A Cowgirl and Scared Dork (Steven Universe RP w/ Y

Pyrite defensively put her arm in front of Heliotrope, "Ain't nothin' to worry about with her, trust me. She's... well, she's had some re-considerations about Homeworld." Pyrite said, keeping in mind that Heliotrope hadn't entirely sworn off them yet, "Ya can check her for their symbol, pretty sure she doesn't have it... If ya' don't wanna travel with us 'cause of some associations you have with a certain gem, you're more than welcome tah go about on your own." She said it harsher than she'd intended, but Pyrite wasn't about to let Heliotrope get pushed around, whether it was with force or words.
"Oh no, that's not what I meant. I have nothing against Heliotropes, it's just... unusual to see one around and not to mention so docile." Chry didn't seem to want to fight against the gems, even more so since they didn't seem to be with Homeworld. "I don't mean any harm, please, understand that. This whole situation, thousands of years in the making, is just strange to me."

Heliotrope doesn't know what to do. Was she not suppose to be so weak? Small? Alive? Her mind was a buzz with thoughts before she came to conclusion that Chry had no idea what Heliotropes were. They were scientists used purely for research and nothing more and nothing less. They were meant to take orders and not ask questions. The small gem glanced up at Pyrite, "Next she's probably going say more obvious things about us. Like how you're strong or wear a cowhat. I don't think she knows anything about our gem types."
Pyrite raised an eyebrow. 'Docile'? She looked down at Heliotrope, and she was sure that she couldn't imagine the gem being anything but how she was now. Was 'a' Heliotrope meant to be... different? "Well..." she paused, "... All gems are a 'lil different, ain't they? Even if Homeworld insists we're meant tah be th' same. I guess Homeworld makes Heliotropes different from how yer used to, that's all. 'Sides, does it really matter if we're actin' like we're 'supposed' to? I'd expect a Homeworld defectee such as yerself t' be a little more acceptin' of a gem's individuality." Pyrite didn't want to admit what she was wondering. She didn't want to put any doubt in her partner.
She sighed, "Listen, please. I was a communicator for Homeworld, I know what I am talking about." Chry didn't want to argue against the gem, she knew that Pyrite's were spies and they tended to be dangerous. But Pyrites were extremely dangerous when it was verbal. She took a step forward and said, "I understand it's good to be away from what Homeworld wants, that's what my people believe. I don't mean any harm in any way possible. Understand that, please." The gem knew exactly what Pyrites do and what Heliotropes do, she feared if she wasn't on her side she'd get shattered or cracked despite not being with Homeworld or the Crystal Gems that roamed the earth since the last battle.
"Then what do ya' mean? We went all th' way t' help ya', and now you're tellin' us what we should and shouldn't be!" Pyrite paused, rubbing the bridge of her nose, "... I don't mean t' phrase that like ya' owe us somethin' now, 'cause ya' don't, we were only bein' decent gems with what we did. But d'ya' think that maybe you could stand not tah look a gift horse in the mouth? I understand you ain't lookin' for a fight. We ain't either. But I sure don't 'preciate what you're implyin' about Helio here. Are you sayin' that..." Pyrite stopped herself, shaking her head, "Actually, it don't matter what ya' say about Helio, because she is how she is no matter how you wanna go analyzin' it. She's her own gem, just like we are."
She sighed. "Fine, I understand where you stand. It's slightly different from mine yet enough to make you see me as an enemy." The gem eyed Heliotrope as she said this. With a quick twist, she headed back over to heavily damaged ship. The small green gem decided they wanted nothing more to do with Chry and started to walk away. Heliotrope left without another word or glance to the blue gem.

Chry had begun to mess around her trashed ship, wondering if she'd be able to find a way to contact other world; that is if still existed. For what must have been more than 30 minutes she tinkered in her ship till it suddenly burst to life. A grin grew on her face but that quickly turned to one full of terror. Some how, upon it's reactivation, a distress signal is put out. Chry knew that it wouldn't be Otherworld coming for her, they'd probably thought she was dead by now. But Homeworld would listen. They'd come. And the gem wasn't sure how far the two had gone, she wasn't sure if she could warn them about the looming danger.
"... Nice knowin' ya' then, ah guess." Pyrite adjusted her poncho over herself, taking a last look at the gem. She watched as the other gem retreated back to their ship before Pyrite went to walk away with Helio, "Sorry 'bout things not workin' out with that gem. Sometimes, things like that just happen. Ya' help a wounded horse and they just go an' nip ya' hand... That is t' say, y' don't always know how anyone's gonna act, even when you put your best foot forward..." she paused, "... Ah guess ah didn't, and ah'm sorry if ah was part of what drove 'um away-- but ah just won't stand fer anyone who decides they're gonna tell us what we should an' shouldn't be accordin' t'our gems." Pyrite refrained from asking about Helio's gem. She firmly believed that the gem they'd rescued was being judgmental and a tad ungrateful, not that... there could be anything going on with Helio. The one gem she'd found in thousands of years time that she could actually call a friend. And she wasn't about to let anyone take that from her, not as long as she could grip it.

"Say, how much luck d'ya think they're havin' with that scrap metal of theirs?" she joked, briefly looking back at the ship. What were they doing in that ship, anyways? She supposed it was none of her business now, unless... she rubbed the back of her neck, mulling over the 'Otherworld' gem-- if that's what they really were, anyways. Geez, for all she knew, could have just made that up on the spot.


There had been a distress signal. A distress signal from what was identified to be a gem ship. Now, 'rescuing' gems wasn't a huge priority to Homeworld, especially with other pressing matters on hand-- however, the distress signal wasn't completely disregarded. Perhaps it might have been a gem who could still be of use, or... a gem who didn't intend it for Homeworld, per say.

Rainbow Pyrite had just finished what was a fairly straightforward mission-- infiltrate an enemy race's ship, and eliminate them through some means. So, of course, she used her absolute favorite method; disguising as someone, saying some rather cruel remarks, particularly to someone of whom tensions were already high, and well... from there, the rest of the crew did the work themselves. They killed each other off, thinking someone was the killer. 'Oh, it was you! I saw you kill them!' She couldn't help but have a bit of fun with it... the last one, they really thought they were friends, up until they hugged her, and, oops, her plasma gun just happened to go off at that moment. Perhaps she'd dragged it out a little too long. Oh well. It was a mission well done.

She was in close proximity to where the distress signal was sent, so it was an obvious option to have her go for the distress signal. A simple mission, go and see what it was, and report back about just what it was. She yawned as she piloted her small ship towards the planet, Earth. Really, these missions were getting far too easy for her. She did them all loyally, of course, and achieved them all with maximum efficiency, but could anyone really blame her for wanting to spice them up a bit? To think, gems stuck on Earth... either they were fools who somehow managed to get stranded, oor... she licked her lips. Ooh, that would be interesting.

Rebel gems? Quite the fascinating... subjects she could rouse. Play with them a little bit before scooping them up and taking them back to Homeworld; really, it's the least she could do before they harvested them or subjugated them to experiments.
Chry realized what she'd done. She knew that it would probably lead to Homeworld coming here, to find her but she wasn't alone her on earth. Her screw up could easily cause the other two gems harm. With a deep sigh, she gathered her thoughts before rushing out to catch up with them. She needed to warn them about her mistake. As she ran towards the gems, Helio told Pyrite why she didn't understand why gems meant you have to be a different person. It's true she'd never met another heliotrope, they'd all been sent off to other planets but they were all basically doing the same thing. Something science related, was that really that bad?

Once Chry was able to catch up them, she told them in a jumbled mess of what she did. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize what would happen, I didn't know a distress signal would go out... you both need to hide. I know someone will come but I am not sure who." Heliotrope frowned upon the sudden appearance of one of her more hated gems. "Hide, please. I cannot offer help but I can offer advice. Run and hide, I fear they won't be kind."

They could see the fear in the icy gem's eyes, they knew something had to come sooner or later. Heliotrope stood behind Pyrite, acting cautious like a child once more and clutching the pale yellow poncho. "Should we believe you?" She wasn't sure how much to believe of the gem's words, Chry was wrong about what she is but she wasn't sure if she should assume the same for this? "Can we believe you? I mean, you kept saying weird things about me... about Pyrite even! I want to believe you're good, but I think your heads a little off because you were corrupt for so long."
Pyrite shrugged. She didn't know just what that gem's problem was, honestly, and maybe-- she was interrupted by said other gem coming up to them in a panic. Pyrite smiled wryly, must have been a problem with that big'ol hunk of junk of theirs. Or maybe this gem still thought they had a point to prove. If only it had been as light-hearted.

Pyrite's expression quickly fell. A look of shock came onto her. She... she knew who would come. Her hands trembled, one covering half of her face. She knew who would come. Still trembling, the other hand balled into a fist, "You... You called..." the hand covering her face came off, her eyes wide, "You called Homeworld?!" the gem hadn't specified them, but, who else could they have meant?! 'I fear they won't be kind'-- you don't say! "No ya... ya gotta be bluffin'. Yeah." Pyrite chuckled, uneasy, "You couldn't'of..." her fingernails dug into her arm, "No... you did. You called Homeworld on us." Pyrite's anger grew, and in it, she became less aware of the smaller gem clutching onto her. She thrust her arm forward, pushing away Helio in the process, "'Didn't realize what would happen'? Bullshit!" Pyrite pointed accusingly at the blue gem, "You knew exactly what would happen, so... so that's why you sent out a signal for 'um, didn't ya?!"

She wiped out her gun, now pointing that at the other gem, "You better start talkin', and fast, or else a bullet's gonna be lodged right in that gem o' yours, you hear!?" her arm shook, it was hard to keep aim, "I know that Otherworld stuff you were goin' on about, supposedly freein' gems-- that's all a fraud! All of it! A damn fraud! Couldn't get us t' go willingly, so now ya' got reinforcements! I know what this scheme of yours is all about, you damned Homeworld gem." It was a harsh reminder of why she didn't trust her own kind so easily... You were getting too soft, Pyrite. It was only a matter of time. So many thoughts going through her head as she tried to keep her gun steady.


Rainbow's ship descended to Earth, following the distress signal's trail... although, made a point of landing the ship quite a distance away, not so long that they could escape in the meantime, but... she wasn't stupid. If she were to land too close, they might try to scatter should they be rebels. Besides, the thrill of the hunt was half of the fun for these kinds of missions. Once the ship hit the ground and she was out, she tracked the rest of the signal by foot using a small device. As she drew nearer, she could hear a commotion in the distance. What a happy coincidence that this going-on was so close to the signal, too-- she'd hate to miss any potential fun just because of her mission objective.

Once Rainbow saw them, she knew that she had found them. For one, they were very close to where the distress signal was sent... and they were gems. A dead ringer. She camouflaged herself to blend in with the scenery, taking a few moments to get a hold of the situation before she would really do her work, and now she knew that her work was needed here. None of the gems had Homeworld symbols, and one seemed to be making an awful fuss about them. Tisk, tisk. Does no one take into account who might be listening? Then again, if they did, her job wouldn't be half as easy as it is now.

Was that a Heliotrope? She almost didn't recognize them as one, from how puny, weak, tiny... Really, it took much self control for her to not burst out laughing on the spot from the mere sight of this supposed 'Heliotrope', or rather, a mockery of one. Must have been a part of a botched kindergarten batch, she was sure. An idea occurred to her, and still camouflaged, she broke into a wide, wide smile. Sneaking off to find more cover, she recalled from memory of what a Heliotrope was actually supposed to look like. They were made to fight... Perhaps that small gem needed a reminder of that. What her purpose really was.

Perfect. Rainbow Pyrite didn't need a mirror to know that she'd gotten the appearance right, she always got the appearance right, without fail. It was what she was made to do. ... Now, all there was to do was wait. For the right moment. And then they would fall right into place, like they always did.

Behind her cover, she broke into another grin, her eyes blinking from the side. She could hardly wait.
The gem stared at her, in disbelief as the barrel of the gun was pointed directly towards the lusterless gem on her neck. Chry was unsure how well she could handle this situation, after all, everyone was against her. "Please, please, Pyrite, it isn't a fraud. Why would I ever call Homeworld on purpose!" Her emotions got the best of her, her voice quivered with each word. Shaking, she stepped back in fear of the gem. "They know who I am! I am going to get shattered! This isn't something I wanted! This isn't how I wanted to be!" one more step back, ever so carefully, "I don't want to die. I don't want to shatter..."

For Chry, she feared the heliotrope would be the next one to get a bullet in after them. "Why would I ever call Homeworld, ask youself that? Do you know what would happen? Do you?" Slowly, she lifted her hand up to her gem; unclear whether she'd draw out her weapon against Pyrite or trying to helplessly protect her gem. "You're a pyrite... they'd shatter you as soon as they'd get you, pyrites shouldn't. Me? I would be too. I far too out of date, it's pointless for me to call help just for them to kill me." She didn't mention Heliotrope, knowing it would only make the gem believe her less.
"What gem is foolish enough to call in their own death squad?!" She glanced over at Heliotrope, begging for her to run from what seemed like the crazed gun wielding gem with what little expression she could offer without giving herself away.

Yet the gem stayed put. Heliotrope hasn't moved from the spot she was shoved to, she hasn't said a word, looked away from Pyrite, her expression stayed the same. "Pyrite," she uttered softly, almost too quiet to hear, "I'm from Homeworld... does that mean I'm bad too?" How could she forget that Pyrite hated Homeworld, anything from it, anything that supported it. That meant her too. Her mind wouldn't stop with what Pyrite really thought of her.

This time louder, she asked again. "Does that mean I'm bad too!?"It was a childish question for her to ask, especially when Pyrite is about ready to kill. For her whole time with Pyrite, her companion, her friend, her partner... clearly those were lies. She knew she wasn't good, she knew that the first time she met the gem but never did she question if she was bad. Yet there Pyrite was, saying exactly that.

Still, she didn't move, she didn't even shed a tear. For the first time, even after what Homeworld did to her and ruining her first fusion, she felt useless. Heliotrope didn't wait for her to answer the question, she already knew it's answer.
Pyrite looked right into the eyes of the gem she was pointing her gun at. She could see, no, feel her fear as the gem essentially begged for her life against the possibility of Pyrite pushing that trigger. Pyrite didn't want to die. She didn't want Heliotrope to die. Heck, she didn't have an itch to pull this trigger, she felt cornered... After all those years, she just... she thought she was free. More than not wanting to die, however, Pyrite didn't want to be dragged to Homeworld after so many years of living on Earth. She'd rather be shattered than have that happen. Pyrite stepped forward, barely keeping a hold of her gun, "Look, I- I don't-I-" her mouth felt dry, "I don't know! Why wouldja' call Homeworld?! Maybe it was some crazy accident like ya' said! Either way, they're..." she lowered her voice, a desperate whimper, "... Homeworld's coming." She felt a knot, like she'd eaten some human food that just wouldn't go down. The thought of the inevitable outcome to all this... Pyrite felt terrified. She masked this with anger, defensiveness, accusations... mixed in with her own paranoia, the common first response for her. Funny, she'd thought that, maybe, with Heliotrope, she'd put some of those bad habits to bed.


... Heliotrope. In hearing this from that other gem, with their damned ship and insistence on whatever Heliotrope was supposed to be or something (if Pyrite knew what would come of fixing the gem monster, it was honestly pretty damn debatable about whether Pyrite would still want to do the 'right thing' or not) the thought of how Helio was taking all this completely slipped her mind. Pyrite looked over, concerned, but it was too late. Before she could speak another word, Heliotrope said it.

Pyrite lowered her gun, quickly inhaling, "No, Heliotrope," she lurched forward, "you're-" Heliotrope asked again, the question reverberating in her head. She... she made Heliotrope think this, "No! You're not!" Pyrite yelled. She had her doubts about the gem at first, like she would with any other gem... but Heliotrope... she proved was something special. Her partner. She couldn't lose her. She couldn't lose Heliotrope. Not now. Please, not now, "You ain't bad. You're nothing like those gems, Heliotrope. I- I know you don't wanna go and decry them, you've been with them for a real long time. But... believe me, Heliotrope," Pyrite's voice cracked as she said this, and she took more steps forward, looking as if she'd embrace the gem.

And then, in the corner of her eye, there was a figure. Pyrite swerved, drawing her gun on them, "Stand down!"

The figure raised their hands, stepping forward, "Now, hey there-- No need to be so aggressive, fellow gem."

"The hell are you doin' here?" Pyrite looked this gem up and down. No obvious triangle laid on their outfit, but it was far too coincidental that they would appear now, of all times.

"I only stumbled on all of you, arguing about something! Something pretty important, it sounds like." The new gem opened their mouth into an 'o' shape, upon seeing Heliotrope for the supposed first time, "What a coincidence! You and me! We look very alike, don't we!" she seemed to dance around Heliotrope, blatantly ignoring the gun Pyrite was aiming on them, "Red and green... hmm... no mistaking it. You're a Heliotrope, aren't you? Just like me! A fellow comrade!" A look of puzzlement came upon their features, "... Strange, though, you look different-"

"Whoever the hell you are," Pyrite stepped forward, looking like she'd shove this gun into the other 'Heliotrope's' face, "I don't appreciate you telling us what we should be doing as gems either! I'll crack you where ya' stand if ya don't go and scatter!"

"I'm only pointing out the obvious." the gem said, "I mean, she does look very different to me. Which is strange! Very strange! Because you see, if there were, say, another Pyrite like yourself," she gestured to Pyrite, "despite your... very particular way of forming yourself, there would still be the basic body shape. But here!" she went next to Helio, getting rather close, even shooting a hand over Heliotrope, "Different heights! Different body-shape! An arm floating where it shouldn't! So different! She's so small! Not very Heliotrope-like at all, don't you see?" She kneeled down, getting a closer look at Heliotrope's gem, "... Ah. Hm. I see."

"Just what do you see?!" Pyrite looked ready to shoot. She looked at the blue gem, as if they would know anything about what was happening now with the new gem.

"Oh just that... This Heliotrope, they had their gem cracked, didn't they? I guess it's okay now. Which is good, Homeworld taking care of fellow comrades and all. But..." the other Heliotrope stood up again, "Don't you think..." she was now speaking to the original Heliotrope, "you should look a little more like me?" She couldn't help but grin, a maniacal expression dazzling her face.
Heliotrope didn't raise her head to look at Pyrite, she didn't feel like she could handle it, seeing the gem's face. This was deep rooted and it was only now that Helio saw the flower that this produced. She held back tears, "Pyrite… we both know it. I mean, when you first met me you tried to shoot me because I was bad. I destroyed our fusion because I was bad. I caused everything bad to happen to you because I was bad… because I was from Homeworld." With each and every word, her body shook as she slowly balled up her fists. "Pyrite, stop lying to yourself! Stop lying to me! Can't you do at least that?!"

What were they anymore? Just friendly enemies? She tried not to dwell too much on the pain going through her mind. It was overflowing her thoughts, all she could think of Pyrite and what she really is. Lifting her head up to the gem, her lip beginning to curl. "I am just like those gems! I'm not any different! You said it yourself, Homeworld is bad and anything from it is damned!" Tears begun to slide down her mossy skin, soaking
into the dirt below her. "I'm damned!" Heliotrope feels just as lost as when Homeworld abandoned her.

"Heliotrope," Chry pleaded, "don't be like this. You're not with Homeworld, you can't be bad if you're not a pa-"

"SHUT UP!" she screamed at the gem who reeled back in fear. Before she go on anymore, another gem stumbled upon them. This time, Pyrite questioning them as Heliotrope stood back in silence. Just a moment ago she was screaming at Pyrite, her old partner, right as they showed up. They seemed so familiar, like she was looking in a mirror. Same color, same style of clothes, same hair, same eyes, same everything except it wasn't. Heliotrope was different, stranger and less fearful looking. Heliotrope's emotions flipped as soon as the new gem stumbled in. From puzzling anger to fearful confusion, she still didn't know what was going to happen.

Chry knew what was happening, she knew exactly what was to come next. Shaking, she stepped back from the Pyrite and the Heliotropes, quietly pulling out her weapon, a lance like harpoon. She even pulled back Pyrite by the shoulder, her hands shaking the whole time as she did so. For a gem that was so confient, she wasn't anymore when heliotropes are around. "Pray to whatever diamond you want," she muttered in Pyrite's ear, "it's not going to save us."

She didn't let her harpoon down for a second, her dainty fingers were wrapped so tightly, they quickly turned white (though having such a light teal for a skin didn't make much difference.) "Earlier, you didn't seem to know what Heliotropes are right?" She kept her voice low, right as their Heliotrope gazed up at carnival like mirror version of herself. "You were a spy, Heliotropes are kinda like that. They're basically assassins. Homeworld tells them to kill or at the very least, injury without question. They don't exist anymore, just like pyrites, all for the same reason. They're too dangerous for Homeworld to handle."

Lucky for Chry, she knew this when they first met and at least knew how to make sure she didn't get injured in the process. Her harpoon slowly moved from her side to nearly scrapping against Pyrite's gem. "And they're still dangerous." She tried her best to hide her fear but her voice quivering voice gave it away.

The speech that the new Heliotrope gave shook Heliotrope to the core. Was she meant to look like that? Did whatever happen to her gem cause that? She didn't dwell on the issue the Heliotrope brought up except she did dwell on the emotions, which was mostly rage.
It was uncharacteristic of her to say the least to act out. The gem managed to strike a hidden chord inside her, making her realize everything she hated about herself in one instant. "Shut up you piece of tall shit!" she bellowed, drawing out a string of daggers from the gem on her forehead. They formed a circle around her as she stepped back from the Heliotrope. Pyrite should recognize it, she did that when she feared for her life when they first met. Over and over in her mind she heard the mocking words of the gem used yet one stood out.


That wasn't a word gems used to describe researchers, no, she knew exactly what that word was for: the war bound gems of Homeworld. Her rage dropped as she realized something was terribly off with her, confusion filling its place. Is that why the other Heliotrope looked so normal? So strong? Is that why Pyrite tried to kill her the first time they met? Why Chry fears her? They knew something about her, something she didn't know.

She whipped around to face Pyrite, tears streaming down her face as she clutched a dagger, her brows furrowed. "Oh wait, I know why. You're just like me Pyrite. You're bad. You're no different..." She stomped towards Pyrite as Chry tried to pull them both away. "YOU KNEW I WAS BAD AND
YOU LIED TO ME BECAUSE YOU'RE BAD AS WELL!" With the dagger in her hand, she pointed it towards the gem on Pyrite's hip.

"YOU'RE FROM HOMEWORLD NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LIKE TO SAY YOU'RE NOT. YOU'RE BAD AND ALL YOU DO IS CAUSE PAIN AND SUFFERING EVERYWHERE YOU GO!" She smeared her tears away with her shaking free hand. Heliotrope couldn't hide the utter feeling of abandonment she felt, her face contorted with guilt and resentment and sorrow. It was amazing she wasn't dropping to the ground and breaking down, she was barely holding it together. "DON'T YOU SEE? DON'T YOU SEE?! IF I NEVER MET YOU THEN MAYBE I WOULD BE OKAY NOT KNOWING THIS, NOT KNOWING THERE'S SOMETHING BAD AND OFF ABOUT ME. WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THIS TO ME?"

Heliotroped lowered the dagger from Pyrite's gem, the rest slowly remained, circling around her. She fell to her knees, tears streaming from her face as the dagger in her hand roll out of her palm and into the dust. "Why Pyrite… you knew I was bad and you still did this to me?" Her shaking hands couldn't wipe away all her tears. "I thought you were my… my partner?"
Hearing Heliotrope say all this about herself... it tore Pyrite up inside. She felt as if her world was spinning, between the blue gem, and 'other' Heliotrope... Everything was falling apart. She felt the other gem pulling her back, "Are you implyin' ah still pray t' 'um?" she responded, even now having her sass, but listened to what else she said, regarding Helio and the other Heliotrope. They were assassins. Meant to kill without mercy. It was like she was supposed to be a spy, but... that obviously didn't work out. Pyrite might have thought this to be some bluff or something, if she didn't have the proof right in front of her.

"... Helio's different, though..." Pyrite mumbled, unclear if to Chry or herself, "... She's... she ain't like that... she can't be like that." She couldn't imagine Helio having been anything like that, she didn't want to imagine Helio as she was 'supposed' to be-- she was already who she was supposed to be! Yet... the way she was acting now was completely foreign to the gem that Pyrite had gotten to know. No matter how she could deny it, maybe, there was a time where... where Helio was like... that... Pyrite recognized the ring of daggers. She too was at the end of those daggers, but back then it was from a scared gem who was only defending herself. Now, it was from a gem overcome with rage... and Pyrite was the scared gem, shaking with her weapon.

The other Heliotrope was not intimidated in the slightest by these daggers. If anything, she looked... satisfied. Like it was something she wanted. They were putting on quite the show! It had been some time since Rainbow really got to mess with any gems, and they didn't disappoint. Exceeded her expectations. She looked at the daggers, going round and round and round... yes, this was going just perfect. But, surely, it could go further. She'd hate to end anything too soon.

"Don't listen to 'um Helio!" Pyrite cried out, "You don't look like them, but... but you're-" she was interrupted by Helio's own rant, and stunned, Pyrite continued to listen. She dropped her gun. Chry could pull all she wanted but Pyrite wouldn't budge. She only stared, like a deer in the headlights.

What Helio said was true. Pyrite had been running from such facts all her life. She was a bad gem. She spent time with the humans. Absorbed their identity for her own. She had a new life, until that went away. And then she was alone. And she was fine with it. She really, truly was. Until she met Helio, and she thought that was great too, until they ended up like this... It was like looking into a mirror. When Homeworld had first left her. After all those years, not a gem in sight. Worse still, she always had an inkling of who had made her poof back then, in the war... someone she thought she could trust. Helio thought she could trust her, and look at them now.

She was a bad gem. In the back of her head she always knew she wasn't the best gem. Somehow, she'd managed to fool Helio into thinking otherwise. If Helio wanted to shatter her gem, right here and now, then Pyrite wouldn't resist. It'd be a better fate than what Homeworld might intend anyways. Maybe if they hadn't met, if Pyrite had only gone her own way as she should have, they'd both be in better places. Heliotrope was blaming herself for things that were Pyrite's fault, she was certain. Pyrite had pointed her gun at her first because she was a paranoid wreck. Their fusion destroyed because Pyrite had pushed them with no thought of how Helio would handle it. And now, thanks to her freak-out, they were like this.

Pyrite watched as she lowered herself to the ground. As much as she wanted to feel bad for herself now, she couldn't leave Helio like this, "Helio..."

The other Heliotrope stepped forward, and Pyrite immediately drew her gun. The Heliotrope chuckled.

"Jus' what d'you think you're doin' now?" Pyrite asked.

"I cannot believe how incredibly dense you are-- Tell me, are all old Pyrites like this? No wonder Homeworld got rid of them. Much too bothersome to handle." The Heliotrope said, "Do not bother. You don't see? She doesn't want you, a gem who will deny their very identity to the core." The Heliotrope offered her hand to Helio, "Now, me, on the other hand... Perhaps Homeworld is 'bad', and therefore, I am bad too. Surely all of us originate from Homeworld, so, all of us, at our core," she looked at Pyrite and Chry, grinning, "are bad. But... unlike them... we don't have to live in denial." she looked down at Helio again, "You are small. Unlike how a Heliotrope should be. But Homeworld could still accept you," When Rainbow turned her in, it was up to Homeworld about what to do with them. Not a complete lie, "Perhaps... we can be bad together, comrade?"
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What was she to do now? Deny herself and listen to Pyrite or destroy everything she knows but accepting what she is. Pyrite was wrong, she could never be what the gem saw in her. What little good resided in her wasn't enough to make her good, it wasn't enough to be something that Pyrite wanted. Heliotrope turned around to the gem, "Pyrite listen to her," she muttered, "this Heliotrope knows what I was, shouldn't I be like that? Shouldn't I be my old self?"

In reality, she didn't know if she could trust the Heliotrope. Something deep down inside said otherwise; a forgotten feeling that said it was okay to trust her.

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed Heliotrope's hand, gripping it as if the world depended on it. With her back to Pyrite, she said "I'll show my old self then. I'll show you what I can be." Helio's voice seemed dead, almost forced. It lost all fear in one quick moment, along with every other aspect that made Helio Helio. She didn't seem scared, she didn't seem weak or helpless or lost. No, this is what she always was, just hidden.

"Let's do this, comrade."

In one swift moment she pulled the Heliotrope towards her while Helio stepped back. She'd been the one to begin their dance, she'd decided she'd be in control for once. To the other Heliotrope, it seemed as if she'd taken to her role of being the bad guy well but for Helio, it was just her getting used to the long forgotten power she had. Their dance was quick, over in seconds before the two were engulfed in light.

At this moment, Chry knew that they couldn't stop them. She dropped her weapon, her whole body shaking. "Yo-you know…" her words stumbled out through her growing fear, "I don't, I don't think praying to a-any of the diamonds… no, I don't th-think it'll help at all. We're doomed."
This fusion though, it felt different for Helio from when she fused with Pyrite. It wasn't loving or carefree like Unakite. No, it felt as if she was reliving some unforgotten pain. It was horrible, it was cruel but it was it was also better than anything she'd ever felt. It was the power. How long had it been since she'd felt like this, since she felt she could rule the whole world and destroy it in an instant. Unakite was meant to protect with her power yet this fusion was meant to destroy. With this power she'd make sure everyone else knew she was bad, oh, she'd make sure of it. Helio wondered what the Heliotrope was feeling the same as her as they fused or if it was just her because she was so weak.

And out of the light came Polybasite. To Pyrite can Chry's horror, it was stable. Polybasite's towered above them, their arms out stretched and legs crossed as they walked towards the two gems. Two arms, two legs, two eyes, and the only thing off was their mouths, two of them, one above the other. Their hair was nearly snow white that flowed down to the end of their back. It looked like oil on the ground when the sun hit it though. Polybasite's clothes seemed fit for a commander in a Homeworld army. Form fitting, light, enough room around their gem in the nearly black outfit. Even a cloak that hangs down from their shoulders, it looks just like those of commanding gems. What every Helio was, she isn't any more. She's something terrifying along with the other Heliotrope. They created a monster.

Polybasite walked towards them, a grin growing on their face. "Oh this is nice, very nice, isn't it? I think it is. This feels so good, so strong." They chuckled at themselves, wondering what else they could do. "Will you regret this Pyrite? Or will the Pyrite regret trusting the Heliotrope. It's a mystery, mystery mystery mystery… Hmm," Polybasite crouched before the two, their head tilting to the side as they glare at Pyrite. "You made a mistake, didn't you?" They laughed at her, slamming on hand down next to Pyrite before leaning over them. "Was it fusing? Was it trusting the Pyrite? Was it trusting the Heliotrope? We don't know, no, we don't. But we do you made a mistake."

The fusion rose back up, still smirking at Pyrite. "Did you know this feels amazing? Much better than other fusions that they've had." Their voice didn't quiver at all when thy mocked Pyrite, not even a ounce of regret. "Oh my, oh my, this strength is amazing. I think the Pyrite is loving this, oh they must, and the Heliotrope… them too, oh yes." Cracking their knuckles they continued on, "Not since they were nearly shattered. Oh so long, so very long, not even that Unakite could make you feel like this. You can't deny this power, not even you Pyrite. This is what you wanted, didn't you?" Polybasite's grin quickly faded and was replaced by a nearly lifeless expression that stared down Pyrite, "Heliotrope to be strong." They broke out in a laugh, the grin returning. "Oh how you're going to regret this. You're going to really regret this. Maybe you were the weak one after all Pyrite, maybe you really were," they sneered.
"... N-no. Helio." Pyrite choked out, begging, "You're- You're-..." Could she still say she was her partner? ... After all she's done to her? She wiped a hand over her face, "Helio. Look at me. Just... turn around a-and maybe we can forget this ever happened? Pretend things are... like they used to... how they... should..." Pyrite's voice lowered more and more, until it was just a despairing whisper. Helio was scaring her-- not that she hadn't before, but... her tone... that wasn't Helio. It was like something infernal had possessed her, making her something Pyrite swore she wasn't. "Helio. HELIO!" Pyrite continued yelling for Helio, her voice going hoarse. Turn around, just turn around, turn around, just turn around... It was useless.

As soon as Helio grabbed that hand, it was all over.

What were they...? Oh. Rainbow had never fused before, in truth, the option hadn't quite crossed her mind. She'd expected that perhaps her and this Heliotrope could clear the gems themselves but... fusion seemed to be a much funner option, and much more productive as well. It would get the mission done, and really, Homeworld did not need to know. So Rainbow allowed her to lead, how forward of this Heliotrope. Perhaps still insecure about her size? They molded themselves into Helio's movements, allowing Helio to truly embrace who they should be... This was Rainbow's first fusion, but she was confident that she would be the one in control. Of course she would be. This Heliotrope... they were improper. Far too weak. Easy to overcome. Especially with her current emotional state. To think, she thought this might be a challenge for once. The Heliotrope melted into Helio, for a brief moment showing her true form in the light before they became the fusion. Polybasite.

It was a intoxicating, the power they held over these puny gems. So small. But they were bigger. Superior. They would crush the opposition-- Oh, hah, that was implying there was any.

"... Helio, Helio, Helio..." Pyrite said this quietly, staring as they formed the monstrous fusion that towered above them. A horrible reminder sunk in her, slightly remembering what the outfit they were wearing could be used for. A higher up in Homeworld. Like the ones that used to lead the armies. No. Not now Pyrite. Don't think of that now. Think of Helio. Save Helio. She clung to this thought. It was all she had left. She stumbled backward as the fusion slammed their hand down. She was gripping her cowboy hat, knuckles turning a pale yellow as her eyes were dim under the fusion's shadow. All of this... all that they were saying..., "No! Goddamn you! Sh-shut up!" she steadied herself, pulling out her gun again, "Helio! Helio I know-"

"No." Their voice roared out, slamming the other hand down and making Pyrite stumble, struggling to not fall down, "This 'Helio?' Who are they?" a pause, "WHO ARE THEY?" They screeched, like a feral animal, "Heliotrope. But they are not here now. Not now. At this moment? No. Not the Pyrite... they aren't, they can't be, either." a murmur to themselves, joined in by the second mouth in a higher pitch, "Polybasite. That is who you refer to. That is who we are now, yes? For power? Remember? It's all worth it. To exterminate these pests-- if, even that." They broke out into a wide, wide grin, getting closer to Pyrite, "You know what you are now? The weak one. You always were. That was before the Heliotrope's-- our-- True power was realized. You were holding them back. But now. Our full potential. Can be reached." They cackled.

Pyrite stared up, scrambling for their gun and pointing it at the fusion. As if that would do anything. It was all she had. And she held onto it as tightly as she did her belief that, somewhere in there, lied Helio, and that she, her partner could be pulled out.
Polybasite leaned in close to Pyrite, only a few feet of still air were between their face and the gun that Pyrite shakingly held. "You can't do it, can you," they sneered, "you can't even save your skin. What makes you think you can save the poor little Heliotrope, tell me, oh please, tell me." The grinned at Pyrite, showing off both sets of teeth. They were smug as they watched on, seeing how pitiful Pyrite became. It was disgusting to them, no wonder Homeworld rid of Pyrites as soon as they got the chance. They weren't fit for Homeworld in anyway.

For a second, the fusion breaks their stable self, suddenly screaming at Pyrite. "BUT DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN SAVE THIS HELIOTROPE? DO YOU? NO ONE HELPED THEM AND NO ONE WILL. NO ONE, NO ONE, NO ONE." They pounded the ground as if they were a child having a tantrum. Despite their look, it clearly wasn't as stable as fusions could go. But the sudden mood switches didn't help in Pyrite's case. They paused before taking a deep breath, slowly rising up, "oh my, they're sorry about that, yes, very sorry. Rather not have the pyrite not see them...us being brutish. No, no, it's not my style. No, my style, its better and much more fun, isn't it? I think the Pyrite will like this don't you? Cat and mouse they're used to, cat and mouse but mouse can't run. No, the pyrite can't run."

Their cape flowed with the wind that suddenly picked up, small clouds of dust kicked up, flying past all of them. Was it even possible to go up against Polybasite? The two sides seen could easily get Chry or Pyrite shattered. An uncontrolled fusion or one that completely controls them.
Chry watched on as she thought exactly that. How could two gems go up against a fusion like that? It was impossible. No one could beat her alone unless… unless they fuse. The two clearly hated each other and there seemed to be no way around that fact but maybe they could play nice, just for a moment to take down the heliotrope fusion. "Pyrite, we have to fuse," she commanded. Her hands clutched tightly as she repeated herself. She was scared but being from Homeworld made it a little easier to hide the shaking in her voice or terror that flooded her every thought.

"Fuse?" Polybasite laughed at the mere thought of two rejected Homeworld gems with nothing in common fusing. "Homeworld does make bad gems, don't they? But this, oh this, this is why your kind isn't around isn't it? You're both bad gems, but a different bad, isn't that right Pyrite? Chrysocolla? You're bad a fighting, bad a protecting, and bad at being loyal."

Before another remark about the gems' skills, Chry ran right towards Pyrite, gripping her arm tightly. "We need to fuse now!" She didn't hold the same belief that the golden gem did, that the heliotrope that they know could be saved. What needed saving was them. "Please," she begged, her nails digging into Pyrite's skin. "We need to fuse, to protect us," her voice began to quiver as the pale blue gem realized that it be a lost hope. "Even if that means they have to shatter, we need to fuse. Please, Pyrite! Please, we need to!"
Pyrite stared into the eyes of the fusion, searching for some form of recognition. Her hand was frozen, unable to move. She didn't pull the trigger, but she couldn't put the gun down either, "... H-helio? Partner?" Softer this time, "C-come on, I know..." She didn't know what to do. The ground shook and she was knocked over again by the force. She felt small. Slowly, she got up, holding the gun down, only staring up at the fusion with remorse, "Ah... ah'm sorry, partner..." she said to herself. She was scared. Dammit, she was scared! She didn't feel like this since... back then. It was like she was that gem in the war again-- unsure of what to do. Panicky. So much was going around her and then, poof. She stayed in her gem, so terrified of coming out. Hell if she couldn't rely on herself... how did she ever expect Helio to be able to rely on her? "... Y'never were the brightest gem in the box, Pyrite." she mumbled to herself, looking up. A deep breath, "But ah'm pullin' you out of there, whether y' like it or not." That was a promise.

Pyrite looked at Chry like she'd grown another head, "Use? Fuse?" she looked between them, "Don' gems hav' t' have somethin' in common to be able to fuse in th' first place?" She was convinced that a part of this was Chry's fault, "an- Shut up!" she yelled at the fusion, turning towards them before Chry had grabbed her arm. Instinctively, she had her gun pointed at Chry, and it was at her gem level, "What? Y' think you can just- you can just- Make things worse?!" she grit her teeth, "I don't give a damn about protecting either of us! I just..." her hand twitched, "Give me back my partner." She stared Chry in the eye. This was the only way. Pyrite would have rushed head-first into the fusion, damn if she or this gem got shattered. But Helio was at stake here. So, for Helio... "... Okay." Pyrite lowered her gun. She allowed it to retreat into her gem, "I'll fuse."

"Hmm?" The fusion bent down, "What was that?"

"AH SAID WE'RE FUSING." Pyrite yelled, using her other arm to clutch Chry's hand, "An' let's make it quick." Her steps were hard, stomping onto the ground like it was an aggressive line dance. She didn't make much of an attempt to blend into Chry's dance, and quite frankly, she didn't care. Hell if this would even work.

Polybasite grinned with one mouth, amused. What a delightful little show, "So the Pyrite thinks they can stop us? Stop me? Us? Me? The Chrysocolla thinks there may even be a half of a chance, if that? With our power?" A maniacal laugh, "They think there's something to be saved? In here?" a hand went over the gem on their head. The laugh turned into a scream, "IS THERE ANYTHING WORTH SAVING?"

Pyrite remained focus on Chry. Until... her gem was glowing. She'd be damned if it was working. It was working. Their bodies became a light, and they formed... it was unclear as to what they formed. It was a slow process, the fusion emerging, an extremely reluctant burden on either part. Several cracks were apparent on their skin, revealing to be like a geode with hints of either gem inside. Blue could be seen reflecting on the outside skin. The two of their faces didn't make an attempt to fuse-- the two heads of the gems were conjoined to each other, the only difference being that they now had the skin of the fusion. Their arms were chained together, handcuffed, and either of their weapons on a part of the chain. Their legs tensed, only their toes kept them up, and they were unable to fall on their heels.

Pyrite felt as if she wanted to end the fusion right there and then. Being in the same space as Chry was now hard enough, but now fused to her... she couldn't begin to describe how she wanted to tear herself off. But she stared ahead at Polybasite, "Ah'm comin' fer ya', partner." This is what kept her together.

"Of course-- I was right. Didn't I tell you?" One mouth smirked, "Didn't I tell you? Two bad gems form an even worse fusion. Disgusting. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting..." They repeated the word, gripping their arms. Their arms were beginning to show a split between the color line, and they dug their fingers into it, "DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING."
The mismatched fusion stepped back from Polybasite, their faces growing with concern as they watched Polybasite stare them down with their lifeless eyes. "So… disgusting…disgusting!" they mutter over and over, every time their voice grew louder till it they shrieked the words at the pitiful excuse for a fusion.
Looking on at Polybasite literally tearing themselves apart wasn't something either parties were expecting. Pieces of the gems hit the ground, the facets shimmered in the plumes of dust that rose up around them. The unscarred arm unraveled and in a desperate attempt tried to pry itself off the arm but ended in failure as Polybasite ripped the arm off. They hurled their arm right at Mangan Calcite. With forced cooperation, the fusion managed to move out of the way while the arm landed behind them, shattering upon impact.

"Helio…. Helio will ya' listen to me?" cried out the fusion, "it's okay, we don't wanna hurt ya…. Can ya calm down? We need you to cal-"

"Can ya calm down?!" mocked Polybasite. They smirked, regaining stability for mere second before they screamed at Mangan Calacite once more. "YOU PIECE OF CLAY YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! YOU'RE USELESS! BUT LOOK! LOOOOOOK!" Without a second thought, they rip off another arm from their body. "I'M STILL USEFUL WITH TWO ARMS! YOU'RE USELESS WITH FOUR, HOW SHAMEFUL!" How shameful indeed. They can't save Heliotrope in this fusion if it's destroying itself. "Calm, calm, I can act calm…" They suddenly switched again. "But only with we work together, right, only then. True, we aren't working too well together now are we? No, we aren't, we aren't. Shame too," they took a step forward to the pathetic excuse for a fusion.


It was strange to look on. The dagger was alone, no other weapon from the other gem joined it. It was just Helio's weapon that shook in the unstable fusion's hand. Polybasite was teetering on the edge. They couldn't take much more of this assault from themself. Their spite was the only thing that seemed to keep them together, the only thing that made them whole. What was happening? Had Helio hijacked the fusion to show her rage against Pyrite or was it the other Heliotrope who caused her to feel like this? To feel betrayed by Pyrite. To want to hurt Pyrite. Shatter Pyrite. Who was at blame?

Mangan Calcite stumbled back away from Polybasite, each movement causing a crack in the fragile body. "Please, I know you're in there… Stop this. We need you to stop," they plead. Slowly, reaching to their other limbs, the chains clank against each other. The limbs hold each other's weapons; a golden pistol and a pale blue harpoon. The fusion takes the weapons and pulls them together. In a glow of light, the form a pale orange harpoon gun. For a moment they point it at Polybasite before lowering it too their side. "Stop this… please, partner… stop this." Despite them pulling the weapon out, there was no threat of them actually using it. It was only a warning of what they could actually do, of the power they hold.

Polybasite freezes at the sight of the Mangan Calcite's weapon. Their oil slick eyes fill with fear as they realize they may not be able to win this. Does spite keep them together? No, not anymore. Fear would hold them together now. That's all they have now. Fear of Mangan Calcite power's.

Scared, they pull out one ring of daggers after another, surrounding themself with Helio's signature weapon. With their face turning sour it was clear she wasn't pleased by the threat. Bringing these out in defense only meant they were threated but not just that. They're scared. Polybasite is scared that they will be forced to unfuse, they won't be strong anymore. How well can they protect themselves if they're weak? "You can't do this to me? You CAN'T do thIS TO ME YOU CAN'T!" they scream. "I WON'T BE WEAK I WON'T I WON'T! I WON'T BE LIKE YOU. I WILL S H A T T E R YOU!"
The real worrying thing here was if Polybasite might shatter themselves, with how unstable they were becoming, collapsing on each other, but staying unfused, refusing to poof-- this was the determination of a Heliotrope... Why had they formed Polybasite? Beyond meaningful reasons-- two Heliotropes should, hypothetically, form two Heliotropes... as terrifying as the thought is, and the reality that it had apparently happened... one would never think that they would be this unstable. But... there were different matters at hand, than to think about the technicalities of Polybasite. Making sure they didn't get shattered was a rather large matter, for one.

The dagger ring is wavering horribly, and some fall to the ground, dissolving into light particles. They are unsure. They've never been unsure. She's never been unsure. Victory, it always been... certain? Guaranteed? Something deserved, expected, so for gems to go and change the rules like this, to gain the upperhand... A part was fearful. Fear? Wasn't she the one supposed to cause fear? She saw it before never felt, no, no, "NO NO NO NO NO NO--" they screamed, the daggers spinning faster and faster, "CHEATERS CHEATERS NO THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN NO NO NONONONONONO" They continued on like this, like a child that had something taken away from them, and was having a tantrum in a vain attempt to gain it back.

Mangan Calcite brought up their weapon and lowered it several times, hesitating about shooting, "I have to shoot."
"But, Helio..." they protested at the same time.
"What good will it do-" Their self-argument was cut short.

"YOU WILL SHATTER AND DIE AND SHATTER AND SHATTER AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL YOU ARE DUST." Polybasite screeched, and a dagger was thrust at Mangan Calcite.

It only scratched their cheek, widening an already existing crack on their face as a few pieces of it fell to the ground. But this was more than enough. Forcibly, they thrust their arm up, and before a motion of protest was made, the harpoon gun shot out. The aim wasn't much better by a long-shot, but, just enough. The sickly glow of the harpoon blast hit Polybasite's already crumbling legs, and the pieces joined the rest of their crumbling self.

It was just before this, that Polybasite lunged at them. Their torso flung at them, and clung onto the cracks of Mangan Calcite, crumbling fingers pulling at the cracks of the other fusion, "DIE DIE DIE YOU STUPID ROCKS. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER? REMEMBER REMEMBER THEY ARE... the bad gems?" a weak question, proving more division within Polybasite.

Mangan Calcite lifted their arms up, as if to remove Polybasite. They crossed their arms against the other fusion, "Ah might be a bad gem," said the fusion, seeming to meld together, staying together until it was accomplished, "But ah know you ain't, Helio." their arms tightened against Polybasite, embracing them. This is foolish. You're going to get us killed.

But it's my partner we're taking about here.
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It was pointless. All the screaming and thrashing Polybasite caused wouldn't do them any good, they were useless just as Mangan Calcite was. Utterly useless.

They were crumbling with the tiniest of movements; shards of themselves crash into the ground around the fusions. A halo of themselves as they fall from grace. "You can't stop me!" Polybasite screeched, "What makes you think anything will even be okay after this!? YOU CAUSED THIS! YOU CAUSED IT!" The fusion ran their hands against Mangan's face, digging their nails into the cracks. Thousands of facets glimmered in the light as they pried open the slits. How easy the fusion could shatter if they just ripped it open; what would happen if they pulled the face apart? Would it make the two split, would they begin to shatter, or would they be left with two faces weeping at Polybasite's form. It would be interesting to see yet the little experiment fueled by hate the fusion desperately wanted to see was quickly halted.

"Helio, don't do this," Mangan's called as they quickly snatched Polybasite's hands with theirs. In one swift motion, they tore off one of their arms. Shards flew into the air, glimmering for a second before the beauty of it all was interrupted by the screams of Polybasite. "I won't let you do this. I'll destroy you, you know that right? I'll kill you because I love you."

The oil slick eyes of the shattering fusion glared at Mangan. "Love? Is that what you call it? HA! IT'S A FUCKING JOKE TO YOU ISN'T IT." They clawed at Mangan with what remained of two arms. How could they stand there thinking so high of themself when they aren't even stable. They're falling apart at the seam just like them but for some damn reason they hold themself together. What made them so different than Polybasite? Who clearly was stronger, more stable, and actually enjoyed being together while they forced themselves to fuse. "I'LL KILL YOU INSTEAD! HOW DOES THAT SOUND?"
Mangan frowned, "Kill me, in that pitiful state? Ha, you can't even hold yourself up let alone harm me anymore than you have. You see, even if I hate this form, I can still make it out in one piece. You're already in thousands of pieces." With two arms, they seized Polybasite's neck and held them high above them. The fusion struggles in their grip, hairline cracks forming across their neck. The expression on Mangan's face reminded Polybasite of gems who knew of an uncertain future. One hazed by conflicting desires and needs, one that would not be met with glorious victory but instead one that was won in shameful violence, a victory that may mean living another day but just another step closer to death.

Struggling speak with a throat collapsing in on itself, Polybasite forced her final words out. "Listen, you might have managed to defeat me now… but you can't defeat what I've done to that Heliotrope you love… oh how you care so much. It's over, gone, done; you name it, it isn't in her anymore. That's the power of me. I can make her realize. Make her realize it all that you've hidden from her. Enjoy my parting gift. You'll regret it…. oh, you will, you will, YOU WILL YOU WILL YOU PEBBLES ENJOY THE PAIN THAT TRUTH CAUSES!!"

Polybasite's body couldn't handle the pressure anymore and Mangan couldn't stand their disgusting voice another second. Their body shattered in the grip of Mangan's hands. They poofed in their hands; two shards fell to the ground out from the smoke. A bloodstone and what looked like pyrite covered in oil.