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  1. Let's just get straight to the point.
    Lately I've just joined group roleplays and have a craving for romance plots.
    AS HECK.


    1) Please if you decide to join post in 1+ paragraphs. The roleplay will get nowhere if I have to keep trying to keep it going even when I'm only getting one-liners, it's a two-man's effort!

    2) I'd like to keep libertine things out of it. It may be romance but I'm not really a libertine person.

    3) I'm seriously not picky about the gender I play, though in most roleplays I play the guy.

    4) I don't care what kind of pictures you use.

    5) Please post at least 1+ every 2 days or something.
    That doesn't mean lower your quality, but please just know
    that I'll probably respond quickly.


    1) I usually post in at least one or two paragraphs depending what you give me.
    (You can research on me! I swear it!)

    2) I kind of have a peculiar sense of humor forgive me for that.

    3) I will notify or tell you if I'm uninterested anymore, sorry. I just have different senses of
    interest based on what I read/do in my day to day life.

    4) If you don't post in a week or so, I will PM you to see if you're still interested. I will wait another week but if you don't reply back I will assume you're not going to post again.

    5) I post character sheets using anime pictures. If you can't cope with that I'm letting you know now.

    6) Sorry, I don't really do fandoms unless.......
    It's a pokemon world and doesn't relate to the characters.
    Ash, any of the gym leaders, etc. I kind of pride myself on originality.

    7) I'm extremely active, I will alert you when I will take my leave.

    Yup, fun stuff, like plots and pairings.

    (Please recommend parings, to be honest I'm not a parings person, more like a plot person.)
    - Tsundere Bad Boy x Normal (For this I'm being specific normally I don't categorize like this.)
    - Wizard x Normal
    - Half Animal x Normal

    - Time Traveler x School Girl/Boy
    - Guardian Demon x Normal School Girl/Boy
    - Outcast x Popular Halfling
    - Outgoing Musician x Musically interested Girl/Boy
    ~ More to come

    Normal Character in Pokemon world kind of thing developing
    relationships. Sh, don't judge me.

    Muse A runs a coffee shop while managing their highschool life,
    not to mention his parents are peculiar, and also having a little sibling to top it off.
    Enter Muse B, currently going to the same school Muse B has never really
    paid attention to Muse A until Muse B find out about the coffee shop and
    Muse A's life outside of school.
    What will happen to this pair?

    C. - This one I was specific sorry! FxM
    Muse A has always had their unreliable older sister getting into trouble.
    That is until a baby is left on their couch wailing with a note from her sister.

    Muse B is her best friends brother and always seems to act grumpy
    and somewhat rude to her. He's caring though he doesn't show that to

    Muse A, at least not on purpose.
    Muse A requests Muse B's help not wanting her friends to know,
    even though he's grumpy he keeps secrets.
    How will this mix?

    Muse A stumbles upon an old mansion apart from the cities path,
    as she's pulled in by someone.. Or something?
    As soon as Muse A awakens they're laying at the feet of
    Muse B. Muse B is a mischievous soul who doesn't act
    their age, though the pull of Muse A was entirely on accident.
    Muse A has a wish which is what brought Muse A there.
    Though it's open to humans, normal people usually don't see what Muse A sees.
    Muse B even though a mischievous soul maintains the mansion well
    and though Muse A is bound to the mansion because of her wish,
    this mansion is full of doors which leads to somewhere,
    and is full of mythical beings.
    Muse B allows Muse A to carry on normally in the day.
    What could happen to this wish giver and the wish maker?

    More to Come~
    Last Updated:

    Once roleplays are claimed I will fill them in with new ones,
    even so I shall keep a maximum of 7 plots on here probably.
    I hope you find one to your liking~
    If you're interested please PM me first, and I shall set a thread unless
    requested to keep it in PM.
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  2. I'm interested on: - Time Traveler x School Girl/Boy and Plot D but I'm quite confused on the plot... what creature is Muse B? What's her wish? Why is Muse B guarding that Mansion? Whose mansion is it?
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  3. Time Traveler x School Girl/Boy: Great! PM me when you're up to it.

    Plot D:
    1) That's for you to find out in the roleplay~ (just know Muse B is a magical person.)
    2) Human.
    3) His/Her wish you may decide, but it cannot be one that is time limited.
    4) Muse B is guarding it so normal humans don't get mixed up with the doors and it's his/her home.
    5) Nobodies. It belongs to the doors and has been there since the beginning of time.

    p.s Muse B is the guardian of the mansion, they aren't bound to the mansion by a wish.
  4. Ah okay, thanks! I'll message you right now
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  5. I'm interested in a pokemon roleplay.
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  6. PM me whenever you're up to it, if you have any questions you can post them here.
  7. I like your idea on the coffee shop.
    It has a simple base that you can broaden and turn into a bigger plot...
    I wouldn't mind trying a hand at it, if you'd like.
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  8. PM me whenever you're up to it!~
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