A Party for the Mages (Halloween Masquerade)

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  1. Decorations for the event lined the walls of Nighthawk Hotel's ballroom, the area now set and ready for the guests to enter. Stood at the door to this decorated room was a security guard, cloaked in black with a list in hand. The time now reaching 7pm, the front doors to the hallway area was pulled open, a pathway to the guarded red velvet rope now available for all to use. Of course, the list in the rough hand of the guard would decide who actually made it past, but everyone was welcome into the dull hallway...​
  2. For mortals, the term "stepping out of the shadows" was pure metaphor. The thing of it is, not all beings are mortal.

    A pool of blackness appeared in the shadows of the Nighthawk Hotel, slowly solidifying into the form of a woman with black bird wings, black hair, and porcelain skin. A black plastic halo hovered over her head, kept in place by a spell. She strode confidently inside and went straight to the security guard.

    "Armelia Delacra. I presume I'm on the list?"
  3. Abba Highwood stood quietly in front of the Nighthawk Hotel. The sun was sinking low on the horizon, casting dark shadows from the gnarbled trees across the ground. There was a brisk chill in the air, a light wind whistling along and fluttering the few strands of silky, dark brown hair that hung loose from the young demon's curled updo. She had light blue eyes with a sweet air of innocence in them, despite her species being one of darkness and great evil, and those pretty blue eyes gazed curiously upon the hotel. This was her first event of such importance, and as Abba began to walk towards the majestic doors, heels clicking gently against the hard ground beneath her, she couldn't help but wonder exactly what she would find.

    Her red and black gown swished behind her as her slim, petite little figure made its way towards the building. Her pale hands came up and gently pushed open the door, revealing the wide hallway area. It was mostly empty for now - a set of doors stood at the other end, opposite young Abba, and a red velvet rope held the uninvited back. A beefy guard clad all in black held a list in his hand, and was presently engaged in conversation with a brown-haired girl. She had feathery dark wings on her back and Abba was very curious - was it a costume, or were they real? A second glance brought Abba's pretty blue eyes to the halo that hovered magically above the other girl's head, confirming that it was indeed a magical being before her.

    Abba moved forward, a neutral expression on her face. Her soft lips were coated in a ruby lipstick and her lacy black and red masque covered much of her face, her pretty eyes peeking out from the two little holes made solely for the purpose of allowing the young wearer to see. She stopped quietly behind the other girl to await her turn, figuring it best not to jump in or interrupt since this winged being ahead of her was clearly already engaged in conversation with the security guard.
  4. Isabelle walks around.
    Logan sigh a bit.
  5. Kyle wandered into the hotel, fidgeting slightly. He wasn't really one to go to parties as he preferred to run around at night but it was Halloween so he had decided he might as well. He ran his fingers through his hair, trying not to mess it up, thought maybe he should? Would a prince with messy hair look better then one without? He shook his head and forced his hand down. He saw a line already forming and glanced at them.

    They were both girls, and looked very good in their costumes but there was something about them that interested Kyle. For one, the one girl had a floating halo which was pretty cool. He looked through his little eye holes and grinned. It looked like everyone had put effort into their costume so he no longer felt weird about having spent days sewing his together. He stood behind the girl with a red dress and waited his turn.
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  6. Juilet was regretting her decision to wear heels tonight. Muttering softly to herself she held up the lower part of her skirt as she walked into the dreary looking hall. She really needed to stop talking to herself, people were going to stare. "Oh.. I hope the party looks better then this.." She said softly as she dropped her skirt and strides confidently down the all. Her mask tied securely to her head in a neat ribbon bow as to conceal her identify. She noticed the others around her and she gave those who noticed her a sheepish smile in return as she took her place in line behind a boy. A Prince prehaps? She wondered.

    Her costume was a simple cream dress with detailing to resemble the fictional beauty Juilet, from Shakespere's most known work of art, Romeo and Juilet. Juilet wasn't one for dances, she much preferred handing out candy with her parents on Halloween night, but they had forced her to come and her mother had even taken the time to hand sew her dress, how could she have said no?

    Peeking into the ballroom she couldn't see much, mostly from the mask that gave her a very limited amount of eyesight, but what she could see was the nicely lit room and glimpses of the decorations. "Classy" She muttered softly. If she didn't stop talking to herself people were going to think she was crazy! Well, she was a shape-shifter. That kind of made her a little crazy.
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  7. Isabelle lift up her dress a bit as she walk down a pair of stairs."the floor sure is cold without any shoes". Walking down the stairs."man my feet are very cold". She in a British voice. She smiles.
    Logan walking around. "I wounder what the ballroom looks like".
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  8. Ellie felt nervous the closer she came to the Nighthawk Hotel. Never being the one to attend such balls and dances, Ellie had no idea what to do. She saw others lining up and made a small noise of uneasiness. Ellie didn't know why she was so nervous, but it may have been something to do with being forced to stay in a castle for the past 16 years (She's 19 now). Finally, a few years ago, she had gotten her rights to explore outside of the castle. She was young, for a vampire, but she aged quicker than most since she was also half human. Taking a few steps forward, Ellie tucked a few stray strands of soft orange hair behind her ear, a nervous habit. As she waited in line, Ellie's sea foam green eyes took in the people around her. There were so many people with gorgeous dresses in masks, it made her seem like she wasn't dressed up enough. Even though she put the effort into her Greek goddess costume, she saw as other girls walked by looking very beautiful. Even the girl in front of her, with the plain cream colored dress, looked stunning. Glancing down, Ellie scrunched her nose at the thigh length dress and golden sash. It was okay if it meant to hide what species she was from humans. Ellie reached up and touched her mask with a smile. If there was one thing she was wearing she had confidence in, it was her mask.
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  9. The chilly October wind outside of the hotel whistled as a figure strode forwards. In the darkness, only a shadowy figure could be made out. The lower hem of his hooded cloak billowed, and as he moved forward, the dim glow of a streetlight caught the details of the dark figure. Beneath the black and blue hooded cloak was a pale face with strong, chiseled features. A black and blue masque covered much of the evidently male face, but through the eye holes of his masque, a pair of unique eyes could be made out - one was a dull green in colour, while the other was a bright blue. There was a smile on his face as he made his way to the doors and pushed them open, walking boldly in.

    Cliff gazed around from beneath his masque, examining his surroundings. The room was filled with beautiful masked women in elegant gowns, and for a moment, he was certain that he was in heaven. He stood still for a moment, taking in the beauty all around him - a winged girl in black, two young-looking ladies in red, and a particularly stunning blonde in a cream-coloured dress. For half a second, his green eye lit up just slightly, but then his eyes returned to normal, one blue and one green, both fixated on the lovely blonde. Yes, Cliff did always have a thing for blondes.

    He moved forward, now noticing that those who had assembled were patiently waiting in line. A large guard stood at the front of the line with a list in his hand, clearly in the process of cross-checking the winged woman who stood in front of him. Next was one of the young girls, the one whose gown was all black and red, and then a young man dressed as a prince. He saw that the other girl in red was on her way to the line, as was a second young man, so he quickly moved to take his place behind the beautiful blonde girl. In a room filled with black and red gowns, she was a vision in white, her masque the colour of freshly fallen snow as she sheepishly gazed around. He smiled as he stood behind her, making sure to put just enough space between them so as not to make her feel uncomfortable. As he came to stand in line, he heard footsteps behind him as a redheaded woman, also clad in white, positioned herself in line just behind him, obviously taking the time to examine the other dresses. He smiled a bit to himself as he saw her eyes fall upon the beautiful blonde in front of him, and his own eyes followed, returning to the girl he had put himself behind.

    "Would it be too bold," he murmured in a low voice so that only she would hear him behind her, "to come forward now and say that you, miss, look absolutely enchanting tonight?"

    (( @Adira ))
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  10. Ellie watched as the man in front of her said something to the blonde in front of him. She smiled and held her hands behind her back, starting to daydream, something she was fond of doing. She closed her eyes and imagined a handsome prince coming towards her and greeting her with a bow. He wouldn't judge her for being half human and half vampire. He would ask her to dance by grabbing her hand and staring into her eyes. Ellie sighed and opened her eyes, her heart dropping slightly at her silly daydream. Unlike other half vampires, Ellie's heart could still beat a little and feel emotions.

    Soon, Ellie felt herself entering another daydream. She would be entering the ballroom, and see many people clad in cloth and delicate masks. She would sit in a chair, watching couples dance gracefully, letting out joyful laughter as the man twirls the girl. Then, there he would be. Standing on the other side of the ball room, watching the dancers as well. He would be handsome, and she would wonder why he wasn't dancing with any girls. Then, their eyes would meet, and she would feel a slight heartbeat. Then, he would move through the people on the dance floor to get to the other side, apologizing for bumping into people on the way. When he would arrive in front of her, he would say-

    Her daydream was cut short as she opened her eyes, seeing the line moving up a little. Ellie took a deep breath of the cool air and moved forward, keeping her eyes on the ground. Her cheeks were reddened slightly, embarrassed that others might have been waiting for her to move forward while she was daydreaming. Ellie bit her lip and rocked on her feet slightly, waiting for her turn.
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  11. Juliet looked up from her glazing longingly into the ballroom to the boy in front of her. From behind her mask she stared into the boy's odd eyes. Most people would be scared or intimated or even creeped out by his eyes, but they intrigued Juliet so much that she found herself staring at him that she barely heard his silkily voice. His whispers tickled her ear as a smile spread across her face as her eyes glanced down from embarrassment. "Oh well thank you. You look quite handsome yourself." She said as she glanced up to meet his eyes again. Her eyes scanned his costume and tried to piece together what he was. A sheepish smile and a slight blush appeared on her pale face. "If you don't mind me asking what are you?" She asked quietly, so not to disturb the others.
  12. Annabelle pinched her invitation between her thumb and index finger, swinging it lightly as she walked toward the entrance of the party. Her blue dress dragged behind her as she walked, and her face was not only hidden by a mask, but also partly hidden by a dark blue cloak that shadowed her features. Saying little to the guard as she walked along, she simply flashed him her invitation and headed inside. She hadn't time for idle chatter. She had come here for one reason and one reason alone. Annabelle had come to meet someone to make a deal with them. Anyone watching her from a distance could see she was alone and appeared to be moving a lot, obviously looking for someone.

    @Anyone who doesn't have someone to talk with yet. Annabelle is just walking around looking for someone. :)


    Although she hadn't been at the party long, Ruby found herself quite amazed by the decorations. Velvet curtains hung from the windows where candles sat along their edges. A long banquet table draped in a silky, white cloth held many different foods for the guests. The ballroom even had a big chandelier which hung from the ceiling. Ruby found it to be quite the classy looking place.

    She strolled around--keeping her red hood up--while occasionally glancing nervously toward one of the windows. It was going to be a full moon tonight, she could feel it. This fact made her very uncomfortable. She had a... condition... she didn't exactly want anyone to see.

    After a few moments of strolling, Ruby made her way over to the banquet table and took a glass for herself. She poured some red wine in the glass and turned around to continue walking. She was barely paying attention to where she was going, however, and it was highly possible for her to spill that glass of wine if someone where to bump into her...

    @Anyone who doesn't have someone to talk with yet. Ruby is walking around with a glass of wine. If you have your character bump into them, I'll have her spill it on them. ;)
  13. Cliff smiled down at the lovely blonde as she turned to face him. It was cute, the way that she stared as he spoke to her, clearly transfixed and amazed by his unique blue and green eyes - as many were, curious as to why he was so different. It had a wonderful tendency of drawing people to him, especially lovely blonde ladies such as this ethereal vision before him. He watched her pretty eyes scan up and down, taking in the details of his costume, and he lifted his hands to lower the hood, revealing his smooth dark hair, with only a few loose strands twisting away in other directions. He smiled warmly down at her.

    "I believe," he said, speaking slowly, his voice like velvet, "that I am some form of assassin." His smile widened into a sly grin, his blue eye sparkling with kindness while his green eye remained dullened, almost lifeless but for the fact that it moved along with his blue one, else it probably would have looked like some sort of lazy eye. "And you, I would think you an angel but you have no wings, so I will instead go with my second guess...are you a princess? You certainly look the part, beautiful in every way, and though I have yet to meet you I get the sense that you are sweet and charming as a princess should be." His smile faltered momentarily, and before she could respond, he quickly spoke again. "Forgive me, I should introduce myself before trying to charm you with these flowery words. My name is Cliff, and what might be yours, my fair princess?"


    Already, Abba could hear the sweet nothings being whispered as a handsome man spoke softly to a pretty blonde girl in a cream-coloured dress. Everybody looked so wonderful, Abba couldn't help but wonder if she'd be noticed. She was rather simple looking, even for a demon, as they were normally beautiful in a flawless and exotic way - Abba was cursed, or perhaps blessed, with this everlasting youthful simplicity, a sweet little face and big, innocent blue eyes. She gazed around from beneath the red and black masque - so far, only one other man had come in, and he didn't seem to notice anyone in particular. She paused, seeing another blonde girl come in, this one in an icy blue dress. She watched for a moment, seeing the girl clearly looking around as if seeking someone to talk to. She certainly wasn't the charming gentleman Abba had been hoping for, but until such a guest arrived, she supposed she would make her way over to this other girl to talk. She put a smile on her ruby lips as she began to walk over, black and red gown swishing behind her as she approached the blonde.

    "Hello," she chimed, her voice soft and musical. "You look bored, and there aren't quite enough gentlemen here yet, so we may as well entertain ourselves until partners for dancing arrive. My name is Abba, what's yours?"
  14. Annabelle found herself lost in the ballroom. It was large and she felt as if she would never find the person she was looking for. When someone spoke to her, she turned and gazed at Abba through her pretty blue mask. "Hello yourself," she replied, curiously looking at the other woman. "My name is El-- Annabelle. I'm not really here for the party to be honest. I've come to look for someone, a woman who will be wearing a red cloak. She was supposed to make a business deal with me. I don't see her around, however, so if you are looking to chat I wouldn't mind. I'm waiting myself. How are you this evening? Have you come here alone?"
  15. Abba raised one eyebrow curiously as she heard the blonde woman's words. She smiled a bit, tilting her head curiously to one side. Part of her immediately began to wonder whether this woman in the red cloak was someone she knew - Annabelle was, after all, vague about the details of this business deal, so perhaps it was, in fact, a demon deal. Abba knew a number of demons, and though she was so different, the majority of the ones she knew had a certain respect for her that came with the fact that her youthful, innocent appearance allowed her to utilize certain skills that they didn't have. Very few of the sultry, sexy female demons she knew could pull off the sweet and innocent teenager act that had charmed many a man and woman when performed by Abba. She had damned many souls to hell simply by acting the way she looked.

    "Yes, yes I have," she answered softly. "And I'm good, thank you. I've never been to an event like this before, so not quite sure what to expect, but still good nonetheless." For one, Abba hadn't expected the guests to be primarily female. Of course, she could certainly work with that, but she had hoped for a dashing gentleman to be charmed by her sweetness and youthful innocence so that she could claim his soul as her own. She maintained her sweet and pleasant smile as this thought crossed her mind momentarily, figuring she wouldn't jump straight to asking about this business deal that Annabelle wished to make.
  16. Juliet's eyes sparkled with excitement. This was exciting and strange at the same time. His voice flowed from his mouth like a fountain, the compliments made her fair skin tint with a light pink blush. "An assassin? Hmm interesting choice. You don't look that fierce" She said playfully with a light hearted chuckle. As his hood fell off Juliet felt the urge to smooth down his brown locks but held her hand behind her head, messing with a few loose curls of her blonde hair. "Oh? My costume? I'm suppose to be Juliet from Shakespeare's tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet" she giggled slightly and stuck her hand out for him to shake it. "Oddly enough my name is Juliet." She curtsied politely at him and smiled before replying "It's a pleasure to meet you Cliff."
  17. Cliff grinned, watching her blush as she gave her sweet little curtsy and taking her hand in his as she held it out. Where she was aiming for a handshake, he instead lifted the pretty hand to his lips and laid a soft kiss on top of it, not letting his eyes drop from gazing up at the blonde vision before him. He smiled before letting go of her hand, leaning back as the line moved forward and it was their turn. He smiled, nodding for her to lend her attentions to the security guard so that they could make their way into the ballroom. He knew for sure that this ethereal beauty would be his first dance, unless some other man came swooping in and stole her away, but he highly doubted that. He, the quiet man on the other side of the room, and the princely fellow seemed to be the only men there yet, and none seemed to be eyeing up the lovely Juliet before him.

    "Juliet, what a beautiful name," he said softly, more to himself than to her as he had already motioned for her to turn her attentions to the guard - of course, he kept his voice at the perfect volume for the beautiful blonde to still hear him, hoping that he could bring that pretty pinkish colour to her cheeks again.
  18. Isabelle walks in the Nighthawk hotel."man my feet are really cold".
    Logan walks in the Nighthawk hotel."beautiful".
  19. Thomas was quiet excited about tonight. He liked the idea of a some wine, dancing and maybe a real drink from a fair lady. And those were the only reasons why he decided to attend to that event, even though he was not the sociable kind. Any other night, he would stay lurking his food in some dark alley, but that night was different. He dressed as an old vampire, just because he could already see the image on his head while he drank blood from a helpless young lady with that clothing. He always enjoyed that old good figure of a vampire and not the modern one that he was.

    He was just walking through the place, mainly admiring the decorations of the place. It was a weird thing that he didn't even glance at the women around, not even to see their costumes. And it was also weird to him to be so distracted, so distracted that he bumped into someone. He felt as a liquid fell into his body and went through his coat and t-shirt to get to his skin. It was some annoyingly strong smelling wine and it would probably be his new perfume for the whole night. He was ready to turn around and say something probably awfull to the spiller but found a pretty adorable red riding hood standing in there.

    "Thank you, I was actually thirsty" told her with a friendly smile. Of course there was sarcasm on his voice, but it was only meant as a joke.

    (@Klutzy Ninja Kitty)
  20. The security guard waved Armelia through, and she entered the ballroom. It was lavishly decorated, but there didn't seem to be any particular theme. This made sense, considering that the costumes were rather varied as well.

    Armelia was the first one in the ballroom, so she simply waited for the others to join her.
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