A Estinthion Love Story

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  1. Cloud after cloud passed by as Allen's dark brown eyes trailed after them with a sense of longing and despair; had it not been for his father the young teen wouldn't have never even boarded the cursed plain he now sat in. In a full flight with over fifty people, Allen felt completely and utterly alone. Nothing could fill the empty void of what he had left behind--his life in the United States, his friends, his family and even that wretched school he once hated. But all of that simply did not matter anymore, everything was a thing of the past. It had been only 2 hours since he had boarded the plane, the flight attendants catered to his every will, making even the smallest--and easiest--of favors possible for his selfish self. Next to him sat a large woman; dressed in the most extravagant--and pricy nonetheless-- of fashions. The woman excluded the scent of greed all of over her, enough to even win over her overly used perfume. She made Allen sick as she scarfed down a large piece of lobster as the other passengers were forced to eat unsavory airplane sandwiches and coffee.

    Dusk approached sully, it signaled on how real his soon to be adventure really was. Most, if not all, of the passengers were already preparing for their well deserved rest. Even at a normal degree temperature, the sight of the night sky, chilled Allen's bones as he smiled. With a pillow at his neck and a large woolen blanket covering his body, he quickly, fell to sleep off the rest of the long awaited hours until England.

    It was not long before one of the flight attendants spoke across the intercom and expressed Allen's long dreaded news. Th plane would land in a mere few minutes. Joy. Through out the whole arrival, luggage claim and even exit of the airport, Allen remained with a single dominant scowl plastered on his face. He really did not want to be here.

    "Uncle, I'm home" Exclaimed the boy as he pulled forcefully on a patch of heavy luggage. Allen's uncle, Angelo, took notice of this and proceeded to help his nephew out, while his wife, Patricia, gave a warm motherly-hug to her nephew as well.

    "You've got a long day ahead of you, child. Sleep tight, you'll be attending Estinthion Academy the day after tomorrow!" Chirped Patricia as he served a hot bowl of tomato soup to Allen.

    "Can't wait" He muttered sarcastically as he sipped graciously on his soup.
  2. The young woman was tired. It was the beginning of the next semester and she was already tired. She'd barely made it to class! She wanted to blame her friend Alicia for staying up late and chatting, but she couldn't find the heart to. Leila Odell stumbled into the new classroom at Estinthion Academy's High School campus with a groan of acceptance. There wasn't very much that the young woman could do. She was here, she was enrolled and it was far too late for her to change her mind. Keeping this in mind she ran over to slip into one of the seats closest to the window and looked around.

    It seemed so strange to be entering this classroom when she was so used to going to the one that was one floor above.

    She waved comfortably with some of the other students the classroom. Like many of them she was a return student--well not really a return student she she practically lived at the school. She hadn't even gone dome during the summer holidays. instead she had haunted the halls of the campus where so few were during those months. It wasn't that she couldn't go home, it was just that she didn't want to go home.

    The young woman was talking with some of her fellow classmates when the teacher finally entered and called the attention of the class upon him.

    "Today we have the honor of having a new classmate being added to our rosters. Please welcome him with open smiles and friendships. Why don't you introduce yourself then?" the teacher asked, looking at the young man that should have followed him in from the doorway.

    Leila stared up at the front of the classroom with her rust-brown colored eyes, her head tilted in mild interest. It wasn't often that they got new students in the upper classes. Most couldn't get in by that time.

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  3. Allen stared dumbfound at the campus in front of him, a hint of disgust was also evident in his features. I would seem that even after a good day's rest, he couldn't, no, wouldn't get used to the environment. He refused to do so. He sighed as he rubbed his temple, there he went once gain with his hardheaded trait that his father so fondly hated, but loved to point out. It wasn't that he thought of everything in a pessimistic way but in reality he just disliked the sudden change. Sure, he could admit that campus had beautifully carved detail on it's wall, and heck, he'd even admit that the calmness and elegance of the place was even tempting him to loosen up. But would he ever express this thoughts verbally? Surely not.

    Not even a foot inside of the main office, a pudgy resembling form greeted him ecstatically. The person was a middle-aged man, he had large glasses that covered most of his face and a soon to be completely bald scalp. The man extended his hand hastily as Allen returned the greeting with a firm handshake. The man introduced himself as Mr. Barton, he would be his homeroom sorta speak teacher. The whole new level and grading system was still very hazy to Allen but he nodded nonetheless.

    Both men scurried off into the hall, after a couple twists and turns through various hall, they finally reached their designated classroom. Mr. Barton entered the room first in attempt to loosen the tension of having a new student, apparently said circumstance was rather odd in the school. After a quick greeting he proceeded,

    "Today we have the honor of having a new classmate being added to our rosters. Please welcome him with open smiles and friendships. Why don't you introduce yourself then?" the teacher called out towards the hallway. Allen breathed in deeply remembering the last time had been obliged to introduce himself in front of a class or even people. Regardless, after a quick inspection in the door's glass window he nodded and entered the room.

    Allen kept his head held high as he positioned himself in front of the room full of students. You can do this man... Don't chicken out! he demanded to himself inwardly.

    "Ah.. Well. Hello, name is Allen Walker. I'm a exchange student from America, um, Miami to be exact" Allen stuttered slightly but continued, "Miami is in Florida is you guys don't know... You know, to the south?"

    The boy could sense his cheeks flaring up by the second as the head from his face grew immensely. He could hear it himself, what an idiot he had been. Of course they knew where Florida was--or at least he hoped so. Allen coughed an regained his composure.

    "Sorry 'bout that. These nevers are killin' me. Let me start again, the names Allen Walker--just came from my penthouse in Miami" he winked at the girls, "That about sums the important stuff 'bout me", he finished off smirking.

    "Now, to whom do I bestow the blessing of being seated next to me?"
  4. "Why don't you go and sit by Miss Odell and Mister Leon, those two near the middle with the empty desk between them. You two, please raise your hands," the teacher suggested with a smile that seemed to be far too happy for that time in the morning.

    Leila's head snapped up at hearing her last name and looked over. Sure enough there was an empty desk between her and the next student who was staring dreamily up at the ceiling as if he'd rather be any where but there. Leila looked at the young man at the front of the classroom with a raised eyebrow. His speech, which understandable to her native British ears, had made her want to vomit. Penthouse? 'Bestow the blessing'? He sounded like a young man that had gotten all he ever wanted and hadn't even bothered to work for it. She reluctantly raised her hand. So she would be forced to sit by this young man the rest of her school term? He was nice enough to look at sure, but he didn't seem to have a easy to get along with personality.

    She could already imagine the conversation she was going to have to have in order to get him not to try hitting on her. It wasn't that she was anti-male. It was just that she was anti-jerk. "Here Mr. Barton," she called, just to make sure that the teacher knew she wasn't being a total annoyance that day. She could already hear the giggling of the other more easily impressed girls.

    'Mr. Leon' had been daydreaming of girls in bikini's on a nice relaxing beach only to get kicked in the back by one of his friends. He looked around and saw the new kid and a girl next to him raising her hand. He copied her, figuring that was the reason the guy behind him had gotten his attention. "Ah, um, here sir," the young man said, his Irish accent capturing the attentions, once more, of the more exotic girls of the class. He didn't look Irish with his black hair and dark blue eyes. He had gotten his looks from his mother's side of the family and had been raised in the highlands with his father who was full blooded Irish. "What exactly am I saying here for though?"

    He saw the other girl seem to let her head fall down and her hand curled into itself though she kept it raised. Oh Leila! he thought as he remembered her name. Not that easy of a girl to get to laugh but with a musical one should one get her to. Interesting girl too--never went home, haunted the campus during holidays. No one he knew of had ever cracked the shell she put up around her except one other girl--oh what was her name. Shrugging the question off, he smiled up at the new kid and then away as he started to dream of those girls in bikini's again.
  5. Alicia sat drowsily at the far end of the room, her body leaning gently against the square classroom window. The morning's warm raised shined on her curly--and wild--locks as her head bobbed to the sides lightly. Shifting her weight to her other side while grumbling some intangible words of protest. But it was too late, her eyes had already shot open and she very much awake. Combing her pale, finely manicured, hand through her hair she continued to mutter beneath her breath. I hate mornings, I hate school, I hate--Oh hello! her train of thought spiraled as she saw an interesting new fellow in the classroom. This, without a doubt, had gotten her attention. She wasn't fond of cocky pretty boys but she sure wouldn't protest about a new piece of eye candy in her vision.

    The girl was very amused as she saw her best friend Leila groan; of course Leila would be the only girl to protest because of the seating of the new student. Half of the girls--if not all-- in the class would kill to be her right now, but Leila? Collected and fierce as she stood her ground--she hadn't said anything of the sort, but Alicia knew her well enough to decipher her girl's thinking. Alicia chuckled as the boy... what was his name? Something Leon, yes. Well, enough of her silly thinking! She would get her much needed 411 from Leila later on but for now, she would settle on a simple note question.

    Taking out a piece of paper and pen, Alicia wrote swiftly in elegant cursive a few words that she much needed the answer to. The question was of great importance, with said answer, she would hold the clue of her tormenting her best friend for the rest of the semester! Yes, great plan it is!

    Alicia folded the piece of paper into a small square and patted the back of the student next to her as she muttered 'to Leila'. The girl could only imagine the annoyed expression on her friend as she read the simple question; You want dibs?

    Allen held a profound marked smirk as he inspection--now more clearly--the room before him. Well, for once he was glad that no one had noticed his previous stuttering. Being branded as shy--or even worse--the school idiot on the first day? No thank you. The boy noted the students that would be seated next to him for the remaining of the school year as he monitored their expressions. The boy at his right had a aloof expression on his face, obviously daydreaming. Heh, pretty interesting guy. At his left sat a girl, her face held a scowl as she dragged her obviously annoyed face to Mr. Barton. Allen, in all truth, did not care for girls. He had learned that the hard way back in Miami... No more girls. No more love. No more trouble. Ever.

    After smiling and excusing himself, he proceeded to make his way towards his seat. Once seated, Allen shifted his attention to the girl at his left and smile falsely.

    "Hi Mrs. Odell, I'm Allen" he grinned, "I don't care who you are, and I expect the same from you. So, no touchy, no looky, and certainly no speaky to me" he finished with a glare. Allen held no grudge against the girl, hell, he hardly knew her for more than two minutes but that was the way he managed and talked with women. By no means was he a brute or a prick, he just honestly did not want anything to do with the girl.

    A moment after declaring his bold statement, he shifted back towards his right.
    "Sup' man?" he smiled towards Mr. Leon, this time, the smile was completely genuine.
  6. Leila had been opening the note from her best friend when the new boy sat and looked at her. "I don't care who you are, and I expect the same from you. So, no touchy, no looky, and certainly no speaky to me" She stared at him, her mouth open in a greeting she was about to offer to be 'nice'. She blinked a few times, her light brown hair falling around her. Clenching her jaw shut, the young woman looked down at the note in her hand. Did she want dibs on a boy that was such a jerk? She snorted and took out a pen and wrote a short answer: No. Complete Jerk. High suggest not to get involved. She handed it back to the person behind her and motioned for Alicia before turning back and taking out a notebook and starting to sketch out a small little chibi beating another chibi with a baseball bat. When she looked down at it she chuckled to herself and looked up at the teacher.

    She may have to sit next to the guy, but that didn't mean that she would have to be nice to him and take his crap. The only problem with the whole scenario was that Mr. Barton walked by at that moment and saw the little picture she had drawn and picked it up to inspect it, his face becoming worried.

    "Miss Odell, might you explain this?" he asked.

    "Hey, nice to meet yah. I'm Dillon," Dillon Leon said with a laugh. He had overheard the way that Allen had spoken to the girl and found it weird, but didn't press it. It was up to the young man if he wanted to talk to women that way. Dillon was the laid back sort of guy. As long as his new friend didn't hurt a woman, Dillon could careless how he spoke to them. "So are you going to be on campus living--" he had started to ask before Mr. Barton stopped next to Allen and picked up Leila's notebook. The whole classroom seemed to zoom in on the teacher and student who looked like she could careless that she had been caught doing anything but paying attention in class.

    "It's a little comic Mr. Barton," Leila answered.

    "And what is it supposed to represent, Miss Odell?" came the worried reply.

    "Well it's about a young woman that was treated like dirt before she could even get a word out by a young man that had just moved to town when she was only going to say welcome. She waited until class was out and took out her favorite bat and beat the ignorant jerk with it until he cried uncle," Leila answered calmly, a pleasant smile on her lips as whispers started to spring around. "May I have my drawing back now sir if I promise not to stray from thoughts of class again?" She received the notebook back and a order to report to the counselors after classes were done for the day.

    Dillon whistled softly, "Looks like you really picked the wrong girl to tick off, lad. I'd stay ot of her way if I were you," he said in his irish accent though there was a smile on his face all the while. "Never see Miss Leila ever draw somethin' violent before. She's normally a very quiet person."
  7. "I'm housing with my uncles so yeah, no dorm life for me... Heh, I find that a highly good thing then. Let her spread the word about my 'jerkish' ways" replied Allen nonchalantly as he played with his now throbbing lip--the poor boy had bit his lip so hard because of the little scene between Odell and Mr. Barton that even his insides hurt. "Don't get me wrong... In short, you're just better off knowing that when you've met the girls of where I'm from, well... I've seen it all. Don't trust 'em" he whispered to Dillon as to not make a scene or have any eavesdroppers.

    Shortly after Mr. Barton had begun his class, not that anyone, but the smart kids--nerds--cared. Everyone did their own thing, splitting off into their little gangs and cliques. I guess school is the same everywhere you go he chuckled softly. One thing that did capture Allen's attention, Dillon's accent started the boy at first, he had heard many other kinds of accents back in the U.S. Spanish, English, heck, even French and Canadian could be added to the list.

    "Dude, not to come off rude, but... Are you Scottish or Irish? I've just never heard that kind of dialect, kinda cool... I guess" he trailed off, "Hey, 'gotta question. What's the deal with everyone here? I mean their just so calm... too calm, the silence is killin' me. In this kind of situation I'd expect someone to blow a bullhorn or switch the fire alarm on, or something. The peacefulness is freakin' me out"

    Allen, baffled with the scenery before him, took out his own secret little weapon. In his hands was a hardcover notebook--this little baby when with him wherever he went. He had a good reason too, inside were torn pages of Playboy & Maxim covers and spreads. But above all, pictures of very, very attractive--and skimpy--women.

    The boy was no fool, everytime and anytime he would see someone trying to sneak a peek at his work he would just flip over a page. You see, he had a system. A picture in one page, and two pages of random scribbles and numbers on the others. Allen had the notebook for over two years now and was nothingness than proud of his 'research'.

    "Don't get me wrong man" continued Allen on where he had trailed off, "I like woman, I just find most of 'em troublesome. Too needy, too clingly, and too spoiled. Shit, I do sound like a prick" he laughed. Allen was nervous in braking his 'treasure' out in front of Dillon but if Dillon by chance crept a glance and liked what he saw... Well a buddy that appreciates the wonders of Playboy was always welcomed.

    Alicia raised her hand mischeviously, signaling to Mr. Barton as she muttered 'bathroom'. The girl had her own reasons ehind every action, she took great care in planning her secret route towards the door; You can do it Alicia! Just walk right through Leila's and the new kids desk and grab the note! with a quick breath, Alicia stuck out her chest and raised her held high as she commenced her plan.

    "Psst" she whispered towards Leila as she bent over swiftly and grabbed the note. Mr. Barton was already getting suspicious of her behavior, the man knew quite well of the insane stunts she had pulled of times before. Even more sad to say was that the man had even managed to catch her in the act, oh! Alicia could swear the teacher had it out for her! He just couldn't bare the fact that one of his students was having fun. Nonetheless she smiled at the teacher and stepped back once receiving the note.

    But fate had that her body collided with Allen's chair, causing a disoriented Allen to drop his 'treasure'. The class could be heard letting out a few cracks of laughter.

    "Sorry" she muttered beneath her breath as she picked up the lad's notebook and her note. But Allen beat her to it and grabbed the note in her stead. Allen chuckled as he smiled.

    "Here, how about we exchange?" he laughed as he took back his beloved sanctum.

    The confused Alicia just raised her perfectly waxed brow as she continued to exit the room, but not before muttered a 'what the hell' to Leila.

    "Heh... I can be nice" grumbled Allen to himself as he continued with his calm front.
  8. "Too bad," Dillon said with a grin, "Would have been fun, having a friend here on campus that didn't want to hang out with girls so he could get laid. And yeah, I'm Irish. Don't look it, but I am." Dillon waited for the next question and shrugged his shoulders, not really knowing the answer to that particular question. "Well, I think it has more to do with the fact that the little girl over there threatened you openly even if she didn't use names. Normally Mr. Barton can't get the class to shut their traps without going red in the face and yellin'." Dillon had relaxed back after that until his eye was caught by the display of near porn on the young mans notebook. Thinking it was a trick of the eye, he looked over but only saw pages of numbers and words.

    Frowning, not used to his eyes playing tricks on him, he looked over again a second and later and saw the next half-naked picture of a woman. The Irish fellow snorted and tried to hide his laughter with a hand over his mouth. "I can see that you like women," he said shortly, trying hard not to bring attention to himself as he sunk deeper into his chair in a relaxed posture. "You'll find that the women here aren't so clingy. Maybe it's the atmosphere but most here like to look on from afar. At least that's what I've experienced. Maybe my accent scares 'em off, what you think Allen?" He was joking only to be interrupted by a young woman passing by Leila's desk and then bumped into Allen's. As she rose, he remembered her name and grinned. He had only ever seen Leila hang out in the truest sense of the word with this lass-- Alicia.

    The notebook fell and Dillon winced. Man if anyone saw that Allen would definitely get into trouble. But in front of his own eyes, Allen seemed to take a 180 in behavior and was being rather nice to the young woman. Dillon quirked an eyebrow up for a moment before catch the look on Leila's face. If he didn't know better, he'd say there was a small amount of hurt on her face that quickly vanished to a look of jealousy as she looked at her friend that also quickly vanished into a look of plain not being interested at all. So the quiet one could feel things other than calmness; she just hid it quiet well and if one wasn't looking for it, one wouldn't see it.

    Dillon wasn't in any way interested in her. But he liked to take note of what kinds of people individuals were and had never quiet figured the young woman out. "Looks like the girl's'll start lining up now that Alicia got to talk to you and you seemed pleasant enough to her even if you were a little bit mean to Leila," he said with a smile as Leila left the classroom.

    Leila was in shock. Here she had only been planning on being nice to the prick and he had snapped at her, but when her best friend knocks over his notebook, he's the nice guy? Her face darkened and gave a shrug to Alicia when she muttered to her. Raising her own hand, Leila tried hard not to let the fact that obviously looks meant everything to men. She considered herself plain--simple red-brown eyes and shoulder length hair that was a light brown; slim but not too skinny and not to bulky; not absolutely beautiful but not ugly either. Alicia though she considered to be a beauty and had never really figured out how she had pulled off such a look when she was in school.

    When Mr. Barton called on her she gave a deep sigh, "Sir, if I may be excused I fear I'm about to hurl," she said. In fact, she looked sick. If there was one thing that Leila was it was an actress. With a few changes in breathing that were less than apparent, she could make herself flushed and sick looking within a few moments. Mr. Barton looked worried and motioned for her to go with an urgency that made it apparent that he was a sympathetic person that got sick if he saw someone else get sick. Without waiting for a verbal approval, Leila pushed up from her desk and made a quick walk for the door, sending a poisonous glare over at the young man as she caught glance at the notebook he had so graciously taken from her friend. It made her almost really want to hurl.

    Outside the classroom, she rushed to catch up with her friend, falling in step with her before slowing. "I don't know about you but I think the kids loopy as a box of Fruit Loops." she said quietly.
  9. "Really what makes you say that?" genuine curiosity filled Alicia's statement as she walked along side her friend. Meanwhile, the girls thoughts were stuck in another direction, oh my god! he looked at me!, screamed her girlish inside voice as she remember the small event that had just occurred Dillon Lion had looked at her. Alicia couldn't help being cached with a grin on her face, even though she had made a hard--but subtle--attempt in hiding it. The curled haired self pronounced It girl couldn't help but raised a brow at her friend as she cocked her head to the side; she sucked on her lip and scrunched her nose.

    "The fellow seemed rather nice..." trailed the girl off as she played with a lock of her hair, "so what makes you say that? He looks sane, I mean, I think he is"

    Looking back at her friend, she sighed as she saw a flash of annoyance run through Leila's face. Alicia chortled at the knowledge of her ticking of her friend; the school had gotten rather boring, nothing ever knew occurred. Such a giant campus, so many students and yet so little action... That infuriated Alicia! Alicia was a woman of curiosity and--some may say--gossip. She was not one to stick to the books and play nice girl. She loved being labeled as a wild child--even though, in all pity, she really wasn't.

    "Oh hey, what was up with your little drawing stunt? Lil' miss perfect could've gotten detention you know... Could've of ruined your sweet girl image" she mused as she playfully punched her friend's shoulder. "Sucks though, counseling with Mad Dog?" Mr. Haster, aka. Mad Dog, was the school's councilor and he had quite the reputation of being well known for being--well--just plain looney.

    A slight current of embarrassment flashed through Allen's eyes as she hastily scurried to tuck in his notebook back into his school bag. After a quick moment of regaining his breath, Allen leaned back onto his chair and turned back to Dillon.

    "You ain't gonna rat me out?" asked the boy as he played a cool and calm front, his eyebrows furrowing together was a easy sign to tell that he was genuinely concerned for his well being.

    "Na' don't worry, It's all part of my ingenious and evil plan" chuckled Allen with amusement as he patted a few wrinkles away from his most favorite half leather jacket. "Push and pull" he muttered as he continued to adjust the cuff's in his sleeve. "Be nice to one, be mean to the other. Be nice to the hottie and be mean to whatever is left"
  10. “He is either as loopy as a box of fruit loops or just plain bipolar. I don’t understand guys like him. Never have and it’s even worse when I did nothing to make him go all jerk on me,” Leila said with an exasperated sigh as she pushed a strand of her hair out of the way. “I’m just tired and I was actually going to be really nice to him and to have it thrown in my face when he’s nice to you and you bump into him is just kind of making me want to go back there and vomit on his precious little notebook.”

    She really wouldn’t do that. As Alicia said, she was a ‘sweet girl’ if one actually cared to look. She didn’t like ticking people off as a rule but sometimes she couldn’t really do anything about it. Some people just didn’t like the quiet girls at all. And she accepted that for the most part.

    “As for what was up with my drawing stunt I was tired and really didn’t feel like internalizing for once,” Leila said with a deep sigh and shrugged. “I’ll just find some way to get Mad Dog let me leave early. Probably pull the ‘sickness’ stunt that I did to get out of Mr. Barton’s class. Or if that doesn’t work I’ll peel off some sad story about how I was innocently victimized by a boy at a young age and maybe he’ll send me to a mental hospital that doesn’t make me study.” She laughed at this and sighed as she looked out a window they passed.

    She wanted one thing of this life—freedom. Having been at Estinthion since she was in sixth grade with only two times returning to her home had left her wanting that. It happened, she supposed, because she wasn’t the ‘Lil’ Miss Perfect’ that Alicia and most everyone else called her. She acted out when she wasn’t in class, most of the time with Alicia, but when in class she was sitting straight in her chair, did her assignments and most of the time was a relatively quiet young woman.

    She was tired of that and really only wanted to be able to do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted.

    “Why would I rat yah to the teacher Allen?” Dillon asked with a grin as he relaxed back and let his head tilt back a little as if he was sun bathing in the lights from above. “I could enjoy a notebook like that as well.”

    He stretched and rolled his eyes as Mr. Barton moved onto announcements in their class. They would, of course, be doing all sorts of society things if the teachers had anything to do with it. It wasn’t that Dillon was against community service or the occasional dance—but there was only so much after three years of it (for it all started during high school years) that a man could stand the dancing and the working on the weekends when he’d rather be somewhere else—preferably with a girl though none of the girls he knew here.

    ((sorry in advance if this is a bit iffy. I did this between classes and me eating food for lunch x3 I tried to make sure it was okay, but there might be some minor things that are wrong. ))
  11. "I'm sure you would, mate" Allen laughed.

    Mr. Barton, to all Allen's surprise, turned out be a very dedicated teacher--for the most part. The man, even though in his mid forties, had a quite interesting spirited heart as he called out various options for fairs, dances and some other interesting events. The man was alright in Allen's books, there was no reason to torture him; with a sigh, he began fumbling with his pencil as he bit the eraser out of habit, Hmm... I wonder who I can torture? he thought to himself. Looking back to Dillon, the boy shared a similar half-hearten expression as him. Allen wanted to be a good student, paying attention and getting some even rare A's or B's here and there, but in reality, most of that wasn't just possible--at least for the mean time anyway.

    When it came Allen's turn to pick out an activity, he opted for either a field trip or a school sport's event. It had been a while since the boy had participated in any kind of educational event, god knew how his old school feared any kind of socializing with outsiders by it's students. Allen let out a small chuckle as he reminisced about a distant memory. One time, his old school principal, had almost gotten a heart attack when saying that the school was under attack by guns--when in actuality, it was just a few students setting off firecrackers in the hallways. The old loon had gone even more stricter since then.

    "Hey, Dillon!" he whispered towards his friendly class mate--who had great friend material, "I'm starvin', how many classes til' lunch?" God, he hoped not many.

    "I think it's safe to say he's just plane bi-polar--or either faking it, your guess is as good as mine" acknowledge Alicia as she agreed with the information her friend had given her. The nerve of that jerk! He should count his blessings that he picked Leila and not her to mess with, by all means, let him try to come up with a stunt like that again! Alicia Morgan would not be a victim of any stupidity done by any man. Period. "Well, I'm with you. That boy was just asking for it, hun. I say we get him back--oh, actually that's not a bad idea!" the girl laughed as she considered a world of possibilities that revenge would bring.

    Alicia raised up her sweater's sleeve and gazed over to her watch. "We should be getting back to class; what subject do we have now?"
    As she awaited her friend's replies, the girl stopped in her tracks as they both passed amidst a few school windows. Alicia took this subtle time to analyze herself in her reflection, her curled reddish hair fell perfectly along midway of her back as a few rebellious strands tuck another path at the sides of her cheeks. A handmade diadem rounded the unruly parts of her hair in the upper side of her head, she loved her diadems. She had one for most--every--occasion. Alicia continued to check out her other features, her thin lips were a perfect pinkish color, her blue eyes contrasted radiantly--and done. As always, she looked stunning.

    "Oh, sorry girl. What where you saying?" asked Alicia sheepishly as she snapped back into time. The girl had a nasty habit of zoning out whenever she was in front of mirrors.
  12. ((I was shocked to find that I have a Mr. Barton as a teacher this semester xD Not that his name is Mr. Barton but from the way you described the fictional character I swear it's the same guy. Pudgy, almost completely bald, very ecstatic about new classes and such. I found out right after I posted the last response.))

    Leila was used to her friend's spacy moments. She'd simply stood there examining herself next to Alicia with an eye to detail that wasn't too kind in her favor. "No revenge. I'm not that kind of girl and you know that. I already tried it and he simply doesn't care. If he doesn't care I won't care about him. I just hope that he doesn't choose one of the things that I want to do for our yearly participation points. If I get stuck with him on any project I think I just get sick for real for the first time.Or you know what's worse if he and I share all the same classes. That would be a kill strike to me." Leila said as she turned from the window, and started to walk back towards their class. After their first two classes most of the high school students had individual classes or different sections. To be stuck with the same guy all day would make her shudder and die there on the spot.

    "We have social sciences right now with Mr. Taridin," she said, counting of her fingers. "Then mathematics with Mrs. Fuller, and then I want to say we have our foreign language classes. I chose to pick up French this semester, what about you? And then we have lunch. Oh then I have an hour with Drama. Then I want to say that we have English Lit last." She started to change her breathing so that she was flushed but not sick looking. When she felt the heat rise to her face she stopped and sighed. "You have gotten me into a bad habit pulling the sick card my friend."

    Dillon had chosen to take up the track team that they had going on that semester along with the dance committee. The only real reason he chosen the dance committee though was because so many girls joined it that it was hard not to have a date being one of the very few men in the club to said dances. Not that he ever went with anyone to the dances, but one never knew, this year might be different.

    "Three. History, math and then foreign languages," Dillon answered his friend with a small chuckle, "Have you chosen a language yet, or did they just plop you into one since you just joined our oh humble school of money brains and dork fishes?" He really did think that some of the students here didn't have a brain worth a penny -- that they were only in the academy because their parents had bought their way in. He didn't' really care --half the people wouldn't ever see him once he graduated because he was going to be heading back to Ireland. But it was annoying sometimes when one would ask a serious question of one of the 'money brains' as he had termed them, and all one got in response was the dull answer like 'Oh yah sure' or 'Um, what?'.
  13. "I know, that's why I loovee you" Alicia responded as she stretched out the word 'love' while smiling at her friend. Although revenge was quite a wild and ecstatic act, it was hardly ever sweet. Needless to say, she wall for taunting and annoying Leila--it was joust in her nature, or at least she presumed so. "Haha, would be quite the coincidence if he shares anymore classes with us" she continued, "Just promise me you won't get in trouble... you know that's my job" the girl finished with a wink. Both the girls walked back towards the classroom. To their surprise, they had made it just in time to take back their book bags and other items. Alicia could see that both Allen and Dillon had strangely linked together, Dillon was a nice boy--a really nice lad. There was something about him that gave off an aura of mystery, and with that strange aloofness that surrounded him... Well, it was a sight to both see and experience. Needless to say, she was quite happy that she had 'coincidentally' picked the same subject as Dillon back on the first semester. Ah, lucky indeed. Alicia, you are one smart girl.

    "Oh? Sure, blame me" Alicia laughed in unison with her friend, "I wouldn't be surprised if you were secretly the leader of a mafia missy" she mused as she ran away from her friend who followed closely on her tail towards social sciences. God, how she hated that class. Time passed quickly as the bell rang once again as soon as it came. Mr. Taridin had barely managed to finish with his so called short introduction lecture.

    "Well lass, hate so say but I chose Spanish as my class" Alicia stated with an over dramatic tone as she clutched the spot of her heart, "Don't forget me my sweet....!" and with that, she left. Alicia had only picked Spanish because of Dillon, she had only hoped that the one week vacation to Spain she had begged her parents for had worked off.

    "Look out world! Alicia esta aqui!" She exclaimed to herself with a huge rise in energy.

    "I got French. I don't care 'bout France, so why should I care 'bout it's language? Just a pain really" sighed Allen while biting numbly the eraser on his pencil. The only genuine smile of happiness he had played was once the bell had rung as she sprung from his seat. Finally! Allen cracked his knuckles and grabbed his bag shoving Dillon towards a girl he had eyes minutes before. He snickered playfully as he ran out the room--not that he went far, he had no idea where his next class was. Needless to say, he leaned dumbly against the rim of the door as Dillon excused himself from his new lady friend.

    Classes came ended as soon as they began, along the way Allen had meet quite a mouthful of people. The shy nerd named Peyton who sat behind him in History, Joshua who sat in front of him in homeroom and lastly, Ashlin who sat next to him in Math. Ashlin was quite a interesting girl, in more ways than one. If anything, she was the epitome of a dumb blond. Of course, he would never say that her face. Maybe behind her back, but not towards her blue eyes, pink lip, face.

    After a quick and subtle goodbye from Dillon, Allen parted ways and entered French--only to encounter a horror amongst horrors sitting with boredom in the classroom: Leila.
  14. Leila had laughed along with her friend as they went to their next class. And after that it seemed like she forgot about the jerk that had annoyed her in their homeroom class. She opened up as her tiredness was replaced with kindness and quietness during their social studies room. She even joined a group of girls that were walking towards the French room and talked with them in a soft voice with a small smile on her face the whole time.

    It wasn't until she was in the french class that she left them and sent to sit by herself at one of the tables that she lost the smile and gazed out a window again. her notebook was opened to a new page and she was doodling small circles on it. She had taken her hair out of the ponytail that she had had it in earlier and was letting it fall around her now. As the door opened, she would glance over, curious as to see who was in her class. Each time she gave a small smile as she remembered one name or another. Some even spoke to her, asking her about her stunt in homeroom.

    Does everyone know about that? she wondered with a shake of her head. She was in a relatively happy mood as she looked over, hoping it was another person she knew. Her eyes however landed on the young man Allen. Her eyes widened with horror as she sat straight up in her seat, as if she were about to bolt from the room herself. The class seemed to go quiet as it looked between the two opposing forces. Leila's eyes flicked around, counting the desks. As ill luck would have it, the only opened desks were near her--again. She wanted to scream in frustration. She wanted to change classes. Anything to get her away from that-that monster!

    Dillon had known. He'd spoken to Leila on an off chance during the summer holiday when he'd been on campus to collect his stuff and she had let slip that she was not going to be taking Advanced Spanish with him that semester but transition over to french instead. He had had to keep himself from laughing out int he middle of the class. All he had said was "But French is the language of love. I have heard if you speak it properly to a young woman you will instantly have their full attention."

    Instead he found himself walking to his Spanish class with a boring future ahead of him. Until he had heard a young woman exclaim
    "Look out world! Alicia esta aqui!" He blinked and looked up to see Leila's friend walking ahead of him. Raising an eyebrow, he walked over and smiled at her, "Sí, el mundo debe mirar hacia fuera, sobre todo porque su Leila y mi amigo Allen tienen la misma clase de francés. Do you know much spanish or is this your first semester?" he asked. The Spanish sounded odd since instead of doing a Spanish accent to make it seem authentic, Dillon had simply said it in his usual Irish accent. "I'm Dillon by the way, I don't think that we have ever been formally introduced."

    (I apologize now for any grammar or other problems with that spanish or any other language other than english in the future. xD I am using google-translate since I don't know either language.)
  15. This... No, this could not be happening. As if having to change schools wasn't bad enough, and having Homeroom class with her, he was once again stuck in the same blasted class. For now, he composed himself and simply pretended she did not exist, and proceeded to sit in front of her, immediately pulling out a book, and his mini notebook as well; but he didn't open it, yet. This was going to be one hell of a long class, he just knew it. Simply being patient and waiting for the rest of the class to file in with the last few stragglers, he watched the teacher finally stand and begin the lesson.

    10 minutes into the lesson and Allen was already prepared to fall asleep. French did not interest him in the slightest, and if anything it kind of made him sick. For some really weird reason, this school only had three language opportunities: French, Spanish, and Chinese. Why, oh why could they not have German?! As much as he didn't like having to learn other languages, back at his old school in Florida that had been what he'd been forced to learn - since a young age, too. And trying to learn a new language after so long was too hard - that, and he honestly couldn't be bothered at all for the simple fact he didn't care for it. By now, he'd started to flick through his little notebook, which was well hidden by one hand and the opposite arm from prying eyes; and the teacher was totally oblivious, too busy with her back to the class and writing on the board.

    Oh. My. Gosh..! For a split second, Alicia had a total girly freak out moment. Dillon Leon was talking to her? Ok, well the fact a guy was talking to her wasn't the weird thing, by far, but... It was simply the fact that it was him. She always thought he was, in a sense, like Leila. Quiet and kept to himself a lot. The mix of his Irish accent with the spoken Spanish words made her smile without even realizing,
    "Hecho lo son. Lo siento por Leila sin embargo," She replied with a soft giggle, before becoming a little more serious, "I don't know what he has against her though." Sighing, she gave a small shrug and looked around for a seat, secretly taking her time, hoping that all the others would fill up first so she could possibly sneak a seat beside, or at least near, Dillon.

    Success! Alicia, you're brilliant. She commplimented herself in her mind as the class room settled down and she'd nabbed a seat beside Dillon. Ooooh boy would she have a lot to talk to with Leila later on. She was certainly going to enjoy this class - hopefully at least. What if he started treating her like Allen did to Leila... That would certainly not go down well; she wouldn't stand for it.

    ((As you have, I used google translate. I know when translating back to English things sometimes go all weird, but usually the message is decipherable.))

  16. Leila slumped in her seat as far as she could for the first few minutes before giving up. No matter how low she sunk she had to stare at the back of his head. Why couldn't he have sat behind her? At least then she wouldn't have to look at him then. And these seats were permanent. It didn't help that when she did sit straight up she still couldn't see the part of the board in which his head covered. Grumbling angrily, the young woman simply looked downa t her notebook and started to draw squiggly lines. The class went as expected. 10 minutes of boring 'this is how we are going to do things' before a long line of vocabulary that they needed to copy down. the fact that she had been studying french during the summer holidays did not make the class any more attention grabbing.

    "Please tun to the person behind you and start to rehearse the vocabulary for this week. Should I find anyone not practicing how to say a greeting the whole class will be held for an extra five minutes. If I find two people talking about anything other than french, they will be given detention on top of being held five minutes late," The teacher snapped at them, breaking Leila out of her sleepy mind. She turned to look over her shoulder at the person behind her--only they had already turned to the person behind them.

    No... she thought and looked forward and around the Jerk. The two people in front of him were already joyously practicing together. She wanted to slowly bang her head on the desk. The Fates had it out for her. There was no way that this could be fair. "Blast this life," She muttered and turned her paper over and looked at the basic greetings and exchanges that the teacher wanted them to participate in. "Let's get this over with. I swear if you even try to be a jerk I'll kick you, hard, and steal that stupid book and burn it. I just want to get a good grade int his class, so please try not to ruin that for me."

    "As far as I know, he has nothing against Miss Leila. He told me it's all part of some plan or another of his. Either way it isn't really my problem now is it?" Dillon asked before going and taking a seat before starting to talk with his neighbor that was already seated. When class started, he turned around and faced the teacher with a dutiful look on. He had been surprised that Alicia had chosen to sit next to him. She was, after all, one of the prettier and more popular girls of the school, whether she admitted it or not--she could have sat where ever she wanted and gotten welcome. He was happy to sit next to the young woman for she intrigued him. He had never really gotten a chance to talk to her in his school life there.

    Despite his rather attentive look towards the front of the class, he slowly ripped a piece of paper off the one he was using to take notes on and wrote a small note in his own blocky type writing.

    I won't be surprised if we walk out of this class and your Leila and my friend Allen have detention for misconduct during French. Want to bet?

    He slipped the piece of paper to the side of his desk and then when he was sure the teacher wasn't looking he tossed it onto Alicia's desk with a mischievous smile on his face. It lasted but a moment before he turned back to look at the teacher as if he had never been doing anything wrong.
  17. At the sound of the teacher's voice announcing something, finally, Allen's hand snapped his notebook closed and swiftly but discreetly tucked it underneath his other book. Listening carefully, but now wishing he hadn't, his plain expression faded to disdain. Could this day get any worse? Much like Leila's personal thoughts earlier about hoping they weren't in any more classes together, he was having the same trail of thoughts now. It wasn't that he had anything really against the girl, but... He didn't know. There was just something that ticked something off inside him and it triggered his more volatile nature towards her. Perhaps it was the fact they were nearly total opposites - in the sense that he was used to having flocks of girls that never shut up and just the typical upper class male American teenager's life. Whereas it seemed that other than that girl from earlier, Leila probably had no, or very little, of a social life.

    Groaning softly to himself, but deciding now to play a little nice, not too much though, he turned around with his books on his lap as she spoke,
    "That makes two of us then. And I highly doubt you could kick the broad side of a barn." He retorted flatly, his legs tucked under his own chair in silent hope she wouldn't actually be able to reach them to kick. He studied her expression without directly looking at her, smirking a little to himself as he did so, before opening his mouth to speak once more,
    "You can start." It was a flat, bored, and uninterested tone as he looked out the window.

    "Mm, I suppose not. Strange though, and certainly no way to make new friends. But, whatever..." She settled down and prepared herself for the class, memories floating back as the teacher started talking in Spanish, and then translating, of when she was in that beautiful country. That had certainly been an amazing experience. It left her day dreaming for quite a while instead of paying attention. So when it came that Dillon tossed a note on her desk, the movement caught in the corner of her eye and made her jump a little. Unfortunately, she couldn't read it yet, but hid it for the moment, as the teacher walked around handing things out, and facing the class instead of writing.

    It was about a good half an hour before she finally got the chance to read it, and had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing out loud. Alicia looked over at Dillon quickly for a moment and smiled a little, before turning the piece of paper over and scrawling a note in return,
    "Definitely. But with what? It's not as if any of us have money." It was thanks to school policy and strict and annoying parents that the students of Estinthion Academy weren't allowed to keep hold of their own money. Those that did have money at the school had it stored away in private vaults in the school Office and they needed incredibly viable excuses to access it, or parental permission. For anyone else, their parent's would do all the money dealings with the school privately. It really sucked most of the time, but it stopped money theft between students, which used to be a huge problem a few years back. She sighed softly, and during a brief moment that the teacher wasn't looking, she tossed the note back, and was actually intrigued as to what he would reply with in return.
  18. Looking up at the young man, Leila frowned and relaxed back into her seat. What was his game? As the teacher headed their way, Leila jerked into motion. "Bonjour, mon nom est Leila Odell. C'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer. Et votre nom est?" Her accent was off but it was easy to understand what she was saying should one have the list of vocabulary. She couldn't keep a tad bit of exasperation from leaking into her tone as she recited one of the many phrases she had drilled on during the summer.

    When she was sure that the teacher was pass, she hissed, "Warum muss ich mit einem Mann wie diesem stecken?" She said that in german so that the teacher would not be able to understand what she said. She looked up at the ceiling in attempt to pray--though she wasn't all that religious. She had learned this language from her father when she was a child for he often went off to Germany to do business while her mother would go to Spain. She could care less why she was stuck with this jerk, she just wanted to know what Fate had decided to make her life a living hell. had her summer among the empty halls of the school ticked someone off that they decided that she needed someone to spice her life up a little? Well they'd done a horrible job by choosing this person. Sure, as Alicia had pointed out, he was good enough to look at. But the moment he opened his mouth that handsome aspect seemed to disappear. At least around Leila it did.

    Dillon was the expert at passing hidden notes. The note seemed to vanish the moment it hit his desk. Looking as studious as ever, he glanced down as if to see where he was writing and read the note that he artfully unfolded. Dillon frowned and looked up. It was true that none of them had money. A eureka moment hit him and he bent down to write on the piece of paper. Sliding the note closed, he waited for the teacher to turn around before flicking it so that it landed directly on her notebook. He could hear a snicker behind him but didn't pay attention. Anyone that knew him knew that he'd only pass a message like that if it was important.

    How about a vacation invitation? Should Leila or Allen be in detention after French class, I'll get you and Leila an invitation to the house my parents are letting me rent during the three day holiday in a few weeks. Should neither of them be in detention afterwards, you can make me do something completely hilarious and embarrassing in homeroom tomorrow.

    Dillon liked his chances. Leila had already shown her hatred for Allen. Allen had already been a jerk to Leila. They would clash heads in French no doubt.


    ((I've decided to put little translations down here should I decide to use a foreign language. xD then we don't have to keep flicking back and forth between google translate and here:

    1) French: Hello, my name is Leila Odell. It is a pleasure to meet you. And your name is?
    2) German: Why must I be stuck with a man like this? ))
  19. Listening to her voice hurt his ears. He glanced up briefly at the teacher as she walked passed, before looking back at Leila upon her muttering of German. A very slight smirk crossed his face as his eyes changed to a near piercing glare.
    "Und warum sollte ich mit einer solchen Frau wi Sie stecken?" He raised an eyebrow, leaning slightly forwards so his arms were resting on the front of her desk, his smirk now becoming more taunting as it lingered on his lips. He awaited her reply patiently, knowing she could never have known he spoke German.

    Leaning back in his seat as the teach walked by once again, Allen sighed softly and looked down at his notebook, quickly replying back to the previously asked French question - he had to at least make an attempt to look like he was co-operating and working. Detention on the first day? He certainly wanted to steer clear of that.
    "Mon nom est Allen. Il est de la plus grand plaisir de rencontrer une telle belle jeune femme." He purred out with a decent French accent. Ok, he'd never taken French in his life, and most of the phrase wasn't in his notebook. He had a cousin that had once lived in France for 2 years, and had spent a couple of weeks with him about a year ago. That was pretty much the only true line of French he knew, and due to the fact the teacher was still quite close to him, she heard of course, and immediately gave praise to him so the whole class could hear. He hated it. But Leila's reaction, when he looked back around, no doubt would be priceless.

    Having been peeking sideways whilst the boy was writing his reply, Alicia really couldn't stop herself from giggling softly at the whole situation. They were being incredibly sneaky in a very amusing way, and the teacher was too oblivious to notice even the girl's giggling; it's not as if the class was immensely noisy either. She waited impatiently for his reply, and the moment the note landed in front of her she opened it carefully, reading quickly and smirking.
    "Estuvo de acuerdo. Voy a dsfrutar esto, porque de cualquier manera yo no puedo perder." She wanted to write it in Spanish simply as practice, and hoped he could read it all, but maybe a little bit of her wanted to show off as well? Yes, that was probably it. Folding the new piece of paper up that she'd replied on, she eyed the teacher off carefully before flicking it back. And missing.
    'Crap.' she hissed under her breath, and quiclky started chewing the inside of her bottom lip and put her eyes back on her work in case anyone but Dillon noticed. She had terrible aim when it came to flicking things, and she wasn't even sure why she tried it.


    ((Good idea! xD))

    1)And why should I be stuck with such a woman like you?
    2)My name is Allen. It is of the utmost pleasure to meet such a beautiful young woman.
    3)Agreed. I shall enjoy this, because either way I can't lose.
  20. Leila had been pleasantly surprised when he had retorted to her in the correct language. And then he had to go an show off in front of the teacher. The small smile that had formed at the discovery that he spoke German vanished the moment his statement gained the gushing teachers attention.

    "Weil du so eine schreckliche Haltung, dass die Götter einfach hasse dich. Zumindest habe ich nicht um die Behandlung anderer wie Müll, nur weil sie neben mir sitzen." she snarled at him, not caring if the teacher heard this time. After all, the french teacher knew french, not German. Looking down at her notebook she rolled her eyes.

    Transitioning back to french as the teacher came back by to speak praises to him, the young woman was very tempted to fullfill her threat to kick him. Shin's after all were the worst places people could get hit while sitting down with a chair in the way. "Merci, vous êtes trop aimable. Peut-être un jour nous détendre et prendre une collation ensemble."

    "We have two naturals right here," the teacher gushed, her day's goal seemingly complete. "I would like the two of you to be this semester's demonstrators. You two will demonstrate the conversations for the students so that they may hear what they should sound like."

    Leila twitched. She stared at Allen, daring him to accept. She slouched a bit in her seat, getting ready to kick him.

    Dillon looked at the teacher before dipping down and scooping up the piece of paper. He raised an eyebrow as he read the spanish. It took him a moment to translate it mentally, but when he did he smiled. He nodded his head and looked over at her for a moment before looking forward. She was definitely interesting. He was about to write something else when the teacher called upon him to stand and read something from the textbook. Rising form his seat, he put on a cool smile and began to translate the words. He stumbled one or two times until he was used to the strange speech forms. When he was done he sat back down and rolled his eyes as the teacher applauded him.

    Taking a new piece of paper he wrote a new little saying,
    Y yo que pensaba que nos íbamos a estar hablando unos con otros durante esta clase no forma la lectura de un libro tonto.¡Qué desilusión.

    Okay, so he was testing her. He hadn't really paid attention to her during his previous classes in Spanish and wanted to see just how good she was at it.
    Folding the paper carefully, he flicked it over to the young womans desk, making it spin as it did just to impress her. Why he wanted to impress her he didn't know. She was cute he supposed, but it was something else.

    1)Because you have such a horrible attitude that the gods simply hate you. At least I go around treating others like trash just because they sit next to me.
    2) Thank you, you're too kind. Perhaps one day we could relax and have a snack together.
    3)And here I thought that we were supposed to be speaking with each other during this class not reading form a silly book. How disappointing.
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