A Cowgirl and Scared Dork (Steven Universe RP w/ Y

As 'hardened' as Pyrite was, she couldn't help but now have some sympathy for Heliotrope, if only because she was in the same situation after Homeworld didn't come back for her.

"Well... ah gotta admit that I was pretty lost too. Not that I had much of a choice either-- sort of stranded once I finally came out of my gem again. ... Saw these guys called 'cowboys' though, and apparently these humans were really valuen' gold? ... Ah didn't see any sense in the latter, but I was kind'of fascinated by what these cowboys were doin', so I joined 'um." she gestured to her appearance, "Since then I've been a free gem. Play by my own rules. It's pretty liberating. Homeworld doesn't value this place much, but you'd be surprised about how varied Earth is. Humans are kind of... weird, can't deny that, but in way they're kind'of fascinating buggers." she said, before looking to Heliotrope. The Gem really didn't look like she had a clue about what to do now.

She thought of something, but she wasn't sure about if it was something she or Heliotrope would even want to do. But now the thought of this Gem being completely lost came to her and the guilt snuck up on her conscience, "... Say," she began, "maybe you'd wanna go travelin' with me? If ya' still havin' those second thoughts about Homeworld, that is. It could just be 'till ya' really figure out just what you wanna do with yourself now."
"You truly wouldn't mind a gem like me being around you? Especially since I'm from Homeworld?" Heliotrope asked her. The idea of being by Pyrite didn't frighten her as much, it would just be new since she rarely had contact with other gems anyways. Maybe it would be better to stick with her for the time being, at least till she figured out what she wants to do as Pyrite suggested.

Heliotrope stepped towards Pyrite, "I think I'll follow you, it's better than waiting her for a few more decades for nothing," she uttered. The sun gleamed off the two of them as they stood in the open, their gems shining in the golden rays. "Thank you Pyrite. You're nicer than every gem in Homeworld combined."
"Hey, ah used to be with Homeworld too-- and ya seem to be havin' some sense about them too." Pyrite said, tipping her hat up so that her face was more visible. Her dirt-gold eyes shined in the light, as they tended to do when she faced the sunlight. This... would be a different experience. Aside from having not seen a fellow Gem in the longest time, she was also used to being alone. Did she get lonely? Well, maybe, but she usually pushed that feeling aside, reasoning that most humans had short lifespans that would be finished in the blink of an eye, and that Gems couldn't be trusted anyways... Maybe Heliotrope was an exception.

The comment caught Pyrite off-guard, she was prepared for hostile attacks and nasty remarks... not actual compliments, "Aw, shucks, I'm just showin' some decency. Just promise you'll keep those eyes of yours open, the future's wide open when it isn't pre-determined for ya'." Pyrite's eyes gave a playful gleam before she started walking, assuming that Heliotrope would follow, "... And maybe we should get ya' trained, too. Wouldn't hurt to know how to actually use those knives of yours."
The smaller gem followed behind her, walking in near sync. As Pyrite looked back on the gem, she saw a smile creep onto her pale green face. Maybe this would be good for both of them, simply being together. "I believe I'm pretty good at handling my knives... I just can't fight, it's scary. So I'd prefer to do research." She quickened her step so she wouldn't fall behind in Pyrite's shadow.

She wasn't sure where they'd be heading but she felt it could be lead to adventure; and what better was to start a new one off than with a real life adventurer along side her. Heliotrope felt that this could help her learn about Homeworld and of Pyrite's life, if not, she had nothing to lose. The gem was stuck on earth but at least it wasn't bad. For the first time ever she wasn't alone and neither was Pyrite.
"... Ah can tell." Pyrite said, continuing along, "Fightin' isn't so hard once ya' get used to it... Then again, I suppose you weren't made for much fightin'." she said, before pausing and asking, "... Say, just how much Gem stuff do ya' know how to do?" she asked, mostly out of curiosity. Surely Homeworld wouldn't deny her that much, or at least Pyrite hoped so.
"I know somethings at least. A lot of gems can transform, I used to be able to that before..." she gestured to her gem placed on her forehead, "I was uh, nearly shattered. Doesn't work anymore.Yellow Diamond said that most of the rebel bases are destroyed which meant me and other gems could go back to our research for Homeworld." To Pyrite, she sounded like she was only parroting things she's heard and not actually know if they're true or not. "I also heard about fusions a long time ago, you're not allowed to do it. Gems aren't meant to do it because you might not be able to unfuse. I know a lot more about technology though, that's what I'm good at."

Heliotrope knew little about gem stuff, it never was her priority ever since she was created. She knew things that Pyrite wouldn't understand and it was clear that the earth gem knew things she's been denied to know. At least Heliotrope knew more than Pyrite thought, which is always a good first step.
Pyrite frowned, knowing that these were things that Homeworld fed to her. Hopefully Heliotrope would start to believe more things that came from what she'd learn, and not Homeworld, once they started traveling more, "Gems ain't meant to do fusion?" Pyrite said, confused, "If we ain't supposed to do it, then why can Gems do it in the first place then? ... Not I'm a know-it-all on fusion, but I know it isn't that forbidden as ya'd like to believe." Pyrite said before continuing, "Shape-shiftin', however, is what ah can really do." Pyrite began showing off by transforming into some of her more common forms in rapid succession: tumbleweed, cactus, a horse, and even a train, all of which she picked up from human society, especially that of the wild west... and, of course, the clever disguise of a mustache on her regular form. She grinned and twirled it, "... While I'm sorry about that near-shatterin' of yours, I'm sure that ya' could get back into the habit of being able to change yourself if you try hard enough... You just gotta' think of what ya' wanna be."

She paused, something picking at her curiosity, "Just how does this 'Homeworld tech' work, though? Just from how ya' look I can tell that Homeworld must have changed from what I knew of it."
"Homeworld has changed so much, even though I've been there most my life. Space travel is a lot quicker for sure, it doesn't take years anymore though most ships are now powered by shattered gems. I don't like that part, it is like modern day necromancy. Most gems don't look like me though, the newer gems do. The Diamonds like to integrate technology into the new generations so they can do a better job than the more 'complete' gems. It is strange to see gems that can produce holo images through their hands or communicate through their gems to Homeworld." Heliotrope picked up her pace to make sure she doesn't fall behind the much larger gem.
"And Homeworld can fix broken or shattered gems, somewhat. Gems have to be broken in a certain time period or contained quickly. It is really painful and had its side effects. Usually gems come out looking strange or missing much of their original form. I was severely cracked by rebels on another planet but Homeworld fixed me. The only downside I had was that I lost a portion of my original form which is why portions of my limbs are missing. Homeworld also fixed that. I can tell you more about technology if you want," she mumbled. Heliotrope loved technology but she worried it might be too boring for Pyrite.
Pyrite looked disgusted when Heliotrope mentioned that apparently newer ships were powered by shattered Gems, "Sick'n wrong is what it is." Pyrite said, although was glad that Heliotrope didn't seem to advocate for it either... She was surprised to hear that apparently Heliotrope wasn't the image of what a 'modern Gem'. Just how different could they be? Then again, she never saw Homeworld for herself...

It wasn't exactly her specialty, especially since she was an 'old Gem' by Homeworld standards, but she hadn't tuned out what the other Gem was saying. She had been listening the whole time with some interest, "... Sure, don't see why not. It's a whole lot more than what Homeoworld ever told me." she said, before pausing and considering something, "... Say, I know more 'bout what Gems can do, and you're some sort of tech wiz, right? You can go ahead and tell me more of just what the hay Homeworld is doin', and why don't I teach you some things about just what Gems can do?" she offered.
Heliotrope looked up the earth gem, grinning, "Really!? You can teach me all types of gem stuff? I would love that Pyrite!," she exclaimed. "Wait, you lived during the war here, could you tell that to me to? Homeworld rarely releases any information about battles, it's annoying." It was true, Homeworld only offered up information on battles they've won that left no gem alive. Any information in general usually wasn't available for gems of her status, most sources came from the rumors that traveled through the less restricted colonies.

"Homeworld isn't the best place but I can assume you already knew that," her voice drew quiet. "I'm actually pretty happy I left, it's really barren there anyways. I know a fellow partner of mine was developing new models of Kindergarten machines there that could extract material from planets much quicker. There's also new scouting teams that can actually fix warp pads on colonies, it's so amazing. They're trying to develop the same things that fix the warp pads to also possibly fix gems and even shattered one. I doubt it'll work though."
Pyrite laughed upon seeing the other Gem's reaction, "Well it's a deal then, I reckon." She was a little more hesitant about telling Heliotrope about the war, though. Since her reformation, she'd considered that part of her to be left behind with her allegiance to Homeworld... but part of why she'd convinced Heliotrope to leave them in the first place was because Homeworld wasn't telling her anything... She might as well shed some light on things that Homeworld had purposely covered, "... Sure, I suppose I could tell you some things about that... Just ask about what ya' wanna know, I guess."

Pyrite nodded as she listened, "Huh, I see... Why don't ya think it'll work, though? I don't even know how those 'warp pad fixers' even work."
She saw the discomfort that showed on Pyrite's face for a moment, "Are you sure? I don't want to bring back any bad memories is all." It was one thing to want to know about everything she missed out on but not at the cost of someone possibly getting hurt from it."Really, it is not a must Pyrite." The idea of hurting anyone, even emotionally made her insides twist.

"Homeworld doesn't have the best of luck when it comes to 'fixing' gems. The droids release some material that fixes cracks and holes, I am not sure how but they do it. I'm afraid it will create a hybrid gem by filling the cracks with some weird material. Those droids aren't meant for gems like us, they're meant for warp pads."
"... Well, it ain't like the war didn't happen, as much as Homeworld would like tah deny it did..." Pyrite said, before going silent for a moment, "... Maybe 'nother time them, if ya' insist on it." In truth, she was somewhat thankful that the Gem had noticed that the war wasn't exactly the highlight of her life... But still, she'd like to tell Heliotrope something about it, she deserved to know about the stuff that Homeworld had covered up. Maybe another time, like she'd said.

"I can see why you'd be so concerned, then... Knowin' Homeworld, though, they'll prolly wait for the right subject to come around to test it, consequences be damned." she said, a slight frown on her face, "... Anyways, what else about Gem technology, if ya' have anything else ya' wanna say on the matter."
She nodded, "That is fine Pyrite, you can tell me whenever you'd like." The homeworld gem pondered for a moment if she did know anything about the strange society that is Homeworld. Ships, shattered gems, warp pads, fixing droids, the new Kindergarten models, and the advanced gems. There wasn't much more that could be talked about with Homeworld since she really didn't have much information on it to begin with.

"I know a few rumors but they're just rumors, I can't tell if they're or not. Other than that, I don't know much more with the technology other than the basics."
Pyrite shrugged, "Sure was a whole lot more than I knew before." she paused, before looking at the Gem and smiling her characteristic mischievous grin, "... So, since ya went and told me all you have to know, how's about I go ahead and teach ya' everything I know now?" Pyrite was actually eager about showing Heliotrope how to access more of her Gem abilities... Even if she wasn't sure about how good a teacher she'd be. Only way to find out was to try, "Like shapeshiftin'. Maybe we should start with that."
Heliotrope's eyes twinkled as soon as she said those word. "Really?! You'll teach me to do those things? Like actually how to do them?" The idea of actually being able to shapeshift again would be amazing for her, though she wasn't sure what she'd do with those other than goof off. Yet it was step closer to being a real gem, something other than a tool. "I would love that Pyrite!"
"Well, it sure wouldn't hurt to try." Pyrite said, "It's a heck'of a lot fun once ya' really get into it. I've already shown you some of the forms I can do... Hmm..." How would she go about teaching this Gem how to transform? It was so natural to Pyrite that she didn't even have to think about any sort of process to do it. It was almost as second nature to her as using her gun, "... Try somethin' simple first. Like, a minor change to your form." Using herself as an example, she 'grew' her mustache again.
She smiled at Pyrite's look, "You could fool any gem with that disguise," she joked. The Homeworld gem tried to see if she could make her hand have one more finger, it seemed simple enough. Despite concentrating on changing her form as hard as she could nothing happened. Her hands looked exactly the same. "It didn't work, should I try again or am I doing it wrong?"
"... What's even worse is that I think it actually worked once or twice..." Pyrite mumbled before watching the other Gem. She rubbed the back of her neck, "... Well, what're you tryin' to do in the first place? ... Maybe try really... visualizing it first?" she suggested, trying to think of how she was able to shape-shift so easily, "... I could try doin' what you're tryin' to do there so ya' have a model to base off of."
Heliotrope laughed at that, it seemed a bit hard to believe someone might fall for such a simple trick. As she glanced down at her hands, she wondered if she could actually do it but what kind of gem would she be if she only gave up after one try? "Okay, I'll try that. Let me see if I can get it though, I don't think I can do it the same way you do it and vise versa." So she thought of the simple extra finger on her hands, trying her hardest to concentrate on it's image she was greeted with the surprise of it actually working. Right there, on her hands were two extra fingers. "I DID IT, PYRITE! It's barely anything but it's something!"