A Dark Master

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  1. Name: Natalia Black
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Background: A peasant girl that did well for herself, training hard to become more than just a serving girl. In the last four years, Natalia has been apprenticed by an expert ranger. Since then, she has become quite an adept hunter and trapper, and is well on the way to becoming a force to be reckoned with as she earns the respect of those far higher born than she.
    Personality: Determined and self assured, Natalia is an extremely strong willed girl. She is not always serious, and is well known for her fun loving nature, though she is granted permission to let her hair down on rare occassions. First and foremost, she is a protector of her city, and would do anything to ensure the safety of those around here.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    The city had been decimated. Although most of it was intact, there was no question of who had won the battle. The citizens had been well and truly dominated, and so they had thrown in their weapons, allowing their ruler to be slain without question. They had no choice, and so they didn't resist. Of course, this did not go for all the men and women of the city, and two of those were making their way to the castle in which the aggressor was no doubt lurking.

    Natalia - Tali or Talia to her friends - accompanied her master, a man by the name of Aramis O'Hare, sticking to the shadows as their skills so often dictated. They made it to the grounds of the grand building, and it was at this point that the two really needed to focus. The student ranger nocked an arrow, holding her trusty bow at the ready, hazel eyes constantly surveying the keep for signs of hostility. Her teacher wielded two curved blades, his greying hair misleading of course. He was no old man, or at least did not feel it.

    The first enemies that showed themselves were despatched with ease, the two were a well oiled machine, and found it almost too easy to fell those that attacked, though they were as yet unaware that their downfall was coming. The man who had done all this would crush them with ease, not that this would halt their resistance.
  2. Name: Victor The Evil
    Age: 22
    Species: Human/ Dark Mage

    Background: Victor's last name was forgotten ago. Now, in place, stands the name Victor the Evil. It is straight forward and true. At a young age, Victor was captured by rough marauders and raised to be their killing machine. He was tortured and it twisted his concept of morality. Unfortunately for the marauders, Victor despised them and slaughtered them all. He had become a master of the art of dark magic behind their backs and simply dispatched them with ease. Victor then began studying politics and public speaking. He used this to change from lonely wanderer to ruler of the Kingdom of Rythar. The people fear him and he rules with pure aggression. No one is able to defy him due to his incredible power.
    Personality: Victor is pure evil. He spits in the face of death and at such a young age has already become forever infamous. He is rude, merciless, and only treats certain people with respect, mostly his high generals. The idea of compassion has long been abandoned and he will kill anyone he pleases, and is able to do so.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Victor stood at the throne of the castle, the former ruler at his feet. Blood leaked down the gold created carpet and onto the royal floor below him. His red eyes stared through the captured nobility. "Do you see what I am capable of? Does no one see that resistance is futile. I will kill everyone and anyone to make this point clear. You all are simply statistics. Only some shall live. You will be taken to Rythar to become slaves to my will. You will build for me, some will work in the palace."

    Victor then cracked an evil grin. "For the rest of you, I hope your Gods are forgiving for your sins, because I am not. Kill the ones who are not worthy." With his word half of the room was murdered in cold blood. Victor's men laughed and his smile remained. After the slaughter ceased, Victor walked down the stairs. His eyes were almost glowing in their dark red.

    "Search the city for any survivors, kill them all. We are done here. Return to Rythar once my bidding is done." With that Victor traveled towards the castle doors.
  3. They heard the screams coming from inside, and they did not last long. Even Aramis cringed as he heard the sounds, though he was soon moving again, his faithful pupil in tow. They were just heading up the castle stairs when finally the doors opened. The two dived for cover before they even had time to think about it, their survival instincts were well honed, making the movement as natural as breathing.

    Talia knew who the man was, she would recognise Victor the Evil anywhere. Almost as soon as she was in cover, Natalia made what was bound to be a fatal mistake. She allowed her emotions to get the best of her, and as her blood boiled with an understandable rage at what this man had done, she released the arrow that she intended for his forehead. She would hit him dead on, destroy his brain in one fell swoop. Or so she hoped. Aramis knew better though, and in his panic at potentially losing his protege, nullified his own hiding place by shouting, "Tali, no!"

    All this happened in less than a second, though it felt like an age to both Natalia and Aramis. The elder immediately forgot all his experience and training, wanting to distract Victor long enough for the girl to get away. As such, he charged in with both blades, meanwhile yelling back at the girl, "Run! You can't face him alone." And although this was true, Talia paid no mind to this, she nocked another arrow, releasing it, though she knew it was useless. She had to at least try to reap justice.

    (You're allowed to kill Aramis, by the way.)
  4. Victor caught the first arrow with his hand and snapped it. As Aramis ran towards him, Victor's hand raised, stopping him in his tracks, frozen still. As the second arrow shot Victor walked out of the way, almost as if time had slowed for that moment. "Woah! Take it easy you two! That's no way to greet your new ruler. Now, shoot another arrow and I'll make sure that your friend here doesn't make it out of this castle alive."

    Victor's eyes were now bright as he was using magic to suspend Aramis in his place. He walked up to him and smirked. "You seem to be quiet skilled, I can sense it. Why would you make such a foolish move. Surely there are different ways of attacking. Head on will never get you where you need to be." At this point two soldiers had grabbed Natalia by her arms, bringing her to her knees.

    Victor's attention now went to the young lady. "My, you are beautiful. Too beautiful to pass up, I must admit." He walked over to her, eyeing her body as we proceeded. Slowly his hand made contact with her face, caressing her cheek. "Your skin is very soft, beautiful eyes. Boys I think I am in love!" The men laughed at this will horrid chuckles.

    "No doubt I will spare you, I think you will make a fine addition to my palace. You won't need your weapons, although your bow is commendable. Maybe I will let you play with it, then again maybe not." Her bow and quiver were removed from her person. "I don't like the smell of this place, so I am going to keep this meeting brief." Victor turned towards Aramis. "Sir, I am an evil man, you probably know this. Lying is something that I do, it's fun really. That being said, I may have lied to your pretty friend. I don't need someone of your likes, in fact I am disgusted by you." Victor raised his hand once more and was only a few short feet from Aramis. Slowly he sucked the life from him, his skin turning white and his eyes turning to the back of his head. "I'll take your soul, however. I like the extra power."

    Then Aramis dropped to the floor, a lifeless shell of a former man. "I'm sorry you had to witness that, you two probably had a close connection. Well, off to Rythar then!" Victor then continued towards the door, Natalia being dragged along.
  5. The whole debacle might have been avoided if Natalia had just been a little more patient, but she had ruined their chances of survival, and knew it the moment that first arrow was caught so casually in that terrible hand. She was stunned for a second, particularly when Aramis was caught, unable to move. It was only this that caused her to hesitate in releasing another arrow, her fear for Aramis' life far too great to allow any further risks to be taken. It was unfortunately also this that caused her to be so easily apprehended by the armed men.

    As she was wrestled to her knees - struggling the whole time - Natalia never let her eyes swerve from her dear teacher, at least not until Victor blocked her view. At this point she glared up at him, gritting her teeth as she felt his hand on her skin. It sickened her. However, she was not completely helpless, and instead of allowing this touch to continue, she snatched her head back and went to bite him. Needless to say, this was unsuccessful, but at least she had proven herself unwilling to bend to him.

    When Victor's attention turned to Aramis, Natalia could barely watch. Her fear for him was great, and she screamed when his life was sapped from him. She cursed Victor again and again, although she knew it would do no good. Tears filled her eyes when Aramis hit the ground, but she would not let herself weep, not in front of these awful creatures. Her growls and shouts continued as she was dragged up to her feet. She resisted the men for as long as she could, pulling back on them violently, often trying to kick or bite them in her efforts to escape. But it was all to no avail. It was not long before she had exhausted herself, and for the rest of the journey she was quiet, not that this would last.
  6. It had taken much time to return to Rythar, but Victor was pleased to be back in his own palace. The slaves were all taken to the slave houses, minus Natalia. She was brought directly to his royal chambers. The men had her hands wrapped up but Victor insisted they released them. The men did as ordered then left the two alone.

    "Be thankful I am allowing you to free motion. Do not make me regret it. Now, I do not know your name. I will also be kind enough to let you keep your name. Unless, of course, you refuse to tell me. At that point I will make sure you wished you would tell me." Victor moved over to his wardrobe and changed out of his armor set. He now wore comfortable royal clothing. His smiled as his gaze turned upon her again. His mind working through evil plans for her. He had never obtained a slave such as Natalia. She was young and beautiful, and Victor had her all to himself. This he would enjoy.
  7. By the time they had arrived back at the kingdom of Rythar, Natalia had regained some much needed energy. Of course, she was still rather shaken by all that had happened in such a short space of time, but her determination to resist had not wavered in the slightest. When her hands were unbound, she did not immediately attack, but was instead ready to do so at the slightest notion of Victor approaching. She would not allow herself to be used by him, even if it ended up in her death.

    Natalia listened to Victor, and watched as he changed into less war worthy clothes, though she was sure this was mainly as she was making sure he didn't try any sudden moves. When he once again turned to her, Natalia did not offer her name in response, instead simply spitting at his face. It was an extremely crude gesture, but the girl was filled with enough anger to warrant it. "You will have nothing from me, so you may as well kill me now." She did fear death, but did her best not to show this fact, though her skin which was a shade or two paler than usual betrayed this. He would see through her easily.
  8. Victor wiped the spit off and flicked it from his fingers. He then grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall. "I can smell the fear on you, you little tramp. I will not kill you, no that is too kind a fate. I will seep into your core and make all your natural fears arise, you will suffer every waking second of your life. All I ask is your name you stubborn bitch! Tell me this, and perhaps I will not be as rude with you, understand?" He released his grip, his eyes flaring red.

    "I am a very impatient man, do not test me. You make think yourself noble but you are nothing more than a slave to me. I can make your life fulfilling but you have to work with me. One more slip up like that, and you will regret everything you have done thus far." He adjusted his shirt and waited with what little patience he had left for her to answer.
  9. For half a second she was quite pleased with herself, but of course this was abruptly shaken from her as Victor grabbed her by the throat. She winced as she was slammed into the wall, briefly closing her eyes against the small amount of pain that he had caused her. Still, Natalia would not give in. She knew that it was a bad idea, and that it probably wouldn't be too long until she broke, but for the time being she remained bold and belligerent.

    "I'll give you a clue. It begins with an N." Her hazel eyes met his own, strong and daring, her expression deliberately antagonistic. No doubt, she would regret this soon enough, but for the time being it was her default. "Maybe I can't escape, but I will not serve you. You are scum!" At this point Natalia rushed at him, all fists and feet, for all the good it would do her. Even if she just bruised him a little, it would do, though even that was unlikely.
  10. Victor caught her second swing and his eyes lit up. "Fine, have it your way Miss N. You know, I've killed many people in my day, and I still think burning alive is the worst way to go. But what if you weren't on fire? Just the feeling surrounded you? Why, perhaps I can ask you this. What? You haven't experienced that? Well there is a first time for everything!" He hand then glowed and the sensation of burning alive began coursing through her body. Victor would feed off her screams of agony, she did this to herself he thought, all of it was justified to him. Victor had no sense of morality. To him this torture was fun, exciting. It even turned him on. It was Victor the Evil, the sick ruler of Rythar.
  11. Although Natalia had known he was powerful, she had not been prepared for the scope of his power. She didn't like the words, and where they were going, and indeed, the sudden sensation of her skin melting was not pleasant. She could even smell it, though she was aware it was not truly happening, it was all an illusion, but the pain was real. The agony coursed through her, but she did not scream. Not immediately, anyway. Natalia was strong willed, and bit her lip in an effort not to cry out. Her lower lip began to seep vibrant droplets of blood, and finally Natalia let out a cry of agony. Her wails were those of a panicked woman, until after some time of this she finally broke, "Stop! Please stop! Natalia, my name is Natalia, please..." She had no idea if he would accept this, but she had to try to get him to stop.
  12. Victor lifted his hand, and just like that the illusion faded. "Natalia? That's a beautiful name. I will keep it. So Natalia, perhaps this will be a lesson to you, not to disobey me." He leaned in and locked his lips with hers, licking the blood from her lower lips and chin. "The blood of a warrior is always satisfying!" Victor laughed as he licked his lips. "Go and sit on my bed, please." The word please was spoken with strong sarcasm. Any order he gave her would not be wished, but demanded. Victor made his way to a set of bells and rang one. They had a wire attached to them and soon a servant appeared. "Start up supper would you. I am rather hungry, and I suppose Natalia is as well. Ah, Natalia, such a ring to it!"

    The servant nodded and was off. "I imagine you can infer my cuisine is nothing but the best. Fresh and warm. As an added bonus I will allow you to partake to whatever is served. See? I'm not all that evil am I?" The harsh sarcasm returned. Victor's face then became lustful. "You will not be attending supper in that outfit either. I have a few that would suit you more. They are in the wardrobe, go to the back and choose what you want. Do it quickly, for my eyes may wander!" He laughed and gestured her off to the wardrobe room.
  13. Sobered by the pain that had been so brutally and easily inflicted on her, Natalia did not resist Victor as he forced the grotesque kiss on her. She was sickened by him, but was already beginning to fear him greatly. Once released, she even obeyed his command, seating herself on the bed for a moment, though she soon did as she was told, choosing an outfit from the wardrobe reluctantly. It was obviously not what she was accustomed to, far more suited to a concubine than the warrior she was.

    Despite this, Natalia changed into it, stripping herself of her own muddied clothes as quickly as possible, revealing her pale skin to her captor, though she had intentionally turned her back to him, doing her best to maintain a scrap of modesty. As she lifted the shirt she wore, a long scar showed on her otherwise unblemished skin. The reddened tissue extended from shoulder to hip, and was a source of discomfort to this day, not that Natalia ever paid attention to it.

    In just a moment more, the soft and supple, slender body of the young woman was covered once more, and Natalia turned to face Victor. Once again her face was full of hatred, though for the time being she said nothing. Her eyes met his, continuing to show her obvious disgust with him, but she was not yet brave enough to defy him any further than with her expression.
  14. "Wonderful! Simply beautiful! Now come, follow me to the supper room." He led her to a room with a high ceiling and large wooden table. There were many chairs, with one gold plated on at the end, obviously his own. next to it was a small chair with some gold plates, along with a diamond crested symbol. "I think you know where you are to be seated." Victor took his seat and Natalia did as well. Soon many noblemen and military official entered the room, each taking their respective seats.

    "Ah, welcome everyone! As you can see we have a new member of Rythar Palace. Natalia, give them a proper welcome. She is a feisty little one, but I can tell she will fit in just fine." Victor looked over to her with a fake smile, and cold eyes. "Introduce yourself, or I will make sure you are punished more severe than earlier " He whispered to her. The room was quiet as all eyes peered on Natalia.
  15. She felt unclean as he praised her, and almost considered just throwing the dress off and sitting on the floor. Fortunately, she thought better of this, obediently trotting after her captor. She did as she was told, taking her seat nearby Victor, staring fixedly at her lap until the many others entered. She watched them all closely, glaring at each of them. It was absolutely pointless, but it did make her feel a little bit better.

    As Victor demanded that she introduce herself, Natalia actually began to obey him, "I am Natalia," But it was at this point that the image of Aramis' death snuck back into the fore of her brain, resulting in another surge of violent anger, "And you can all go fuck yourselves." It was crude language, particularly for a woman, and she knew she would be punished terribly for it, but it was worth it. Natalia would not survive this grievous ordeal if she did not continue to fight for herself. It was a rather backward defence mechanism, but her pride was just too great to throw away.
  16. "You hear that! Everyone can go fuck themselves!" The company laughed and Victor himself did as well. "Now, let's eat!" With that, the room began to feast upon the fine assortments of meats and fruits. After an hour of chatting, joke telling, and other improper table manners, the meal was finished and the company made their way out. "Close the doors." Victor said in a stern voice. "Leave us." Once the room's doors were slammed shut, it became very quiet.

    "You are fortunate my guests are rather vulgar themselves. Do you really think there is a point to fighting? Stop with your petty attempts to have a sense of morals. It's all gone. You're old life is gone" The word echoed throughout the room. Victor stood up and grabbed her arm. He threw her to the floor. Once he stood over her, his boot stepped on part of her dress. His hand grabbed her throat, as before, and he lifted her up, ripping the dress almost completely. "Look at you, half naked, a whore of all kinds. Go to my room and stay there until I give you any orders." He tightened his grip. "I swear by my name that if you disobey me once more, I will not be merciful by any means." It was then that his free hand wandered to her panties, slowly rubbing the outer material. "You're lucky your pretty or you'd be dead by now. But boy do I have some fun in store for us." Victor then threw Natalia to the floor again, and exited the room.
  17. Natalia felt sick, and did not participate in the merry making. She did eat a little when prompted to do so, feeling sure that none of it would be poisoned. And she was hungry, though she still only picked at small pieces of food. The hour went by slowly, and Natalia was almost glad of this. She was afraid of what would happen when the party left. When this did happen, the silence in the room ate at her, though she was not allowed to feel this for long, as soon she found herself thrown to the ground violently. She took in a sharp breath as he lifted her by the throat, feeling the rush of cold air over her breasts. Anywhere else it might have been pleasant, but not here, with him.

    She squirmed as he touched her, even if it was through cloth. She did not intend to allow him access to her, not that she would have any choice in the matter. Natalia soon lay sprawled on the floor as Victor left. And she was only able to growl after him, "I do not need your mercy! I would rather die." And that was the truth. She did not think that her defiance would only add to his enjoyment in finally breaking her, she only thought of her pride. But she did return to his room, as he had bade her, covering herself as best she could as she ran to the grand room. Once there, the girl did allow herself a little weakness, holding her face in her hands as she sat against the wall, crying a little as she mourned the loss of her old life.
  18. Victor did not return for several hours. It was dark outside and when he entered, his scanned for Natalia first thing. "I hope you did not miss me. I know I missed you." A devilish smile crept across his face, and he stared at her body, which still only worse a torn dress. "That dress wasn't important to me, I don't mind that you ripped it." It was like Victor to blame something he did on other people. "I will not punish you for it. I have been easy on you, I do not care that you would rather die than serve me, because quite frankly you have no way to die. I will not allow it. I can make sure you suffer without death."

    He made his way over to the bed. "Lay down Natalia, and take off the remnants of that dress." It was obvious he was examining her from a distance. Her body was perfection in his eyes. It was just a matter of how long it would take for him to give into lust. "You are quite a beautiful person. It is driving me mad, you see." He removed his coat and shirt. He upper body has small scars from previous battles, and some still from the torture he faced long ago.
  19. When Victor returned, she looked up at him, once again showing him nothing but hostility. She wanted to scream at him, to just yell until she had no voice left, but she daren't. She would resist at times, but for the most part she knew that she needed to obey if she was to maintain her sanity. So, despite his terrible words, Natalia stood, unceremoniously removing what was left of the dress, her toned but still soft, womanly body revealed to him now. She did as she was bidden, laying on the bed, still glaring angrily at this hellish man.

    Her eyes wandered over his scars, wishing that she had inflicted them herself. A part of her knew that he was at least a handsome man, and under better circumstances she might have found him more than attractive, but she would not ever admit this to him. "You were mad long before you saw me." Natalia muttered, soon going on to add a rather pointless, "You are a monster. However much you torture me, I will not bend to you." And she wouldn't. Not completely. She would obey him enough to keep from going mad with pain, but would resist wherever she could muster the courage.
  20. "Such fight in you, truly, truly commendable! It is all in vein though. I want you to crawl across the bed to me and sit on your knees." Victor smiled after his words. No doubt he had lustful intentions. "Do as I say or I will destroy your will, turn you into a lifeless zombie." He removed the many rings across his fingers and set them in a glass case at the foot of the bed. His eyes were fixated on Natalia, never leaving the stare down that had commenced.