a Hope, a Dream, in ways you've never Seen

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  1. When Zail's father died two days ago, his mother began to blame the death on him. Now, with the pressures of school, home, and his failing social life, Zail feels like the hope just isn't there. He dreams of a world where the things he does will be right.

    Zail lay awake in bed, watching the ceiling of his bedroom during the night. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, and he let out another sob. There had to be someone out there who wanted him. He could only hope, only dream. Slowly, the 16 year old sat up in bed, and opened the window. Little blips in the sky of white color, and the moonlight shining gently on his silky white hair. A tear rolled down his cheek, and fell onto the window sill. His teal eyes watched the moon in sadness, and he mumbled a little wish. "I wish for ... for happyness... for something... anything to accept me..." He let out another sob.

    One of the stars seemed to glow a bit brighter, then he heard a voice.

    "I'm here for you, don't cry anymore little one..."

    Zail's eyes widened in alarm, and a single tear dripped off his chin. He heard the voice again.

    "Don't cry... I'm here for you... Your wish of happyness, your wish of acceptance... I'm here, little one..." the voice said, very calm and soothingly. He felt something wipe his tears away.

    "Wh-Who are you?..." Zail whispered, looking around the room in a bit of fear, but more than that in joy. Someone had been listening.

    "I am that someone. I am, you could say... A hope, a dream, in ways you've never seen."

    Your character is a god. Go crazy :3
  2. A figure materialized, sitting on the window sill beside him. She retracted her hand from his face, smiling.
  3. Zail sniffled, watching her. "What... are you?" He whispered, his teal eyes watching her.
  4. The figure smiled. "I am the answer to your wish." she said, smiling as she stepped off the ledge and into Zail's room, her eyes gazing lovingly into Zail's. "You're never alone." she said softly.
  5. "R-really?" he asked quietly, rubbing his eyes. "But, but I'm not worthy to have my wish granted?" His eyes looked down to the floor, starting to tear up again. "Why would you answer my pathetic wish?" he sighed, and looked up at her. "I don't understand," his voice trailed off.
  6. In the distance, a falling star streaked across the sky. Only miles outside the city, it landed. What emerged from the resulting crater was what seemed a man in robes of magic with long, black, angelic wings. It flew away from where it landed into the night. The dark figure perched on the edge of the boy's window sill. It looked at the boy and the woman next to him. "Hm." he sprung backwards off the ledge, and soared high into the night sky. It soon poked it's head back into the boy's window, upside down as it clung to the wall.
    God of Night.jpg
  7. The girl stepped towards him, lifting his chin with her forefinger. "Now now, don't cry. If anyone is worthy, it is you. Your wish is not pathetic." She cradled his face with her hands. "You don't have to understand, just know you're a great person, and your kind and sweet and wonderful." She didn't see the new figure in the window.
  8. Zail smiled a little, but then his eyes widened in alarm at the new figure. "Wh-what the... Who's, who... Who are you!?"
  9. The figure dropped back onto the ledge. The figure laughed. "An old friend, Zail. One who has comforted you for years, unseen. I am Grieselbrand, The Night. You can call me Mick." he said, dropping into the window, sitting on the ledge. "I am the darkness you see around you in these hours, the spirit that comforts you against your fear of me." He walked towards the boy and the heavenly woman, nodding at her politely.
  10. "N...Nice to meet you, Mick," Zail sniffed, rubbing his sleepy eyes with the sleeve of his grey sweater. Said sweater was worn all the time by Zail, and had the tiniest scrap of his baby blanket in it. It was literally his safety blanket.
  11. He laughed a little. "Pleasure to meet you, too, Zail. In person, at least. I see everyone. Everyone in the night, that is. The daylight is out of my jurisdiction." He removed his hood, revealing short, messy black hair.
  12. Zail nodded. "Then you know a lot about me, huh?" He asked, still keeping his voice low. For one, he was tired. Second, his mom was asleep in her room a few doors away.
  13. Mick shrugged his shoulders. "Eh. You're usually asleep. I do, however, know that you are rather lonely. That's why we are here." he said motioning towards the divine woman. "Y'know," he began, facing her, "damnedest thing, I recognize you, but I don't remember your name."
  14. "Yeah..." he watched the other two interact, laying his head down. He had finally started getting tired. "Um, if I fall asleep, th-then are you guys gonna disappear?" He frowned, hoping that this wasn't actually a dream.
  15. Mick shrugged. "Depends on how long you sleep. I have to keep moving with the night, So I probably won't." He fell over, his butt making a solid 'thump' on the floor as he sat down.
  16. Zail rubbed his eyes again. "O-oh? Then... I don't wanna go to sleep," He said softly, starting to yawn.
  17. The woman nodded back, then watched Night as he spoke with Zail. When they finished, she answered Night's question about her name, and Zail's question about sleep. "My name is Akara. I'll still be here when you wake up, promise." She knelt down beside him, still smiling.
  18. "Akara...?" He smiled a bit, and gently touched her cheek with his hand. "A-am I hallucinating?... How do I know I'm just not sleep deprived...?" Zail asked, then proceeded to rub his eyes again, not completely convinced still.
  19. Akara shook her head. "You're not hallucinating." She said softly. "We'll always be here, whether you're asleep, awake, hallucinations or not."
  20. Zail smiled, and finally ended up falling asleep.