A 50% Chance of Zombies

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  1. Name: Kira Han
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Kira likes being an optimist, looking on the brightside of things. Though, recent events have dimmed her usually sunny personality.

    History: Kira's parents immigrated here from Korea. She grew up in a happy house-hold. At the time of the first attack, Kira was moving boxes into her new apartment by herself. She's a fantastic kick-boxer, but the gun shop near her apartment building will provide her with much needed firepower.


    Kira grabbed the last box from her car and looked around. It was a dark, cloudy day and she was glad she had moved in before it started raining. Kira was carrying the box up to her new apartment when she heard screaming across the street.

    She turned, horrified to see a man attacking a woman that had gone out to get her mail. Kira almost screamed herself when she saw the man tearing ravenously at the woman's flesh.

    Kira threw her box down and ran down the stairs, ready to help.
  2. Name: Miyamoto Kisa
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Appearance (open)

    Personality: Miyamoto is just your average guy, living an average life. He finds interest in painting, as well as reading and writing. Miyamoto also loves to watch horror movies. Most of those movies including zombies. He also has a love for pizza.

    History: Miyamoto was grocery shopping. The day seemed normal and everything was calm. Of course, the streets were quiet, and the sun was blazing. It all seemed like a normal day. Except for the dogs and cats that were running around. He was gazing up at the clouds, when an ear-shattering scream rang out from an alley way nearby. Miyamoto dropped his groceries and ran to see what was going on. As he turned the corner, he stopped in horror. Before his eyes was a man, but he was doing something out of the ordinary.

    He was eating a woman on the ground beneath him like a carnivore. Miyamoto was sure that it was the woman he heard scream. He slowly, but quietly backed away, as the zombie continued to devour the woman, each bite making a slimy, crunching noise. Little to his knowledge, he was backing into a garbage can. Miyamoto tipped over the garbage can as he fell over it, causing a loud ruckus.

    The zombie stopped eating and turned his attention towards him. It stood up and twisted its body, as it turned to face Miyamoto. The zombie groaned and growled, leaping forward at Miyamoto. He rolled to the side and the zombie landed on the garbage can. Miyamoto could feel himself breathing heavy and his body shaking. But he stood up and made a dash out the alleyway. He took a right and ran as fast as he could ,until he came up to a gun store.

    Miyamoto burst into the gun store. Suprisingly, there wasn't anyone in the store. Not even the owner. Miyamoto looked back and shut the door tight, then locked it. What he saw was insane! People eating other people!?!?! He was sure that he was crazy. That he was just seeing things. But, he couldn't deny it, that man was EATING that woman. But, he didn't look like himself.

    It looked like he was infected with something. His eyes were pure white, his skin was pale and his teeth looked almost rotten, stained with blood and flesh. Miyamoto looked around the store, then down at a case in front of him. There were a variety of guns and ammunition that he could use. Although, he had never used a gun before.

    He picked out a single pump shotgun and grabbed a box of bullets, then loaded the gun up.​
  3. Kira kicked the carnivorous man square in the jaw. She heard a sickening crack and assumed she had broken his neck. Something didn't feel right about that though, she hadn't kicked him that hard. Upon examining the now-dead man closely, Kira realized the man had a huge bite mark on his neck. The bone had already been exposed, and with hardly any flesh to cushion the kick, it wouldn't have been hard to break his neck.

    Kira held back the need to throw up and knelt next to the woman. "Ma'am? Are you alright?" she asked, though she knew the answer. The woman was obviously dead. Kira stood, pulling her cellphone out and dialing 911. Unfortunately, and oddly, the lines were busy. "What the...?" she began to say, just as she heard an un-human growl.

    Kira turned to see the woman standing up, her skin pale, her eyes white, her teeth bared ravenously. "You're kidding me..." Kira gasped. She barely managed to jump back as the woman lunged for her. Without a second thought, Kira bolted down the street, running straight for the gun shop.
  4. Miyamot finished loading up the shotgun and laid it flatly on the counter top. There was something off and he had a really bad feeling that crept up his spine. He was going to be more safe than sorry. Miyamoto looked around the shop and spotted a bag to the left of the store. It had a long, black strap that connected to either side, so he could place the strap over his shoulders and carry whatever weapons and ammunition he could with him. He wanted to make sure he had enough weapons, but also not too much to the point, that he couldn't walk or run fast.

    He walked over to the bag, then picked it up in his left hand, and walked back towards the counter. He packed as many box of bullets for pistols and his shotgun that he felt was travel efficient. He placed two pistols in the bag and grabbed a crowbar and a bat he found just laying around the shop. After he was all set, he exited the shop, he looked back at it one last time, then took a light jog, left of the gun shop. It wasn't long before he saw a woman running towards his direction with a fearful look on her face.

    He stopped and stared at her. She didn't look like a threat, by the way she feared for her life. Her facial features were normal as well. Miyamoto yelled out to her." Hey! Are you okay?!"
  5. Kira almost didn't hear the man who had called out to her, her pulse was too loud. She slowed down a little, panting. "Am I okay?" she repeated, "No, I'm not okay! Some guy just ate some lady and she died and she came back to life and she tried to eat me!" Kira was frantic as she told the man what had happened, her eyes wide.

    She fell to her knees as she heard sirens and more screaming. The entire city seemed to be in chaos. "What is happening?!" she said, her voice slightly quiet.
  6. Miyamoto looked at the woman in shock. She had saw exactly the same thing." Listen, we have to move! I don't know what is going on, but we can't just stand here." Soon after, a broadcast came over the loudspeaker in town."

    "ATTENTION ALL CITIZENS! THERE HAS BEEN A RECENT BREAKOUT OF A VIRUS, THAT IS QUICKLY SPREADING THROUGHOUT THE CITY!" The voice on the speaker was fearful and shaky. Miyamoto listened closely, noticing that it was a woman speaking, He couldn't believe it. A virus, much like the one's he had seen mostly in monster and horror films, was happening in his home town.

    "ALL CITIZENS ARE TO EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY! YOU ARE ADVISED TO-" The woman stopped short of what she was saying and screamed out in terror. It was mixed in with the grumbles and moans of something that sounded inhumane. "WAIT, NO! STAY BACK! GET AWAY FROM ME! NO! NO! NOOOOO! AHHHHHHHHHHH!" The speakers began to break up and the woman's last screams were broken into broken bits and pieces.

    "H..E...L...P...M...ME..E...A..H..H..H..H..!" The broadcast died out and Miyamoto was left with his eyes almost protruding out of his head as the widened, He could feel his body shake and tremble with fear and he felt himself frozen in place. He had to gain his composure. He had then remembered the girl he met three minutes before the broadcast. His head snapped over towards the girl, who was to the right of him." Hey! We have to get moving, now!" Miyamoto gritted his teeth as the sounds of moaning could be heard coming from behind him.

    His eyes widened again as he looked back, his face showing signs of sweat on either side. It was like he had imagined it to be. A group of people walked towards them except, they didn't look to have any color to their skin. "What the hell is this? There's just no way....that they can be...." Miyamoto said, in a stutter. The peoples skin was robbed of color and their eyes were white, as well as some yellow. He could see that they had flesh hanging from they teeth and their bodies splattered with the blood of their victims.

    His worst nightmare, if any, had been awoken before his very eyes. Miyamoto quickly looked around. There had to be a route or escape away. He looked behind the girl to see two more heading towards them. Soon after he could hear banging on the glass door of the gun shop behind him. They were surrounded. There had to have been another way. Miyamoto continued to look, until he spotted a wooden fence across the street. The fence was low enough for the both of them to jump over. Miyamoto wasted no time in grabbing the girl's left hand with his right one and pulling the girl with him." Come on! We can escape over that fence. It leads to the riverbank. There is a bridge that we can cross to get to the other side of town!"

  7. Kira listened to the broadcast in utter shock. "This isn't possible!" she half-shouted.

    She was pulled to her feet and ragged off toward the river. "Do you think they can climb the fence?" she asked as they ran.
  8. "Well, there's no mistaking what we both saw! " Miyamoto shouted, as he let the girl's hand go and jumped the fence, swiftly. He turned around and waited for the girl to jump, looking behind her at the things that chased them. Once she was over the fence, he turned around and headed towards the river. But, when he came close to it, there were more of the the pale people walking around the riverbank and even the bridge itself. Miyamoto stopped and looked around. They were everywhere.

    A bead of sweat formed on the side of his left tempo. There was no other choice but to use the weapons he had stored away previously. He knelled down on his left knee and removed the bag from his shoulders."This is insane, how could this have happened?" He said, as he took out the two pistols and handed them to the girl. "I hope you know how to use those." After the girl took the pistols, he removed the shotgun from the bag then cocked it once.
  9. Kira landed on the other side of the fence and looked around. -Zombies... How could this even be possible? What did this?- she wondered. Kira couldn't stop shivering. She wasn't sure if it was because of the situation or the fact that the sun was going down, or maybe it was both.

    She looked at the man. "Hey, in movies, zombies swarm people who use guns and make noise," she mentioned as she took the guns. "We'll have to shoot and run at the same time." Kira looked around again, wondering how many there were and how hard it would be to get past them. But... Even if they did get past them, where would they go?
  10. "Yes, you are right. Which is why, we will have to be quiet." He stood up and placed the strap of the bag over his shoulders. "Lets get going." He said, as he walked slowly towards the group of zombies, making sure that he kept quiet.

    The zombies moaned and walked blindly around the riverbank. Some even bumped into each other. Miyamoto held his back close so that it wouldn't rattle and slipped passed them. He was careful not to touch any of them. If he did, they would swarm him, and he wouldn't be able to reload fast enough if he ran out of bullets for his gun.
  11. She nodded and followed him, putting one of the guns into the waist of her pants. She held the other in her hands as they snuck past the zombies. Kira held her mouth in a tight lip, careful not to make a sound as they walked.
  12. The bridge was slowly approaching . The zombies moaned and groaned, almost touching Miyamoto at some points. They had to move just a bit faster. He was more nervous now. The closer they made it to the bridge, the more zombies showed up. He looked behind him at the girl, and she was moving safely. That was a relief. But, as he turned his attention back towards the bridge, he bumped into a zombie that had walked in front of him. "Oh no..." He said, lowly. The zombie faced him immediately. It opened its mouth and let out an ear splitting scream.

    That scream alone, turned the entire group of zombies towards their direction. Miyamoto pushed the zombie back with the nose of his gun, and it tumbled back. "Run!" Miyamoto yelled out, before sprinting pass the others zombies that tried to grab him.
  13. Kira had been walking quietly and slightly relieved. -So far, so good- she thought as they walked. The relief was short-lived as the man bumped into a zombie, making it scream and attract the others.

    "Dammit!" she muttered under her breath. She took off running behind the man, dodging past zombies as they started coming at them. "We need to find some place to lock ourselves in," she suggested as they ran.
  14. "Yes, we can't run forever!" Miyamoto yelled back at the girl as they continued to run. It seemed that each step they took, more zombies seemed to appear. He could feel his body shake like a leaf with fear, but he didn't stop running. He dropped his left shoulder and sent a group of zombies tumbling down to the ground. Afterwards, he looked back and grabbed the girls hand with his free one and pulled her, urging her to move faster. The zombies started to dash after them.

    They were coming up to the other side of the bridge. Miyamoto wasted no time in searching for a place to hide. He looked around until he spotted a house far off into the city ahead of them. It stood out by itsself among all the other buildings and it looked abandoned. They had to take the risk, they couldn't run forever. "We can hide in that house across from us in the city!" He yelled out.
  15. Kira was starting to breathe heavily. -Since when is my stamina so low?- she wondered. She nodded to the man, looking to the house. "Alright, let's hurry."
  16. The house was slowly coming into clearer view. He was glad to see that it was abandoned like all the other buildings. Then again, there was a zombie apocalypse going on throughout the city. When they came to the house, Miyamoto let the girl's hand go and kicked open the door. He then pulled her by the hand inside and shut the door tight. "That was close."
  17. Kira sighed and nodded. She put a hand on her head, feeling incredibly tired. She looked around.

    "I'm going to make sure all the doors and windows are locked," she told the man.
  18. Miyamoto nodded at the girl. Once she had left to check the windows. he looked around the house.He was quite surprised at How the house looked. It was very clean and well kept. Whoever lived in the house, took pride in how it looked. But, there was also a good chance the person had abandoned it. Due to the front door being unlocked. Miyamoto locked the front door and explored more of the house.
  19. "There's no blood anywhere," Kira mentioned. "Maybe there's no one, or nothing, here?" She looked around at the house, setting off to explore as well.
  20. Miyamoto walked around the house in awe. The house continued to to surprise him more and more. He looked down at his stomach as it began to growl. Evening had now drawn near and he had not eaten since he and the young woman had been chased. Worst of all, he had dropped his groceries. Miyamoto looked around for a bit longer, then searched for the kitchen.