A summer in Italy

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  1. It was a usual Monday morning for James, his annoying alarm clock went off like usual and as usual, he slammed his fist down on it in order for silence. "Oh, I really need to get a new one." He chuckled, cracking his eyes open and his ambers orbs looked up at the ceiling with amusement. Then the young man hopped out of bed and got changed for school and made himself a light breakfast before locking up. Slipping on his coat, the young man walked over to his Charger and hopped in before pulling out of his drive way and drove off to his best friend's house; Sidney Jones. Upon arrival, he got out, walked over to her front door and knocked on it.

    "Sidney, you awake yet or do I need to wake you up again?" He asked, a teasing smirk lining his face and waited for her or her father to answer the door.
  2. The man in his late thirtys stumbled to the front door and threw it open, still drunk from the night before."What do you want?"he stuttered out. Sidney ran down the stairs and paused when she saw her dad.
  3. Seeing it was Sidney's father, James' attitude came off as annoyed a little pissed but he quickly hid it and smiled cheerfully. "Good morning Mr. Jones, I'm here to pick up Sidney. Like I do everyday." He then added, sliding both hands into his pockets and noticed Sidney behind her old man. "Mornin' ready to go?" The blonde winked, his amber eyes watching her.
  4. Sidney nodded and slid passed her father, pausing only when he grabbed her forearm.
  5. "Excuse me." Acting like he slipped, James slammed his hand into the older man's hand and caused him to let go. "Sorry about that, I'm a bit clumsy in the morning." Taking ahold of his best friend's hand, he let her to his car and opened the door for her. Once she was in he closed it behind her and got in before pulling off and drove them to school. "I really don't like your drunkard of a father." James growled, sliding a hand through his hair while driving. "Especially when I need to put on my super good kid act."
  6. She smiled and slid her hand over to his arm and laid it there for a moment."I know. It'll be okay,"she says looking at him."Thanks."
  7. Glancing over at her, he sighed softly and nodded. She always managed to calm him down when he had to be around her father or when someone or something started to make him mad. "Anytime." He then grinned, "I am your personal bad boy on call." he winked with a chuckle.
  8. She laughed and looked forward again."So are you ready for today? It's the last day before we get out for summer break, and next week we're going to Italy!"she squealed excitedly.
  9. "You know it, we're done with school and I don't have to force myself out of bed anymore." He laughed, pumping his fist out the window in triumph. Lowering his hand, he laughed and glanced at her while turning onto the road their school was on. "Yup. Good food, drinks, sights, people, and amazing art and architecture. I can't wait."
  10. "Me either. There's so many things I want to do and things I want to see. I can't believe we're actually going!!"she says, looking over at him.
  11. "Neither can I, it'll be nice to get out of the house for a bit." He said, pulling into the school's parking lot and pulled out his car keys from the ignition. "I am surprised your aunt and uncle are allowing you to bring a friend, let alone a guy, with you to their home." Opening the car door, James got out and closed it before walking over to Sidney's side and opened it for her.
  12. "Well they've heard a lot of good things about you,"she says getting out and says thank you,"And they trust me and I trust you, so they will trust you too."
  13. "Good things? That's a first." He chuckled, smiling at her while closing the door and locking his car. "But still, even then I'm surprised they acted quickly." Yawning, he put both hands behind his head and started walking towards the doors. "I thought you would have had to convince them."
  14. "Well... Just a little bit, but they came around. The only thing that they weren't so sure about was sharing a room, so they said they would have to make up another room for you, right beside mine,"she chuckled, following him towards the school.
  15. "I don't see the big deal about sharing a room." He mused, doing a little leisurely spin as they walked. "We used to share rooms all the time when we were younger, but I guess having one right next to yours is something I can take." James then added, smirking slightly. "I might sneak in now and then to mess with you though." He teased.
  16. She laughed,"You can try." She kept walking and thought for a moment."It's not that they think it's a big deal about sharing a room, it's that they had to ask my dad first, and he already doesn't like you, so of course he said just don't let you come. So they just decided to make you get a room beside me. Plus, I'd rather have different rooms if you're going to pick up some cute Italian girl,"she teased, winking at him.
  17. "Bah, you dad can kiss my ass all the way to the moon." He grumbled, kicking a pebble in front of him. "I'd love to beat him into a pulp, damn drunk, I don't see how you put up with his crap." James then added and slid both hands into his pockets. "Oh....an Italian girl? That outta be interesting." Grinning, he winked back and chuckled. "Now that you mention it, having separate rooms are certainly better. Since who knows, you might find a guy in Italy that you like; I'll have to look him over first to see if he passess."
  18. Sidney chuckles and glances over at him."Doubtful, but maybe. Who knows, maybe we'll both find someone in Italy." She hops up the stairs to the school and reaches for the door handle.
  19. "It seems like it could be possible." Though they would be left behind when he and Sidney returned home. Even though she reached for the door handle, he beat her to it and opened it for her. "Oh no, you're taking me to Italy so the least I can do is pamper you for today." James stated, grinning mischievously. "Princess Sidney."
  20. She playfully hit him and smirked,"Aren't you like this everyday though?" She walks through the door and sees a couple people turn to look at them walk through the door together. She quickly looked down away from everyone and started walking faster.
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