36 Hours- Characters

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  1. Post your characters here...
    For the 36 hour test.
    Appearance: (pic or description)
    Personality: (please include if you are scared or excited)
    Relationship: (willing, closed)

    Favorite combat style: (stealth, sniper, close-combat, avoiding, ect.)
    Other Information:
    Sky Zandria (Shadow Assassin)
    Shino Kurosawa (Haruka)
    Raven (Cry)
    Dio Ashwood (Sepdemonium)
    Kayne Lowe (Cassette)
    Uzzah Levy (PrinceofSpirals)
    Evelyn Rhodes (Yuuki_Tatsunohi)
    Talia Hertz (Lilpuff)
    Jarvis Lee Drune (Suzette)
    Adrian Marth (Yaki-Tan)

    For plot information: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/36-hours-ooc.62704/

    FOR IC ONCE YOUR CHARACTER IS ACCEPTED: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/36-hours-ic.63098/
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  2. Name: Sky Zandria
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Show Spoiler
    Face: [​IMG] Original outfit: [​IMG] Test outfit: [​IMG]

    Personality: Shy, scared, trusting, responsible, protective, clingy
    Relationship: Willing
    Favorite combat style: Stealth or avoidance
    Weaknesses: Overly-trusting, close-combat, those she comes close to
    Strengths: Long-range combat, stealth, picking out other's weaknesses
    Other Information: Has a scar all the way around her neck, will become volatile if extremely angry
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  3. Name: Shino Kurosawa
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Regular Appearance (open)

    Except hair and eye color is same with the second image .x.

    Test Appearance (open)

    ((she cuts her hair on the test c:))

    Personality: reserved, calm, strong-willed, brave(or at least that's what she shows on the outside), hot-tempered, can be cold, is actually scared of the test even though she shows the opposite
    Relationship: willing
    Favorite combat style: Sniper and Close-combat
    Weaknesses: slight stubbornness, her coldness can give people a different message, temper can overcome her
    Strengths: swift on her feet, (putting her temper aside)carefully thinks her actions through, adjusting to different circumstances
    Other Information: n/a
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  4. Name: Dio Ashwood
    Age: 17
    Dio's 5'6 in hight and very slender in build, though he's not sickly underweight ether. His body isn't overly muscular though it is toned. He's quite pale with a dash of freckles that run across his shoulder blades and collar bone, they stand out on his pale skin. He also has a strange symbol that looks a little bit like the ace of spades cut into his stomach, and a strange burn mark on his shoulder. His body is also scarred, mainly on his lower back and hips. His body shape is curvy. His face is androgynous, and it's vary hard to tell if he's male or female unless you're up close. His features are somewhat soft, though I think that to say Dio would be handsome is to have an..acquired taste.. Though it's hard to notice because he's smirking condescendingly more often then not. His eyes are multicoloured, his left eye's green and his right eye's blue... His blonde hair is long, just past his shoulders and his fringe reaches past his cheek bones and stops at the tip of his nose. His hair is also very messy..like a bird's nest.

    normal pic: [​IMG]


    Personality: Back stabbing, self centered, excited, maniuplative, cunning.. yeah, he's a real winner. he's als0 very loud, defiant,crude and has a really bad potty mouth..ain't he dreamy?!... nooooot..
    Relationship: willing
    Favorite combat style: close-combat
    Weaknesses: he's not very strong and is totally crap with a gun
    Strengths: he's very quick on his feet and prefers using knives
    Other Information: he's homosexual, and his theme song is the Ace of Spades by motorhead
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  5. ^~^ Yes, I'll reserve a spot for you. And it's okay ^~^
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  7. Test: [​IMG]

    Normal: [​IMG]

    Name: Raven
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (pic or description)
    Personality: Raven is Slinet, Only talks when needs to, And always keeps away. she was scared when she was told she was doing the test!
    Relationship: willing
    Favorite combat style: stealth and avoiding
    Weaknesses: Being around people (she has no idea what to say to them), hand in hand combat, and gun fights
    Strengths: knife swords anything like that she good with, being unnoticed and Stealth and hidding.
    Other Information: Nothing that comes to mind at the moment
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  11. Ah, Cry, it seems I was fated to run into you once again! I swear I'm not stalking you... you hope ;). But seriously, it's nice to know I'll have a friend in the horror-fest...a friend who I may have to kill, but let's just ignore that part. :P

    Anyway, I'm reserving myself a spot, I'll post my CS information below tommorow.

    Name: Kayne Lowe.
    Age: 18.
    Gender: Male.
    Normal Appearance:


    Test Appearance:


    Personality: Kayne is a nonchalant guy, who doesn't really care for anything but himself in life. He's organized and inventive, although perhaps a little too confident in himself. Most people find Kayne's overly-analytic approach to things scary, especially paired with his cold nature.
    Relationship: Passive.
    Favorite combat style: Stealth, and uses various gadgets from the shadows.
    Weaknesses: Physical strength, being social, using blades.
    Technology, being analytical, staying hidden.
    Other Information: Kayne is a techie-type characters. His eyes aren't naturally red- he wears contacts.
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