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  1. Doctors Park and Hope, Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone


    Michael sat on his bed in the apartment safe house. The pouring rain slapped hard against the window. Lightning flashed in the distance, but it could barely be seen over the lights of the city. About 650 feet below, the street was filled with hustle and bustle.

    There was a knock at the door. "I got it!" Michael said to Doctor Park, who was sitting on the apartment's couch. The Korean woman nodded.

    "Thank you, Michael." She said. She picked up the metal briefcase containing the information gathered from Shiawase.

    Michael opened the door, and three Chinese men in fedoras and rain drenched trench coats stepped into the room. "Good evening, Doctor Hope, Doctor Park." they said in heavily accented English.

    "May I ask who you are?" Michael asked calmly.

    "You need to pay your dues, Doctor. This is Red Dragon Triad territory. Every member of this place pays Triad dues." The lead one said, showing the dragon tattoo encircling his neck. The others drew their pistols.

    Michael backed up a bit. "I'm sorry, we don't have any money. This is only a temporary situation. We won't be here for long."

    "Well, we'll just see what we can take." The leader said laughing, pushing Michael into his bedroom. They grabbed a gold watch sitting on the dresser immediately. They then went through the dresser and closet, grabbing anything valuable and that they thought could be useful.

    A symbol showed up on one of the lab coats Michael had hanging up:


    "He's the Archangel!" One of them shouted. "The one Wuxing is after!"

    "Run, Doctor Park!" Michael shouted through the door. Michael heard a swift running sound, and the front door of the apartment slam. One of the guards immediately turned around, only to get hit with a fireball from Michael's hand, leaving him on the floor. Smoke and steam rose from his trench coat.

    "Get him!" The leader shouted to the other guard. A bullet was fired, which landed in the wall behind Michael. Michael grabbed his commlink off his bedside table.

    The two Triads made their way towards him. "You're ours!" the henchman said. Another bullet went off cracking the window. Michael looked behind him. Just the opportunity he needed. He let himself be backed towards it, before breaking the window with a spell.

    He clutched his commlink in his hand, and leaned back as the Triads stared in awe. "He's a dead man. Get Doctor Park. She'll be valuable!"

    Michael closed his eyes, and fell back completely. The wind rushed around him as he fell towards a crowd of onlooker, who immediately began to scatter.

    Then, a miracle occurred. he never hit the ground. His Guardian spirit, Dragonslayer, caught him.

    The former runner known as Archangel was finally flying.


    Japantown, Seattle, UCAS


    9:00 PM

    6465 miles away from the chaos of Hong Kong, more trouble brewed. The weather was just as bad. Rain poured in sheets, with thunder and lightning flashing. Puddles filled potholes, and almost everyone was carrying an umbrella.


    A group of Shadowrunners sat in a van outside of a Mitsuhama corporate building where a party was being hosted. "We really gonna do this?" An old dwarf male holding an assault rifle said. He looked like a stereotypical dwarf. Long hair and a beard, sleeves of tattoos ran up and down his arms. He wore a bulletproof vest that loosely dangled.


    "We have to." An attractive elf female wearing a dress spoke up. She looked like a model from a magazine. She had an ID Tag on her read "Guinevere Alderman, VIP." She pulled her dark hair back a bit, and arranged it so some fell over her shoulders.

    A young human male, who was cleaning a cyberdeck shook his head. "Man, we never should have signed up for this job, I mean, this is insane." He rubbed his eyes

    "It's the only job we could get. You're lucky you'll be able to eat tomorrow if we survive this." The Elf replied.

    Another human, the group's Mage, entered the van, closing the doors behind him. "Wow, it is pouring out there. Anyway, The FBI needs us to do this, so we're doing this." He wore a green rain cloak. His brown hair and blue eyes peeked from under the cloak's hood. He began to take the rain covered cloak off, revealing a navy blue suit jacket. He brushed the sleeve off. "Wish the weather was a bit more clear, but, that's Seattle weather for you."

    The Decker rolled his eyes. "Alright, just understand that this is suicide."

    "Isn't every job?" An ork said. He wore heavy body armor.
    "Yeah, I guess..." The decker said. He bit his lip, and went back to polishing his cyberdeck.

    "Anyway, how do we look?" The elf girl said, pulling up her gloves a bit further, and standing next to the mage, who was fixing a cuff link on his shirt.

    "Like a million nuyen, Mr. and Mrs. Alderman." The ork said, giving a thumbs up.

    "So, can we go over the plan again?" The Dwarf said, a bit annoyed. "I don't want to forget what i'm supposed to do before we even start."

    "Right." The hacker said. "I have the map." He tapped something into his Cyberdeck, and a map of the building popped up. Everyone gathered around it.

    "So, while 'Mr. and Mrs. Alderman...'" the Dwarf said, making air quotes. "... are at the party, I'll take down the security system, and meet you all in the shipping bay. From there, we grab Mr. Alderman to disarm any magical defenses we may have. Then, we make our way running and gunning into the lab, grab the info, and get the hell out."

    "Sounds fairly cut and dry." The ork said. "But then these things rarely are, especially something this complicated. It's a matter of time until Murphy's Law kicks in, and the drek hits the fan."

    "Easy there, if something goes wrong, we can account for it. that's part of the job." The elf said. "Anyway, it's almost time for us to be in there. I'll catch you guys later. Mr. Alderman? Shall we?" She grabbed the mage's hand, and they stepped out into the rainy streets of Seattle.

    Some thunder rolled, and the young decker sighed. "A nice night for a run, isn't it?" The dwarf and ork nodded in agreement.


    Washington FDC, UCAS


    12:00 PM

    A young FBI Agent sat in her office. Paperwork was stacked all around her desk. She had been filling out a lot more since her partner had died. Her ID tag and Badge read "Agent Rachel Kellogg" She was Cain Winters's partner.

    She took a break, and turned to the TV behind her. "Runners Responsible for Cain Winters Murder caught." It read. Shwe watched it for a minute. FBI Vehicles and Police vans were all outside of a downtown Hotel. She raised her eyebrow. She hadn't been informed of this. There wasn't even a positive ID on any suspects. All they knew was that it was a team of Shadowrunners.

    She stood up, and went to grab a phone. Agent Kellogg had a call to make.


    Meanwhile, on the twentieth floor of a DeeCee hotel, several people would wake up on the floor. The room was fairly nice. A TV, a nicely made bed, some pictures hung on the walls.


    Shaitan, Motoko, and Jesse McCree would all get the shout of "FBI!" Through their doors. meanwhile, Akane Tsunemori, Jude Mathis, Faith Connors, James Bond, and James Rhodes would all get the shout "KNIGHT ERRANT SECURITY COMPANY! OPEN UP!" All the shouting from police officers in the hallway brought several tired civilians from their rooms.

    If you loooked outside your window, you would see a gathering of Police vehicles. A police barricade was set up on the street surrounding the hotel. A helicopter flies close to your window. Meanwhile, an iPad like device would sit on the bedside table.

    What do you do?

    Dramatis Personae:

    Face: Akane Tsunemori @Verite
    Hacker: Major Motoko Kusanagi @The Silver Paladin
    Mage: Shaitan @Ringmaster
    Muscle: ??? @Thuro 116 Pendragon
    Infiltrator: Faith Connors @york
    Sniper: James Bond @Cromartie Sarkissian
    Rigger: James Rhodes @Mighty Roman
    Medic: Jude Mathis @FireDrake150
    Overwatch: Jesse McCree @CrunchyCHEEZIT

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  2. [​IMG]
    James Rhodes turned around with a start. It seemed that no-one could get any peace and quiet. Especially since he'd been roped into this operation. As a soldier, he reacted instinctively, throwing his body towards the gun on his desk.
    Show Spoiler
    But he stopped halfway, pain tearing up his legs. He breathed heavily.
    Recovery still seemed a long way. He had to remember to not over-exert himself-but it was easier said than done. He was a man of action as heart, never one to sit idly by. This life was a dangerous one, after all, and few walked away in one piece.

    He glanced towards one of his War Machine drones. It sat slumped in an arm chair, it's head tilted to the side almost expectantly. Well? it seemed to say. What are you going to do? Rhodey briefly considered activating the drone, but it's clanking metal boots and heavy artillery would be useless if he wanted to get out quietly.

    The shouts from outside seemed to say the same.

    He sighed, putting one foot in front of the other, edging towards the table as quietly as he could, occasionally glancing back at the War Machine for support. It's visor remained unmoving-a metallic frown, impartial to war and to a soldier's wounds.

    Rhodey reached forward heavily. Gun in hand, offensive stance. He tilted his head at the War Machine drone.
    "On your feet, soldier."
    The War Machine lifted itself up, metal gears in it's legs whirring.
    "Go sentry mode, but be prepared for non-lethal combat."
    Rhodey wasn't prepared to kill anybody. The War Machine clanked forward behind it's master. It's stance screamed power. It raised one metal fist forward, gatling gun ready, towering above Rhodey.
    Now, although he was in a life-and-death situation, it was no time to be maudlin. He forced a smile.

    "Door's unlocked. I'm assuming you're not the mailman?"
    @The Silver Paladin
  3. Shaitan was already moving.

    Their position was compromised and his....Companions and he were trapped like rats in the hotel room. Well. A pity for the FBI team, but he wasn't about to wantonly slaughter a group of local authorities just yet. That would draw far, too much attention to him right now and his objective, the very reason he had involved himself with these people. From the lovely Faith to the more outlaw-centric Mcree. But he was a Shadow Guard. He would make due with what he had.

    Up from his meditative pose on the bed, his lightsaber would activate as he spun and cut around his immediate area. To the others, he said simply.

    "Barricade the door."

    Before stomping once to drop one level below.

    If successful, he'd repeat it four times, always in a different part of the room to allow Mcree and Faith to follow safely before moving out to stride out into the fifteenth floor hallway. An attempt to head for a place to get a better vantage point of the people outside. A Shadow Guard thrived on knowledge.

    All the better to stab an enemy in the back.

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  4. Faith Connors
    @Minerva @Ringmaster @CrunchyCHEEZIT

    Compromised... Again, how unfortunate.

    She took a glance out the window, noting the helicopter flying nearby... Perhaps she could hitch a ride? Though, noticing the police cruisers on the ground, it became quickly apparant that it wouldn't end well, but that's besides the point, she figured she'd grab only the essentials before they made their escape... Which happened to be the I-pad like device sitting at her bedside table.

    Seeing as Shaitan was already moving, Faith decided to assess her surroundings for any potential escape routes... A runner like her didn't need much, just a few handholds, some rooftops, a few conveniently placed objects, and perhaps some cover on her side.
  5. McCree would be awake as soon as he heard the heavy footsteps ringing from down below, the helicopter flying, and all that good stuff that he's heard time and time again. It's a crazy world when your jus' trying to take a rest for a couple hours, and you wake up with the boys in blue knocking on your door for the...ah, who the hell knows? They're just trying to get their paychecks, they probably don't give a damn. People still wonder why McCree never decided to become a sheriff, heh.

    Like they always say; justice ain't gonna dispense itself.

    "Aw, I ain't even finished my beauty sleep.." the outlaw joked, tipping up the brim of his hat to reveal his grey eyes. Turning around to the nightstand to grab a futuristic-looking revolver and a pack of homemade flashbangs, and casually sticking one of his cigars in his mouth and lighting it. McCree had already been through this song and dance before, he didn't need another rehearsal. He looked around to see a helicopter flying outside, and another glance to his..."companions". Faith, a pretty lil' thing, and Shaitan, the guy with the fancy robes n' shit. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to keep usin' sticks and swords in the far future anyway?

    McCree gave a nod to Shaitain, using his cybernetic arm to grip a random table and flip it over the door, making a makeshift barricade. He checked the ammo on his Peacekeeper revolver, giving the gun a twirl and getting ready.


    After barricading the door and grabbing his stuff, McCree followed behind Shaitan, dropping down the escape hole he cut up with his lightsaber, rolling on his landing to avoid breaking his legs like an idiot. He has a cyber arm, not cyber legs, after all.

    @Ringmaster @york @Minerva

  6. Several armored soldiers burst into the room. They carried assault rifles, and wore SWAT armor. Behind them, was a plain suited detective carrying a clipboard. "You're in a lot of trouble, Mr. Rhodes." He said. "I'm Detective Cavendish of Knight Errant Security, and you're under arrest for the murder of FBI Special Agent Cain Winters, as well as a number of other offenses. Your colleagues in this mission are also being apprehended as we speak."

    When he said that, a crashing sound of a barricade slammed against a nearby door.

    "I assume you know your Miranda Rights?"

    Crashing through through down to the next floor, you'd find Motoko leaning against the wall. She seemed a bit pissed off.


    "We need to formulate an escape plan." The knocking on her door continued. "Shaitan, how far down did you plan to go with that? Because I have an idea that could get us to the roof. From there, we can take a helicopter and get the hell out of here." She paused for a moment. "Are either of you aware of what we're even being arrested for?"

    The iPad device turns on, and a logo shows up. The words FAIRLIGHT PALADIN CYBERDECK show up in a fancy font:


    It appears to have a function similar to a computer, only slightly more complicated. Several commands flashed on the screen. It would be easier to figure out what the hell this thing did later. Luckily, there was a bag nearby that could fit it in.

    As for the room, there were several points of interest:

    The windows were double paned with bulletproof glass. However, they could still open. The door was now blocked by the dresser, and a SWAT Team was banging against it. There was also the hole in the floor that McCree and Shaitan had just jumped through.

    There also appeared to be several snipers holed up in nearby buildings. Probably as some sort of backup.

  7. [​IMG]
    The Name's Bond, James Bond
    James Bond leaped out from behind Detective Cavendish, wrapping one long arm around one of his neck. He as much pressure as he could to the man's throat, knowing full well the difficulties of throttling a man in such a nice suit. How he envied the detective's equipment bravery- it was enough to rival even his own. He had simply waltzed into a room full of Shadowrunners armed with nothing more than a clipboard and a fetching tuxedo, with guards not worth a damn.

    Well, he had undoubtedly not known this upon entry, of course

    Agent 007's free hand reached down into his jacket with incredible proficiency, not leaving until his trusty Walther PPK was lodged firmly within his grasp.

    It was going to be just like old times.

    The German pistol had a capacity of 7 rounds before his next reload, with a further bullet already in its barrel. With less that a dozen guards residing in the hotel room, he should have enough led to send them all to hell- the perks of a licence to kill

    "Feel that against your back?" Bond whispered, turning Cavendish's body infront of his, making the perfect, clipboard-carrying meat-shield "That's the barrel of a Ruger MP9 Submachine Pistol" He lied, of course- it was almost second nature for him to lie about his work. He raised his smooth voice to normal levels once again, loud enough so that the guards could hear his calling "As for the rest of you- drop your shields, guns and helmets- hands on you head"

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    @Thuro 116 Pendragon
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  8. Faith Connors

    @Minerva @Ringmaster @CrunchyCHEEZIT

    Faith didn't have time to fiddle with the device... Instead, she quickly stuffed it into a nearby bag that seemed to be capable of carrying the device before she scanned the room once more...

    Door is a definite no; there was an entire SWAT team busting in, windows? Possible, but she'd be shot to hell without any cover, that ride on the helicopter would have to wait... Without a remaining option left, she slung the bag carrying the device over her shoulder, before she dove down through the hole in the floor.

    Once she dropped down, she quickly assessed the area once more, wondering if they could escape simply by running... Or, if she had to get a little creative with their exit; all she needed was maybe one or two unsuspecting enemies... Preferably armed, and perhaps they had a chance...
  9. Akane Tsunemori - Prologue


    There was that dream again.

    The dream in which she was listlessly falling through nowhere, into nowhere.

    In that regard, it was almost like her life. The present and future were equally uncertain, shadowy, mysterious, scary. Everything used to be so simple for Akane in the past, but when she had decided to become a Public Security Officer and was exposed to the night life of the city in which she lived, everything had changed for her.

    Everything had changed when she saw everything for their true nature.

    Who would have thought that a harmless desire to do good would result in so much pain and horror? Certainly not her. The young woman who was once innocent, now exposed to the terror of man. She could have chosen any job she wanted. She could have chosen to study to be a doctor, or perhaps a lawyer. Even a psychologist would have been fine, since that was her major after all.

    But she chose law enforcement. She had believed that she could have made a difference. She believed that she could have changed the city around her.

    But by the time she realized that the only thing that ended up changing was herself, it was too late.

    And now, here she was. Roped into an enigmatic operation about illegal... operations. Like shadowrunning. How could this have ever happened? Was she so disillusioned with the authorities that she tried to do something stupid like decide to take matters into--

    ... Tch, it was too late to worry about that now.


    Well, in any case, it looked that there was little time to really think through this, that is, she didn't have time to have her life flash before her eyes at the moment. While everyone was scrambling around in panic, whether trying to escape, investigate the strange tablet-like object nearby, etc., Akane just... remained where she was, trying to make sense of the situation like the thinker kind of person she was, composing herself, trying to think past the worst-case scenarios in order to make them not-as-worst-ever, but it seemed that no matter what, she wouldn't yield any satisfactory results, except for one conclusion.

    She had to move.

    Unfortunately, she reached that conclusion too late.

    By the time she could think to follow the Asian girl in khakis and red sneakers, Faith, into the hole, the armored officers would storm into the room, attempting to arrest one James Rhodes man, and everything suddenly went from a 75 to a 95 on the stress level when before she knew it, everything had escalated.


    "H-Hang on! None of that is necessary!" Akane exclaimed in a panic when Cavendish would suddenly be taken against his own will, bolting to her feet and recklessly marching over to the scene unarmed, attempting to cool the situation.

    "L-Listen, this is all just a misunderstanding! Let's not... have any undo fussing, no?" She whimpered in a mousy manner, quickly losing confidence in herself the more she spoke.


    Make that a solid 100 on the stress level, actually.

    @Minerva @Cromartie Sarkissian @Mighty Roman
  10. [​IMG]
    "I beg to differ"
    James' tone seemed to remain as calm as it always had, as if he had been sitting in a warm bath as opposed to something that was swiftly evolving into a hostage situation. His thump slipped over the hammer, arming the weapon with a near silent click- that should to tell the guards he meant business​
  11. "No. I'm not planning to find out either. Go to the roof if you wish, our way is blocked by numbers and the roof is covered by snipers I would presume."

    He sliced another hole in the floor, pausing only to say casually in passing.

    "Do keep up."

    It was the closest the Shadow Guard had ever come to showing any sort of concern for his teammates outside of professionalism. And away he went once more, repeating the process two more times.

    Seventeenth floor. It would take time for the agents to rush down, especially with their numbers and their attention grabbed by those still above and the barricaded doors, but it wouldn't hold forever. He knew what he wished to do though.

    First, he checked to make sure this level was clear before running out for the elevator. Pulling open the doors forcefully, he'd then very carefully leap down into the shaft.

    A direct path down to where he wished to go next, to avoid patrols and get to where he wanted. Namely, the floor just above the lobby.

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  12. After Shaitan continued his master plan of cutting through floors, McCree would roll in after him, breathing heavily. Unlike Mr. Lightsaber, McCree isn't one for jumping around all agile-like. That is reserved for...some other people he knew. Ah, enough of that.

    Taking a moment to breath as Shaitan continued on, he turned towards Motoko. "I don't rightly know, ma'am, but I know I ain't followin' that guy anymore." McCree shook his head, puffing some smoke from his cigar as he made a weak motion towards the hole that Shaitan cut through. Rising to his feet and dusting off his pants, the outlaw turned his head towards the banging door.

    McCree stared at the door and thought for a minute, before looking to Motoko again. "Alrighty, whats your plan, then?" he remained conscious of the banging door, gripping his gun and getting ready for the inevitable break through.

    @Minerva @Ringmaster @york
  13. Detective Cavendish would sigh. "Damn." He pulled a pistol from his jacket, and immediately disengaged it, letting the mag fall from the gun to the floor. "I suppose you also want me to take off my jacket? It's Mortimer's of London, it's bulletproof." He said, unbuttoning the top button. "Gotta hand it to you, you know your stuff, Mr. Bond. Most runners wouldn't klnow to disarm us." The two SWAT Officers would toss their helmets, and disengage their weapons as well. Meanwhile, down the hall, and FBI Team was running up the stairwell. It would be a minute before they were any threat, though.

    "I'm fine." Detective Cavendish said. "I'll be fine. This is one of the dangers of being a cop."

    Meanwhile, the SWAT Officers would drop some Shock Batons.

    The Floor above the lobby was a mezzanine overlooking the lobby. No officers were on this floor, but looking down into the lobby, there were several FBI Agents in body armor patrolling. Outside the windows, a bunch of police and news vehicles were gathered, and agents stood guard in front of the doors. The height from this floor to the Lobby would probably kill you if you jumped, though.

    There seemed to be ways out to the Left and Right.

    Motoko looked at the door. "We need to wait for them to break in. We can get out through the broken door. It will require some precise timing. Faith, are you up for it?" Motoko said, asking the girl. Motoko loaded a clip into her pistol.

    Meanwhile, Cameron would wake up in her own room with the shout of "FBI!" At the door.

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  14. [​IMG]

    If Cameron had been human, her flight or fight instincts would have kicked in at the sound of police at the door, but Cameron was far from human.

    Do androids dream of electric sheep?

    You'd have to ask another time, right now her CPU was devoting 96% of it's massive power to tactical options. After cycling through a dozen simulations in the span of a tenth of a second, she settled on a viable strategy. Reaching across for her weapons, a massive sniper rifle looking weapon that could tear through any armor with twelve depleted uranium armor piercing rounds, a fully loaded twelve guage shotgun with an ammo strap, and two massive Sig Sauer handguns.

    She tucked the handguns into the back of jeans, slipped the ammo holster over her shoulder, and threw the two large weapons over her other shoulder with her straps.

    Then she crawled under the the bed, modulating her voice it sound like a ten year old girl.

    "Please don't hurt me."

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  15. Detective Cavendish would sigh. "Damn." He pulled a pistol from his jacket, and immediately disengaged it, letting the mag fall from the gun to the floor. "I suppose you also want me to take off my jacket? It's Mortimer's of London, it's bulletproof." He said, unbuttoning the top button. "Gotta hand it to you, you know your stuff, Mr. Bond. Most runners wouldn't klnow to disarm us." The two SWAT Officers would toss their helmets, and disengage their weapons as well. Meanwhile, down the hall, and FBI Team was running up the stairwell. It would be a minute before they were any threat, though.

    @york @Thuro 116 Pendragon @everyone
    "Wise Decision" Bond whispered, loosening his grip around his hostage's neck. Marvelous- he now had several unarmed guard completely at his mercy, unable to do anything other than grovel for their leader’s safety.

    Now, things were about to get difficult. He could hear some more guards making their way up the hallway, and they were most likely as well armed as the others had been. It would only be logical for them to act upon the element of surprise, sniping him from the stairway of so forth. There was no way he could use the Detective to help sneak him out of the building with all the madness taking place outside the building...he would have to improvise

    "That wont be necessarily, Detective" Bond's remained as steady as his hand, and as his pistol as he readied himself for his final plan

    Yes, it would work

    Removing his arm from around the detective's neck, Bond unleashed a powerful shoulder barge, shoving Cavendish into the wall with a thump. He reached down toward Cavendish’s gun, wielding it with his, and opening fire towards the men’s brows. Without their helmets and their leader concussed, the men would not stand much of a chance- and if his plan worked, he would have the perfect disguise and weapons to at least get himself out alive

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  16. Good. Shaitan considered his current options and what he had accomplished. First of all was his rapid descent. By evading the bulk of the agents and with the others left behind? It meant he had eighteen levels between him and the strike team in the span of less then ten minutes. The others would undoubtedly fight back in a number of ways, further distracting them and clogging up comm traffic. Which meant insofar as he was concerned, he had a better window to escape.

    And then he could hunt down the ones who thought to put local authorities on their trail and pay his respects, before he broke out his companions. But he wasn't clear yet.

    He turned and went right, heading for a view or wall that overlooked the back, away from the police barricades. Where food and supplies for the hotel was delivered and deposited quietly. Just to get a feel for it all as he flicked on his infrared vision. A little additional thing to his helmet, inspired by his partner.

    If anything was hiding? Between this and the Dark Side, this should show all.

  17. [​IMG]


    Akane's body reacted faster than her mind did.

    When Bond would shove Cavendish into the wall, she could predict the man's movements from here. Judging from his response to her initial approach, there was only one thing that he wanted to do from here. The minute Bond would draw the weapon, she moved in front of him, putting herself between the man and the soldiers. She had little grasp on what was going on around her, she had no idea why these men were here, she had no idea what she was doing here. However, she did know one thing.

    If someone was going to get hurt, and she could help it, she would stop it from happening.

    Even at the cost of her own well-being.

    "Listen, nobody needs to antagonize anyone! Please, this is all just--!"


    And with that, it suddenly became very hard to stand up.

    In fact, immediately after the deafening sound of a bullet being shot rang out, Akane would immediately fall to the ground facefirst, a bullet suddenly lodged into her shoulder. She wasn't out cold just yet. However, the stinging pain of the bullet that she took for one of the men of the so-called Knight Errant hurt enough that she couldn't even make a sound. She had suddenly lost all the energy to make a sound...

    @Minerva @Cromartie Sarkissian @Thuro 116 Pendragon
  18. "Damn!" James growled, rolling towards the fallen girl, while trying to retain the line of fire. He had been a fool- he should have shot to kill, aiming at the forehead as opposed to the perfect shot between his eyes. Now he had shot a potential ally as well as wasted a bullet.
    Usually he would have seen such a fatality as collateral damage... but this time, things were different. She was not some burly Russian man caught in the wake of his Aston Martin, nor was she another SPECTRE agent caught in one of his explosions- she was nothing more than a civilian girl, trying to save a life

    To hell with it all

    Much to his own distress, Bond tore the shoulder of his 1000 pound jacket, using the fabric to plug the girl's wound

    To hell with it all...now he needed a new jacket...​
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  19. Jude Mathis had fallen asleep in his books, As was common for him as important a person as he had become, His spyrite research and development earning him a spiffy job with Spirius corporation. Or, At least, Thats how things would have turned out had he not wound up in a strange hotel room quite literally buried under his books. Jude, once getting out of the mound of half-open books, mutters quietly to himself and heads towards the restroom, half expecting to get smacked in the face by his childhood friend Leia Rolando. "Okay Leia, ya got me." He chuckles half heartedly and sighs, Before hearing footsteps coming down the hallway. Sticking his eye to the peep hole and seeing nothing out of the ordinaty, He takes one of his spirit fossils out and starts pouring drops of different liquids on them, Experimenting with different ways of creating mana sources for a world almost completely drained of it, Figuring he'll make use out of the quiet time he had so unexpectedly been given. "Time to get back to work I suppose...." just then, He heard the shout, and looked back to his research in time for it to blow up in his face. "Typical...." He goes to open the door, face black with char and smoke, Hair on end. "Hey, Whats with all this shouting?"

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  20. Rhodey flinched, lowering his gun for a second. The War Machine behind him remained unmoving, apart from occasionally swinging it's gun arm around, slowly, scanning the room.
    "Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Look, there must be some kind of mistake, I did not kill anyone. Sokovia Accords wouldn't let me if I wanted to-" Rhodey really didn't want to flee arrest. That'd make him as bad as the rest of the heroes who were on the run. But if these agents kicked down the door and pointed guns at him, he thought that maybe it'd give him a reason to.. 'take a step back', and gather his thoughts. "Look, I'm registered, I'm one of the good guys. Heck, I wore the red, white and blues once, and this country wasn't built on people-" Yeah, he really wasn't good at this. He was a soldier. He left the dramatic speeches to others.
    "Look, in 10 seconds, War Machine's gonna fire a hole in the floor and give you time to think about your actions."
    He looked back at the armoured drone. Evasive manoeuvre Code 15. He whispered. The drone saluted, then held one massive arm around Rhodey's chest, pointed it's gun down, and blasted through the floor, cement crumbling beneath the pair.

    The War Machine then stretched itself underneath Rhodey, and used it's repulsors to balance horizontally, as Rhodey braced himself for impact one floor down.
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