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A Forum Software Switch In a Few Weeks!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Mar 21, 2013.

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    In a few weeks will be switching over to new forum software, leaving behind our current system and importing to Xenforo. This is something that is unavoidable! After all the issues we've had with updates and the STILL never-been-fixed mobile issue, with ridiculously rising upgrade costs... well. They can suck it. >>; I am personally tired of dropping money on unfinished products and crappy customer treatment. We've already purchased a new software license with Xenforo and are currently developing, learning, and testing of the new system so we can make this import go as smoothly as possible!


    - Xenforo is already used by a couple of popular and familiar sites! Including Roleplay Directory and RPDom!

    - This will be done in a FEW WEEKS. This gives staffies a time to learn how to use the controls, admins to develop the style and the features, and you guys a chance to help demo the new forum if you wanna give us a hand or just see how things work. In fact, you can ask any staff member and they will pass you the link to the demo test forum we're working on. The url is also posted up in the cbox.

    - It WILL be an entire brand new system. Everything we know about where the profile stuff is, the controls, threads, ect will all be a little different. We are trying to make sure everything is as simple and straight forward as possible, but it WILL be different. Blogs, Groups, and Articles will likely be in different spots. There is nothing we can do about this, but it will be a fun adventure!

    - You will NOT lose any posts, blogs, groups, accounts, or anything else. It will all be imported. You won't need to re-register or anything crazy like that. If there -does- turn out to be any content we can't import, we will tell everyone in advance so they can back it up.

    - When we ARE finally able to import, the site will be shut down for a day or two while we run the importer and then make sure nothing is fucked up. During that time, we'll have a chatbox for you to hang out in until it's all done.

    - If you hate xenforo and change, well you're just gonna have to suck it up. D:

    If you have any questions or concerns, ask them! We'll answer everything that we can!


    -- If you have "pages" (not blog posts) in your blogs, SAVE THEM. They will not import.

    -- If you have USER NOTES (not visitor messages) on your profile that you need, SAVE THEM. They will not import.

    Everything else seems to be fine. :D
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  2. Re: A Forum Software Switch In a Couple Weeks!

    This sounds exciting! I might have peeked at the test link that was put in cbox. It looks cool! :D
  3. Sounds great can't wait!
  4. Aaaw, I like iwaku as it is :( I don't like xenforo's style....
    But I shall survive this change, I shall adapt to it!!!!
    I shall do it for iwaku!!!
    For my partners!!!
    And for my country of vikings!!!

    And in some month's that new style will feel completely normal anyways x3
    But let us never forget the old iwaku, because it was here everything started! We will miss you old iwaku.

    And now moving on! Time to check that test forum :3
  5. My apologies if anyone was affected by the site going down temporarily. This was not related to the new forums. I was fixing a couple minor server issues and brought down the webserver/database to make sure they would not be affected. Feel free to blame Diana anyway though.
  6. Will this effect how we see the site on a smart phone, or has anyone thought of it?
  7. We will be doing our best to make the site friendly in all platforms, but if you want to be sure go to the test forum using it and let us know how ot looks.
  8. After having partaking as a testbunny for the demo forum, I can only say that Xenforo seems like a smooth software developer. Can't wait for the update! =)

    But you were never a part of the old Iwaku....silly Swede.
  9. I know... But I can still pretend that I were xD LET ME DREAM TORSTY!!!
  10. You should dream about the possibilities for Iwaku's future, because if anything, this is the golden age of our community! =)
  11. And he speaks the truth. ^.^ I'm excited!

    -- If you have "pages" (not blog posts) in your blogs, SAVE THEM. They will not import.

    -- If you have USER NOTES (not visitor messages) on your profile that you need, SAVE THEM. They will not import.

    Everything else seems to be fine. :D
  14. Just quick question of mass importants!

    I'm assuming this is a dumb question but will the URL be the same? I know some web hosting whatever's get their panties in a bunch over URL's and weird stuffs.
  15. Iwakuroleplay.com will be the same, of course. :D

    THREAD URLS will be different. o_o But I will have a redirect code that -should- redirect all the old urls to the new ones.
  16. So it's mostly the same thing. Will subscriptions be messed up too? Or does the redirect tool work for that too?
  17. Your subscriptions will be perfectly fine. :D
  18. Will Asmo's wit be the same? Will Myrn and Ceru still be smutters? Will Oct still love food and rocking out to good music? Will Vay stil be a grump? Will Grumps still be awesome?

  19. Just to clarify further on FOO's question: We are not changing our server host! We are changing which software the forum runs on. We don't have to worry about domain names because we host the server ourselves and have a unique domain without being forumotion.iwakuroleplay or any of that nonsense. :]
  20. That actually helped a lot Ozzie, I didn't know this was hosted privately though their were a lot of hints to that, that I may have over looked >.> anyways! I'm glad its just the software cause it makes me feel better about the changey thingy!
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