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  1. This is the IC Thread for This Roleplay.
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  2. Connecticut.

    1 month since the England Assignment.

    Skill and success was beginning to win him begrudging allies. Those who could look beyond his blood and see him for what he truly was, or rather strove to be. It helped that he had an advantage many hunters and investigators lacked. Most were soft- In comparison to the more physically powerful monsters, humans were such fragile things. But using a monster to hunt monsters?

    Ah, now there was a thing.

    Which brought him to here.

    Lucifer had a very unique way, to run his line of work. Operating from out of Hell's Kitchen, he took a leaf out of anothers book and did what really made his life easier, in exchange for crank calls and lots of red herrings.

    He advertised himself in the phone book and online.


    Which brought him to here, of all places. His travelers fee paid and a nice, tidy commission waiting for him hopefully if things worked out, though more often than not, it was just people desperate to know there was a magical world beneath.

    Which there was, but it was his job to sort of keep it that way and if he helped people too, all the better.

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  3. Being brought aboard as a police consultant had a lot of paperwork involved in it. Thankfully she was a one-woman division so she pretty much had the forms filled out before she even met with him at Rosy Tomorrows, an eccentric little restaurant in Danbury. One of those places where the walls and ceilings were stuffed with memorabilia. They even had one of those old fortune telling puppet boxes, the old witch looking almost, but not quite, real.

    Cassandra met with Lucifer upstairs, and it was an off day so they were one of only three parties at the place, and one of them looked like they were preparing to leave.

    "Thank you for coming so quickly, I know driving all the way from New York wasn't terribly convenient. And I'm sorry I wasn't able to be very detailed over the phone. DPD has strict policies about speaking with people over the phone regarding open investigations." She pulled a manila folder out of the little valise she was carrying and set it in front of the Damphir, as well as setting a small tablet PC with the cell phone video cued up on it.

    "We're really stumped on this one. We meaning me, because whenever we get an unusual case, it's pretty much dumped on me, and I don't have so much as an administrative assistant. That cell phone video was recorded pretty near the time of death of the victim. Initially CSI thought it was simply heart failure. Heart failure in a completely healthy investigative reporter for the local para-rag. I mean the guy did the tough mudder, ice bucket runs, the whole nine. Then, they found this..."{/td}

    {td=left|top}"At first, they thought it was when the vic fell, but the puncture wounds don't quite line up with what you'd expect for the kind of fall he took. Also, he fell down in a deep berm, it was technically cushioned, with a lot of fallen foliage and undergrowth, and really no rocks to be found for him to have hit his head on." She shook her head.

    "It's almost he was grabbed by something with human-hand-sized claws. The vic's name was Josh Hartwell, and his current assignment was looking for shadow people for an article in the para-rag he works for, the Lantern Weekly, based right here in Danbury. I haven't had time to follow up much, but I did pull his employee records. Real risk taker, fearless, this guy. When that toxic spill happened in Bridgeport last year, he had to be stopped by the Haz Mat guys from getting too close. He wanted to find his story before the government could cover it up. Big conspiracy theorist, this one." She sighed, closing up the folder suddenly as the waitress arrived.

    Cassandra ordered an appetizer for them, asked for a bottle of red wine and two glasses, and said they'd need a little more time before they were ready to order.

    "I'm thinking due to the number of creatures we saw in the cell phone video, that you'd want to assemble a team, but I'm willing to hear your thoughts on the matter."{/td}
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  4. Lucifer didn't quite know what to expect, but the sheer earnestness of the other and the way she spoke told him volumes about this case. She was taking a chance on him, which in turn meant they were most likely baffled. How well would most stations look kindly upon hiring a consultant like him? It was an uphill battle, trying to persuade people you were not a con man or a crank. At the same time, considering who he worked for ultimately, secrecy was likewise the ultimate watchword. It was a very fine line the Damphir had to walk, most of the time getting nothing for his troubles but the knowledge lives were saved.

    There was a reason he finally got his P.I. licence. When people thought you a false priest, rumor tended to spread. ;_;

    But no matter. Here and now was the ultimate focus and so he would consider the evidence before asking.

    "You said he worked for a paranormal paper? Where are they situated? Do they have a website?"

    If it was in any way good, he'd need the resource it provided to understand the local supernatural community.

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  5. "They're here in Danbury, and sure, they have a website. Take a look." Cassandra switched the view of the cell phone recording on the tablet to the front page of the Lantern's website.

    "Pretty standard stuff. Alien abductions, government conspiracies, ghost stories. You assume most of them aren't true, but... I've seen some things. Things that have me doing what I'm doing in a lonely little police department instead of working for the FBI or NSA or even NYPD. I'm seen as a little crazy for not saying no out of hand to these strange things. I've seen ghosts, I am pretty well sure I've seen things that aren't human, not by a long stretch. I'm not sure I buy into the whole government conspiracy thing, but the rest of it? I keep an open mind."

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  6. He read it carefully, scouring the article before he frowned. Alright, the first thing in mind would be to find out who the local Great Power was in the city. As an Executioner, he'd have some degree of freedom in which to move but at the same time, it'd be polite to go and meet the locals if only to show he had good intentions. The only question was how...Hmmm. He glanced up and asked.

    "So an open mind? You'd be surprised how welcoming that is to someone like me in this line of work."

    He put the tablet down and rubbed his chin with a deep sigh before he spoke.

    "Is there anyone else like me in this place? Those with a foot in the paranormal community that you could point me to, if any?"

    @Michale CS
  7. "There's a psychic I call on occasionally, Aditi Patel. Not sure where she lives, but her cell number is local. Anyone else you know of would be appreciated, and given a little time I could come up with another couple names for you." Cassandra shrugged as the wine and appetizers arrived.

    "Were you going to order anything? My treat." The Inspector offered.

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  8. "Ah- I'm alright, thank you. I ate on my trip here."

    Not exactly, but it was easier than telling her that he needed something a little more alive, as it were. He made a mental note to hunt rats later, as most of his donators were far away. He was going to need the blood, thin as it was in comparison if he wanted to explore the town and not get jumped.

    "Offhand, I can't think of anyone else but if you do, please contact me. I'll be staying at the local motel while investigating this to the best of my ability. Is the body still in the morgue or is it prepped for burial already? I'd also appreciate permission to check any autopsy report you may have."

    @Michale CS
  9. "All right then, don't mind me, I haven't eaten since breakfast." She started in on the appetizer, the spinach and artichoke dip, with tortilla chips and french baguette strips, before continuing.

    "It's at the coroner's for another day, they're taking all of the samples they need for the tox kit, just to be sure he wasn't on something that caused the heart failure. That'll take a few days to come back, but by tomorrow we'll have the preliminary which will rule out the controlled substances we have good markers for. If you'd like to see it, I'll make a call and hold it for an extra day, which is the longest we can hold it before turning it over to the family. His mother lives in Scranton, and the sister is in Bridgeport. I can get their addresses for you too, if you want to talk to the next of kin as part of the investigation, though I'd like to be with you whenever you speak to family." Cassandra added.

    "I'll have the other possible consultants' names and numbers to you by tomorrow, if that's all right. Also, please expense the hotel you're staying in, it'll actually look bad for me if I bring you in from so far without putting you up somewhere." She concluded.

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  10. "Th-thank you so much, Madame Adi. I... I can now rest peacefully, knowing my p-poor little Rover is at ease..."

    A rather old and frail woman tottered out of the dark and heavily incensed and smokey room, leaning one her cane as she did. Watching her from behind was Aditi, self proclaimed fortune teller, making sure her client didn't topple over as she crossed the busy street to the other side. She was dressed in her usual headdress and 'costume' causing eyes to come her way before looking away in disdain. Really, who believed in all that drivel?

    She couldn't blame them, knowing most of it were half truths anyway, and heck she didn't mind at all. That old lady was happy, she had just made someone cry tears of joy!

    Aditi turned around and headed back into the shop, turning on the 'closed' sign as she locked the door. "Man it's hot in here." Fanning herself, she headed to a backdoor and opened it, which led to a small room with a desk and a bed along with a mini fridge. She pulled off her headdress, tossing it away, an then proceeded to do the same with the rest of her costume. A minute later, she was in her t-shirt and jeans.

    "And now it's time to relax." She fell back onto the bed, pulling her smart phone from under her pillow. Time to check all her missed calls, texts, and hit the net.
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  11. ~Bell's job wasn't difficult. In fact, in some cases it was rather soothing. Taking on the responsibility of serving another had it's merits sometimes, but when it lead into the narcissistic behaviors of others her masters knew she would begin to have her doubts about the job. Apparently there was an odd journalist proclaiming that he was going on what he considered the best scoop hunt of his life. She could hear him droning on about how great he'd become for his exploits. Having figured she'd heard enough, she'd go back to tending to her master's meal preparation. The Ethan Allen Hotel had a wonderful assortment of preparation options that she quite enjoyed taking advantage of. As she ascended to the top floor, she'd overhear another conversation, though only half of it.~

    "-you're certain it's her?" "Positive, there's no way it couldn't be." "If possible I'd like to avoid finding out what she's capable of but if it comes down to it, you know what to do." "I'll keep the boys on alert, if she tries anything we'll let her know what a horrible mistake feels like."

    ~Whatever she'd heard, it probably wasn't going to be good for her. For now she'd ignore it and get on with her task of bringing her master something to eat.~
  12. He was on automatic as he gave her the required information she needed, regarding where he was staying. His mind was already calculating, envisioning reasons why a human would be killed, even a reporter in the Moonlit World. The plain fact of the matter, was that they were heavily outnumbered a thousand to one, even discounting magic and modern weaponry into the overall picture. To alert the Mundanes on a possibly public scale, was tantamount to having every faction step in. Which most likely discounted some of the more cunning factions. Vampires Covens, Lycan Packs hunting for sport and food- Angry spirits perhaps? Ghosts were subject to their own way of thinking, many haunted areas claiming many lives. The Forest of Suicides for example in Japan, was one such instance.

    But Japan was far and here they were. Somehow, someway if he could prove the Accords were in violation, its possible he might gain assistance from others who might have otherwise remained neutral or antagonistic.

    ......It was a slim chance, admittedly but better then nothing. A man was dead, a reporter and evidence existed of their world in some measure, unless this was a hoax(unlikely, considering the dead man.)

    Which means this was a worse case scenario, in which case it was his job to keep it low down as much as possible. He let out a sigh inwards and smiled politely as he rose to leave.

    "Thank you for your assistance. I'll be in touch."

    And off he went, heading for his car like a shadow as he thought to himself.

    She doesn't think I'm a crank. Its something at least- Though if I flashed my fangs, I might be facing a visit from the Wardens myself.

    And that was a headache no one needed, least of all him.

    @Michale CS
  13. "Hm." She said as she packed up the tablet and the file. He hadn't even asked for them. "I guess I need to make a couple more calls. And, start retracing some steps." Cassandra mused.

    "But first... lunch."

    Thirty minutes later...
    Cassandra dialed the psychic's number, as she was heading to the Ethan Allen Hotel. DPD already had sent a car out, and they were getting access to the guest registry of the day he died. There would be someone who had seen him, given his proclivities. Hopefully there would be some clue.

    Cassandra was good with clues. She noticed things no one else did. In fact... she herself had been called psychic before.

    "Except with me, I don't really like pineapples." She chuckled to herself.

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  14. For a certain Baku, it was a fairly average day - or, well, as average as it got. The young woman had gone for her college courses, greeted by the other students with a barrage of crumpled up papers having been thrown at her, and had proceeded to go to her class, arriving perfectly on time as per usual. Lateness was something that Aralyn did not specialize in, and punctuality was extremely important to her. Even if she had to face a few of those who found tormenting her to be fun on the way.

    After this, she'd tended to the rest of her schedule by starting the long walk to the small place she called home. Her parents were long gone, and her younger brother, too - leaving her getting by on only what she earned. Often, she had to rotate jobs, from working as a waitress, to party entertainment, and even fast food work. It was difficult to get by, but through these brief jobs and her steadfast babysitting, she made it. Today, however, the blonde was particularly drained - for the night previous, her babysitting had been cancelled, leaving her without any fuel.

    So, naturally, after having made it to her makeshift home and having dropped her things off there, she had some kids to see. And, luckily for her, she'd managed to arrange for a ride to be given for her to get there. However, she couldn't be picked up from her place. Nobody could ever see it. Ever. So the Baku started another trek, though this one was much shorter. Or, well, it would have been... If Aralyn hadn't been such a klutz.

    Admittedly, she needed to hold herself with a lot more confidence. Maybe then, if she didn't try to keep her head down and avoid making eye contact, she could have avoided it. She hadn't seen the man, but she did, now - quite clearly. The blonde had tripped on a cracked area of cement, faceplanting into him before falling back on her butt from the impact.


    There was no time between the impact and the moment fervent apologies began. "O-oh, I'm so, s-so s-sorry, sir..." she murmured, an apologetic and nervous look on her feats as her pale eyes drifted up to meet the stranger's. Meanwhile, her old and cheap phone had fallen freely from her pocket, settled right by her on the ground.​
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  15. "Eh?" Aditi stared at her phone, which had started to vibrate and play out what she deemed was a super awesome track from her favourite teen year games. She gave herself a few seconds of listening to it, head bobbing and foot tapping in response. "Ah... good times, good times!"

    That done, she swiped at her phone, answering the call. Not many people had her mobile number, so she figured it was either her parents or some friends. Still, it was always fun to tick them off by playing her work persona.

    "Madame Aditi at your service," she said, voice as mysterious sounding as she could make it. "How may I help you?"
  16. "Miss Patel? This is Inspector Adler, Danbury PD. I'd like to speak with you about bringing you on as a consultant for a case I'm working on. That is, if you'd be available?" She asked, flipping open her laptop and preparing to take notes.

  17. Back at my hotel room, I waited and I pondered. Mostly over a city map and my google perusal of the town in general, one tab open to that paranormal rag. Mostly I was considering the implications. See, the Unseelie Accords generally are more meant to ensure that we don't kill each other off, rather then protect humans. A ghoul could stalk and hunt any old joe on the street, technically no one would bat an eye. But take down a ghoul and its Warren might vow revenge. It sickened me and yet, it was the only way things could run. But this wasn't New York City or London...I needed air.

    I got out and began to walk around town, longcoat pulled around me for the look of it in the cool air before suddenly bumping into someone.
    She was a cute little thing. A blonde waif of a girl, shy and demure. Between that and my mild hunger, I mentally whacked my primal side with a newspaper and made it sit in the corner. To her, I held out a hand to assist her.

    "I'm sorry, I should have known where-"

    Wait a minute.

    I knew her.

    Or rather, of her. I smiled, in recognition as I snapped my fingers.

    "You're that girl from that old case! The one who solved it with that wizard! Um- Aria- No, wait I know...Aralyn. Right? We've never met, but I know who you are."

    It was rare to meet a truly altruistic being, more so in the Moonlit World. She was special, if only for the rarity value.

    @Hospes @Michale CS
  18. Aditi pouted slightly; she was so used to hearing her mom or friends tell her off for that greeting that it had become something of a habit and joke for her. However, she was rather pleased to hear it was the Inspector. It had been a while since she was called and she had been a little bored and restless. Old ladies and happy tears were all well and good, but she wanted something even better.

    She got up from her bed and started walking back and forth, as was her usual habit. "Sure thing, I'm available," she replied, the grin obvious in her voice. "But please call me Adi. I kinda don't like the whole last name thing. So anyway, what do you need my aweso- expertise for?" She had to remind herself to be a little mature at least.
  19. "I'd prefer we meet in person. I'm on my way to work on leads for the case I'd like you to consult on for me. I'll be at the Ethan Allen Hotel. I can fill you in there, and buy you dinner at the hotel restaurant, if you'd like?" Cassandra asked.

  20. Aditi hm'd for a moment, still pacing about in the tiny room. Stay here and make dinner, or go out and get free dinner. The latter was always going to win. "Dinner sounds great to me," she told Cassandra. She sounded excited, even if she tried to tone it down.

    "Guess you'll want me to come right away, huh? Oh, er, is there a dress code?" She hardly wanted to arrive under or over dressed.

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