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It was in that moment that Mangan Calcite had no further reason to exist. The hold Pyrite had over the fusion quickly faded as soon as the mission of freeing Heliotrope was accomplished. The demon that was Polybasite was no more and the monster that is Mangan Calcite became no more. The fusion immediately started falling apart before they even unfused, as if the short period they had to unfuse was far too much of a wait to be fused together any longer. Their sentence had been served and the torture and agony of forcing themselves to fuse was over.

Pyrite was violently forced onto the ground, like someone had picked her up and slammed her to the ground like a discarded-- no, hated toy, "Fuck!" she shouted, almost uncharacteristically-- was that the 'Chry' part of her speakin'? Fuck-- hell-- she didn't want to think about it. Saying it was a sorry excuse for a fusion was puttin' it lightly, really. She couldn't even look at Chry, not for... awhile... after what they've been through. After what she's put them through. It was a temporary partnership to serve either end, by no goddamn means would she consider that horse-shit (again, being very generous here) gem the slightest bit of an ally... Partnership... Her partner.


She staggered up, wavering heavily to the side and falling over again but quickly stood back up again despite gravity seeming to pull her down as strongly as the chains that held her shared hands only a few moments ago. Her body cried out for some sort of rest, and she felt like maybe she might poof from this one too. Hey now, Pyrite, you've been through worse. Or, at least, keep telling yourself that. She needed to get to Helio get to Helio. This thought propelled her forward until she fell over again, near the two fallen gems. Immediately, she paid attention to the small green, speckled red gemstone, cradling it in her hands. She wiped the dust off of it, shakily whispering to her, "Helio, Helio I'm so sorry, I never meant t' hurt ya' like that Helio, really..." She managed to come to her knees, examining the gem. It was okay, seemed okay, no obvious scratches or cracks big or small, thank everything. The sun glinted off of a certain part, shining a bit brighter than the rest of the parts. Helio was okay, "Just a regeneration Helio, alright? You've been through this b'fore partner, remember? Now, don' go an' hurry yerself now, ah'm willin' t' wait just as ah did lahst time." a small, weary, but hopeful smile spread on Pyrite's tired features.

... Once reassured about Helio, she glanced at the gem that looked like hers; not exactly, the squares were much smaller and it was far more colorful than the simple color of fake-gold she was plastered with, but still, a suspicious similarity none-the-less. Now, as the humans said, y' couldn't piss on her boot and tell her it was rainin'. Her Heliotrope that she was holding and this gem on the ground were not the same. This other gem... was not a Heliotrope.

Pyrite reached for it, but quickly retracted her hand once a glow emerged from the gem. The glow, almost responding similarly in repulsion from Pyrite's touch, formed away from her, curving from her hand. From the glow, a thin form shaped itself. Fading, colorful skin glittering in the sun revealed itself. She was hunched forward, her arms limping downward and her head looking to the ground, hair curving over her that hide her face. With sudden movement, she was animated.

She thrust her head up, hair parting to reveal a face with features as sharp as daggers. Her face contorted, snake-like eyes fiercely shining like a god scorned. Her mouth bent into a harsh frown, revealing as many of it's sharp, edged teeth, like she may bite into them. It was a tempting thought, "You." She hated, hated, hatedhatedhatedhated both of them. The bastards did not know their place to betray Homeworld and then do this to her how dare they how dare they those cheaters. But the Pyrite. The Pyrite, was a special case, "I am your SUPERIOR."

Pyrite scrambled backwards, still holding Heliotrope's gem tightly, yet with as gentle a grip as she could. She struggled to stand up, "Sure don' look it." So, this is what Homeworld replaced her with? Pyrite examined her, more than she should have. This is who was her... 'superior'?

"Oh, hahahaha..." Rainbow looked down again, shaking, unfamiliar with this feeling of such intensity that she wanted to tear her nails into their gems with strength she did not have. She looked up again, face lacking all humor and her feelings leaking in again, "You. Do. Not. Under. Stand." She enunciated carefully, because these old gems needed more clarification she convinced herself, "I would have beat you. I should have beat you. But no." A sudden calm, she wiped her hand over her face, walking around the area, "No. You beat me? Somehow? Using your disgusting creation, the forbidden tool of fusion," with her, it was okay. She was only completing the mission. She was trying to complete the mission focus on the mission, "you beat me, unfairly." She got closer to the Pyrite, "Cheaters-" she hissed but then stopped, dead in her tracks, blinking. This Pyrite... No. Pyrites were of a solid gold color, mimicking the real thing as they did to an inferior degree thousands of years ago that lead to their decommissioning.

Pyrites were not of an orange color, as she was seeing now, as she was not supposed to be seeing now but was seeing now. She ran her hand over her gem, her perfectly formed gem, placed piece by piece by Homeworld, a perfect formation... was now, imperfect. There was a piece missing, "What did you do to me." she uttered as a whisper that came from the back of her throat.

"Only what ya' did t' yourself." Pyrite stuck her tongue out defiantly. This 'superior' sure as hell wasn't that way now. Guess Homeworld doesn't make gems like they used t', did they? She reached her hand into her gem, pulling out her pistol, "'Less you want me t' do something personally." Really, Pyrite felt as if she might do so without an invitation from Rainbow... but Helio. Her other hand held the gem. She needed to make sure her partner was safe, first and foremost. She would not let this hack-kneed copy of her lay a single dust print on her partner, least not before she really busted her gem t' shards before she got the chance to.
The fusion was torn apart by itself before either gem realized. Chry fell to the ground, her ears ringing with the screams of Polybasite. Her fingers clung desperately to the ground as she got her feet steady and then quickly pushed herself up. Where was Pyrite? Where was the foolish gem?

Scanning the area, Chrysocolla spots the gem. Pyrite was already running towards the gem, her scuffed boots kicking up small clouds of dust with each clumsy step. The blue gem didn’t dare stop her; she just stood there. Watching. Hoping. Praying that the heliotrope’s gem was shattered; and if not, she’d do it herself. “Please,” she mumbled to herself, “let one thing go right today. Let that gem be dead.” Having that gem around anyone meant certain death, even for a pyrite. No, especially for a pyrite. It didn’t matter how tame the assassin was, she was still a heliotrope. There was no amount of training that goes towards them that can take their instincts away. Chry doesn’t want Pyrite to learn the hard way.

But as Pyrite cradled the gem, whispering to it, Chry knew there was no other way than for her to learn the hard way. She would have to make the fool know that not everything that smiles at her is something precious. Death is still death even if you hide in behind a smile.

Before she’s able to think a second longer, light engulfs them for a second. Already she was preparing to fight but no, something isn’t right. The gem that emerges from the light isn’t Helio. No, it’s something else. Something equally as destructive.

A rainbow pyrite.

When was the last time she saw one? It was the same day that she last heard of the pyrites.

“You know how it is Chrysocolla,” the grey figure paced around the room, the gem on the back of hand glinted in what little light filtered into the room, “out with the old, and-“

“In with the new.” Chry stood stiff, realizing she just cut off her higher up, Samsonite. The other gem stopped dead in her tracks and locked eyes with messenger. “This isn’t about the pyrites now is it?”

With a heavy heart, Samsonite said, “Of course it is. You can’t continue when we’re like this.”

“Like what?”

“Dying by our own kind,” Samsonite hissed. “You’re supposed to relay the information from the sapphires. Not to mention you’re supposed to help direct the warriors, not lead them to their deaths! You made for war, not failure.”

This was about her, about the insight she can barely offer to the warriors as the seemingly march to their deaths. She knows the pyrites weren’t her fault, many other gems tend to have defects that go unnoticed for large periods of time. It was the nondefective gems that Samsonite implied. The ones that were perfect but only failed at her orders.
But Samsonite had to follow her orders too.

“We both know what’s going to happen.” Chry nodded at her, she knew. Somewhere outside there was a heliotrope waiting for her. It was their job to take out defective and dangerous gems. There would be no honor or gentleness in this. It would be brutal. It would be effective.”

No more words were needed. Quietly, Chry stepped out of the room. Her hands dug into the palms of her hands, hairline cracks forming where each nail pierced her cold skin. In front of her stood a heliotrope; calm and collected. A dagger held loosely in their hand; Chry’s personal guillotine. In the moment where the heliotrope launched themselves at Chrysocolla, she pulled out her spear from the gem. In the blink of an eye, the spear saw pierced through the gem on the heliotrope’s neck. She wasn’t going to die today, and she wasn’t going to any other day.

The heliotrope’s gem fell to the ground, dancing in the air like snowflakes. Except snowflakes don’t require death to look beautiful. It was the only way though. She needed to survive and she was going to make sure no gem stood between her and life.

Chry pulled out her spear, gripping it with all her strength as moved for the pyrites. “its how the saying goes,” she said to herself as she threw the spear at them, aiming for the rainbow pyrite or even better, the heliotrope that rested in the palm of Pyrite’s hand.

Out with the old.”

The spear cut through the air as it speed towards Rainbow Pyrite, slicing through a few strands of Pyrite’s hair before it hit its mark. Or at least a portion of it. The spear pierced through Rainbow’s side, cracks spreading though out her frail frame. Her body shifted among the mess of cracks; attempting to not to fall apart with the weapon that twisted in on them.

Standing there silently was Pyrite. She hadn’t move an inch, she stood like the solider she was meant to be. Unwavering to danger and the taunt of death that just flew past her. No, it wasn’t that. Pyrite ignored the gem on the verge of death in front of her. She twisted her head back slowly at Chry, her golden eyes piercing through the very being of pale blue alien. “Oh,” she muttered as she took a step back, “I see.” It wasn’t fearlessness that made the gem seem collected, it was the exact opposite. An unstoppable anger had engulfed her; a horrid and unforgiving anger.

“OUT WITH THE OLD?” Pyrite screamed, “WHY DON’T YA’ START WITH YOURSELF!” Pyrite dashed for Chrysocolla, turning away from their new found enemy. Her hand grabbed Chry the neck, lifting her high above the ground. “Don’t tch’ try killin’ my partner again…” she hissed.

Chrysocolla nodded through her pulsing pain; did Pyrite even realize that she might shatter her? She wasn’t a warrior, she wasn’t meant for combat, for war, for death. Chry nodded yes the best she could through Pyrite’s grasp. Why was it so hard to protect such a stubborn gem? Why couldn’t she see the danger she was in?

Pyrite dropped Chry on the ground. Without another word she headed back into the landscape. Leaves rustled with each movement and branches of pine creaked as they caught themselves on her body. Chry pulled herself up from the ground and rushed after the fool.

- - - - - - - - -​

The lights flickered in the darkness of the haul of the ship. It reminded Lepidolite of the last life of stars, it was strangely comforting to her. Maybe it was because she found herself alone in her ship with nothing to do but wait till something out of the ordinary happens. And today was her lucky day. Her ship came to life; maps exploding off of her ship’s ship with coordinates and models and personal information of who knows what. Lepi rushed to see what the commotion was.

A smirk grew on her face as she skimmed through the masses of information piled onto her. “Let’s see,” she chimed, “Ship went to investigate, investigate what? Oh, distress signal. And the report is… hasn’t come in, oh, I see. Not there. Something must be wrong. And the gem in charge is...” she scrolled through the information that was in front of her and stomach dropped when she saw who it was. "A rainbow pyrite, oh my, why one of them."

This was her job after all, investigate and solve things that don’t seem to add up. Ever since the war, things have been slow. She can’t find herself among the enemy or her friends anymore, just in a ship that wanders throughout the skies in hopes of something landing her lap. Despite how vague the transmitted information was, it was better than nothing. Next stop, the miserable planet called Earth.
It wasn’t long thankfully, she was there quick enough. Lepi landed near the ship that she was tasked to investigate. Despite being only her against who knows how many gems, she was prepared. Her short hair bobbed perfectly so it’d stay in play in battle but hopefully her charms, and more importantly looks would make sure that would never happen.

“Now let’s see if this pyrite near this mess.” Normally, she was fine with dealing with the more rebellious gems but pyrites tended to be the most loyal as well as most rebellious of the gems. Something is wrong because no pyrite responds so late or they abandoned Homeworld for something else. Knowing how little pyrites remain, she placed her bets on meeting a traitor today.
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The same hands that had gripped Chrysocolla's neck and threatened to shatter her gem gently held Heliotrope's gem. It would be okay, Pyrite repeated to herself. The trauma was over. After this they could travel across the landscape with all the time in the world, like they should have, before-- she caught the sight of the teal-colored gem following her, and whipped around, pulling out her gun in the same movement and aiming it at her neck. She hid away Heliotrope's gem, as if to hide her from the conflict as well, "Gems like ya' just don' goddamn learn, do ya'?" Her voice held a low tone, her eyes visible below the dip of her hat. They were an enraged blaze that threatened to spread to a wildfire, "Now, ah'll give ya' one more chance-- really, ah' shouldn't be, shoulda' shot ya' gem when we first spotted ya' as the troublesome creature ya' began as. Quite frankly, ya' ain't much different now." She shot her gun, purposely missing to serve as a warning shot.

"Get the hell away from me and my partner. I'll goddamn shoot your gem an' break the shards too." she spat out, still pointing her gun. She stared at Chry, not satisfied until she'd get the message and just turn tail.


Rainbow had only managed to take a step before the spear whizzed towards her, and she contorted her body, but still unused to all that was happening to her... it had hit. She cried out in feral pain, as cracks ran throughout her body, on the verge of falling apart and retreating into her gem. Rainbow gripped the spear that was lodged in her abdomen, gritting her teeth-- no. No. NO.

As the other gems left, foolishly leaving her unattended, she stumbled up, nearly falling over and feeling as if she might crumble apart as Polybasite would-- but she would not. She would not. Unlike the defective Heliotrope that made up the fusion, she was much more resistant than that. Her vision slightly blurred, she could make out the colored figures in the distance, the incorrectly colored figures in the distance. The Pyrite, the Chrysocolla, the Heliotrope...

They would pay.
As the barrel of the gun moves from Chry’s eyes to her gem, she realized her plan had backfired. She tried to hide her fear but it was hard to hide the fact that she was shaking. For once, she thought that Pyrite might understand, just maybe, but clearly Pyrite’s concerns weren’t with herself. In Homeworld, if a gem acted like that they’d be poofed and pulled in for evaluation. Neither she nor Pyrite were under the control of Homeworld though. They were their own authority.

They were their own executioners.

Chrysocolla stepped back, raising her hands up slowly to make herself seem less of a threat. Pyrite’s threat rung in her ears, taunting her that she’ll never be able to save Pyrite. How could this fool not see the danger she held in hands? Was she so broken that death itself was the best option for a lifelong friend? The messenger knew pyrite’s well enough to know she answered her own question. They all seemed to end up like her sooner or later; never this long though. Never had she seen one so broken that she’d kill to keep the only thing that smiled at her in years. No matter how tame the heliotrope was, she is a predator. When they bare their teeth, it’s not a smile, no, it’s a death sentence.

“Fine,” she snapped backed, “enjoy your heliotrope. But remember this you goddamn fool! I tried to stop you but I’ll be gone, far away and safe. No one will save you when she’s holding a blade against your throat. Not even yourself I bet. Have fun Pyrite, hopefully she finished you quickly when it happens!” She dashed off into the distance, away from Pyrite and her foolery. Away from everything again.

- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -
“Where the HELL is a goddamn gem around here? It’s lifeless, wonder why those Crystal Freaks even wanted to save this place. It’s just sand and some plants. How long have I been waiting here!?” Lepi kicked sand into the air like a child. Her patience’s was running thin despite it being only a few minutes on the planet. She decides to go search for the gem and wanders off to the distance patch of plants hidden within the rolling dunes of sand.

And there the gem was, Lepi’s personal white whale off in the distance. The gem fucker who abandoned her post, came to Earth, and failed to report back.

She quietly walked towards the gem before seeing a spear piercing the homeworld gem, Lepi then waltzed over to her with a smug smile on her face. Standing right in front of discovered rainbow pyrite, she leans over the twisted and cracked body of the Homeworld gem. Her pink bobbed hair curled and covered one of her eyes. A heart cut gem on her chest surrounded by a signature white diamond logo. Her outfit seemed to be the average Homeworld outfit but with some slight changes to it. Long white gloves to match her white outfit. Boots that seemed more fitting for Yellow Diamond than a lowly Lepidolite.

“Why what do we have here. Huh sweetie? Are you hurt? Injured?” She gently grabbed the spear lodged in Rainbow, as if to help. Instead she twisted it deeper into the gem, more cracks ripping open on her fragile body. “Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean that to hurt. But I need answers and if need be, I’ll make you shatter for them.”

She twisted again. “I know this is probably hurting you but do you know what’s hurting me? The fact that I had to come down here to find your pitiful self on the verge of shattering? I’m guessing that distress signal you checked out was fake huh?” Before Rainbow could answer the gem, Lepi answered her own question. “It was. Rebels too huh? It doesn’t even seem like you tried to fight against them.” Lepi ran her fingers along the gapping cracks on Rainbow, smirking the whole time. “And it’s all your fault that you didn’t fight them, any type of pyrite is just naturally a coward and suck up. Guess you’re no exception. Now,” she lifted Rainbow up by the spear embedded in her body with easy, “you’re coming back with me. I hope you don’t mind a little discomfort though, no? Good, we’re heading back to my ship then.” Lepi began to walk back to her ship, proud of what she found. But even prouder to know that she still has time to play with her new friend.
Pyrite stared into the distance, until she was sure that Chrysocolla was gone, and not about to follow her again. She looked at Heliotrope's gem, as it glinted slightly in the light. Chry's words repeated back to her, "No one will save you when she’s holding a blade against your throat."

Pyrite shook her head. That wasn't her partner. It couldn't be. No matter how Chry might insist on it... Pyrite refused to believe any word of it. Not the words of a traitor, anyways.


In her blurred vision, Rainbow could see a gem approaching her. This one was of a different-- likely wrong-- color, and she almost surmised that they might have been another rebel, another one after having had to deal with the cheating traitors... But, when she came closer, she saw it. The diamond logo. How long had it been? Did Homeworld believe she couldn't handle this before? After all she's done for them? She was about to retort that she didn't need this gem's patronizing, up until the spear was twisted and she cried out again, the cracks worsening but she absolutely refused to poof.

She, a Rainbow... did not deserve to be talked to like this. Usually, she was in this sort of position. She mustered a glare as this lowly gem touched her, doing so because of her weakened position. She felt herself being lifted up. They were going back. But the objective, the mission was still incomplete.

"Wait." She gripped the spear, as if that would help anything, "The rebels... are still alive." she raised her arm, pointing in their general direction, "They're still alive. The traitors to Homeworld are still alive and I was sent here to dispose of them." She had such ire in her voiced that was placed towards both the rebels and the gem disrespecting her.
The small gem stayed quiet in the cowboy’s hands. It didn’t glimmer like it normally does; it was matte and almost lifeless. Heliotrope wasn’t built for fusion, then again no gem actually is but especially her. This time will she take years instead of months to reform? Hopefully not.


Lepidolite scoffed at the defected gem, “Rebels? You can’t be joking can you?” She wasn’t happy with the situation but to be mocked like this was further insult. Her eyes locked onto the ship that wavered in the distance from heat, becoming clearer with each step that led to Rainbow’s demise and Lepi’s hope. “Listen pebble,” she readjusted the spear that she gripped, jostling Rainbow, “the only rebel I see here is you.”

Once they reached the Homeworld ship, Lepi flung the door opens and tossed the gem into the darkness. The gem followed behind her. Dim lights illuminated the ship as their eyes adjusted to darkness. It’s barely enough to make out the shape of each other in the ship. Why did it have to be like this? Was it some kind of scare tactic? These questions disappeared as soon as the lights flashed on and the Homeworld gem stood before Rainbow. Lepi's features were too soft and smooth for her sharp and cruel personality.

Gently she grabbed the spear embedded in Rainbow. “Do you think I’m stupid,” she glances down at the gem, “you weren’t meant to dispose of those rouge gems. No. You were meant to just investigate who sent a distress signal and even still you can’t follow simple orders. That’s all Homeworld asks but they should have expected better knowing a pyrite would go investigate.” Lepi yanks the spear, attempting to pull it out of the gem. “Investigate does not mean FUSION,” another tug. “It does not mean HELP ROUGE GEMS,” and another tug. “And most importantly, it does not mean GOING AGAINST ORDERS YOU PEBBLE!” Lepidolite managed to rip the spear out of Rainbow; her face grim as she points the spear at the gem’s face.

“I haven’t met a pyrite that isn’t like you, you know that? All of them are hopeless in the end. Homeworld will have fun going over your failures when we get back. Oh, I can see it now. You being shattered into a million little pieces all because you went against your orders. I can't wait, I just can't!" Her smile grew with the thought of the gem being shattered. "But," she began to mumble to herself, "I could always try and cut a deal with Homeworld. You'd like that wouldn't you?"
"Wh-- what?" Rainbow stared in disbelief, "What?" Homeworld was the one loyalty that she, as a Rainbow Pyrite had. She had betrayed supposed friends, lovers... but never Homeworld. She was loyal to Homeworld, and she expected Homeworld to be loyal to her, for the favors she granted to them. So, to be called a rebel, a traitor... "I am not-" she could barely voice her protest at this accusation before she felt the spear in her being pulled, the stinging pain sharply felt throughout her body. She was helpless but to cry out in pain, but still, tried to plead her case, "I am," she said with heavy breaths, as the gem kept piling on her crimes against Homeworld, "not," she continued, her body seeming to refuse to let go of the spear despite how heavily this gem was pulling on it, "A TRAITOR." she screeched, as they had pulled out the spear. Her body fell down like a torn doll on the cold ship floor, dully reflecting the confrontation between them.

There was a hole where the spear had been, cracks coming from it and flowing through her body, begging her to give up and poof already so that she could rest and regenerate. That was what a weak gem would do. But, no, she was a Pyrite, a Rainbow Pyrite, and they were made to stay determined. Stay determined to the mission. And, as far as she was concerned, her mission was to eradicate the rebels who had forcefully put her into this position. She looked at her hands, feeling the cracks in them and hissing with pain. Oh, they'd pay-- she'd make sure that they'd feel the same-- no, worse than the pain she was going through, physically... and, what she was feeling right now. It was indescribable. A desire to rip the gems who had defeated her, and this gem who stood mocking her right now, to the smallest of shards.

"... A deal..." Rainbow sat on the floor, looking up at Lepi. Her face stood still with resentment, but it was contemplative, "I could... cut a deal with you." she offered, weakly standing herself up, "The distress signal... let to rebels. Traitors. And it is my duty to capture or," she grit her teeth, "eliminate such gems. I... know they're here. Out there. They escaped. They're out there. I know it. Unless... you would rather them escape. What will Homeworld think? Letting not one, not two, but three of them escape? How incompetent you are to do that when--" she exhaled sharply, grasping her side, "When you can't even catch rebels as you should?" she tried to shift into her-- it was a poor effort, given how weak she was, and how she could not even identify the correct colors either, "Ah... It doesn't matter what position I am in. I served Homeworld. You are but a pathetic gem who can't capture the right gems." She convinced herself that surely, surely this was a misunderstanding. A gem not doing what they were supposed to do. She grinned wryly, thinking herself satisfied to have done her duty after all.
"You're not in any position to talk." Lepi threw off the comment, knowing full well that Homeworld wouldn't shatter over something a little as some forgotten rouge gems. But Rainbow on the other hand, she was something Homeworld couldn't just ignore. She would make sure they couldn't ignore her. "And I don't suggest ignoring my offer either," Lepi extended out her hand to the cracking gem on the floor, "say yes already or I'll do the Diamond's job for you. You wouldn't want that now would you Rainbow? To be crushed like the pathetic gem you are." No matter how angelic her voice was, the gem's eyes gave away her cold heart. "Prove that you aren't pathetic."

Once Rainbow grabbed her hand, Lepi understood that she couldn’t play her games anymore. She gripped the gem's hand tightly. Splinters of Rainbow's body dug deep into her skin, half expecting for her to crumble right then and there. With every swing and step they took, Lepi had to hide her growing rage. How could a gem in this state not poof. How could she move? How could she want to fuse in this state? Pulling Rainbow close as a light begun to illuminate the dull interior of the ship. Lepi caressed Rainbow, "You won't regret this," she dug her nails into the back of the gem's neck, the cracks cut deep into Rainbow.

"I promise."

Their bodies melted together like wax; the two begun to drip away and their bodies seemed to be lost in each other. The light around them shattered as Lepidolite and Rainbow Pyrite formed Angel Aura Quartz. They’re stable. Yet there was a bang inside of them, something hollow and ever growing the pit of their stomach. Angel Aura isn’t meant to last but the gem pushes that horrid feeling deep down. She would make sure they lasted as long as she needed to, even it if got her shattered.

“Now,” the towering gem uttered as she looked over herself in disgust, “why in diamond’s name do I look so… so tacky. It’s almost embarrassing!” She knew what lied beneath the oil streaked clothes, something Angel Aura didn’t want to admit. Something worse than an imperfect form: the pure hatred and lies that formed it. It threaten to crumble her in an instant if she didn’t stand on top of it. She gently touched the sheer fabric that flowed behind her, “I guess it’s not too tacky.” Angel Aura didn’t mind the skin tight pearly garb she was wearing nor the thigh high boots that squeaked with the slightest of movement or the tight gloves that rose well above her elbows that were clearly too tight. It would have been bad if she had them one two arms but instead, she was forced to endure them on four arms. She had four eyes as well but those weren’t too bad. Her iris’s threatened to blend in with the whites of her eyes but the ever slight oil slick shine in them kept them from doing so. The only thing the fusion actually seemed to enjoy about herself was the curled pink hair that draped over their shoulders.

With the first step she took, pain shot through her body. “Oh… what did I do this time?” Angel Aura glanced down at the gems on her body. The heart cut gem on her chest had dozens of cracks off shooting from it; the same for the square cut gem on her thigh. Seeming veins branching off from a her life source. “Ha, I guess I couldn’t contain all the damage, could I? Oh diamond, this is going to hurt isn’t it? At least it makes my outfit less tacky, right?” She tried to laugh it off but pushing away this pain was hard. She couldn’t do it for long. This just added to her growing reasons of why this fusion was failing and clearly, it was all her fault. Angel Aura was a walking failure but couldn’t admit it.

Rainbow looked at Lepi's hand, the 'deal' she was offering to her. This could only mean one thing. Fusion. Hm, it seems that this Homeworld gem wasn't so above such an act, as most Homeworld gems would be-- surely, this meant that she took the threat of rebels seriously enough to enlist her help. She grabbed Lepi's hand, almost feeling her own hand crack apart, but somehow stay together unlike the previous fusions she had been a part of, "You need me." She said, managing a snide grin, "You. Need. Me. For the power of fusion... who's the pathetic gem here? To consult a breaking gem for help?" She flowed into Lepi's motions, keeping herself for this.

"I will make sure of it." she hoarsely whispered to Lepi's remark of 'not regretting this'. Her body disappeared with Lepi to form... Angel Quartz. A fusion seemingly aware of the unholy intentions either had for fusing-- Her existence wouldn't last long. Yet, it was also lasting far too long for her liking. She shakily breathed out, each step a stab as she made her way out of the ship. Her purpose? Did she... have a purpose? Something. Something to... justify this. She clenched at her body, almost thinking of using her strength to tear herself apart... until she remembered a better use for it.

Rebels. Her eyes peered out distastefully, the lower pair seeming much more hateful. There... were three. It... would be something to do, at the very least. She sighed, seeming reluctant to do even this yet moved out with enthusiasm, even as the pain continued to scorch her like a hot iron coursing through her body. Once she found them... then could she go? Please?

"Maybe they'll want to do it for me..." she said, hopefully.
Chry trailed behind the two gems, loyal to none except each other. She feared of the horrors that the heliotrope could cause, she saw how close Pyrite was to their breaking point. Did Pyrite even notice this about herself? How she tried to act humble to hide her fears and haunting memories. Heliotrope didn’t notice her weary eyes or how she held herself like a Deadman walking. The teal gem knew that Pyrite would be okay, that she’d survive but only if she got the heliotrope away from the war veteran. The thought of having another death on her hands was enough to make sure that Pyrite would live through the mistake of befriending a heliotrope.


The gem Pyrite clutched began to glow within an hour of them leaving the devastation the fusions left. It wasn’t normal from what Pyrite saw; Helio took months to reform the last time. Hidden in the cowboy hat or lying among the few human things in Pyrite’s pocket.

The light wrapping around her figure only too soon fade away, reveling the small gem that Pyrite knows only far too well. Helio fell onto the ground, her knees and hands dug into the ground. Gasping for breath, she lifted head up. Her deep green eyes meeting the golden flare of the other gems. They were full of confusion and fear, any sense of wonder and awe were missing. It was almost familiar.

Springing up, Heliotrope pulled a thin dagger from her gem. “Where’s everyone else,” the dagger was pointed at the fool’s gem, “why aren’t we in the battlefield! Answer me,” she demanded. No, something was wrong with Heliotrope. Taller, much taller. The smol gem who barely met Pyrite’s gem now stood above her shoulders. Her limbs were fully intact, no longer floating in the air. Quartz white hair and a commander’s outfit; simple and well suited for fighting. A pink diamond clear as day on her uniform and on the back of the cape that drape over her shoulders.

Helio looked at the fool toe to tip, a grimace on her face. Her fingers tightened around the hilt of the blade, “fuck,” she hissed, “you’re a rebel. You’re a filthy rebel!” She swings at Pyrite with dagger, cutting through the air next to her gem. This isn’t Helio, she’s different… she’s whole. Is this what heliotropes are meant to be? Is this what Helio truly is. Another gem made for war and carnage?

The gem jumped back, pulling another dagger out after realizing she missed the fool’s gem. Locking eyes with Pyrite, she lunged forward.

Helio looked like a lost warrior in battle, she felt lost as well. Torn away from her allies and whisked away into the barren landscape she sees before alongside a rebel. It was disgusting. After all this time of being in the dark, after being trapped in her gem ever since that damn Samsonite nearly shattered her, she’s finally free. What felt like an eternity at trying to claw out of her gem to reform finally came to an end. The whispers of herself haunted her day in and out; a weaker and cruelless gem mocked her with every word, every movement, every thought they could call their own yet they were trapped. Don’t worry you’re not bad they would call out. I’m you partner they’d mumble. Homeworld, Homeworld doesn’t care, they don’t care about a gem like me they’d say, lying to themselves. Over and over they’d hear this worthless version of themselves saying how much they resent their home. Forced into listening to lies this weaker part of themselves, Heliotrope wants to, no, need to prove they aren’t weak, they aren’t worthless. They’re anything but. They’re a bloodstone after all, you can’t afford to be weak.


The massive fusion stepped out the ship and gazed around. The sun began to set. “Earth is strange, so am I but its different. It isn’t full of pain,” she said, “there’s no way this planet is pain filled like home.” Angel Aura forced herself to take one step after another, wincing at the growing cracks that spread across further and deeper into her body with each daunting step. “When this is over, no more pain. No more pain for me, for you, for us.” She’s fighting ever instinct she has to pull herself apart, to let the pain tear her apart.

Off in the distance, against the light of the red sun she sees one of the rebel gems, standing alone. Did the other rebels abandon her? She couldn’t let her just get away but clearly any gem would notice a massive fusion waltzing their way. They had no choice, they’d either have to catch them by surprise or make sure they couldn’t run. It’d have to the former, there was no way she could last to catch the gem running away, so surprising them would have to work.

It took time, a few hours to be exact, for Angel Aura to barely keep out of the sight of the teal gem. The rebel was so focused on something they never even noticed her come behind her. Angel Aura slammed their hands down in front of Chry, a river of cracks opened along two of her arms. With her other two free arms, she ripped the gem from the ground, and brought her close to her face. She was small, weak. A different kind of weak. A kind of weak that can’t be fixed. They needed her to find the rebels who made her week like this.

“Show us the rebels and you won’t be shattered right away,” she cooed at Chry, trying to pry out of her grip. “Show us, and maybe we won’t shatter you at all.”
Helio's gem began... glinting again? This time it was brighter... she was reforming! It'd taken far longer last time, but Pyrite figured that Helio might have a better grip on her own form now, her own identity. Pyrite stood back as Helio reformed, ready to welcome her back with open arms, "Helio!" she called, but... the moment Pyrite's eyes met Helio's, something was different. Almost as if she were looking at herself from when she first reformed, all those years ago after the war. Fear and unfamiliarity. She's in shock, Pyrite told herself, still going forward, "Helio-" She spread her arms forward, ready to embrace the Heliotrope.

She was met with a dagger nearly touching the surface of her gem, "The-the battlefield?" Helio must be confused, "Helio..." Pyrite had to look up at her. Her limbs were fully connected, unlike how they vaguely floated in place before. Helio's white hair sprawled over her, and her outfit... Pyrite found herself staring at the pink diamond. Didn't something happen to them? Pyrite only vaguely remembered from her days on the battlefield, scattered rumors that the rebels had done something horrible, "He-Helio, is that because of that gem? You don't need to go and--"

Pyrite backed away when Helio threw an accusation her way, "What?! Helio you-you aren't making any sense!" Pyrite found herself shaking, looking at this... gem. She wouldn't have believed this was her Helio if she hadn't seen her reform herself. Something... happened to her in that fusion. Something to make her like this, "N-now why-- why don't we calm down ?" Pyrite held her hands out. Helio pulled out another dagger, thrusting herself at her. Pyrite backed away, but found herself tumbling to the ground.

She was forced to pull out her gun, throwing it in front of herself to try and block the knives, "Helio! Listen to me! This ain't like you! That gem-- that Homeworld gem went an' did somethin' t' ya' an' I'm gonna snap y' out of it!" Her gun clicked. Please, don't make her shoot, "It's me, Pyrite!" She hit her chest with her other hand, "Your... partner." her voice became softer, "Don't... don't you remember your partner, Helio?"


The lower pair of eyes glared at this rebel. This weak, weak rebel who thought she outsmarted her. Not again. She squeezed harder. Not enough to poof, but certainly enough to make it all the more uncomfortable for them, "Pleeease," She said, a tinge of a whine to her voice, "Make this a little easier for us? The both of us?" A finger stroked the rebel's hair gently, as if they were a tiny doll, "Don't make this last longer than it has to..." she whispered as she pushed her finger against the rebel's cheek.
“You’re a dirty liar like every other pyrite I’ve known. I’m amazed that Homeworld even has any of you left, the Diamonds don’t deserve to burden the shame of your mistakes…” she hissed at the gem. “I don’t even know you… why would you consider me your partner!” After a long pause, with a dagger still pointed at Pyrite’s gem. Their words were a double edge sword; she truly felt that Pyrite was a waste of effort materials but she felt the same towards herself. The idea that the Diamonds would leave her here on earth, a plant that was filled to the brim with organics that craved destruction, was heartbreaking. Was she too a burden on the Diamonds? A mistake that no one could fix? Forgotten with a purpose?

Is this why the Pyrite say Heliotrope as a partner… they saw how her flaws mirrored the quartzs.

Helio was still small, she was still weak yet she tried her hardest to show that she was sharp, she was threatening, and she was to be scared of.

The fusion brought something forth in the gem that felt raw in Helio, emotions felt painful and for some odd reason this Pyrite made everyone worse. A star of emotion collides with another every second she glances at Pyrite, a supernova of false nostalgia coursed through her body. It gave her more reason to see the gem shattered into thousands of pieces, she needed to see the glittering shards snow down onto the ground in hopes that it would rid of the painful, conflicting emotions she felt.

“It’s funny,” her hand is shaking as she holds the dagger tight, “a part of me is screaming to hurt you… another wants you to shatter me instead, weird huh?” She chokes out a chuckle at Pyrite and looks up at her. Tears begun to fall from her face, soaking up into the sand that surrounds them. “It’s so disgusting isn’t it. But I don’t think I even answered your question. I don’t remember you partner.” Yet here she was, crying at the idea of having to kill Pyrite. It wasn’t something she should feel, something that shouldn’t be there but it was clawing its way up to her mind. A vague feeling of false memories, ones that weren’t her own but dictated her emotions. She tried to stomp the emotions but she still was crying at Pyrite.

“I’m sorry… I have to do this or else those feelings won’t stop. Maybe you’ll find your partner in another lifetime.”

Helio began to bring down the dagger hard and fast towards the rustic gem’s source of life. She decided that Pyrite wasn’t getting a second chance.


Chry struggles against the fusion’s grasp, she felt moments away from poofing from the hand. She wanted to cry, scream, fight back, anything against the fusion but there would no way she could win. She wasn’t made for fighting, the gem was so fragile, she could feel the microcracks slowly stretching under each second of pressure. “Please,” she gasped, “let me go and I’ll show you. Please, please. Just do that and I’ll show you where they’re heading.”

The gem did what she always did; order and direction, and most importantly, saving her own skin. The two would merely be added onto the countless list of gems who died for her.
Every... other Pyrite? She didn't understand. She hated to think of herself as part of a collective, but what would anyone have against a Pyrite? Back on Homeworld she was just a builder... she promised herself she'd never think of those days.

"Helio..." she was frozen, her hands shakily holding the gun, "I don't want to shoot, Helio." her voice cracked, "Somethin'... something happened to you." she was unable to maintain her facade of an accent, remnants of a 'new' identity she desperately didn't want to let go of now, "I know you're confused, and you're scared." Pyrite was terrified that she lost her Helio, and it was replaced with this monstrous, mirrored version of her. Both of their facades were broken. What if this really was the real Helio all along?

Her eyes widened at the comment to shatter her, and Pyrite immediately shook her head, "I don't want to do this! I don't want to fight! I wasn't-- I was never made--" she began shaking again, memories resurfacing that she'd buried deep in her. Someone she thought was an ally was turning on her again. Maybe the universe dictated that she had to be alone, and through her own stubbornness she continued to desire companionship until she had to learn that this was her fate. Pyrite barely had any time to react to Helio's next action, and she did the only think she could think of in this situation.

She pulled the trigger.


"Will you reeeaaally?" Angel said, almost teasingly, "And do you promise me that you're not lying? Because if you are..." she brought Chry closer, whispering, "I promise there will be consequences... and I don't want to do that!" her voice rose to a whine, "Please just lead me to them and we can get this over with..." she finally loosened her grip, "If you mislead me, then you're very cruel for extending my awful existence any further. But don't worry, I'll make sure to end yours first if that happens."