A Cowgirl and Scared Dork (Steven Universe RP w/ Y

Pyrite looked at the other Gem, wondering just what she was trying to modify in the first place. It couldn't be too big, of course, but still. She was interested to see if her suggestion had worked, but if not they could...

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the voice of an excited Heliotrope. Pyrite grinned, "See, what'd I tell ya'? I'm sure you'll be turnin' into stuff without even givin' it a second thought in no time!" she looked at what the other Gem was able to do-- two extra fingers. It was easy pickings for Pyrite, but she could tell that being able to do this meant a lot for Heliotrope. It meant progress, "Well, hey, we all gotta' start somewhere, right?" she said, before pausing, "... Just don't ask me to teach ya' about that hologram stuff anytime soon. Just gonna tell ya' right now that I don't quite have as much of a handle on that."
As she gazed at her small victory, she said "Oh, that stuff? I already know it how to do it. I just usually have a need for it though. I could try and show you though." Heliotrope clutched her hands and turned towards the gem, wondering if she even teach it. Never have she attempted; it was always a you can or you can't situation for gems but she wasn't sure anymore. "It's easy for me to do, it's like visualizing thoughts or memories. Would you be interested in trying?"
Remembering how Homeworld valued functionality over everything else, Pyrite realized that of course Heliotrope would know how to produce a hologram, "Well, I mean, I never had much use for 'um..." she said, trying to act as if she didn't have much interest, but she did wonder how gems would be able to project them from their gems in the first place, "... but I guess it couldn't hurt to know to know how to." Pyrite said, a glimmer of intrigue in her eyes, "So ya' just... 'visualize' somethin' you think?" It sounded similar to what she suggested for shape-shifting, but less... physical.
"Basically, I don't know if it works with all gems. It might though." Heliotrope explained the process of how she knows most do it. Stemming from an intense emotion such as pride or happiness, and even the feelings memories can have can bring about projection through a gem. "Now that you say it, it does seem similar to shapeshifing but for some reason, this is easier to me."

The gem stepped in front of Pyrite and took a deep breath. In an instant it was a view of space from a ship in the hologram; it was being drawn towards the planet that laid ahead of it till suddenly everything shifted and all that could be seen was flames. It suddenly stopped, "See," Heliotrope said, "emotions can bring memories to light. Usually the more intense, they better they are... like my ship crashing."
Pyrite listened and watched with interest as Heliotrope explained and showed a hologram. She wondered why Heliotrope would show her this until she explained, "... Oh." She considered using some of her memories from the war but... that might be too much for her and Heliotrope-- earlier she'd scared the Gem when she explained that she was abandoned by Homeworld, after all.

She tried using a more uplifting memory, like when she was traveling with cowboys in the wild west era. She focused and looked to see... no hologram. She frowned, trying harder. This time something did project from her Gem, but it appeared very unclear and unfocused, like a TV that couldn't get a clear signal, before it finally fizzed out and disappeared.
The small gem smiled at her, "You nearly did it! That's amazing!" Heliotrope wasn't expecting her to produce something, even if it was fuzzy so quickly. It was amazing, it took her years to even do that. "I bet with time you can easily get it down. What were you trying to bring up anyways?" As nosey as she was, she wanted to know exactly. Perhaps it was the old west she spoke so much of or something like her being a spy for Homeworld; her mind buzzed with all the possibilities.
"I know it ain't too impressive but..." Pyrite was promptly interrupted by Heliotrope spouting encouragement, and she took off her hat to hide the slight blush she got from the sudden praise, "Oh, just a memory of me and the boys-- or, to be more specific, cowboys-- traveling in the harsh desert landscape of the ol' Wild West." her voice picked up as she spoke about it, "Gems can't die of thirst, but it's not like there weren't thrills. I should tell ya' of the time I came across some bandits and I had to fake my death for the... I think it was 5th time?"

She suddenly stopped and put her arm out to try and stop Heliotrope too. She knelt down. Pyrite knew many Earth animals and while strange, she decided they weren't too bad if you didn't bother them. She also knew of some of their tracks and, well, these seemed... particular, "... I don't think we're alone here."
She laughed at the thought of Pyrite playing dead, wondering what other reasons she had to do. "It seems like you had a lot of fun being with humans, probably more fun than any human could." Heliotrope enjoyed Pyrite's company, even her stories. It was something she didn't get to experience a lot; simple contact with other gems.

As she walked over to the strange prints, the gems could feel eyes prying on them. Pyrite was right, they weren't alone. Off in the distance a creature, one unlike Heliotrope had ever seen on earth wandered into sight. It was icy blue with a single lifeless eye that beamed at them. The creature's legs were thin and it's front legs, or perhaps arms, were attached to it's body by what seemed like energy. "Pyrite... what is that creature?" she asked, her voice going quiet as she backed behind Pyrite. "That doesn't seem like an earth creature."
"... It sure ain't one." Pyrite responded, drawing her gun from the gem on her side. With a 'click' it was loaded and ready to fire, and she aimed it at the creature. She was ready to fire if it attacked. She looked the creature in the eye, standing off with it. She recalled seeing something like it before, but where? A lot of things had happened in Pyrite's time on Earth, and she didn't have the time to search through her memories so that she could tell Heliotrope just what it was. Not now, anyways, "... You should draw those knives of yours, in case it decides we're easy pickins." Pyrite advised. Maybe this could be an opportunity to get Heliotrope a little more fighting experience, so that she wouldn't become a dead weight later on.
The creature merely glared at them, not even taking a step towards the two gems. What could it possibly be if even Pyrite, the one who's been residing on the planet for countless years, didn't even know what it was. Heliotrope pulled out two of her daggers from her dull gem, gripping them tightly. "Do you think it's something from Homeworld?" she asked, wondering if it was something else her world had hidden from her.

Before the gem could even get an answer, the creature rushed right for them. It's claws ripping up the earth behind it ad it gained speed. Heliotrope was scared yet she wasn't going to run just yet. She threw one of the daggers, barely hitting it's tail due to sheer luck. Yet it only bad luck to come for both of the gems as the thing screeched out in pain and only sped up towards them, angered by the simple attack. "Oh diamond...." Heliotrope uttered.
"For all we know it could be-" Pyrite didn't get to finish her sentence before the creature came charging towards them, and to Pyrite it wasn't a mystery as to what their intentions were. She stayed steady, several white blasts coming from her gun. While having better aim than Heliotrope, she wasn't sure about if they hit, or if the hits would even do anything against them. In any case, it didn't seem like they were going to stop anytime soon.

Pyrite pushed Heliotrope from the path of the creature before getting out of the way herself, attempting to get some last-minute shots at them. When she hit the ground Pyrite looked at the creature, bewildered. This wasn't like anything she was used to facing, yet something kept picking at her. What was this thing? ... And more importantly, could they deal with it?
The thing screeched out from an unseen mouth as Pyrite shot at it, halting to a stop from the pain it felt. It seemed familiar in someway, even to Heliotrope. As the creature tried to gather itself, the Homeworld gem realized what made it seem so strange, so unearthly. "Pyrite," he uttered, drawing out another dagger, "I think I know what it is..."

"I think it's a gem, like us." She pointed at the small cluster of crystal spines that shot out from it's chest. "It seems like it formed without outside help, no other way a gem could look so... so broken and painful." She moved towards Pyrite, wondering what to do next. The creature didn't seem like it'd stop anytime soon as it turned towards them, staring them down before charging again. This time, Heliotrope protected Pyrite as she flung her daggers at the thing, sinking into it's skin which only held it off for a few more moments.
Pyrite's eyes went wide, "Of course." Pyrite mumbled, looking at the creature. She'd only heard rumors of what happened to gems who couldn't 'form right' from some fellow gems in the war, but she'd never really gotten the chance to encounter one face to face until now. In truth, she wished she didn't. Being a gem who prided herself in getting to choose her own identity, the thought of having to regenerate into something like... that was something sickening, to say the least.

"... We gotta put this gem out of their misery." she said, "I dunno who or what did this to them, but we can figure that out later. For now... we gotta get this critter to go back inside their gem." The damage the both of them did combined was only making small progress, and even then, the creature was unfazed enough to keep rampaging... unless...

"Heliotrope!" she looked to the other gem, "Ya know how we talked about fusion earlier? I know it's a thing that you might not be used to condonin', but... we gotta fuse if we want an easier time here." she held her hand out for the other gem to take, should she choose to accept the sudden offer. Pyrite had never done a fusion before. She was aware of the process, but there was never a gem to fuse with, or a situation where she had to for that matter... Well, there was a first time for everything.
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"Put it out of its misery? You mean... kill it? Shatter it?" The thought of getting it away from them, stopping it in it's track was one thing yet this, it seemed cruel. Heliotrope never knew that gems could become something so monstrous. "I don't want to do it but do we really have any other options, Pyrite?" she questioned.

It became clear how limited they were when the earth gem brought up fusion. Something like was nearly parallel to taboo to her and it would only widen her division between Homeworld for her. She sighed, seeing the creature taking steps towards them. "Alright," she whispered, "I'll do it..." The gem took hold of Pyrite's hand; hers was so dainty compared to the towering gem's. "We'll fuse."
Pyrite shook her head, "No I mean like... Try to make them retreat back into their gem-- like when ya' lose your form and you gotta regenerate... Although, I hope it doesn't get to where we have to shatter the gem." she said. Shattering the gem was more of a... last-option scenario for when absolutely nothing else worked.

She wasn't sure about if Heliotrope would even accept the offer. Only a few moments ago was she still affiliated with Homeworld, and the symbol for them was still apparent on her outfit. But Heliotrope didn't decline. It wasn't with open arms, but she had accepted. How was this going to work, anyways? From their hands alone there were differences between them, Pyrite's hand being larger and much more rugged compared to the other gem's. What kind of fusion could the two of them possibly make?

She went to Heliotrope's side, "Now what I'm about to do is what's called a 'Square Dance'." She was well aware of how funny it was, considering how her gem was shaped, "I did it all the time with the humans, apparently it's a celebration dance or somethin'." It was the only dance that she really knew how to do by heart, "Just follow my lead and you'll get it. It ain't too complicated of a dance." Hopefully Heliotrope could get the hang of it before that creature reached them. With that being said, she started with facing the other gem, hand behind her back, and nodding her head forward in a short sort of 'bow' before she went in a circle and let go of Heliotrope's hand... Although given that there weren't any other partners to dance with she grabbed Heliotrope's hand again.
Despite what thoughts were going on in her head about everything that surrounded her; all of it seemed to contradict was she grew to know. That gems weren't all good and deserters weren't bad, that fusion could be something that doesn't harm a gem and now to top it all off, gems could become monsters. It seemed like her best bet was to follow along with Pyrite, she hadn't been wrong so far.

The whole process was strange, starting with the bow. Heliotrope did want to laugh at the idea of her dancing, all she could imagine was Pyrite's gem doing some odd dance, 'square dancing'. As she twirled and turned around the golden gem, she began to grasp what the human dance as all about. With each turn the gem added a bit of her touch, a slide here or a simple side step here and there. It was actually joyful as she danced along side Pyrite. It was when the ended the dance - that became a strange mixture of Heliotrope's Homeworld dancing and Pyrite's Earth dancing - did the two realize what fusion truly did.

A blast of light engulfed them. Heliotrope felt her form merge with what she could only assume was Pyrite's. It was... beautiful and powerful, something she wasn't used to. When it faded, she felt different, no, she wasn't alone. She felt as if she resided in Pyrite and Pyrite resided in her, the two were the same now. It was the two of them now, they were Unakite. A dress swayed around them that made it look like they belonged in the American South. Four eyes covered their face that matched the four arms they had, even though two seemed detached from their body. "Oh my, oh my, what do we have here?" they mused, glaring at the creature. They moved the poncho back with one arm while another tipped up their had. Unakite towered above the creature, smirking as they glared down on it. "A little gem! What a doll."
It was a pleasant surprise to see that Heliotrope wasn't so bad at dancing, despite likely never having tried it before, or at least not this sort of dancing. Pyrite grinned when she noticed that Heliotrope was putting her own style to it, and Pyrite played along, modifying some of the dance steps herself to make the whole dance a thing of their own creation. She was having so much fun with the whole thing that for a few moments she forgot there was a dangerous gem monster coming for them.

Wait, was Heliotrope's gem glowing? Pyrite looked confused before noticing that her gem was also glowing, and that was before their bodies glowed and flowed into each other. It was... quite something, to say the least. It was almost overwhelming, the feeling of forming with Heliotrope. She could feel what Heliotrope felt, and Heliotrope could feel what Pyrite felt. Together, they formed... Unakite. An air of confidence surrounded them.

"Now, lil' gem, how's about you and I play a game?" Unakite sounded as if they were talking to a pet dog rather than a threatening creature. If anything, they acted like this was one big romp for them, and the gem creature was their plaything. Their two floating arms summoned Pyrite's and Heliotrope's weapons from their respective gems before throwing them up in the air to combine them into a bayonet, a weapon that had sharp shooting and a nice, shiny pointy end for if anything happened to come too close. They caught the weapon gracefully before squinting and aiming, "Fetch sounds fun, don't it? Lets see if you can catch this bullet."
They held themself in a modest manner, seemingly frail and quiet yet they were much more. Unakite was shy with a rising undercurrent of childish malice that only showed when their personalities collided. It wasn't anything that could cause true damage, it only made them seem like a predator who enjoyed to toy with their food before quickly killing it.

As the trigger was pulled, the creature was already beginning to rush for them. With a shriek, it stopped dead in it's tracks as the bullet lodged into it's thick blue skin. "I guess ya' can catch it, what about a few dozen more?" they smirked, firing off one after another. The creature charged for them and leaped right for their massive body, not caring for the bullet wounds that they could only assume hurt like hell. Massive claws dug into their skin, deep. Screaming, Unakite ripped it off with the pair of floating arms, holding it tightly away from their body. "Who taught ya your manners? Because it surely wasn't me." Despite being wounded, the creature didn't retreat into it's gem. It stayed alert and only more enraged as they held it tighter. "Hmmm, now please be a good gem and go back into that gem of yours.... I'd really hate to force ya," they said, glaring at it as the gem clawed their hands in a foolish attempt to escape.
"Hmm... I see you're not easily persuaded." Unakite said, still keeping a firm grip on the creature, "Okay, how's this then? I'll give you a count to three, and if you retreat into your gem before then, nothin'll happen and we'll forget this whole encounter ever happened. If not..." With their other pair of hands they held their weapon. As a demonstration they very lightly touched the point of the sharp end of the bayonet, and quickly pulled their away their hand from the sting it had, "... Well, I'm sure you can imagine where that will go."

"On the count of three- One," They were deliberately slow while they did this, readying their weapon into position, "Two," They looked ready to thrust the weapon down at a moments notice, holding it above the creature threateningly. The other set of hands positioned the creature to be under the weapon.

They waited a moment, giving the weapon a twirl with one hand, "Three!"
They knew it wasn't going to retreat into it's disastrous looking gem; there was no hesitation for when the blade was thrust into it's skin. It wails and wails as Unakite looks on, feeling a tad distressed by the gem's pain. They draw it closer to them, twisting the blade homing to make it retreat. The damn thing sure was hardy. "Shhh now, just go in yer gem. It'll make things easier for all of us," they hushed. As they tried to convince it to retreat, the creature managed to pull out on of it's hands and swiped for Unakite's face. Claws dug deep into their skin and they reeled back in pain.

"Ya damn beast!" they scream, hurling the creature away from. Their hands examined their face, feeling the light wounds., even the one the spanned across Heliotrope's gem. "I guess even tough love is too nice for ya..." they hissed. Before them, the creature wobbled side to side once it was back on it's feet. It couldn't last much longer, especially which such a gaping wound. It took a few steps towards them before it fell forward; it poofed before it hit the ground and finally retreated back into it's damaged gem.

The adrenaline was wearing off in the gem as they walked right for the gem. Unakite saw what they did and wondered how much it hurt. Their wound hurt despite how shallow the claws dug in. It was hard to think, it was pulling them apart internally. Even with Pyrite's strength tying the two gems together, the portion that was Heliotrope begged to differ on the pain. Fusion was new to both of them but true pain was only knew to one. As they bent down to pick up the gem, they could feel themselves unraveling. Personalities unwinding, their form began to unravel; it felt like someone was trying to rip them in half. How much longer they could be Unakite was unclear, at least the gem was able to take care of the of the corrupt creature.