility

        - Keep in mind that the characters are seen as Experiments by the Researchers and Staff, not as human beings. Though they are treated fairly well

        - Multiple characters are allowed. Please post each character sheet in a different post.

        - Characters will be between the ages 16 to 30

        - Please try to keep a diverse set of characters.

        - Gender balance is not necessary

        - This rp is open to all genders and sexualities

        - All characters are more or less human, so NO supernatural beings.

        - Please give me a (anime) picture of your character AND a description of appearance

        - Make sure your character is balanced *points towards the general rule 2* Meaning they will have strong suits, but flaws as well

      • ~Powers~

        - There can be maximum two characters with the same power. Simply because it would be unnecessary for the research to have more than two people with the same power

        - Each character is allowed to have a personal trade/power/skill that is unique to them as long as it is consistent with their power. (aka if you have toxikinesis and you want your character to have a poisonous stinger like a scorpion, be my guest)

        - Powers will drain your character mentally and/or physically. So there will be costs!

        - The older or more trained your character is, they better they are with their power. (in other words, I don’t want a 16 year old character being able to perfectly perform every skill that is possible)

        - Powers will have drawbacks. Characters can be clumsy, things can go wrong.

        - A list of available/taken powers can be found in the Cast List.

        - If you have a certain power you want to use and it is not on the list. Ask in OOC or PM me

        - If you are uncertain about your power or the personal skill of your character ask in OOC or PM me

      • ~OOC~

        - You can place your reservations here

        - You can ask questions here. (I will answer them in OOC chat as well as add them to the Question list so everyone can look at the answer and I don’t have to answer the same question several times)

        - You can chat with each other here.

        - Chat play and GIF wars are allowed. Just please don’t spam too much. If someone says it is getting too much, please keep it down no matter how hilarious it may be for those involved.

        - You can work out relationships between characters here. Since they have been practically living in the same facility for all their life.

        - Randomness is allowed in the OOC

        - Tag each other if you have an important question or something to say.

        - Please don’t use this color in the OOC. As I will use it to make important statements for everyone so it will stand out when someone can’t keep up with the chat.

        - I, as GM and player, will try to be available at all times. However I do have a personal life (school, work, other rps) so iIf I don't respond on chat or you think I may have over looked your comment, feel free to PM me. You can at all times PM me with questions or comments.

      • ~IC~

        - Please use one color consistently for one character when they are speaking

        - Please use italics and color for your characters thoughts

        - Your character may behave however he/she wants in IC, though take possible consequences in mind.

        - It can happen that your character will not be interacted with (just as this happens in real life) please don’t make this a huge deal. However if you notice that your character is deliberately ignored for no reason, you of course are allowed to voice those thoughts.

        - Make things interesting. I am always giving a lot of freedom to the players, so feel free to use this freedom.

        - Keep in mind that your characters aren’t used to ‘normal’ life like we are. They are born or have lived the majority of their life in the facility and have no memory of any life before it.

        - This is a group rp, so try to be patient. Give other people a chance to react as well.

      • ~Facility~

        - There are restricted areas. In these areas Subjects cannot (or very limited) use their powers. These restricted areas are the lunchroom, the shower room and hallways. Restrictions can be turned on and off by the staff

        - There are enhanced areas. In these areas the powers are enhances. These enhanced areas are the Training Room and the Fight boxes. Enhancement can be turned on and off.

        - Subjects are required to at all times wear their The Bracelet can be used to open doors (for as far the Subject has permission). Also Researchers and Staff can use the bracelet to restrict a certain Subject, leaving him or her unable to use his or her power. The Bracelet can however also be used to enhanced a Subject’s power.

        - Genders are mixed at most times. The only exception being while showering.

        - Each Subject has his or her own room. A room has a bed, a desk, a chair and a secluded toilet.

        - There are breeding rooms. A breeding room as a desk, two chairs, a double bed and a secluded toilet.

        - Couples for breeding will be selected by the Researchers. A Couple will be encouraged to spend time together and be trained together. They can be kept apart from the group. They will sleep in their assigned breeding room, instead of their own rooms.

        - Couples last for one month. Unless Researchers see it necessary to prolong this duration.

        - There is an infirmary. However Subjects will be encouraged to heal themselves or each other.

        - There are three moments per day where the Subjects are fed. The food will consists of diversity and good nutrients to keep them healthy.

        - Subjects are not allowed to use their powers on the Staff or Researchers. This will be punished by activating the leash for how long Researcher or Staff deems this necessary.

        - Subjects are not allowed to use their powers on each other in a way it will cause physical or mental harm. Exception is when they are assigned to the fight boxes. This will be punished by isolation for however long Researcher or Staff seem necessary.

        - Under no circumstances an Subject is allowed to kill. Punishment can be death.

      • Group 1
        {fire exit General Area}
        - Leader; Donovan Gabriel Davenport, 20, male, Telekinesis {Shattered} Cinnamon
        - Scout; Harley Smith, 19, female, Electrokinesis {Brea} Flan
        - Medic; Rook Malik, 22, male, Dermakinesis {Tyra} Orange
        - Back up; Iridessa Lienue, 21, female, Cruciakinesis {Noctis} Cotton Candy

        Group 2
        {fire exit Training Room}
        - Leader; Fay, 26, male, Telepathy/Cogitokinesis {Wordlocked} Coffee
        - Scout; Minagase X, 23, female, Sonokinesis {Jet Jaguar} Potato

        - Medic; Ralyn Cremont, 24, male, Photokinesis {Darkius} Slty Rice Cake
        - Back up; Molly, 18, female, Hemokinesis {Doomy} Copper

        Group 3
        {fire exit Breeding Wing}
        - Leader; Lennox O'Harrow, 25, male, Ferrokinesis {Rogue} Blueberry Bubblegum
        - Scout; Nikolett van der Mint, 18, female, Toxikinesis {Shattered} Sour Skittles
        - Medic; Akiva Sanders, 19, male, Osteokinesis {Cyber} Sushi
        - Back up; Tehuri Blacmore, 25, female, Opinokinesis {Darkius} Cherry

        Group 4
        {fire exit Sleeping Area}
        - Leader; Mallory, 20, female, Aciukinesis {Nemo} Chicken
        - Scout; Evangeline Faye Reed, 18, female, Pathokinesis {Misaou} Honey Suckle Nectar
        - Medic; Remington Alfred Carmichael, 19, male, Necrokinesis {Wicked} Dark Chocolate
        - Back up; Alkalb, 18, male, Biokinesis {parkpyro} Medium Rare Stake-Smoked Turkey

        Group 5
        {fire exit Group Fight Box}
        - Leader; Mathias Alastair Leif, 21, male, Umbrakinesis {Doomy} Olive
        - Scout;
        - Medic; Tristan Sky, 16, male, Vitakinesis {Shattered} Mango
        - Back up; Jezebel, 16, female, Zoopathy {Cyber} Apple Pie

        GM Notes; Groups are currently totally random. Depending on how many people will join. Spots that are not filled will be made up with NPCs for the initial escape

      • Available
        Taken (one person)
        Taken (two persons)

        Aciukinesis – Ability to manipulate the sharpness of objects
        Aerokinesis- Ability to manipulate air
        Atmokinesis – Ability to manipulate the weather
        Biokinesis- Ability to manipulate the human body (shapeshifting)
        Botanokinesis – Ability to manipulate plants
        Chronokinesis – Ability to manipulate time

        Cogitokinesis – Ability to manipulate thought
        Cryokinesis- Ability to manipulate ice
        Cruciakinesis – Ability to manipulate pain
        Dermakinesis – Ability to manipulate skin
        Electrokinesis- Ability to manipulate electricity
        Ferrokinesis – Ability to manipulate metal

        Geokinesis- Ability to manipulate earth
        Glucokinesis- Ability to manipulate sugar
        Gyrokinesis- Ability to manipulate gravity
        Hallucikinesis – Ability to create illusions

        Hemokinesis- Ability to manipulate blood
        Hydrokinesis- Ability to manipulate water
        Hypnokinesis – Ability to manipulate sleep
        Mégethoskinesis – Ability to manipulate size
        Mnemokinesis – Ability to manipulate memories

        Necrokinesis – Ability to manipulate the dead
        Nosokinesis – Ability to manipulate diseases
        Opinokinesis – Ability to manipulate senses
        Osteokinesis- Ability to manipulate bones
        Pathokinesis- Ability to manipulate feelings and emotions
        Photokinesis- Ability to manipulate light

        Postcognition/Precognition – Ability to see into the past/future
        Pyrokinesis- Ability to manipulate fire
        Serqekinesis – Ability to manipulate acid

        Sonokinesis- Ability to manipulate sound
        Telekinesis- Ability to manipulate the movement of objects.
        Telepathy - Hear thoughts and communicate through minds.

        Thermokinesis- Ability to manipulate temperature
        Toxikinesis – Ability to manipulate toxins and poison
        Tychokinesis – Ability to manipulate probability
        Typhokinesis – Ability to manipulate smoke

        Umbrakinesis- Ability to manipulate darkness
        Vitakinesis- Ability to manipulate healing
        Zoopathy - Hear animal's thoughts, manipulate animals, and communicate with animals and creatures

      • October 2013 - November 2013
        Subject 4491326 (Remington Alfred Carmichael) + Subject 7155178 (Evangeline Faye Reed)

        Week 1; Subjects have been spending time together fixedly since 4491326 arrived in the facility in the age of seven. The subjects have been sharing 4491426's bed since then every night, too. Ten years have passed since that, and 7155178 has reached the breeding age of 16 today. Our natural assumption was that these two should be proposed with the idea of breeding the moment 7155178 comes of age due their shared history and intimate relationship. Both subjects looked rather confused once we requested them to spend some time together in the breeding room.

        Week 2; Nothing has changed in the past seven days between the subjects. We came into conclusion that either of them do not know how to breed and so they do not know how to take action. We educated them in the area of copulation. 4491326 barely lived through the explanation, and we quote the subject's flabbergasted reaction as following; "I need to put my what into where?!"

        Week 3; After the through explanation stage by stage of mating, female and male anatomy and showing few educational videos, the project still stalls in place. The sleeping arrangements remain platonic as prior the project. Whenever inquired how it is going between the subjects, 4491326 squirms and dodges questions. 7155178 claims it is going pleasantly, so we just assume 4491326 is being just unreasonably shy and the subjects manage to breed under the blankets with so little attention that we do not notice, or 7155178 is lying. Whenever questioned together, both subjects make faces at each other and burst into giggle fits.

        Week 4; 7155178 ran to us by the end of the week, claiming that the breeding was successful. This really raised our hopes in possible pregnancy and successful end to our project. 7155178 eagerly motioned in the hallway and called 4491326 forward into the room. 4491326 had protruded stomach due to a pillow stuffed under the shirt, and we quote 7155178 excited words; "Look! He's pregnant!" That was the point our team decided to end the project as unsuccessful.

        November 2013 - December 2013
        Subject 2059191 (Ralyn Cremont) + Subject 7155178 (Evangeline Faye Reed)

        Week 1; Subject 2059191 is making moves on Subject 7155178. So far it seems to be hopeful for an outcome.
        Week 2; Subject 7155178 for some reason seem to deny all advances from Subject 2059191. Still hoping for a positive outcome
        Week 3; Subject 2059191 seems to have given up on his advances. Subject 7155178 distancing herself more. No more hope for any lasting results. Curious to change in behavior.
        Week 4; Subject 7155178 seems to be afraid and uncomfortable around subject 2059191. Subject 2059191 seems to be indifferent. Couple seems to have failed. No positive outcome. Prolonging the couple seems fruitless.

        October 2015 - November 2015
        Subject 1221777 (Donovan Gabriel Davenport) + Subject 273513 (Tehuri Blacmore)

        Week 1; Subjects seem to have no limits. Certainly reached the stage of fellatio.
        Week 2; Subjects are experimenting a lot. Changes of pregnancy still high.
        Week 3; Subjects are using their powers in very interesting ways. For as far as we understand Subject 273513 uses her power to blind Subject 1221777. Subject 1221777 using his powers to summon binds and keep Subject 273513 in control. This is a very interesting result, that should be looked into further.
        Week 4; Coupling succesful. Not necessary to prolong the Couple time.

    • ~Character Sheet~
      {Picture of your character}​
      Sex and Gender;




      (includes general description of its use)

      (has to be tight with the power, can be anything)

      Survival Skills;
      (your characters strengths in the wild)

      Darwin Award Points;
      (your characters weaknesses in the wild)

      Reason to Escape;

      Role in the Escape;

      {Anything else you would like to point out about the Character}​

    You can find the IC thread right here
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  1. Rules for the Character Sheet
    - I will absolutely love you if you place your characters picture on the left or right sight of the Personalia
    - You can include any bit of information more if you want. If your character is NOT facility born, mention this!
    - You can include more than one picture, but please don't make it a photoalbum. You can always place pictures (or gifs) in a spoiler
    - I want at least a DECENT decription of your characters appareance (pictures are optional)
    - Take in account what is written down in the plot regarding your characters age
    - I can (and will) at all times ask for explanation when things in your CS are not general. Of course it is allowed, but I want a good explanation for it. (aka I don't want 15 characters that are all exceptions)
    - First come first take. If your CS is up, you claimed your power. However reservation go for random send in CS's. So it is your at your own risk.
    - WIPs are allowed. Tag me or PM me when your character has been completed
    - Multiple characters are allowed. However please send every CS in a different post.
    - You can change the layout as much and as little as you want. This is only a guide line and what I want to know at least of your character.

    Furthermore have fun. Reservation will last for 24 hours (in case someone else calls the same power)

    @Misaou @DoomyCakez @Jet Jaguar @Shattered♦Secrets™ @Cybermoon @Mr.Scales @Ragamoofin
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  6. [​IMG]







    "Take a good look... for as long as you can... I can tell you are enjoying what you see"

    Ralyn has short, slightly messy, greyish brown hair. He mostly just lets the strands do what they want themselves, giving him a more boyish look when he wants to. His thin lips can curl up into a charming smile or sexy smirk, yet most of the time they form just a thin line, definitely when he is concentrated. His eyes normally have a deep amber color, that make them appear to be dark red at times. His long eyelashes give him a bit of a feminine touch and Ralyn likes to abuse this to give the innocent puppy eyes. His number one way to get out of trouble and not be seen as the psychopath he actually is. His skin has a fair tone, due to having not seen much sunlight. However his body is not untouched, several deep white markings decorate his wrists and chest. The most prominent scare being the cross on his neck. Some of them are his own doing, others are the silent reminders of battles and fights.

    Ralyn is not an overly muscular guy, yet he does have a toned agile build. His height is not that impressive, just an average 5'9". He weights around 145 lbs, giving him a small frame. Overall this helps him with being percieved as innocent and friendly. His body is mostly covered by semi-formal clothes. A white button down shirt on top of dark jeans. He often wears a black jacket over it to keep himself warm. In rare occassions he can be seen wearing a hoodie or some colors. His shoes are mostly practical, old leather boots are his favorite footwear. Rarely he pulls out a pair of sneakers.

    However he is a geat fan of accessories. The biggest example of this being his glasses with their thin black frame. He doesn't need them to improve his eyesight, yet he likes to wear them to play around with. Another thing he likes to play around with is adding a tie to the outfit or some jewelry (mostly a necklace). Continueing with this, Ralyn has some piercings as well. His left ear has two silver bands in them. His right ear is decorated with a silver ring in the top. His tongue is pierced as well, and the turqious ball can be spotted every now and then.


    "Oh baby, you really don't want to get to know me..."

    Many may say he is a very charming and friendly young man. He certainly behaves as is expected, patiently and helpful towards others. However nothing is less true. Ralyn is a cold hearted psychopath, who really doesn't care about anything but himself. Still he has learned how to portray himself as a lovely person. He may act to be utterly and truly interested in your story, he may act to have remorse or feel guilt, because that is expected of him. He mirrors the behaviour of others and projects what he thinks is expected from him. As any other psychopath he has no conscience to tell him something is wrong or that he is going too far He can easily fake being shocked and sorry for what he did, fooling the world around him on an expert lever. Even most Researchers have no idea that there is something 'wrong' with him.

    Ralyn sees his coldhearted apathic behaviour not as a problem. He will stop at no lengths to eliminate those who threaten to expose him. Often being very calculating when he does so to make it seem like an accident. He has no problem of using others to do the job either, his most used pawn being Molly (@DoomyCakez ). Ralyn has an expectional skill to figure out what people want, what they dream of, what their goals are and how to manipulate that into his own benefit. He is a very egocentric driven person, as he is unable to form deep bounds or relationships with other persons. He doesn't identity himself as a human, but rather something that stands above them.

    Due to his calm, calculated behaviour he seems very trustworthy. He has a lot of patience and will listen to whatever nonsence you babble to him. While the other might thing he is being friendly and a good listener, Ralyn himself is most likely trying to find out how to use the information in his benefit or learning to copy the shown emotion in a better way. The only emotion he has still a lot of difficulties with is sadness, especially crying. He doesn't understand the use of tears, nor how to produce them. Another thing that is really remarkable about him, he likes to take great care of his appearance as he has noticed this helps him with being viewed as a 'good' person.

    So overall. He seems like a very friendly guy and easy chatter, someone you can trust and build on. Yet in real he is only trying to find way how to use you or get rid of you.

    "...Such odd questions..."

    - Utter silence
    - Being alone or on his own
    - Puzzles or riddles
    - Observing people (to learn from their emotions and interaction)
    - Anything cherry flavored
    - Being in control (mostly indirect)

    - Hysterical or over emotional people
    - Animals (since they seem to be distrusting of him)
    - Loud and sudden sounds
    - People getting too personal with him
    - Forms of affection (it rather leaves him indifferent. Yet he will still hug to keep the act. Same goes for sexual advances and flirting)
    - Things that are suppose to be 'cute'
    - Asking for or needing help


    "...I need something to balance out my blackened heart..."

    Photokinesis. He can control and beng light. He will mostly use this as a simple distraction, as he rather has someone else doing the dirty work for him. He also likes using this ability to read after dark. If necessary he absolutely has no problem using his white light to permantely blind someone or even go so far as killing them.

    Invisibility. He can bend the light around him in such a way he becomes invisible. However this only works for sight. You will still be able to hear him or smell him or feel him. He can also use this to hide objects or other persons.

    "...Now you see me.... and now you don't... "

    Survival Skills;
    - Medical knowledge
    - No problem with preparing food (skinning animals and such)
    - Strong sense of direction
    - Good climber

    Darwin Award Points;
    - Physical endurance (he needs to be able to benefit from his stratical thinking)
    - Teamwork
    - Tracking / Hunting
    - Change of enviroment (he has never liked being outside)

    Reason to Escape;
    He is tired of being stuck in one and the same place with other people

    "It just gets boring, you know?"

    Role in the Escape;
    Group 2 Medic
    He is not facility born. His ability to manipulate light comes from his fathers father. The facility had their eyes on him for quite a while, waiting till his parents where in money trouble. At the age of 10, almost 11, he was sold to the facility. They (as always) wiped his memory, however something when wrong and they accidently erased his ability to percieve emotions and feelings. This damage may or may not be irreversibility.

    "Accidents can happen, right?"

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  7. Also if anyone has questions/remarks about Ralyn I would love to hear them. He is such a lovely person :P

  8. [​IMG]


    "There is indeed beauty in death...an art of it's own, and I a simple artist; however, very few can understand and appreciate the complexity of my work."

    "Subject 0313666...The last three digits always make me giggle."
    ♧ 0 3 1 3 6 6 6 ♧

    "I will tell you again, simpleton...Only so that you can remember it after I paint the walls with your entrails."

    ♧ MOLLY ♧

    "I had little choice in the matter...A rather common name for someone as charming as myself, hmm?"


    ♧ The Antichrist ♧
    ♧ Monster ♧
    ♧ Bloody Molly ♧
    ♧ Nosferatu ♧

    "There are quite a few more actually... The Doctors are rather creative."

    "Your kind would not call my 'coming into being' birth...For my existence started rather peculiarly..."
    ♧ November 15th ♧

    "Age is but a number in this game of love, my little canary, yet some say I am too young to be so far off the deep end."
    ♧ She has the appearance of an 18 year old ♧

    "Is it so hard to tell? I caught you staring quite a few times, mi amor~"
    ♧ Female ♧


    "I feel that has little importance when it comes to me, yes?"
    ♧ Actually Appears to be of some sort of Asian decent, despite the color of her skin. Maybe Korean or Taiwanese; however, its difficult to tell. ♧

    "Touch me...Kiss me...Fuck me..."
    ♧ Unknown; Assumed to be Omnisexual ♧

    "My mother was a jackle...hehehe..."

    With the advancements in gene splicing and genetic mutation, Scientists were able to create a living being without the use of a host or womb. Molly is the product of this research, scientists trying to see if they could genetically engineer a perfect human...a "super solider" by using the DNA of the other experiments in the facility...

    What they got was something rather different. They created a creature that was not human...Something dark...powerful, and built to destroy.

    It is rumored that Molly's creation resulted in the destruction of the facility's science ward; however, many assume that to be a falsehood.

    Made by the facility itself, Molly has little knowledge of the outside world. She is held slightly apart from the others and kept rather secluded. Many of the other experiments may not even know who she is...


    "Shall we dance, mi amor?"

    "The Doctors gave me an...unusual appearance..."

    Show Spoiler


    "I suppose by US standards, I am average height."
    ♧ 5'4" ; 64 inches ♧

    "It's rude to ask someone their weight."
    ♧ 128 lbs ♧

    Body Type
    "Can I not simply show you?"
    ♧ toned and Lean ♧
    ♧ Noticeable curves ♧
    ♧ Strength mainly in legs, so larger thighs and rear ♧
    ♧ Bust size about a C-cup ♧
    ♧ Athletic Build ♧

    Eye Color
    ♧ Scarlet ♧

    Hair Color
    ♧ Snow White ♧

    Hair Style
    ♧ Exceedingly long ♧
    ♧ Comes to her waist ♧
    ♧ Fine hairs; Straight ♧
    ♧ A Small Cowlick on the top of her head ♧

    Skin Color
    "I'm an albino, I believe."
    ♧ Porcelain; Ivory; Nearly White ♧

    Distinguishable Features
    "I already said I was an Albino, yes?"
    ♧ Korean "Bunny" Face ♧
    ♧ White Lashes ♧
    ♧ The small barcode on the back of her neck ♧

    Personal Style
    "Aren't I beautiful?"

    ♧ B O D Y ♧
    Molly is usually seen wearing one thing: A skin tight, white body suit with red designs. that covers almost her entire body, said for the heel of her feet, her toes, and her hands. The suit is just slightly lighter than her skin, giving her the appearance of wearing nothing at all. The red designs are said to glow and pulse when her powers are activated, serving as a warning to those around her.

    ♧ N E C K ♧
    Around her neck is some sort of collar device. At the base of it is a small sensor, which glows at the activation of her powers. It serves as a limitation device, keeping her from using too much of her ability at one time. She can unlock percentages up to 50%, but any higher than that will result in the device's defense mechanism which will shock Molly and leave her in temporary paralysis. This is possibly the only thing that can keep her in control.

    ♧ H A N D S ♧
    For some odd reason, Molly has become attatched to a pair of brown leather boxing mits, which she wears constantly. You will hardly ever see her without them, unless she is fighting...she doesn't like to get them dirty.


    "I'm simply deciding on what your insides look like..."

    "I'm complicated..."

    Complicated indeed...It is rather difficult to fully describe someone like Molly, without using the word "psycho"; however, there is much more to her than that...It would be a great injustice to label her as such.

    "Awe...you're so nice, mi amor..."

    Molly was never exactly "Right" in the head, for the process of her creation had left her quite...lacking. She is unable to gauge relationships and persons as any normal person would. She lacks most, if not all sort of empathy and sympathy, quite possbly not even seeing herself as a human being, but something more...something stronger...A predator. Because of this, her reactions to stimuli are rather...primal. She is not at all unintelligent, for when spoken to Molly holds the eloquence of a scholar; however, she focuses mainly on common senses and what ifs. If she is threatened, she attacks...no matter who or what is causing it. Because of this utter lacking of most social ques, Molly's abilities have been capped and controlled. She is usually kept in minor seclusion an under heavy surveillance.

    Despite this, there is another part to the girl's personality. For those she has deemed worthy of her affection, she can come off as a quirky, be it slightly odd, girl with a fascination with the human anatomy. She is loving, once again lacking any sense of personal space or normal social ques; however, she enjoys to show her affection. She likes to have attention and seems to dislike being alone with her own thoughts, mainly due to how utterly dark and disgusting they can be.

    It seems that for those she cares for, she is rather possessive, borderline obsessive. She throws herself completely into things, relationships are no exception. This obsession can easily become violent, for she can become easily jealous if her current "object" is not returning her affections and giving them to another.

    She is naturally inquisitive and curious, holding a strange innocence despite her insanity. She holds an odd charm about her, enjoying conversation, even though she cares little if the conversation is not to her liking. She can be rather childish in this aspect, for if she dislikes something, she is rather prone to tantrums...mainly resulting in someone's injury or death. She comes off as playful, but this playfullness can be turned on a dime and at any moment she can be set off...

    A truly interesting person...dangerous, yet beautiful nonthelesss.


    "Look what you made me do..."

    "These are a few of my favorite things~ ♪♬"
    ♧ Affection ♧
    ♧ Music ♧
    ♧ Literature ♧
    ♧ Dancing ♧
    ♧ Drawing ♧
    ♧ Violence ♧
    ♧ Human Anatomy ♧
    ♧ Gore ♧
    ♧ Death ♧

    ♧ Sweets ♧
    ♧ Birds ♧
    ♧ Her "Little Raven" ♧

    "It's simply unacceptable..."
    ♧ Being Ignored ♧
    ♧ Being Alone ♧
    ♧ Rejection ♧
    ♧ "Freak" ♧
    ♧ Rules ♧
    ♧ Overly Sour Things ♧
    ♧ Broccoli ♧
    ♧ Silences ♧
    ♧ The Dark ♧


    "Release restrictions to 35%...Remain in activation until all threats have been eliminated."

    "Let me show you the strength of my love, mi amor...It is beautiful beyond recognition."

    ♧ Hemokinesis ♧

    In its simplest form, Molly is able to harness and manipulate the blood of both herself and others. The current abilities include, but are not limited to the following:

    ♧ Element Red ♧

    Show Spoiler

    Element Red appears to be a concentration of both blood, as well as some unknown component that can only be harnessed in Molly's body. Using this, Molly is able to create concentrated blasts ranging in strengths, the weakest being to stun and the strongest meant to take out a vehicle. These blast come in a number of pulsating forms: orbs, bolts, etc.

    ♧ Manifestation ♧

    Show Spoiler

    Nine Tails ♧

    ♧ Monarch ♧

    ♧ Blood Blades ♧

    When concentrating her energy, Molly is able to create living weapons, which act as extensions of herself, acting upon her thoughts and wants. They can be formed into a number of things, most notable being the three shown above. One not shown is a surprise, but if you ever see this form...you most likely will not live to tell about it.

    ♧ Quick Regeneration ♧

    There seems to be a linkage between Molly's ability and her healing capabilities. She can control the coagulation of her own blood, meaning that she can stop the bleeding of her wounds and control blood flow. She can essentially force a wound to scab over and heal; however, the more serious the wound, the harder it is for her to accomplish this task.


    "That was fun...Now it is my turn."


    ♧ Adept Fighter ♧
    So long in the facility has offered quite a bit of training privileges and opportunities. Because of this, Molly is quite the adept fighter, focusing mainly in a customized form of Muay Thai and Capoeria. She had taken up a bit of Jujitsu, but she is not a fan of grappling.


    "I don't understand your reasoning..."
    Survival Skills

    ♧ A Sixth Sense ♧
    Maybe it is due to her insanity, but Molly has developed some sort of sixth sense. Like an animal, she can sense danger...Not only that. She can also sense something that cannot be seen. This will come in handy in the future.

    ♧ Lightening Reflexes ♧
    With that sixth sense comes the ability to react in a split second. It seems that her body moves without thought avoiding something before it can harm her. This doesn't always work, but it has gotten her out of a pinch.

    ♧ Improvisational ♧
    She can think quickly on her feet when in a pinch. This is mainly used for fighting.

    Darwin Award Points;

    ♧ Naive; Unknown Terrain ♧
    The facility is all she has ever known. She has never been on the outside and little to no knowledge of what awaits her. That is a weakness in itself.

    ♧ Overly Trusting ♧
    For the chosen few she cares for, they can do no wrong. This means that she can easily be taken advantage of. She is too trusting of one being in particular and this can lead her in quite of bit of trouble.

    ♧ Volatilly Unstable ♧
    Molly really is insane and because of this, her judgement and gauging of situations is quite flawed. She cannot always be trusted, for her personality and good judgement can change on a dime. She has a habit of directly looking for confrontation and trouble.


    "How can one live in such dispair...I cannot go on knowing you hate me so..."

    Reason to Escape
    "It looked like fun..."
    Molly has, like the others, grown bored of the same day to day ways of living. She wishes for a change of pace, so decided to escape with the others...

    "I have to protect him...my little raven"
    She seeks to protect someone important to her...

    Role in the Escape
    "Does that make me a secret weapon?"
    ♧Group 2 Back up♧


    "I cannot picture freedom from this place...It is all I know."
    Theme Song
    ♧ SlipKnot: Wait and Bleed ♧

    Other Information
    "What else is there to know? I can simply show you what remains unseen."
    ♧ Actually quite romantic ♧

    ♧ Body is littered with massive scars...Rarely does anyone see them and if they ask, she ignores the question completely ♧

    ♧ Lacks quite a bit of self confidence ♧

    ♧ Has a fascination with sex...has never actually done it. -VIRGIN- ♧

    ♧ MILDLY cannibalistic... She sees no problem in eating an animal, and since she doesn't see herself as human, she sees no problen in actually eating one... ♧

    ♧ Has a fascination with Necrophilia ♧

    ♧ She actually has little to no control over her powers. The collar device gives her that control...although greatly limits the execution. (Meaning don't take off the fucking collar.) ♧


    "Shall we dance, mi amor?"

    "You wish to here my analysis on this little flock then, yes?"



    ♀ ...need...more...power... ♀

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  9. I will have my char up tonight. Can I use a realistic look? I'm not the best with finding good anime cartoon faces for my chars.... which also means it would take me a while to find if I can't use real life people xD. Char's power is Telekinesis, so please no one take that^^ tonight after work char should be either finished or in an w.i.p.
  10. [​IMG]
    "Is there any reason you really need to know this?"

    "I think you already know my name, but whatever..."
    Donovan Gabriel Davenport

    "I have a couple of these... some that will make you wonder how I got them."
    Donnie, King Kinetic(He Calls Himself That One), Double D, Wild Child, Sex Dog, Wreck It Dono, Future Convict, Mega Douche

    "I'm almost old enough to do most things legally, still do them though, Ha!"

    Sex And Gender
    "Aren't these things the same? Wow you're dumb."
    Male... Still Male.

    "I like everything over and under The Sun, even you."
    "I look good all the time... you know you like this BODY. *Rubs Chest*"
    Donovan has a slim but toned body, since he tends to work out a lot in the Facility... since there isn't much to do in the place. He has natural white hair, not knowing why or how his hair is just that natural silver white color, but he likes it. Other than his striking hair, Donovan has those amazing crystal blue eyes... that you can get lost in to. He has beautiful perfect baby soft skin, and he has never had any blemishes or anything like that. Donovan has pouting lips, and he loves to show them off... giving his phenomenal puppy dog face when he wants something.

    Donovan stand at 6'2" and he weighs around 170/180 pounds, he likes to keep in shape but he doesn't want to ever look like some Gym Junky or something. He tends to keep his silver hair in a swoop messy style... not really caring to much about how it looks. Donovan's personal style can be described as... very unique. He tends to wear very colorful shirts and ripped jeans... his shirts tend to say some very outlandish things, but that is just what he likes to wear. With those Crystal Blue Eyes, his Natural Silver Hair and his Pouty Lips... he is a real lady and man killer.

    "I am the one they hate... but the one they also want to date."
    Donovan is a total smartass, always thinking that what he says or feels is the right answer or decision. He doesn't take orders from others that often... only going with what they tell him just until he gets the chance to take control. He likes to be the Leader and he hates to follow behind others. Even though he is a cocky and reckless little shit, Donovan is a very loyal and trustworthy person, he will have someone's back for as long as they have his. You most know Donovan to love or hate him, there is no in-between with him, he doesn't have frenemies. You're either a friend or a foe, just don't be his foe if you want to live a long and happy life.

    "I like a lot of things, including you."
    - Being In Control
    - Causing Pain To Others
    - Feeling Powerful
    - Getting His Way
    - Drugs
    - Parties
    - Doing Dangerous Things
    - Controlling Others
    - Manipulation
    - The Stars

    "The Facility for one thing, just need to get out of here."
    - The Facility
    - Being Defeated In Anything
    - Being Told What To Do
    - Not Having Control
    - Feeling Or Looking Weak
    - Goody Goodies
    - Rules
    - Not Getting His Way
    - Being Manipulated
    - Boring Days

    "I think I have the coolest power there is, moving things without having to touch it? Come on, that is fucking killer!"
    Telekinesis-Donovan has the power to move things with his mind or directing his hand towards the thing he wants to move. Telekinesis is the basis of many powers that have to do with controlling/manipulating, if Donovan learns to control his powers to the master level, he will be able to control anything to a Subatomic Level... but that will be way, way, way down the line.


    "I can kick your ass... even when there's no Gravity, remember that."
    Telekinetic Combat-The main aspect of his power that Donovan likes to use the most is Telekinetic Combat. He uses his Telekinesis on his own body, being able to levitate or float off the ground to do moves in a fight that most wouldn't be able to do. In most situations, depending on if he can move his body... Donovan can have an upper hand.
    Telekinetic Combat(Video)

    Survival Skills
    "I don't think it would be THAT tough to make it out there."
    Resourceful/Smart/Physically & Mentally Strong/Leadership/Camouflage/Making Makeshift Weapons & Supplies/ Team Work (If He's The Leader)/Fishing

    Darwin Award Points
    "Really... for what reason?"
    Knows Nothing About Which Plants Are Eatable And Which Are Poisonous/Always Has To be Right... Even If He's Wrong/Team Work (If He's Not The Leader)/Reckless At Times


    Reason To Escape
    "What the fuck! Duh... this place is fucking twisted and I'm not the one causing the mayhem."
    Donovan doesn't like being told what to do or being used, he wants to get out but he also wants to destroy the Facility and make those bastards cry in pain until they all die a horrible and painful death.

    Role In The Escape
    "What I say goes... I am the boss, iight?"
    Group 1 Leader

    "Are we almost done... because now you're starting to get on my nerves. *Gets Irritated*"
    Donovan is one of the few that wasn't born in the facility. He started to show signs of his Telekinesis at the age of five. When he would get upset or mad, things would fly across the room or break when he looked at it. His parents had an image to uphold, so without even thinking twice when the facility came to find out about his "gift," his parents gave him up. They didn't need any money, since they were loaded Billionaires, they just didn't want a son that wasn't "normal." The facility wiped Donovan's memory soon after getting him. He still feels like someone is out there that is apart of him, but will he be happy with what he finds?
    "That's it... GET OUT! *Uses powers to throw you out the room*"

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