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    The Underdark Rises
    Seth Bloodmoon

    Akarias and Aleina (brother and sister) have finally met after years of being apart. Aleina owns a tavern and Akarias is a traveler. Much heartfelt reuniting is occuring as new people are making themselves known.

    ((This is a laid-back, simple roleplay just to get things going and meet new roleplayers, but feel free to inflict your own drama or intense scenes as long as you don't kill off my characters. Also, don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions!! :) ))


    Aleina hummed to herself softly as she wiped the bar counters with her damp rag. Business was starting to die down for the day, though she did have her few regulars that tended to stay after hours. People were beginning to hand over their coinage, with much joy and gratitude, and leave the tavern. Aleina smiled. Things weren't that great in this small town she called home, but her tavern kept her going. With her brother out and about searching for danger and adrenaline, there wasn't much to do but work and enjoy doing it.

    A piece of hair abandoned it's spot behind her ear and draped itself in front of Aleina's face. And at that precise moment, as she was brushing it back, the tavern door opened, letting in a strong gust of chilly winter wind. From the light of the doorway came a tall, broad-shouldered man in a traveler's cloak, concealing his face. His build and stature was much like that of an experienced warrior, and his appearance could make any girl double-take.

    The man walked to the bar counter where Aleina had just been cleaning and sat himself at one of the stools.

    "You look like you just arrived in town. Harsh weather out there to be traveling, don't you think?" She asked smiling as she folded her delicate arms across each other on the counter-top.

    The man nodded and chuckled. "No harsh weather is too much for me to handle, miss, but I appreciate your concern." He said, his deep voice full of joy and mystery.

    Aleina looked at him slightly shocked. Where had she seen this man before? His voice was so familiar, yet her memory of it was so distant. But what if she was wrong? Perhaps it was just her imagination. She quickly wiped the look of confusion off of her face and sighed.

    She smiled. "What can I get for you, good sir?" She asked politely.

    "I'll just have a light ale with a shot of rum if you can, miss." He said.

    Again, this order triggered Aleina's memory, for it was one of her brother's favorite drinks. But before assuming, she gave the man another strong look of confusion and turned to make his drink. Once it was done, she turned around and placed the glass in front of the man who then took it in his big, square hand and took a sip.

    "Mmmm." He said pleasantly. "It tastes just the way I remember it. You are, after all, the only one who knows how to make it the way I like it." He added, chuckling mysteriously.

    Aleina looked at him again with that strong look. How could it be? She hadn't seen her brother in years. At some point she was convinced that he may have never come back. But it couldn't be him sitting in front of her, could it?

    The man chuckled once again. "Still don't recognize me, eh?" He said laughing. "Though I can tell by the look in your eyes that your memory is telling you otherwise." He said.

    Aleina looked at him dumbfounded. The man smiled and pulled the hood off of his head, revealing his rugged but handsome face and the scar across his bright blue eye. As Aleina saw him, her eyes welled up with tears and she ran around the counter and and embraced her beloved brother with as much tenderness as she could possibly let out. Akarias held her back, running his hand gently through her hair and kissing her forehead.

    "Oh brother! I thought I'd never see you again!!" She chuckled, her voice shaky. "Thank the gods that you've made it home safely!"

    Akarias laughed. "I couldn't have done it if my lovely sister hadn't been on my mind. How are you dear?" He said smiling.

    Aleina smiled as she pulled herself onto the seat beside him and started telling him all that had happened while he was gone. And in turn, Akarias told the stories of his travels with a twinkle in his eye.
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  2. ((Id like to jump in! Humans or are other races okay?))
  3. (( Sure thing! :) as long as it's a sort of race that exists in medieval roleplays such as humans, elves, dragons, etc. ))
  4. ((Yay!))


    Silvia walked into the tavern. She was shivering and cold, damp from the falling snow. She took off her cloak and hung it up, her elf ears showing. She went to the hearth and sat to warm herself up.
  5. The world of sun and sky was a place of much, unlike the harsh environment of her homeland. Here food was plenty, water abundant and security and it's illusion everywhere she looked. Dangers existed within both realms, but in the Underdark one could not walk a mile without feeling the frigid grip of death. While here the spices on springs wind filled lungs, in the subterranean world that was her own...it was decay and rot that lingered. Seasons were stagnant, time had no meaning and the air was stale. The contrast between their worlds was greater than the gap between heaven and hell.

    Many have seen her surface cousin, the wood, sun, moon and high elves whom traverse this land. But she was far from a mere elf, this Mer was a Drow. Skin oddly hued, dark or pale in nature as locks of snow white swayed in the breeze. Her attire was metallic in nature, but unlike the armor of the surface world, hers seemed alive. It's very material alien, for no ore in this world compared to that of the Underdark. Eyes of an unnatural blue locked on the walls of the humble inn.

    Her sudden approach caused a unholy chill to grip the air, as even the local animals struggled to coup with her smell. They were frighten, not because of her magical prowess, rather due to the fact she was an unknown element. And all living creature; regardless of their intellect have an inherent fear toward the unknown. That or they possess a rather danger interest, being lured much like the moth to a kindling flame. The door of the tavern creaked, as the dark skinned elf stepped through it's threshold. The inherent shadows of the inn proving preferable to her, as she instinctively walked toward the darkest section of the building.

    Her ring protected her from the suns effect, however it still drained and strained her. Spending a lifetime in darkness, the light many sought as comfort proved quite a menace. In time her tolerance will thicken, but even than the sun will still prove a nuisance. Even under the veil of darkness, her unnaturally colored eyes pierced their influence. Illuminating as if they were weaving some sort of unholy hypnotic spell.

    Like all elves even the Drow were beautiful, however unlike most races it was not their males who led the front lines. But their women, a society in which women run the scene and are inherently stronger in both physical combat and magical studies than their inferior male counterparts. To underestimate a Drowess is certain death, for behind such beauty lurked a vicarious beast.

    As the Drow say "The weak, maim and foolish are but cattle to be offered. The strong, intelligent, wise and lucky are the true and only fit masters of the earth. This is the only truth our world can show, the only logic none can deny. For power alone can set us free."
  6. As the reunification of a brother and sister occur, the banter was enough to cause a stirring under the tavern's tables, in a few moments a groggy dwarf rose to his feet, nearly stumbling as he did so, in his hand he clutched a dirty mug as he ambled over to the counter, spilling whatever was left of the contents of the mug in a trail behind him. He threw both of his arms, one still holding the mug on the table in front of the two, obviously making a startling thump. He glared at the two with wide eyes as if considering to kill them or not, and after some time he rose his free hand, with his index finger lifted. "I'll take another pint if ye please." With that he mumbled and collapsed on the counter in front of them. Apparently this dwarf was a warrior of some sort, he had an iron cap on and a rather large double axe tightly fastened to his back, he wore a cuirass and a pair of scratched, steel sabatons
  7. Aleina smiled at Akarias with bright, loving eyes. What a miracle it was to see her brother again after so many years. After their parents died, they had lived together, but then Akarias took off to pursue adventure and Aleina didn't have anyone else to call family. She was fine with it, however. She knew she couldn't be with her brother forever. Akarias had to start a life of his own, and she respected that. It just worried her to death when she didn't hear from him for years.

    As Aleina took a sip of her own beverage, another strong draft of wind came from the tavern's entrance and she turned to see two women walk in.

    "Welcome!" Aleina said smiling. "Would either of you care for a drink or some food? You both look quite famished."

    "If either of you ladies would like some company I'd be more than happy to oblige." Akarias said in his deep, pleasant voice.

    Aleina giggled and rolled her eyes. 'There goes Mr. Hotshot.'

    As Aleina was about to stand up she noticed a drunken dwarf that she hadn't noticed before. He was obviously drunk as he was barley able to walk. He also looked to be an angry, battle-ready dwarf, and everyone knew that the two did not make a good combination.

    As the dwarf ordered another drink and collapsed on the counter in front of them, Akarias chuckled. "I think you've had plenty, mate." He said, patting the dwarf on the back. "But perhaps I'd be willing to buy you another drink sometime if you were willing to sober up a bit first. What say you?"

    Aleina shot him a glare. "Brother! Don't encourage the man! He's already made a mess in my tavern!"

    Akarias laughed. "He's drunk, dear. You of all people should know that drunks don't walk straight." He said teasingly. "Besides, I'm not offering to get him more wasted. I'm only offering it if he sobers up first." He said. Aleina shot him another glare and Akarias threw his hands up in surrender. "Fine, fine! I'll clean up the mess and take him outside."

    (( a picture of Akarias: ))
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  8. Silvia blushed a pretty rose color. "Do you have any pastries or cider?" She asked quietly. She was a shy young thing, not used to a group of people.
  9. Outside the tavern, a pair of eyes watched. Most who walked by never knew she was watching. The owner of the tavern knew as she had been the only one to meet her. The water pool rippled slightly as the dryad transformed into a small tree, quietly watching as two women entered the tavern. Serena sighed silently. She wished she had more courage to go inside and talk with the human again..but she was just so shy.

    Plus, the last time a human saw her, they talked about cages and slavery and masters. She didn't really understand it, but the look he had then was scary. Seeing no-one around, Serena transformed back and sat next to the small pond of water. This was her favorite place.
  10. Dregon was a tall bulky man with blonde rustled hair. He often entered the tavern in a positive mood and talked to the local people. He was a traveler, fighting dragons and doing the odd jobs of Skyrim. He was well known for his strength against any enemies crossing his path.

    Dregon sat down on a stool at the bar and asked for some mead. He had been sober for a month, going nonstop traveling and now he was in his hometown and he was going to celebrate with a drink and some socializing. Killing humans was making him less social, he often felt. Waitress, may I have a cup of mead? And maybe some food, I've been traveling for a long while. I have not been able to consume any meals this month. He said, clearing his throat.
  11. (( Dang... It's getting hard to keep up... >.< Bear with me guys... I type fast but I do need time to think before I post... lol ))

    Aleina smiled at the young girl who questioned about the cider and pastries. She seemed to be the quiet type, and she kind of reminded Aleina of herself. Before she could answer her question, however, a man walked in wearing another travelers cloak. She was shocked at how busy it was suddenly getting.

    "Sure thing, sir, and welcome. Just let me take care of another customer and I'll be right with you." She said with a smile.

    "I can get that for you right away, dear!" She said as she prepared the order and took it over to her. "Here you go. One large, sweet pastry and a cup of cider to warm your belly." She said with a grin as she walked back to the bar to prepare the newcomer's order. "May I ask your names?" She asked, looking at the two of them sweetly.

    Meanwhile, Akarias finished cleaning the long trail of ale off the floor and bent down slightly to help the drunken dwarf out the door. "Sorry mate, but my sister's the boss here, not me." Akarias mumbled to the dwarf. "You'll need to sober up before you can have another drink. Take a breather for a minute and perhaps I can convince her to let you stay in one of the rooms."

    Akarias sat the dwarf on a bench outside and took a seat with him, leaning his head against the wall and chuckling. "I used to drink a lot too, but when my parents died I had no choice but to sober up and take care of my sister. What kind of big brother would I be if I had stayed that way while we were trying to make a living on our own? I just didn't have the coin to be spending it on ale all the time. I had to feed my sister."
  12. Serena thought about going up to the window and peeking inside, but her body trembled at the thought. Finally, after much inner debate, she decided it couldn't hurt. As she approached the window to look, she heard two men coming outside. She squeaked in surprise and transformed into a bush next to the bench they sat down on. Now she was in trouble...she couldn't keep this form forever and she didn't want to get caught.

    She heard the men talking about a sister and drinking and other random things. She hoped they would leave or go back inside soon.
  13. "Silvia. Im grateful to you m'lady." Silvia smiled shyly at the lady. She started to eat and drink, shrinking back as more people came in. She was strangely in fear of the newest arrival, the giant man with weapons. The Drewess was a sort of 2nd cousin to her. She nodded politely to her.
  14. "I'm Dregon. A traveler and I do odd jobs as well." Dregon politely nods and smiles. He looks at the girl who ordered cider. Dregon takes off his hood revealing his blonde, rustled hair. His eyes are purple grey and darker looking. "How do you do, ma'am?" He says to the lady next to him. His smile was sweet and warm. Under his dark cloak showed dragon-bone armor. He had worked on it so much that it consumed much time throughout his month, but the outcome had been outstanding. He had a mace held in it's proper casing attached to his belt, held tightly around his sturdy waist. He had a helmet but it was under his right arm, he placed it on the counter next to him in the empty spot.

  15. Silvia looked down at her cider when the blonde man looked at her. She didnt want to draw attention, so she quietly ate her pasty and drank her cider.
  16. From shaded corner she watched, eyes vivid defiantly piercing the influence of the shadows she so desperately clung to. The woman who seemed to work at this place called out to her, offering services. The Drow metabolism was not like that of Mortals, their need for nourishment seldom so primitive as to require multiple meals a day. Still the road proved weary, her mission burdensome enough to fatigue not just the body but also the mind or even the soul; assuming Drucilla possessed such an abstract thing.

    Brows furled as her brother called out to her, his approach as entertaining as watching paint dry. Still she had to give the mortal credit for having the testicular fortitude to so blatantly hit on one of her heritage. Considering by the reactions of the locals Drucilla could deduce that they were far enough from the tunnels that these folk didn't know what a Drow was. Otherwise her reception would inevitably be far less hospitable; and more confrontational.

    "I require physical subsistence. Whatever you're most famed for will suffice and whatever alcoholic beverage the dwarf isn't having will also do." Her lack of knowledge regarding their customs and diet instantly displaying itself as she purred. Her accent made her words hard to understand; causing most to pause as they tried to discern their meaning. As a dark elf she felt dirty just by using the common tongue, it's colorless vocabulary far too bland for one of her lineage.

    Though the meaning behind the Drow dialect would elude these simple if not trusting folk. If she had been sent to the surface world for any business other than her current affair; then this place would have tasted the amethyst fires of her dark magic. It's people killed or forced into slavery; as it's women would become sexual instruments of their male counterparts. Still she supposed some simple espionage into the psyche and wills of these people will suffice, for death will soon enough find them all...Even the Drow.

    As she waited for a reply Drucilla did stick her hand inside of her pocket, her fingers twirling and investigating the intricate carvings of a powerful artifact shaped like a spider. Her perhaps only friend and spiritual guide on this quest longed to be set freed from the ethereal plane and into the physical world. However she worried what the locals would do if a Giant speaking arachnid were to simply appear out of thin air.
  17. Dregon looked at her and rolled his eyes. Well a simple hi could've waved him off. Ignorance creeped over her like a shadow in the nighttime. He turned his back to her and looked up to the waitress who still hadn't delivered his mead. He needed it but maybe he could just go over to the store and get a bottle. But then it would be stale and not fresh. They always had fresh barrels here. The 6'2 man stood up and walked to the end of the counter. When he sat he only gave a quick glance at the entering customer. Oohh fancy this and fancy that. The intellect of these townspeople isn't as high as this woman thought it was.
  18. Silvia sighed. She felt the offense roll off the man like a wave. Being an empath, she could pick these things up. Getting up she walked over to Dregon. "Excuse me, m'lord, apologies for any rudeness on my part." She curtsied. "This is my first time in a human village. Im afraid I dont know many of the customs."
  19. He turned and smiled. Interesting. "I accept your apology ma'am. I am sorry for walking away, I suppose I'm different from when I left this village. I am a traveler so I feel new here every time I come." He looks down. He parents would be disappointed. Everyone would be disappointed in his family if they could see him as a changed man every time he came home. He ruffled his hair a bit more. "I am Dregon by the way." He brought out his hand to shake.
  20. Silvia looked at his hand, confused. She put her hand out to imitate him. "Im Silvia."
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