A Princess in need

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  1. Princess Annoliese found refuge in her large cozy and lavishly furnished living quarters away from the torment of the throne room. Her mother,the queen, had recently come to power after her father passed from a rare disease. She rentlessly tried to get Annoliese to find a hunsband from some of the local noblemen but Annoliese refused exclaiming "The men in this kingdom are power hungry! I am looking for love!". She then dashed to her room to try and keep a level head.
    'Why can't I find love on my own and possibly explore the male anatomy much closer before making my decision? Seeing as though I only know what I've read from books.' She thought. She stands and gracefully walks to her balcony that overlooks the carriage path and stares off into the direction of the city.
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    Kyle Backstreet (forgive the name), was a poor stable boy who worked for the King and Queen. He worked night and days, shoveling, helping with the animals all things for a stable boy. He was exceptionally poor, because he lost his family at a young age and that was when the king and Queen took him in. They only saw him as a piece of shit basically. He continued to shovel shit when a particular person came to mine, the king and queens beautiful daughter whom he adored the most. He had very affectionate feelings for her, he couldn't explain it.

    (do you mind swearing?) and here is a picture or him, http://lh3.ggpht.com/-44BmvM9doU0/TTCfXGpafWI/AAAAAAADIOs/yrHqyLW7P9A/60052984.jpg)
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    Annoliese decieded she wanted to take a ride on her large chestnut gelding, Sebastian. She changed into her riding dress and strode toward the barn. She walked straight to the stall from where she had heard a sweet whinny and immediately started to stroke the long faced horse. She put his halter on and began grooming him, which was one of her favorite things to do to keep her mind off of things. Once he was slick and shiny she stepped out and headed towards the tack room, when she accidently bumped into someone. " Oh! I am terribly sorry! I wasnt paying attention" She said as she looked up and shes the stable boy. He was certianly handsome. She could see his muscles under his thin shirt.

    Annoliese- http://tinypic.com/r/juio1i/6
  4. "Not at all, your highness, the fault is all mine,"he said putting his hand to his chest. He smiled at her and asked,"Will you be needing any assitance or things?"he bowed down to her. He had to treat her like royalty but he wanted to treat her like a beautiful women she is. In his eyes, he would except her as anything royalty or nothing.
  5. She smiles and say "No, I have things in my bearings. But i shall need some assistance in mounting. I'm afriad this dress restricts me from swinging up from the ground." She giggles and walks into the large dark wood room which held the finest leather tack. she grabs her saddle and walks back to the stall to place it on the tall horse's back. She went and retrieved the diamond encrsuted bridle (A gift from her father) and walked to the stall again watching as the stable boy, Kyle, she believed was his name hay an impatient mare a few stalls down.
  6. He wasn'rt being rude or anything but he asked,"why don't you wear some trousers instead of your dress and then you could have more fun? Not being rude or anything,"he smiled and helped her up onto the horse.
  7. She adjusted her skirt and gathered her reins and replied qouting her mother's word " A lady does not wear trousers while riding. It is unattractive and improper." she giggled and says " So basicly it is frowned upon. Will you be joining me? I love some company" She smiles down at the dirty face boy.
  8. "I'd be honoured to join you my lady, but what horse shall I use?"he asked politely grabbing a piece of material and he wiped his face very clean.
  9. "Jasper will be fine" She knew Jasper could gallop just as fast as Sebastian could. "Use my father's tack. Its the reddish leather saddle."
    She watches as he walks away watching his bum.'He looks nice from behind' she said to herself. She giggles outloud and walks to the warm up ring and begins to trot her impatient stallion.
  10. Kyle nodded in response and got the horse ready. He had really good hearing and heard what she said about his behind and ignored it. Then he galloped out of the barn and down to where she was. He asked,"how about we race down to the river and back?"
  11. "I'll beat you there!" she yelled wrenching sebastians head in the direction of the river kicking him into a gallop jumping over fallen logs laughing loudly watching as jasper galloped just behind them. " Well come on now! Do try to keep up! Or is a Girl faster than you!" she laughed
  12. He smirked and raised a eyebrow, then he galloped Jasper and he ended up behind him to get a glimpse of her bum. He smiled and replied,"maybe I have my reasons for being slow."and that was being affectionately in love with her.
  13. She gasped and snatched sebastian to a sudden halt and sat there astonished by his comment. " You sure know how to talk to your superior."
    She smirked. and watched and he walked to where sebastian stood.
  14. Kyle had a confused look on his face and galloped to beside her and asked,"why? What did I do wrong?"
  15. She smirks and jumps down and ties sebastian to a tree and starts walking away " ive got him right where i want him' She thought to herself. She stopped by a large oak tree in a meadow. Birds chirrping gayly.
  16. Kyle followed her lead and jumped down and he tied Jasper to the tree also. Then he followed her to the tree and stood in front of her smiling.
  17. She turns around and presses her back against the tree staring him into his eyes. "so Kyle, is it? How do you like our fair kingdom? What is it like working for the queen?" She watches as he strolls toward her slowly.
  18. "We'll that I can't express with you as you would tell you mother,"he replied smiling.
  19. She steps toward him. " I am afraid talking tomy mother is the last thing on my mind. All she wants to talk about is marriage. She want me to marry a nobleman! The few that have come to attempt and court me only wanted the throne and to use me as a child bearer. not as a wife or companion!" She is now standning directly infront of him. She reaches out and holds his face in her hands. " You are so handsome and kind" She says.
  20. "Well then working for her is torture but it gets me the money,"he smiled when she cupped his face and replied,"your beautiful and amazing,"he leaned in to kiss her and hoped she would follow.