A Fight for Freedom

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  1. -In the west, the Silvan forests get their name from the dwellers of the trees. The elven kingdom is a place of beauty and cultivation of perfection, or so they call it: the high elves have been since their awakening in the hands of Sylanna, dragoness of the earth, dominating all other silvan races. Wood elves are house thralls, unicorns are mere beast to tame and mount and pixies are blood bound to the druids, mages and servants of Sylanna.
    In the woods, the Fera Confederation of shapeshifters is leaded by the werewolves, and fights against the mounstrous depredation of the elves by turning always a little more in full monsters, enraged by every movement.
    Something to remark is the way elves build their homes: every time a druid is about to die he finds a proper place to die, and casts a powerfull spell that kills him, but grows a mallorn, a hulking tree that's the natural place of pixies. There, afterwards, a city will be founded. The first pf this trees is the palace of Yndul where dwells the Elven King, first elven ever to awaken in the face of ashan.

    -Some elves thought Sylanna didn't wanted what the elven King was doing, so they revolted against him. And failed. This elves were concious that Sylanna was wrong, but by saying it, they had offended her and they were being chased down by their brothers, her worshippers.
    But Sylanna needed the sun to help her fluorish, and in shadows they found the way to survive. They funded the city of Ygg Chal, and every group decided to fund a new city, wich created many clans.
    The Dark Elves braced Sylannas sister and rival, Malassa as their saviour, and twisted into homicidal and hateful torturers.

    -The Griffin Empire was funded millenia ago under the holly guidance of Elrath, dragon of light. Most humans were part of it and adopted his fate and trained the same beasts that were the best friends of Elrath, the griffin, wich gave them name. Horncrest is it's capital and King Nicolai the first is the current emperor.

    -Under the mountains of the north the stern dwarves dwell. Their love for metal and stoneworking lead them to embrace Arkath's faith, following the dragon of fire.
    Curiously enough, dwarven cityes are a great hole in the mountain, with round terraces where the dwarves live until the city reaches the dept where they can enjoy the direct heat of the lava.
    The High lord of runemages and the fire king, chosen everytime by Arkhat, rule over the dwarfs.
    The Stone Halls, seat of their power, contain the most noble lords among the dwarves, and the surface is only inhabitated by the most rough dwarves.

    -In the great island of ThunderRock the free Orcs dwell. The orcs were created by the mages of the silver cities to fight off demons. With that in mind, they were created as half humans, half demons so they wouldn't be influenced by the demonic taint, but this also made them unable to use any kind of magic but the amulet magic, wich is ten times weaker. This doesn't make them less fearsome, because orcs learn to shatter the magic other cast, making the enemies unable to cast any spell and drawing them to combat, where they got an edge.
    The orcs revere Father Sky and Mother Earth and are worried by their children in extreme, wich is unusual for a race of warriors. This is what led them to revolt against their mage masters to gain their freedom lead by the warlord Kunyak StormArm, who lead them to the conquest of their islands.
    Some time later the Griffin Empire found them and asked them to help them fight demons, and they obliged, granting the empire the temporal victory. But the empire was now un peace and the orcs were alone, an the duches of the empire united to streap them of everything they had: their freedom.
    In chains they were brought to the mines of the southern duchys, where they work for the "steel men", and while they suffer, their brethren belive they died in the war.
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  2. Illyase sat in the room of her newest kill, she was still dressed in the white cloth that she was given by her target to wear. Illyase stood up slowly and stepped over his corpse, pulling the white cloth from her body she yanked a small bag containing the black clothes she normally wore from beneath the bed and proceeded to change. Once she had changed she placed all her weapons in their proper hiding spots on her body, and picked up the small burlap bag and tossed it over her shoulder.

    Upon jumping from the window sill to the ground, Illyase pulled her white hair up into a tight ponytail and started walking, pushing her way into the crowd for coverage were someone to find the body and look out the window at that exact moment.

    The day was coming to an end, and the soft orange sunset casted a soft glow across the dwindling main street crowd. The sunset would bring Illyase the comforting, shield of darkness, it meant she could move quicker and return to her so called "owner". The minute the sun set completely, Illyase jumped on several stone fences, and pulled herself up onto the clay roofs of the buildings. Running across several rooftops quietly, Illyase made her way into the forest almost immediately.

    Illyase took the entire night to make it back to her owner, in which she then placed the weapon she used to kill her target, still covered in blood, at his feet, and sit down on her knees and wait for praise. After every target she killed she would have to do this, and every time until she fulfilled her duty before she was set free. Illyase kept her eyes on the ground, and tapped her fingers on her thighs.

    Her owner said nothing, just picked up the blade and went to clean it off. He dismissed her, telling her to prepare for a visit from someone important, that meant that she had to go find her corseted dress inside her closet amongst all of the other clothing.
  3. It won't last another week, Warlord. She said with a worried look. Maybe with more hunt and sending goblins to scavenge to the south... They were sitted on rocks, with the chest opened in front of them. The day was beautyful, but touching the end, ready to let lady moon take over the world.
    No. More brothers come every day. It's time to start taking action. There are not enough weapons, or oxens, or place to keep them all shelttered. We need to move. Tomorrow we'll start moving to the Silver Cities. Buntuk was over 2 meters tall, one of the shorter orcs in the camping site, but he was heavily armed, with a claymore, an spear, a shortsword and several jabalines.
    He had first payed for weapons enough to arm a little army. Now his army was way bigger than any other in the Griffin Empire, and like twice the regular army of the Silver Cities. His weapons, unlike the other's, he won killing the guard that was guarding him and the first general he vanquished on combat.

    But... there are others to free here! We can't leave them! Mulha said. We can't fight with children! We can't fight with hungry mothers! he said, his fangs showing ferociously.
    She thought for a moment, and then, threw the ritual bones. THey showed a foot on a dusty road. What does it said? he asked.
    Will we return for the others? She asked. He nodded, heavily. With a proper army
  4. Illyase found her dress and pulled it on, tightening the corset as much as she could. Once she was properly in her dress she walked back out to the main room, where her owner handed her back her weapon.

    "Once we are done here there is something that you must do." He told her, and then turned to the door as soon as it was knocked on.

    Illyase walked over to the door and opened it, keeping her eyes to the ground. Her owner greeted the person with a smile and brought them into the house and over to the couch, ordering Illyase to go retrieve something to eat.
  5. I'm happy to see everything is in order. the man with a vaporous cloak said, sitting by the owner's side. What are the master's order. the guy was obviously a priest, and Illyase's owner was lord Harongold, master of the Bull duchy, from where most the gold mines of the Griffin Empire were.
    The master ordered us to help them. I'll give you Illyase, you'll conduct a little force to the field to face them, and they will "betray" you. You'll be "taken Hostage" and i'll pay an extensive randsom for your retrieval. The operation will take 2 or three days, tops. They have not the resourses to withstand more, from my sources.

    The cleric sighed. He's asking more every day. How desperate is the situation?
    Real bad. Imperial legions are on the move. We need to get them out.They are ready to leave their brothers?
    If not, you'll get their warlord killed, is that understood, child? Asked Lord Harongold looking directly at Illyase
  6. Illyase looked up, and nodded slowly. "Understood." She said in barely a whisper. She was not much of talker, but she was trained like that. Talking meant punishment, and punishment was not a lovely thing to go through. She stood at the side of the room, waiting to be told to go ready for what she was to do.

    Illyase would clean up the dishes and return them to the kitchen for the staff to wash. When she returned to the sitting room she went wide eyed and slapped her hand over her mouth to muffle a squeak. She was not expecting to see the man in the cloak with a face full of scars. Illyase looked away, and proceeded to calm down before turning back.
  7. Scream, child. The Cleric said with a nasty smirk. SHe was supposed to be am assasin, and she gets scarred by this? He said signaling his face, and negated with the head. You know ladies, so full of tenderness... Your master only said in response.
    OK child, i'm not interested as long as you do your work. Prepare, we're going tomorrow. the cleric said, and dismissed you. By this moment, you were not even watched over, and you had your own chambers, although many other high ranking servants of lord Harongold often came to visit to "check you stayed in place" wich only meant they entered to enjoy your body.

    THis night, however, nobody was even around. That meant your owner wanted you to rest better, wich in turn meaned your mission today was going to be more difficult than any other.
  8. Illyase slept for the night, and then prepared for her new task, pulling on her black clothes and placing all her weapons in their place. She stepped silently from the room, and walked towards the front door to wait. It was going to be a little quick task, quicker then most of them. She stood with her hands behind her back, and her hood up hiding her face. She was completely covered from head to toe in black. It was better than being noticed as a drow.

    The minute everyone was ready Illyase left the house, but then pulled back so that she wasn't in the lead, getting her in trouble. She was supposed to be under watch.
  9. You joined your master's army. Most of them were mercenaries from different places, humans, but also elves and dwarves. Everyone in the army was silent as their task was already a grimm one.
    In the middle of their ranks, many of Elrath's priests formed the cleric you saw yesterday's retainers, and you travelled amongst them. They were also silent knowing they were going to give their lives to protect the man they were bound to for the sake of the plan.
    Ok, child, this is your part. He said, riding by your side. Once i've been "captured" you'll take command of all this miscelaneous forces. You'll recieve further orders once you're in charge.
  10. Illyase nodded slowly, and then shifted some of her weapons around, she peered up at the direction they were going and breathed out. As she thought over her task. She wasn't sure how she was going to command everyone around her, she wasn't a very loud talker. Illyase was sure that she was going to have issues controlling them all, since they were even higher in command that she was.

    Illyase kept her eyes to the outskirts waiting for anything that was unexpected. Since for the most part she blended into the scenery she usually went un-noticed.
  11. They forced the march and in two days, they got to the encampment. They were in the only place known to them in the area: the mines. But they refused (and none of them insisted) to keep digging. They appeared to be on the move, and they were thousands of souls moving slowly to the south. Most males were ready to fight with their armor and their weapons, one each.
    The males were behind the other, and the women and children were lead by just a little group of shock troops ready to take the blows if something came from the front. When you appeared atop a hill, they all stopped, women and children rapidly built a little palisade of spears as the males organized a battle front to quickly protect them.

    Ready, orcs! You could hear. A little orc, mounting a big sturdy oxen and armed with many weapons screamed out. This monsters seek our demise, they want to take your freedom! Let's give them a dead to mourn for every year that mine stripped from us! He stepped over his mounting and prepared...

    But other oxen got to your army. THis one brought a female orc, with little clothes (certainly, less than what was considered the minimum decorum for succubus in Sheogh) who looked as fearsome as the little one that had already started shouting warcries.
    Will you surrender before we stike you with Father Sky's power, or will you make us sacrifice your body to Mother Earth's arms? She asked, challenging.
  12. Illyase shifted her eyes over the orc, and then looked up at who she was working for at the moment. She knew he'd so call surrender, but she wasn't exactly up for leading the rest of these people against them. She was wanting exactly what the orcs wanted, and her owner was helping with that. Illyase placed her arms behind her and simply gripped onto small blades placed within a sheath strapped around her waist.

    Nobody knew she was a drow, not even the rest of the men surrounding her. She was a mystery herself, and she had heard several mean wanting to get in under her hood and clothes. Not that it surprised her much.
  13. You moved forward with the cleric's escort. We'll fight to the death, you demonic scum! The cleric said, taking the front row.

    So be it. Said the orc and rode back to her army. When she was close to them, another scream could be heard: FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!! And the orcs charged.
  14. Illyase's eyes went wide, and she turned to walk away. She would not witness this, she would be no where near this. Illyase knew it would get her punishment, but her own will held more power at this moment than a mere punishment.

    Illyase found a boulder a fair distance away, and pulled herself up onto it, facing away from everything. She stared off in the distance in the area of trees, if she could just run off right now she would. Escape and be free.
  15. The little batallion rode to their death. The orcs attacked, and soon a great deal of the "Imperial" troops were dead or dying. You could see how the cleric was taken hostage as spected, but the ones that surrendered never got a chance: they rised their hands and gave up their weapons, but the orcs, lost on the bloodlust and blinded by rage soon routed and killed them all.

    In total, when all was said and done, there had been not more than a dozen orc deaths... and at least 2 thousand imperial loses.

    From her rock, Illyase could see how the orcs scouted the field and put a handful of seeds in the mouths of all their deads where they died, but they got human bodies in carts, for what, you couldn't say. Little by little, the little orc that seemed to be their leader walked among the dead, finishing off the wounded near her.
  16. Illyase looked over the dead, and then slowly slid from her rock. She breathed not a single breath as she was trying to keep quiet. She had a choice, do her job or flee. At the moment she was simply standing there hands on her weapons. Had the orcs not noticed her, that was a possibility as she had not been in the battle.

    Illyase looked over the orc that was near her. She didn't want to find out what would happen if she were caught by them, but she didn't want to kill them. Fleeing so far was very better choice.
  17. As she flee, nobody noticed, so lost they were on the scent of blood and carnage... Or maybe they did?
    The nearest orc looked at her go, or towards the place she was going. And he took a jabeline...
  18. Illyase's hearing kicked in and she suddenly froze. "Please not at me, not at me." She murmured, and scrunched up her body. Then she knew something that might at least not get her killed. She threw off her hood, allowing her white hair to tumble down her back and she turned to look at the orc, and carefully pulled a small dagger from a sleeve pocket, small enough to throw just in case.
  19. The jabelin was thrown nonetheless toward an elf hunter that was hiding in the bushes, apparently with the same tactics you had, but other intentions.

    When you showed your hair, though, he saw you and he readied his spear, but you could see he doubted. Dark elf?
  20. "Please don't!" She called out speaking a little louder. "I just want freedom the same as you." She swallowed hard, and held up her hands slightly, slipping her small blade back into its pocket. She questioned if the orc would believe her, not many did and it usually got her into more trouble than she wanted. She also knew that being found be her owner would mean a very big punishment, and she was not going to go through that.
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