A Cowgirl and Scared Dork (Steven Universe RP w/ Y

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There wasn't much out here except for a lone traveler, her square, almost gold-colored build striking out against the rest of the landscape. It might have almost seemed like a scene out of a wild west movie-- With the outfit she was wearing, she could have even starred as the protagonist.

Pyrite put her poncho to the side as she walked along, looking for the next destination that she'd get to. That was just about her life now; arrive at a new place, take in the sights, and once everything was said and done, it was time to mosey on for the next place, and Pyrite had to say that it wasn't that bad of a life. She was a free gem on the road to nowhere in particular, and heck if she wouldn't fight to keep it that way... but hey, she really doubted she'd see any gems anytime soon here. She had no idea what happened from when she retreated in her gem, and all she knew was when she popped back out, it was over. That was fine with her, as she didn't intend on siding back with homeworld anytime soon anyways.

She lifted her cowboy hat and her dirty gold eyes shined in the sunlight. She saw something in the distance. Not sure about what it was, but hey, something sure was better than nothing. Hurrying her pace, she made her way over to whatever this sight was.
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As the gem drew closer she saw something she hadn't in hundreds of years: another gem. There was no mistaking it. The gem was strange, her limbs floated along side her pale green skin, and right in there in plain sight was the homeworld's symbol on her red dress. The only thing she was doing was collecting dirt and flowers. What the heck was she doing? Why is a homeworld gem back on earth?

The gem, Heliotrope, didn't notice Pyrite spying on her, her focus was drawn to the dirt beneath her feet. "Chemical composition seems stable... much like the rest of this planet," the gem mutters. She sighed and dusted off grim from dress and boots that, unlike Pyrite's pair, gleamed in the sun's rays. Heliotrope wondered how much longer till the Homeworld notices shes gone. Lost alone on a planet full of organic creatures. She doubted anyone would come soon, it's only been a hundred or so years since her spaceship was destroyed and all hope along with it. The Homeworld didn't care about gems scouting for information of planet's composition, they didn't care about her.
Pyrite immediately slowed her pace to a stop when she realized just what this sight was-- another gem! Here! Of all places! A scowl came upon her face and her hat lowered, almost symbolic of her now soured mood. She was tempted to draw her gun, but quickly noticed that the gem paid no mind to her. Good. How about they keep it that way lest she actually have a reason to try and shoot.

Now, Pyrite couldn't just leave a sight like this, and she stayed... partially because she had never quite seen a gem like her. Floating limbs? Was that a new home-world thing? Must have been, because the symbol was clear on her chest. She peered, trying to see what she was doing. She was... collecting something? What? What for? Did she just... like those things? A collector of them maybe? ... Pretty boring hobby if you asked Pyrite.

Unfortunately, Pyrite's days of being a spy were well behind her back in the gem war, because when she stepped forward a stray rock got in the way, and it wasn't so much the fall that made so much noise as much as how she tried to keep her footing and failed, and only noticed how much of a mistake this was when she officially landed on her bottom.

"... Aw haystacks."
Helio's head shot up, glancing over to see another creature, no, another gem. Her eyes twinkled, hoping that help has finally come. "Are you from Homeworld? Did Homeworld finally notice I was gone... Wait. You're dressed like those organics." She realized that a strange gem stumbled upon her, was it those crystal gems they spoke of her about? Couldn't be, the gem was wearing organic clothing and didn't have any identifying symbols on her. "Oh gem, you're not from Homeworld!" she yelled at Pyrite.

She backed away, drawing a small dagger from the dull gem on her forehead. Helio looked at Pyrite, her hands shaking as she tightly held the weapon. "Speak up! Who are you! And what the heck is haystack!?" Pyrite could see right through the tough act the gem was putting on. Helio's wasn't quite sure what to do, it was her job to survey planets and not fight. Her floating legs dropped to the ground with a plume of dust flying up. Despite the timid nature of Helio, she decided not to run... yet. At the very least she wanted to know who this gem was; only to report it to Homeworld if she can make back.
Pyrite would have been quick to correct the gem, as she'd rather risk potential danger than ever be associated with Homeworld, but the other gem quickly corrected herself, "Took ya' long enough tah notice!" Pyrite spat back, quickly getting herself up and pulling out her gun from her gem and with a click, had it dead set on the gem.

She glowered at the other gem... only to notice that the other gem's hands were shaking, not exactly what a trained fighter would do. Looking through the dust cloud, she found herself less and less intimidated by this other gem. She put her gun down, but not her guard-- this all could be an act for all she knew, and she still had herself wary of all other gems, "... Ya' can call me Pyrite." she said, still griping her gun on her side. If this gem attacked her then she wouldn't hesitate to shoot, "And ah just happened to wander to... whatever ya' got goin' on here. Didn't see much other than ya' weird collectin' hobby." she said, "... And a haystack is like... stacks of bales of hay..." she paused, realizing that a Homeworld gem wouldn't even know what hay is, "... Disregard that. Anyways, I answered, now you best do the same-- What d'ya call yourself?"
She didn't lower her dagger, her dull green eyes stared straight at Pyrite. "I'm Heliotrope. I am conducting research on this planet for Homeworld. And I am not collecting, well, yes I guess I am. But it is not a hobby, it's so I can analyze it's composition so see if it's the kind Homeworld is wanting." Taking a step back from Pyrite, she lowers her dagger, holding it near her waist.

"Please understand I mean no harm. I'm merely conducting research. It's my job," Helio uttered, even she could hear the quiver in her voice when she spoke. Homeworld said this planet's gems were all destroyed long ago, yet there's a gem here. Standing right in front of her, holding her weapon moments ago. "Who exactly are you. You're not from Homeworld, so where are you from?" she asked.
Pyrite laughed at her question, like it was an inside joke that only she got, "Dang right I'm not from Homeworld. Never even seen the place." she tipped her hat up, "Y'see this planet that you're 'parently analyzing?" she tapped her foot on the ground, "I was born and formed right on here-- an Earth gem from day one." she paused, "... I was born in a thing called a Kin-der-gar-ten. I'm sure ya' don't even know what that thing is, though." Pyrite looked away, feeling as if she'd given too much information about herself already. Then again, she was never particularly proud of what Kindergartens meant for Homeworld.
"You're strange Pyrite. Kindergarten isn't for making new gems, I have no idea where you got your information from. Kindergarten is used to mine materials for Homeworld, thus, why I'm here." A thought dashed through her mind, wondering if she should tell this planet loving gem about what she's doing for Homeworld when Pyrite has no part of it. Since Pyrite isn't on her side, what's stopping the gem from attacking her and halting her job.

She took another step back from Pyrite, dropping her dagger and stood there for a moment. "I'm sorry but I think it's time I leave." And just like that, the strange looking gem dashed away from Pyrite with a grin, leaving her behind in a trail of dust. Heliotrope didn't want to deal with Pyrite, she feared of what will come to her and her years of precious work. The best bet she had was to run and hope to diamond that she can get away from the sharpshooter and her questions.
Pyrite raised an eyebrow, "Well, I ain't too sure about what homeworld told ya', but I'm pretty sure that ah'm a product of one of those things. Just how in the dark is Homeworld keepin' ya'?" Granted, it wasn't like Pyrite knew everything there was to about Homeworld, having been created for the express purpose of serving them in the gem war. She figured that there wasn't much reason for telling her about anything anyways...

With a flick of her hand she made her gun disappear. She figured that she didn't really need it around Heliotrope, who seemed to want to do anything but fight anyways. Just as she did this, the other gem ran off, and she found herself instantly following, "Hey! Where d'ya' think your goin'?!" It was one of those split-second, brash decisions that she didn't really think about until the consequences came. This gem might have not been a direct threat, but they still belonged to Homeworld, and she didn't trust that she'd be completely safe now that Heliotrope knew she existed.
She panicked; even though the golden fool didn't have her weapon out, Heliotrope was sure that she'd make sure she didn't stay on this hunk of rock because of that gem. Dashing through brush and around trees was easy for her, the rocks that scattered the landscape was another issue to deal with. As Heliotrope gained distance on Pyrite, she though she was home free or nearly there; till one of her legs got stuck between two rocks. The rest of her stumbled onto the ground. "Oh diamond!" she burst out saying.

Heliotrope crawled towards her leg; she could hear Pyrite's footsteps racing right for her. What could she do? I was a tad too difficult to run with one leg and it wouldn't be easy to fight Pyrite considering she was a sitting duck. As she tried to dislodge her leg, Heliotrope could see the earth loving gem coming straight towards her. Pulling out a string of daggers from the dull gem on forehead, hoping just a show of what she has can scare Pyrite off. It was a long shot, but she knew that her leg wouldn't be freed in time.
Pyrite wasn't the most agile gem, and she was way behind the gem that she was giving chase. However, stamina was another thing, and she could give chase for as long as she needed, along with the fact that when she did hit something, she hit hard, but she kind of hoped that it wouldn't come to that. Not that she doubted being able to hold her own, far from that... but rather she knew that this gem wasn't the fighting kind. And as the old saying went, bringing a gun to a knife fight was a tad unfair.

She heard Heliotrope's voice in the distance, and she could see her green figure coming up until she stopped, seeing that Heliotrope was trying to scare her off again. But, instead of drawing her gun, she put her hands up, "Now, ah ain't lookin' to fight... 'cause it'd be pretty one sided if we did. Now, what ah did chase ya' down for was..." she paused. She was stuck. Just what did she chase this gem down for? She turned around, murmuring to herself, "Dammit Pyrite, ya' gotta give more thought to these sort of things! Now look what'cha did..." she turned back around again, clearing her throat. She tried to think of a more... well, better reason than being a split-second decision that she admittedly was somewhat regretting than just leaving the gem alone because now she was in an awkward position, "... I just don't trust what'cha doin' back there, I guess." she admitted. Then again, it wasn't like her distrust was all that hidden, "... Just what're ya' gonna do now that ya' know ah'm here?"
"I'll find a way to get out of this rock and then I'm heading to my ship. I refuse to let a gem, possible a rebel! run around this planet. Homeworld needs to know this!" She didn't let her weapons down, Heliotrope was afraid of what Pyrite might do. That gem was stronger, a much better fighter, and simply had good luck on her side; Heliotrope only had Homeworld. She figured that might be enough to stop her, even if it was just a bluff. Homeworld didn't care about her or the fact another gem is on the planet, it only cared if they got this planet.

"You're not on my side, so there's no way I can trust you. Understand that you fool, we're enemies since you're not with me." She got annoying and quick. Heliotrope must have been force feed this nonsense since she came into existence and Pyrite knew the true side of that planet, that it's cruel and only cares about itself. Yet Heliotrope knew nothing else and she'd defend it till her gem broke.
Watching Heliotrope struggle, Pyrite had an unamused face upon hearing her answer, "... Well, at least ya' honest. I can give ya' that." She said... Although, it wasn't like Pyrite could give any lessons about what not to say to an enemy, considering that she was more than willing to confirm her not-allegiance to Homeworld.

She laughed at what the other gem had to say, yet another inside joke only gotten by herself, "Well, ya' see, the funny thing is, I used to be on your side." she paused, "Emphasis on used tah." Just what propelled her to admit something like that? Usually she'd be a little more cautious about revealing such personal things about herself, especially about her background, but, well, what this gem had to say really set something off inside her. Perhaps a desire to prove her views to this gem who was getting to be just as stubborn as she could be on her worst days, "And I don't mean as a rebel. I mean, as in..." she paused again before chuckling to herself, this time sounding more bitter, "... Well, be careful about how close ya' put yourself to Homeworld. If ya' ain't useful enough, then they'd just toss ya' like a dirty dishrag. You're just a tool to them."
"Wait, wait. You couldn't have been with Homeworld, you're too... how do I put this, earthly." Heliotrope allowed her daggers to disappear, intrigued by Pyrite's claims. It wasn't uncommon to have rebels or runaway on Homeworld yet runaways were scared and weak and rebels teamed up and destroyed their ships and fellow gems. The gem wasn't either of those things, she was like a Homeworld gem except all respect has left her.

She clenched her fists, knowing full well what she's about to say can be enough to consider her a traitor, just barely though. "I won't report you to my higher ups, it might cause more problems for me and them. But I want to know who you are, because you're leaving out something I don't know. What do you know about my planet that I don't?!" The thought that she might be being used formed in her mind as soon as Pyrite uttered that she was a tool, a tool! She was part of the research group, there's no way she could be a tool. Yet Pyrite's voice was so convincing, more than any gem she'd met so far.
Pyrite didn't think that what she said had too much weight until the daggers disappeared. Not that the gem had done that great of a job defending herself before, but those daggers were the only thing that she really had against Pyrite. She reckoned that this gem wasn't going to be convinced to just take her side with a few words though, and she wasn't looking to make any friends herself.

She didn't fully trust that this gem was going to do what she said she would. The last time she put her trust in anything Homeworld related... it almost didn't end well for her. Might have been some sort of trap. Like she'd hear what she wanted to hear from Pyrite, and then have enough evidence to bring her to Homeworld, and then... she shook her head. No, that was getting too paranoid, even for her. If Heliotrope wanted to take Pyrite then she might as well have contacted them and done it, evidence be damned... Besides, if she did tell this gem anything, it's not like it'd be anything Homeworld didn't already know. A little history lesson they might have neglected to tell her.

"Where do ah begin..." Pyrite put a hand on her chin, trying to guess what Heliotrope might have already known, "... Kindergarten! Okay, so ya' said it's fer gatherin' materials or some sort'of other nonsense, raight? Maybe that's what Homeworld's usin' them for now, but back then, they were makin' a heck of a lotta' new gems in 'um." she pointed to herself, "... Such as yours truly. ... So, just imagine all these walls, and in these walls are body shaped holes, that's where the gems would come out'of, and..." as she was explaining this, she looked back to Heliotrope. It was likely she had never even seen this 'kind' of a Kindergarten, so it might have been hard for her to imagine. Some sort of visual reference might be better.

Seeing a stick nearby she grabbed it, and began drawing a sort of simple diagram in front of Heliotrope, "So, here's the wall." she said, drawing a square, "and out of these holes," she drew humanoid shaped holes, "came out gems..." she stared at what she drew. This was only a small version of what she could remember. Geez, she was surprised by how much she could remember this when she was prompted to... like it all happened yesterday. "... And I think these sort of things," she drew a crude version of a machine that she'd remembered, "... Helped with makin' gems? Like... injectin'... gem stuff in the ground so that new gems could be made for..." another big pause, partially remembering, but mostly wondering if Heliotrope even knew about the time when she was born.

She knelt down, looking Heliotrope in the eyes, "... Say, did Homeworld tell you anything about the Gem war? For this planet here?" her tone was more serious, lacking the boisterous voice that she'd been speaking in the whole time, and even the accent she'd picked up from Earthen culture.
The idea that Kindergarten was used to make gems was beyond her. Is that how most gems were made? Is that how she was made? Heliotroped wondered why Homeworld would even need to make gems, they were winning the war, why would they need to make new gems? She spent years doings this, planet to planet. Making sure everything was okay for Homeworld yet Pyrite was right, she didn't know exactly why she was doing that.

She stuttered a little as she said, " Not much. M-my superior didn't tell me anything about this planet. Tha-that uh, most planets had rebels somewhere them but that most were shattered or cracked from the war. I-I was told they were scared of other gems and uh wouldn't go near them, that's why I came here. Because they said it was safe." She looked away from Pyrite, slightly fearful of her now that she showed her more serious side. "Pyrite, what exactly is Homeworld doing? I don't think what I'm doing is wrong... but is what Homeworld doing something wrong?"
"..." More silence from Pyrite. She put her hat down, more for the sake of the other gem because she knew that she was probably a lot more intimidating than she was only a few moments ago. And she didn't like how she was feeling either. Pyrite felt something hard to describe. Some sort of bitterness, perhaps? Like everything that even happened in the gem war didn't matter because... well, evidently, they must have chosen to forget.

"... They ain't entirely wrong, I guess." she said as she got herself back up, "I dunno about those other planets, but here, there were plenty of rebels... Called the 'Crystal Gems', I think? I don't know what we were even fighting for-- Just told to fight against these guys. And I did. I fought damn hard. I did everything they asked of me. And, you wanna know what happened?" The memories were all coming back to her now, memories that she'd actually buried deep and sometimes, even wished to forget. She didn't think about them much, "They left me! I could have had my gem cracked in the middle of all that chaos, and I'm pretty lucky I didn't, but still! As soon as I poofed, I might as well have been dead because they just left me there." She could remember the fear she felt. Staying inside her gem. Wait for Homeworld. Homeworld never came.

Pyrite had to stop herself because she was pretty sure the point was made by now and, in all honesty, she'd be pretty scared of herself too, "... Look, what I'm trying to say is... Homeworld doesn't care about Gems. Homeworld cares about Homeworld. I was replaced as soon as I didn't do my job, even if I was trying. Same thing could happen to ya'. Homeworld sees Gems as tools." she looked to Heliotrope's stuck leg and simply kicked it out. If Heliotrope wanted to run away now she wouldn't mind. Pyrite turned around, her back facing the other gem. She kind of wanted her to run away now, because all this did now was bring up a mess of things she had all sorts of emotions about.
Heliotrope grabbed her leg and brought it back near her hip, floating once more. She wasn't sure if she should thank the rowdy gem or best to leave her alone. "Pyrite," she muttered, "I'm sorry for what Homeworld did to you. No one should abandoned their own... To be honest, I'm pretty sure Homeworld left me. I've, I've been stuck on this planet for so many years. My ship crashed and is broken." The gem took a few steps closer to Pyrite, standing near her side.

"I'm not going to lie, you scare me. I've never meet a fighter from Homeworld, let alone speak to one. I thought you were a rebel..." she sighed, gently touching her gemstone on her forehead. "I hate rebels after what they did to me. I was scared you'd hurt me and destroy my work like the others did. But maybe they were right to do. I don't know, maybe I am just a tool. You're probably right Pyrite." Heliotrope wasn't sure what would happen next. She bet that Pyrite would leave, go back to being a human 'cowboy', whatever that exactly is she wasn't sure of.
"... To answer your question about what Homeworld is doin' exactly... I don't know. Didn't know then, and ah sure as heck don't know now... For the most part, I consider their treatment of Gems to be what's wrong about this whole thing." Pyrite said, kicking around some rocks, "And, uh... thanks. You're the only one from Homeworld to actually say that to me."

Pyrite was more 'neutral' towards rebels. For the most part she had a policy of being suspicious of any Gem unless they proved themselves otherwise, and even then, she could be stubborn about that... Like she was about this Gem. Although, by now she knew that this Gem didn't have any ulterior intentions. She'd managed to get her to question her alliance with Homeworld.

"... So." Pyrite said, looking to her, "... What're you gonna do now?"
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She glanced at Pyrite and shrugged, "I don't know, I'm pretty much stuck here on this planet. My ship is broken and there's no rescue coming for me. I don't know, maybe I'll just keep doing what I've been doing or..." She had no idea what else she could do. All her life, ever since she poofed into existence, she'd serve Homeworld and followed every single command. Heliotrope had no idea what she could do, if she left Homeworld, she'd lose all sense of self and purpose.

"Pyrite, what did you do once you left Homeworld?" It was amazing how a few words can turn someone's world upside down. The gem seemed confused, scared to make another choice. Pyrite could tell Heliotrope wasn't used to questioning anything, especially the one thing that caused so many gems to flee and fight.