A Cowgirl and Scared Dork (Steven Universe RP w/ Y

Pyrite watched as Heliotrope went to the ship and came back with something that made her pause and take a moment to realize that this was, in fact, Homeworld technology. It wasn't anything that she'd ever expect, that's for sure. Coming out of her thoughts she unwrapped the creature from the poncho, letting them land on the ground before the machine went to them.

Would this work? Pyrite watched in anticipation for any results and... nothing happened. She waited, thinking it might take time for it to work, but nope. Creature stayed a creature. She frowned, looking to Heliotrope, "... Don't go an' be hard on yourself. Nothin' goes and works on the first try." Pyrite said, "There's gotta be a way we can get this gem back to normal... just haven't figured it out yet. Maybe try tinkerin' with it?" Pyrite suggested, keeping an eye on the creature and was more than ready to capture them again if they escaped.
She covered her face with her hands, upset that their only option had failed them. "I can't fix the machine, Pyrite. It isn't broken. It's meant to repair parts of the ship or fuse gem shards into something more stable to hold a form. I don't think it's meant for fixing corrupt gems." Bending down, Heliotrope picked up the machine and turned it off. Would they be able to ever fix the gem or would they be forced to bubble it?

"Pyrite, what else can be do?" She glanced down at the creature as it shook off the gel. It was strange but she couldn't just abandoned it. Before she could discuss what to do next with the gem, it began to wander off. Not like before though, it wasn't running away in terror but instead waltzing away as if trying to lead them away from Heliotrope's ship. "Great, now we have to follow it again."
In truth, Pyrite was at a loss for what they could do next. She was hoping that Heliotrope's ship might have some sort of answer, any answer. Just progress towards saving this gem. But no, their only option was down and Pyrite didn't want to say it, but maybe... maybe bubbling was the only option here. She looked at the creature, watching it wander off. She was about to pick them up, when she noticed that the creature didn't seem to be desperately running this time. It could have been because of how tired they were, but Pyrite had a suspicion that the creature was trying to tell them something, "Actually, followin' the critter might not be so bad an idea, given what else we have to try here."
Before Heliotrope could go after the creature, she heard Pyrite's words. "Follow it? Are you sure? It could hurt people... it could hurt us." She looked between the earth gem and the creature before realizing that it actually was the next best thing to do. A worried look grew on her face as she reluctantly agreed to follow it along side Pyrite.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

It was a restless travel as they followed the corrupt gem. How many days have passed? It seemed to be too many to count as they have already seen two full moons and there is no way of telling how many more will follow. Heliotrope wasn't used to the travel and tended to piggy back on Pyrite most of the time as if she was a small child. She used the time to tell Pyrite of great stories from Homeworld and the countless epics and folklore that was only know by mouth. The gem even used holograms to make things more interesting for Pyrite when she told the countless stories.

The creature rarely stopped in it's journey to wherever it was going. It wasn't till not much longer after the second new moon did the gem finally stop once and for all, and it was such a lovely place for them to end the seemingly endless journey. It ended with them both standing in the middle of desert and starting at some rocks sticking out of the sand. How lovely.

Heliotrope jumped off of Pyrite and let out a childish groan. "This is what we followed it for? For some rocks? Please tell me this a joke."
Pyrite hadn't expected that the gem would have brought them this far. When the travel began to be too much for Heliotrope, she allowed the gem to ride her, piggy-back style. Pyrite had transformed into a horse, thinking that it'd be easier for both of them... it wasn't long before it turned awkward, Heliotrope unfamiliar with the strange Earth creature and Pyrite was just plain unused to being ridden. She didn't mind the journey that much, honestly, it helped that Heliotrope helped to pass the time with stories from her world. Some of them actually sounded familiar, she likely heard them on the battlefield long ago... but obviously, the details changed drastically with thousands of years time. In return, Pyrite told stories of her time on Earth, and instead of holograms used vivid description to paint a picture.

The creature eventually stopped, and Pyrite did too, letting Heliotrope off. Pyrite crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow, "... huh." she said, looking at the rocks, "Just what'd you lead us here for, little fella?" she asked the creature, "Some sort of joke t'ya?"
The things screeched at them as it made it way around the rocks again and again. Heliotrope draws herself closer to it, examining the rocks that the gem refuses to shut up about. Running her light fingers across it, the dark green gem realizes what these are. They aren't rocks, not even close. It's a gem ship that crashed long ago, slowly being covered up by the never ending sands. This was all that they could see from where they stood.

"Pyrite," she whipped around to the towering gem, "it's a ship. Weathered and probably damaged but a ship, I can tell because of the metal. The gem probably crashed her and was damaged in the process." She wondered what to do next, there wasn't any possible way she could see of getting inside the ship.... unless....

Slowly, she moved back towards Pyrite. "Let's fuse and take it out, I bet with your strength we can easily pull it out."
"Are ya' sure, ah mean... Maybe we could..." Pyrite looked to the buried ship. There was no way that either of them could pull it out on their own. They could try digging it out, but despite their long lifespans, she doubted that any of them would like how long that might take. So... fusion it was. What if Heliotrope got hurt again? They weren't fighting for their lives here, but... Pyrite felt responsible for what happened with the fusion last time. Heliotrope was the one to recommend it first, though... and there was a great feeling to being Unakite, "... Alright." she nodded, taking Heliotrope's hand in hers, "Just try an' not stress yourself too much. You contribute to Unakite too, ya' know... It's both of our strength that's gonna pull out that ship."
She smiled, "Don't worry, I think I can handle it since we're not fighting." Heliotrope tried to not to worry Pyrite by her request but it didn't seem like there was any way around the problem they both faced. This time, Heliotrope was going to be the one to lead the dance this time. The gem began to move and shake herself around the earth gem, something the exact opposite of what Pyrite was used to. She shuffled around her, her movements slowly gaining a rhythm. It wasn't till Pyrite joined in did the two feel the connection they did the first time they fused.

"I promise you," she said as she took hold of Pyrite's hand, "I won't make us weak. I'll make sure we get that ship out." She smiled at the lumbering gem, hoping this wouldn't turn out like last time.
Pyrite eased herself into the dance that Heliotrope was leading. Despite what happened last time, Heliotrope was still more than willing to try fusion, she was the one to first bring it up. The other gem's determination made Pyrite think that maybe she shouldn't be so apprehensive about fusing either. They'd never learn to control Unakite if they didn't try fusing again-- practice makes perfect, right? She'd fuse again, for the gem creature's and Heliotrope's sake.

Pyrite pulled Heliotrope towards her, "Then let's go an' form Unakite... partner." She gave Heliotrope a grin.

Pyrite's dancing was flowing with Heliotrope's, and soon, she could feel a familiar sense of light coming through her body. Her gem glowed, and her body melded into Heliotrope's, both of them forming the large being known as Unakite.

Unakite looked down at the gem creature, giving a lopsided smile and tipping their hat, "Miss me?"
The creature hissed at Unakite before running off to hide atop a nearby sand dune. It felt good to them again, to be something that was more than whole, something more than the gems that made them. The waltzed over to what little of the weathered ship that was showing. "I've done worse than this, this 'ill be as easy as goin' to a fair" They mumbled to themself, two of their hands on their hips as the look over where they could even begin to pull this thing out. After carefully looking over it, they gripped the largest of the got which happened to be the only one they could get a hold on.

It took time, lots of time and grumbling of strange western sayings that probably shouldn't have their true meanings be known till the damn ship was out. The crashed ship was huge, larger than Heliotropes and most of Homeworld's scientific ships. It was hard to make out exactly what it was other than a space ship that crashed. The creature let out too many noises to count out of excitement and rushes right over to ship right as Unakite dropped it on the sands.

"We got the dang thing out of the ground, ain't that just swell!"
Unakite wiped the dirt from the ship off of their hands, "This hunk of metal," they tapped the ship with their foot, "better not be some junk ya' convinced me to pull up." They looked down, grinning at how tiny the creature now looked compared to their massive size, "Tah think, a puny lil' critter like yourself actually made me split last time... Although, it's 'bout time I be takin' my leave. I'll happily return if ya' ever feel like stirrin' up trouble again, though." Unakite tipped their hat up before making their leave, turning into a form of light that separated into the two beings that made them up: Pyrite and Heliotrope. It was surreal feeling for Pyrite to be apart from Heliotrope, but it was a far better experience from how they last un-fused.
Heliotrope seemed unfazed by defusing for a few moments. She glanced over at Pyrite, her eyes seemed different for a moment, cruel and deadly. They were quickly replaced by the look Pyrite knew far to well; excitement with a dash of fright. "That felt amazing, Pyrite." She smiled at the earth gem before heading over the old ship that laid before them.

"Do you think there's anything in there or ma-" she was cut off by the gem creature jumping on top the ship, the metal pangs echoing through the endless desert with each jump. It was screeching in what they could only assume was joy. The creature jumped off after a few more seconds before finding one of the wrecked entrances, squeezing it's way through to the inside of the ship. It was small enough it could fit, while someone like Pyrite wouldn't be able to get her leg through, let alone her whole self.

She turned and looked up at the towering gem, "What do you think it's doing in there? Getting something or hiding?"
Pyrite blinked, stepping back. Was this Heliotrope? She shook her head and... she was soon looking at the Heliotrope she knew. Her mind must have been still a bit fuzzy after the fusion. Yeah, that was it, "Glad ya' think so." she said with a smile of her own, before watching with amusement as the gem creature excitedly jumping on the ship before diving into it. Pyrite shrugged, "No idea what the hay that critter's tryin' tah do in there." Pyrite tried to peer inside. She tried pulling at the entrance, but that wasn't any use either, "Unless you wanna' try an' fit in there, I guess we just gotta wait for that critter to come back out with whatever it's gonna do."
She forced a laugh out, no sure if the gem was kidding or not. "I'd rather wait here for it come back out. Anyways, I don't want to go in that thing. It's not even a Homeworld ship, I don't trust it." The whole thing seemed eeire, not because it was old and weather, but becaused it looked like it was thrown together in a hurry.

Heliotrope plopped down onto the soft sand, allowing herself to sink into it as she waited. They could hear small clangs and scraping of metal inside the husk of the ship but they stayed outside, waiting for the creature. It must have been hours before the thing came back out through the narrow hole. The creature moved slowly and carefully through the hole, dragging something nearly twice it's length out from the ship. Heliotrope pushed herself up and headed over towards the creature, taking the object away from it as if shrieked against it. It was strange looking, large and cubic craved out of some unknown material. It felt like obsidian yet looked like black hair rutilated quartz, the spinny gems shards forming intracite patterns of something that she could only assume was directions.

"Pyrite, how old do you think this gem is?" she mumbled to Pyrite, looking over the thing it pulled out. "I mean, I'm not sure of what is but I'm pretty sure it's older than both of us. This technology is ancident, even by your standards." The gem walked over towards the earth gem, jumping up to grab her hat and the small rob0noid that she stuck underneath it. "Looks like your gallon, right, gallon? Gallon cowhat came in handy for once." She smirked and tried her best to put the hat back into it's place before heading off to the ancient gem techonolgy. "I have an idea, I need time though."

She managed, after another few hours, to connect the ancient gem technology (which in her option looked like a cube with imagery of wires and buttons etched into it) with what she saw was a useless robonoid. "Okay, I think that I can finally fix the gem creature... monster, thing?" She sighed before turning on the robonoid. The ancient gem exquipment buzzed to life and Heliotrope grabbed the creature and placed it infront of the robonoid. Once again, it sprayed goo onto the creature (this time it was clear instead of a deep green) yet something different happened to the corrupt gem.

Whatever Heliotrope managed to do, it was actually fixing the corrupt creature's gem. Shards of the gems began to splint off, creating a much cleaner and safer gem underneath the creature's neck. Before either of them could good a look at the gem healing, the creature burst into light. For a few moments, the bright light engulfed their sight, leaving them blind till it began to collapse back in on it's self in a more humaniod image. Out of the light came a gem, fully formed and no longer corrupt. The gem was roughly Pyrite's size, with icey blue skin and long white hair that reached to her knees. Her arms weren't fully solid, it looked like they were composed of light itself with only her fingers being solid. A single eye with dark lines crossing over her face on the right side, the left was covered by her hair.

"Fucking Labadorites..." was the first thing she spoke, looking over her battered ship. "It's always Labadorites...." Heliotoped nodded, understanding full well what she meant.
Pyrite nodded, agreeing with Heliotrope's sentiment. As a general rule Pyrite didn't trust many things that were too foreign to her, so she could understand Helio's suspicions. As they were waiting, Pyrite's gaze stayed on the ship. She hated having to leave this all to the gem creature, what the heck were they doing in there anyways? What if this was some nonsense the gem creature was making up, and they were followin' it because they didn't know what else to do? The creature came out a few hours later, and Pyrite wandered over, looking at the... thing they dragged out, "Calm down, we're not gonna damage this toy of yers." Pyrite said, waving their hand at the creature, "An' don't ask me. Yer the expert with this gem-tech here." Pyrite couldn't even begin to make heads or tails of it.

"... Yep. The gallon cowhat." Pyrite struggled to keep a straight face. She forgot that she still hadn't corrected Heliotrope... Later. She'd correct Heliotrope later. Aside from the misunderstanding in what the name was, she helped Heliotrope in getting the hat off of her head, and as the hat was placed back she looked at the Gem tech that Heliotrope pulled out, "Take as long as ya' need. I'll keep watch of tha' critter."

Pyrite didn't understand a lick of what Heliotrope was doing, but she watched with interest while keeping an eye on the gem creature, who thankfully wasn't looking to run away now, "This is a better chance than we've had before." Pyrite said, standing back to watch the contraption, and... was it working? Pyrite's eyes widened, and she took off her hat. It... was working. It was working! She shielded herself from the light (and used her hat to try and protect Heliotrope's eyes too), and once the light had dimmed it revealed... a gem. Not a creature, but... an actual,, not corrupt gem. A fixed gem! Pyrite sported a wild grin.

"Now look, ya' did it Heliotrope!" Pyrite congratulated, before pausing, confused, "... What the hay is a Labradorite? Are they one of yer... gem friends?"
The strange gem jumped as soon as she made eye contact with Pyrite, surprised. "Oh! I thought you were a hu-man. Did you know it's hard to see clearly when your only eye can't blink for a few thousands years." The gem rambled on, "and Labradorites... hmm, they're like the ticks of the universe if you ask me. They always did this to me when I flew but I guess this time, well... went to shit." She offered her hand out Pyrite, though the only truly physcial parts were her fingers.

"I am Chrysocolla Chalcedony or Chry as many other gems tend to call me. I am from the 'Otherworld' colonies that are located off of abandoned Homeworld planetary projects. I see that neither you or you small companion are from there, great for all of us!" Chry was strange, that was for sure but she was much friendlier than her corrupt verion.

Heliotrope just stood back, watching the strange gem interact with Pyrite. She was secretly scared that Chry might be from Homeworld and take one or both of them back as prisoner yet nowhere was the mark of a diamond. Anyways, wouldn't she have attacked first and not introduce herself?
Pyrite shrugged. She'd blended into human culture for years, so it wasn't a hard assumption to make, honestly, "An' pardon me, I'll keep that in mind about them... Labradorites. Sounds like they're more trouble than they're worth." she said, adjusting her hat. Heliotrope wasn't the only one who was uncertain of this gem. Despite wanting to help them earlier, Pyrite looked awkwardly at the other gem's hand, one part of her telling her that bein' wary was silly and another reminding her why she swore to be so distrustful of gems in the first place, "Uh... nice meetin' ya'." she made herself shake hands, er, fingers, with the other gem, "Just call me Pyrite." she decided to let Heliotrope introduce herself.

"An' hold on-- Otherworld? 'Planetary projects'?" Pyrite raised an eyebrow, perplexed, "I'm sure as heck not affiliated with Homeworld, but what the hay are ya' talkin' about here?" she looked to Heliotrope, wondering if she had any idea.
She cocked her head at the gem. "Are you telling me you know nothing of what Homeworld does? You must know since all gems are connected to them one way or another." Chry sighed, brushing her fingers through her pastal blue hair. "I guess I'll explain it, I'll try to be quick but time doesn't matter so much to use beings anyways, does it?"

"Homeworld likes to create new gems, that's well known. But for sometime during and after the first war, the one that happened here, gems rebelled against the creation of new gems for war. That's all they were used for after all. Made to be warriors for a war they know nothing about. Many of these gems were created on planetary objects. They're not planets, they're something along the lines of moons and planetoids and large things in space. So many gems fled Homeworld, heading off to these kindergartens to free gems and claim it as our own. He created worlds that were our own, they were something other than Homeworld... Thus, they are Otherworlds."
"Don't mean to sound ignorant, but ah can't say I know anything but what happened with the war. Fer the most part ah'd say that's all I really needed to know about Homeworld." Pyrite commented. 'Made to be warriors for a war they know nothing about.' Heh. Tell her something she didn't know... and Chry did, telling her just what the Otherworlds were. She whistled, smiling with a look of amusement and pride for the rebels, "Ain't that somethin'! Can't say ah'm 'gainst anythin' that sticks it tah Homeworld. Glad t' see ah'm not the only one who saw through Homeworld's cheap tricks after that waste of years."

"... So, If ah'm gettin' this right, yer one o' those Otherworld gems who ended up on humble lil' Earth after a Labradorite went an' sank ya' ship faster than a bag of rocks?"
"Ah, Labradorites. Those things are quite the gem if you ask me. Not many left though, not many...." She trailed off for a moment, as if lost in memory. "But yes, that is what happened." She turned towards Heliotrope, peering over the much smaller gem. Her face turned cold as she glanced at her before returning her gaze to the golden gem.

"Might I ask why you're with a Heliotrope?" She asked. They could both tell that she was concerned by her tone, Chry must know much more than they realize. The small green gem peeked out from Pyrite's cloak, much like a small child would. A part of Heliotrope wanted to poof the strange otherworld gem, she was just a researcher, never did the green gem think that would mean she'd be so low on chain of command to get a comment like that.