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  1. Emma rolled her eyes and sat up as the teacher called her out for trying to sleep during class. Its not like anyone understood what he was teaching anyway.

    The whole class sighed heavily, and many comments were presented when the teacher started rambling on one of his lectures again, about "you should be excited to learn," and, "others don't get this privilege," and blah blah blah. Then he would go on about how everyone should act like Chris. He was a guy in her class that was, as she sees it, a suck up. To the teacher, he was the perfect student. She rolled her eyes again, as she could only imagine him beaming with pride. She hated when the teacher went on about other students like that, like they were special. If they were so special they wouldn't be here, at this dumb school.

    He ended his lecture with, "Overall Emma, my point is, don't sleep in my class." He went on teaching, and Emma leaned back, zoning out.
  2. Chris watched the exchange and couldn't help but smile as he was used an as example yet again. It was true he looked geeky and nerdy with his reading glasses, notebook, pencil-in-the-ear and his calculator on the table. He looked like a total geek, and he sometimes acted the part. He had a stack of papers that he was writing for a new book, and a journel full of notes from the lesson .Once again, he blushed when he singled him out again for prasie. He sat back and smiled heavily, mumbiling, "Thank you."
  3. Other students started to continue to pass notes, talk, lean back in their seat, and some paid attention. Emma ripped out a piece of paper, and wrote "NERD" in big letters in pen, and balled it up. She threw it at Chris, just to do it. If he wereto open it, there would be a mmessage too.
  4. Chris felt the paper smack his head. Not wanting to open it and ruin his reputation, but not willing to let it pass, he slid it under his chair for later.
  5. "Oh my God..." She said in an irritated tone, seeing him put it under his chair. He was such a... a... goody two shoes.

    She was pulled out of her thoughts by the teacher speaking louder, to the class. "And so, you will be assigned a partner in a second randomly by me. You will need to have a typed project and a visual presentation on something you both share in life. It could be an adventure, a struggle, -" Suddenly a student piped in and said loudly, "The struggle is real!" The teacher sighed and continued. "It could be how you both met, and so on. I hope you all understand. If you have any more questions, see me after class." He started saying names, partnering up students.
  6. Chris smiled and sat up eargerly. A project was just the thing he needed in order to boost his grade up even higher. He waited until he heard his name, "...and Chris and Emma." Chris nearlly stood up in outrage.
  7. Emma just sat there, in shock, staring into the distance, though she did notice Chris nearly stand up. She could only imagine his face. Other classmates stared at her, and she finally reacted. She stood up and said to the class, "What are you guys looking at! Why don't you look at your partner, who probably will do nothing this assignment and get you an F!" She mentally slapped herself. She was so in shock she she couldn't even come up with a good comeback.

    She brought her attention back to the teacher and said loudly, "I am not doing this project with him. I'll flunk this if I do!"
  8. Chris didn't speak, but instead looked at her. Tight clothing. Dark hair and eyes. A very evil and haunting expression, over-ridden with malace. Her body was filled with rage directed at him, not even for real. She was the bad girl of the school, rumored to do drugs. He shuddered and looked at her teacher, "Minus the last portion, I would like to request a new sy-"

    "No, you two are working together and that is final!" The teacher snapped.
  9. She gave the teacher an evil glare then looked at Chris, scanning him up and down quickly. He looked like the typical geek, and probably acted like it too. She knew she wouldn't be able to spend even two minutes with him.

    "If you don't give me a new partner, I'll..." She trailed off and tried to look steaming, but on the inside she didn't know what to say. What would she do? Was there anything she could do?
  10. Chris turned around and looked at her with a look that said I don't want to even be near you! He frowned. Just as the teacher was about to speak, the bell rang.
  11. She looked at him and noticed his look toward her. Who did he think he was? She moved a bit closer in his direction.

    "If you think you can look at me like that, boss me around, or even touch me, you're sadly mistaken. Sorry to hurt your feelings, but just because your so "perfect," except for your wardrobe," she made air quotations with her fingers when she said perfect, and gestured toward his clothing when she said wardrobe. "doesn't mean everyone likes you. Therefore I'm not doing this project with him!" She said the last part toward the teacher, gathering his things.
  12. The teacher looked at her, "You two were put together for a reason." He kept calm, which actually was making chris angry, "Chris is my top student, you are my worst. Maybe, if you stopped cursing and dressing like that, Chris can help shape you into a worthwhile student of mine!" He spat, then he left the room. Chris looked at her with blazing hatred.
  13. She returned the look. "Oh don't look at me like that.." She said sarcastically. "You're gonna hurt my feelings!" She started gathering her things and said, without looking up at him. "Next time you look at me like that again I won't hesitate to punch you."

    Her mind swam with many thoughts, and many questions. She worthwhile student! ... right? 'Whatever.' She thought. 'I don't even care.'
  14. Chris glared at her, "Where do you live?"
  15. "Does it matter?" She asked, looking up at him and slinging her bookbag over either shoulder. "I wouldn't want you destroying it."
  16. Chris laughed, "The only one destroying shit will be you!"
  17. Her face flashed a look of surprise, but it quickly was replaced by anger. She couldn't believe he just said that! Just because she... She retorted, "Nice to know you don't have a nerdy dictionary! But use it on me and see what happens."

    She took some steps in his direction. "And if I go around destroying sh*t, then I might as well start with you huh?" She said, thinking. "You know what? I was right! I can't spend even two minutes with you! You're nothing but a stereotypical nerd with a blown up ego! You can do the project yourself!" She turned around and started angrily toward the door.
  18. Chris gripped her am and spun her back inside the classrom, "News flash Bitch, it's been two minutes and ten seconds."
  19. She stared at him; no mean face or anything, just a plain expression. All of a sudden, she took off his glasses and threw them across the room at full force, sure to break them. "Oh look," she said sarcastically again, looking him in the eyes. "Looks like you need some new f*cking glasses."

    She gave him a sarcastic smile. She was actually glad to see he had a little bit of bad in him, at least, it was a little bit through her eyes. She just didn't like that ot was directed towards her.
  20. Chris spun her, "bitch, do that again I show you what I was before this jackass school."
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