A Bridge That Spans Universes! The Collection Of All In One?

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  1. **READ THIS FIRST: This is an RP where you can, almost literally, do anything. All animes are welcome, as are all partners and variations of attacks and such.

    No god-modding (ex: No going nine tails on people.)
    Attacks have to make sense (ex: Using a transmutation symbol to summon a lazer from space is a no-go.)
    If you have more than one character that you're voicing for, specify who is speaking and when.
    If you want to have a specific role, pm me and I'll see what I can do about it, otherwise just jump in!!**

    Scarrlets legs weakened slightly at the thought of how long the walk was. He and his partner, Lucario, had been walking through the desert for nearly a week now and were running short on supplies. They could barely see a town in the far distance, but they were both tired and weak from a lack of sustenance. "Can you tell how much farther it is, Lu..?" Scarr asked between heavy, lifeless breaths. "... About two miles, sir." Lucario 'said' telepathically. Scarrlet groaned and continued walking, hoping that they would reach the town sooner than later.
  2. A short-haired girl sat at a cafe table, swinging her legs idly. Glancing around herself, she spoke through chapped lips in an even drier tone. "Wow, this sure looked nicer on the map.." She combed her fingers through her ebony locks, muttering to herself under her breath. A tall creature stood next to her, towering over her sitting form. The creature's navy-blue-and-cream pelt glimmered slightly in the strong sunlight, and as if to exaggerate on its fearsome appearance, it opened its maw in a yawn, revealing small dagger-like teeth. The girl, obviously unafraid of the large mammal, reached out a hand to stroke his fur. "Y'know, Typhlosion, we always seem to pick the least exciting places." The creature made a small noise of agreement, sitting on its haunches. "Oh well.." Resting her head on her folded arms, the girl closed her eyes and tried to ignore the sweltering heat.
  3. Suddenly, Lucario stopped. He stood as still as a stone pillar, glaring in the direction of a nearby sand dune. Scarrlet stopped walking a moment later, looking back at his partner with a confused expression on his face. "Huh..? Something wrong, Lu..?" Lucario had no reply as he slowly removed his glasses and dropped them to the ground, preparing for something unknown. "... Aw, crap, another one?!" Scarrlet shouted, removing his glasses as well and looking towards the sand dune, which was now beginning to rumble. "Master, it's a level two this time!!" Lucario said, the sand dune suddenly exploding into the air to reveal the hiding place of a giant blue scorpion dawning a human-like face and two spears instead of a normal front of a scorpion. "Level two?! Aw, crap..!" Scarrlet complained silently to himself about the predicament, reaching into his satchel and pulling out two identical gauntlets and putting them on his arms. The sand flew high into the air still, creating what looked like a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb.
  4. A young male with glass of water sits down on a lawn chair neer his hut out in the hot desert notices a figure in the distance. The male named Rico calls out his pokemon bellossom to his side. "little bellossom please see to that that figure gets a warm welcome from us". Rico asks his pokemon.
    Bellossom aggrees happaily to her owners comand. As bellossom is about to fetch the wellcome group Rico calls out "better yet my little one, ill come with you is that fine? i have a good feeling about this." Bellossom a tad confused, agrees again.
    In the deep thoughts of rico he ponders appon if this figure is a trainer or just a theif again.
  5. As walking Rico is hit with an explosion of sand, he muffles a cry to his bellossom but bellossom cannot hear his voice in the ragging sand blast.
    Bellossom worrided about her owner uses the move quick attack to find her owner. In the fear she cannot find him finnally discovers him under a pille of sand. she quickly scrabble towards him and uses protect. Under the sand storm she see's the two figures near by.
  6. A grunt from her companion made the half-asleep girl look up. "Hmm..?" She murmured softly, her eyes widening at the sight of the dust cloud. "Whoa! How cool is that?" She spoke loudly and stood, slamming her palms on the table. The chattering people eating by her looked around, startled. Sitting back down sheepishly, she continued to stare at the now fading cloud. Her Typloshion yawned once again then smacked its lips together, feigning boredom. The girl, jabbing her index finger into the creatures soft belly, spoke hopefully. "Wanna go check it out?" Ruby eyes narrowed as the creature snarled, a ring of scalding fire appearing around its neck. "Fine, jeeze!" The girl yelped. The canine-like animal smirked as it laid on the concrete next to the table, flames fading as it began to snore.
  7. Lucario and Scarrlet took their positions, back to back with on arm crossed in front as they prepared for battle. The scorpion akuma let out a nasally laugh, almost like a screech. "EEEEHEHEHEHEHEE!! You're mine now, demons!!" It screamed as it began to charge towards them. "Lu..?" Scarrlet said nervously, awaiting conformation from Lucario for the battle to begin. "Wait for it.." Lucario muttered, eyes fixed on the position of the akumas path. "... Now!" Lu shouted, leaping into the air above Scarrlet. "Alright! Lets go, team attack!!" Scarr shouted, arms raised into the air. Lucario turned into a blue stream of light, reforming as dual cannons on each of the gauntlets. "Ready to fire, master Scarrlet!!" he said with a slightly metallic voice. "Ok. Aura cannon!!" Scarrlet pointed both of the sets of cannons at the charging akuma, a blast of pure aura shooting out of them and hitting dead center on their enemy. "Gah!!" the akuma exclaimed, flying backwards and landing on its back in another plume of sand.
  8. The cry from bellossom was loud enough for Rico to wake up, bewillderd Rico quickly sits upward and realizes that bellossom has been useing protect longer than she can last finnaly Rico had no choice but to put bellossom in a pokeball to protect her.
    Its the one thing he fears the most, losseing bellossom in her pokeball.
    Through the loud sand storm Rico yells out "bellossom! RETURN!". Bellossom vanishes into her pokeball leaving him defenceless to the powerful sand. He dashes to his small hut and enters at his door and yells in the small building "munchie we need to take care of this problem!"
    A small lazy but powerful munchlax appers out of the kitchen.
  9. "Ahh, you brats!! Take this!!" the akuma screamed, firing a multitude of spears at the team. "Aura field!!" Lucario shouted, creating a blue ball around them both for protection. "Are you alright, master?" Lucario asked, just to make sure. "Yes, good call there, Lu. Aura field, break!! Aura cannon!!" Scarrlet shouted again, firing a second round towards the demon, slowly walking towards it while it's immobilized. "Master.. Wait, something isn't right..!" Lucario attempted to warn, a long wire-like tendril coming out of the sand from underneath the scorpion and wrapping itself around them both. "Ah!! What the hell?!" Scarrlet yelled, the tendril lifting them both up into the air slowly. "Hahaha!! Did you really think that a simple attack like that would actually immobilize me?!" the akuma said mockingly, looking at Scarrlet with an insatiable blood thirst. ".... Help!! Someone, help!!" Scarrlet screamed, his powers coming into effect and carrying the sound several times it's natural distance while keeping it as clear as crystal.
  10. "MUNCHIE USE TAKE DOWN!" a small muchlax tackles the large creature and breaks his grasp from scarrlet and Lucario, Rico attepts to chatch any of the two but slips from the sand. Spiting out sand Rico looks at the duo and focues his attention on the large creature. For a moment Rico is distracted from the creatures apperince but finnaly calls out bellossom "Little bell, come on out and use sing" Bellossom appers from the ball and attempts to put the large creature to rest. Finally realizeing the bad choice he throws the duo a chesto berry.
  11. "C'mooonn!" The girl whined, tugging on her Pokemon's tail. The Typhlosion growled once more but the girl ignored it, attempting to drag him towards the direction of the cloud. The Typhlosion dug its claws into the pavement, keeping its eyes closed. "Fine then, I'll just go by myself then, you lazy bast-" Her blue eyes widened as she stopped talking, a sharp cry cutting her off. The Typhlosion's ears pricked up and swiveled, himself having heard it aswell. "So, big guy, are you too macho to help someone obviously needing it, or do I need to handle this myself?" The girl spoke sharply, obviously challenging the creature. In respone, the Typhlosion stood suddenly and picked up the scrawny girl in his arms, ignoring her yell of protest as he ran towards the noise.
  12. Scarrlet began falling to the ground, his Lucario taking it's form again and catching him. "Nice catch, Lu!!" Lucario simply nodded, catching the chesto berry in his mouth and swallowing it. The akuma, now in a light sleep, was curled up in a ball in the sand. Lucario slowly advanced on it, removing his bandages from his head in such a way that if the akuma were to awake, it would be immobilized with fear. "You have lived long enough, scum.." Lucario said, the bandages falling to the ground as he stopped in front of the demon. He looked down at it as his markings became visible in the sunlight. The akuma slowly awoke, only to stay in its current position. "... Now die." Lucario stated, widening his eyes as the akuma nearly exploded in a bright flash of light. "Woah, jeez!!" Scarr shielded his eyes with a hand, never before seeing this attack.
  13. ChoMai a bell jumped from on rock to another as she crossed thebpath of water "Meow" she called out happily.
  14. "OH DEER!" Rico covers his eyes and bellossoms eyes. Munchlax was unaffected becuase he is sleeping allready. "so welcome travlers!" opens his arms out and lifts up his head in a smile. Bellossom dose a little dance for the duo's amusment. As Rico looks down and realize's the two travlers are not amused buy his wellcome. Uncomfurtable he turns and picks up his munchlax and grunts "UGH munchie~~uve gained soooo much weight since the last battle, you need to spar with little bell, right little bell?" turns his head and sees bellossom danceing about the duo.
  15. Lucario returned to Scarrlets side, holding a piece of tattered clothing in his hands. "This was found stuck to it's leg after it died." he informed Scarr. He handed Scarrlet the rag and it was placed in the satchel along with both the gauntlets. "Good work, Lu." he said. Scarrlet turned to Rico, bowing slightly in coordination with Lucario as the wind caused his leather trench coat to wave around. "Thank you for your gracious welcoming and for your help just then, sir." They pair stood back up, looking at the trainer with a smile as Lucario put his bandages back on and handed Scarrlet his glasses. "Ah, thank you, Lu." he said, placing his glasses back on.
  16. A large wave of dust was kicked up as Typhlosion skidded to a halt by the small group, still holding the complaining girl in his arms. "You don't have to carry me, I'm perfectly capable of walking!" The Typhlosion smirked and dropped her onto the soft sand, cutting off her rant. Sitting up and spitting out granules of sand, she began to complain but spotted the two other males. "...Oh. Hi." Some dust still on her large hoodie, she waved in a nonchalant way. "Did one of you yell for help?"
  17. "Why thank you" says Rico with a large grin."so travlers where are you heading twords? " calls bellossom to his side and jumping with joy bellossom hops to Rico. Looks around the sand for his hut, realizeing he has travled very far he turns to the duo and asks "if it isint too much out of your way, would you like to take a rest at my hut? Think wisely though, i have water and more beds than i can handle, so what do you two say?"
  18. Turns to the female on her Typhlosion "oh my, more company..Yes indeed we called for help but all is well...YOU young laddy would you like a rest at the hut?" puts his arms out with a grin for more company.
  19. Scarrlet playfully raised his hand, lifting a leg up at the knee behind him. "I did!~ But, this guy here already got to us, sorry..~" he returned to his normal position, his Lucario looking around warily before jumping high into the sky and vanishing from sight. Scarrlet smiled, smoothing out his coat and hair before looking towards both or the new people. "... Well, if this isn't the most interesting party ever! A trainer," he motioned towards Rico, "me and Lu," he motioned towards himself, "and now you!~ And who might you be, miss?~" he finished in a mock English accent, slowly taking a step towards the newly arrived girl and her Typhlosion.
  20. "I would be Plaid, and this sarcastic bundle of fur would be my Typhlosion." She replied, jerking her thumb in the direction of the Pokemon. The creature snorted, sitting down on its haunches once more. "Too bad we didn't show up earlier, I could have gone for some good action.." Sighing, she turned to Rico and smiled. "And no thanks, Typhlosion here should be able to go back to tow-" Suddenly, the Typhlosion sprawled out onto the sand, snoring loudly and exhaling smoke with each breath. With a quick glance at the creature, Plaid sighed. "Yes, please."