Zombie Apocolypse

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  1. (this is based off the movie zombie apocolypse. you do not need to know the movie to roleplay. I need someone to play the brother in the picture but the two siblings are not together right now)


    The world as everyone knew was now destroyed and there were very few survivors. There was a group of three of them trying to find some food which was not easy to find. A lot of the places had been picked clean including ammo stores. Heather was in this group with a metal bat in her hand ready to attack anything that moved. It had been a few weeks now since the virus had spread and now it was almost world wide. It all happened so fast that she had no time to prepare at least she watched some zombie movies. Her clothes were dirty and she was in dire need of a shower but she could not have one. The three of them had stopped by a small town to get some food and other necessaties. The group had decided not to go into the bigger cities unless they abosolutely had to because there would be more of the undead maybe thousands. Her brother was now missing since he was at work when all of this happened. She had stopped by their but he had already gone and she hoped he was somehow still alive.
  2. Ryder was crotched his hair ruffled in his face and his clothes worn and tattered, he leaned against the wall trying to figure out his nesxt move, reaching into the pocket of his loose jeans he'd find a crumbled up piece of paper, ryder parted his lips and sighed, he stood up and prepared to brace himself for what was to come next.
  3. Sita Martyn leaned against a nearby wall, glancing around, throwing knife in hand, hoping she didn't have to attack anything. Lucky for her, she was skilled in throwing knives, so she could fight from a distance without having to get close to the undead, and sometimes, she was able to get her weapon back. She was also a black belt, but she really hoped it wouldn't ever have to come to being that close to them. At the moment, she was taking a break from scavenging for food. But she knew it would have to be short, as breaks could easily get you killed. Sadly, she knew absolutely nothing about zombies. She had never, not once seen a zombie horror movie, and now she was living one! Sita was, however, tougher than you think. When the outbreak first started, she was forced to kill her own parents and sister. Her clothes were old, but they were pretty warm and tough, as they had been her dad's old hunting clothes.
  4. Ryder watched acrefully as the undead moved slowly they were brainless the only motive was sound and when they hear a sound that means food, he carefully picked up a rock and watched as the few undead moved around infront of him, leaning aginst the wall he breathed out and threw the rock and watched it clink against the wall, as it did so he watched the undeadd walked tword that direction bitting on what thought to be a human, Ryder quickly picked up his bat and ran past them and made his way behind a car looking around for any survivors.
  5. When someone had thrown the rock she perked up that must have been someone alive. Zombies did not know how to throw or make noises like that did they? She started running towards the sound and noticed someone was running towards the back of the car. "Hey." She cried out not that loud just in case there were zombies right near the guy. It had been the first person she saw alive for a long time and she wasn't going to let him get away.
  6. Sita gasped when she heard the noise. She realized that it must have been another human, as the undead were too dumb to throw a rock. Gripping her throwing knife tightly, she stalked towards an old car. She heard a voice. She was sure it was a humans, as she was pretty sure the undead couldn't speak. She noticed a male and a female. People! She hadn't seen an undead person since... Since her little sister became one of the undead. She cleared her throat, signaling that the male wasn't the only person who wasn't undead.
  7. Desiree was kneeling behind a dumpster. Her father's Katana strapped to her hip. Her father, an unfortunate victim to the undead, had raised her to defend herself with anything she could get her hands on. Being a Marine he was always tough on her, but now she was extremely grateful for everything he had done for her. The rock hit the wall near by and Desi cursed under her breath. She quietly watched as the undead approached her location. She knew there were other survivors near by but she had no idea where and she was now slightly trapped.
  8. Rachel sat inside an old Honda civic, contemplating her next move. She could try to make run for the closest building, but the condition of her leg would slow her down too much. Waiting for dawn was another option, yet she knew that there was a chance of them following her scent to her current location. And she didn't want to be trapped in a vehicle, surrounded by those things. She sighed, massaging her temples with her left hand. Her right was clutching onto the neck of a broken wine bottle. She glanced down on it, remembering what had happened only a few hours before.
  9. Desiree sighed and counted how many of them were now but mere feet from her. Too many to fight without getting ambushed. She could probably climb over the dumpster and pray that they wouldn't see her. Sighing quietly, she accepted this as her only option. She softly hoisted herself onto the top of the dumpster and began to slide off of the lid. Thankfully none of the mindless undead had noticed her. Once her feet hit the ground she quietly rand and hid behind a car to momentarily catch her breath.
  10. (Can someone please be the brother I posted in the first post)?

    When she heard someone clear her throat she turned towards the girl. "Two survivors? I have not seen someone for a long time." She said gripping her steel bat and walking towards the man knowing the girl would follow. Maybe there was hope of finding her brother after all but it seemed like no one else was alive. It was a week since the last survivor was found and then he died to.
  11. Ryder heard the shout, it was comming fom a human..a female from what it sounded like, he lifted his head up and spotted a girl not far from were he was, standing up he looked at the undead making there way to the dumpster and a few off in the distance looking back at the girl he signaled for her to come over " hurry up!", It was only a matter of time before there voices attracted more attention and that wouldnt be a good thing, just as he heard another noise he turnned and saw it was another female he waved his hands to get her to come over, the more survivors the better.
  12. The zombies were attracted to the noise of the rock and that was a very good thing. "Alright." She whispered and picked up speed to get to the man faster. Moments after she started running she could heard the zombies look their way they had to move and fast. Most zombies were slow but a horde of them would not be very good right about now.
  13. Sita knew the noise wouldn't stop them for long, so she quickly ran over to the man. When she reached him she turned to the other female, waiting for her to reach the man as well.
  14. Ryder gripped his metal bat tightly in his hand and looked at the undead staring to loose intrest in the rock he turned to the girl who had may her way over to him and looked at her with concern

    " have you been bitten? are you hurt?

    He looked over breifly to see the other girl making her way just then did he spot a female climing over the dumpster near were the rock had been thrown he had to get her attention somehow, noticing she had a sword he decied to call her over by appearance

    "hey sword girl"
  15. Rachel opened the door to the car, got out, and slammed it close. Hoping to draw the attention of what ever lurked nearby. There were no zombies in sight at the moment. But she knew they'd come soon. She limped over to the wall of a large brick building. Using it for support, she made it to the corner and glanced around it.
    They were there alright, but were walking in the other direction, away from her.
    What? They should've heard me.
    Then she saw the flash of someone running over to a car.
    That couldn't have been a zombie... it was too... human. Her eyes widened, she hadn't thought about other survivors.
    Until now.
  16. "I'm fine." She called out as she knew what the man was getting at if she was bitten. "Finally someone alive. I have not found anyone for a week." She said reaching the two and tried to catch her breath. Since there was little food and water running around got tiring.
  17. He nodded breifly looking over at her body for any scratches or bruises, small scratches and bruised were visable but it wasn't serious he looked around and the undead begane to roam around slowly, Ryder extened his hand offering a shake " its glad to meet you, names ryder"
  18. Other people could keep their loud guns and their limited ammunition. I would stick with a simple bow and arrows, silent, but just as effective as a pistol. The best part? I could always make more arrows, but once one was out of bullets, they wouldn't be getting any more. I had a small knife tied to a rake handle slung across my back, just in case, but other than that, I really did not have much. Food and water were my current priorities. I moved slowly and silently, attracting as little attention as possible, and then I heard voices, human voices, and frowned. They could be friends, or they could be bandits...people got mean when they got desperate.
  19. (I'm still looking for someone to be the brother from the first post)
    Nodding she took his hand and shook it quickly. They would need to leave here soon their scent would just draw more and more zombies to their current location. "Becca. Nice to meet you." She said then turned towards the zombies who were now fixated on the few survivors.
  20. Rachel looked down at the broken wine bottle in her hand, then chuckled.
    "I guess I don't need you anymore," she whispered. Then she threw it on ground in front of her. It shattered into dozens of tiny shards, making a sharp cracking noise against the cement. If that doesn't get their attention... I don't know what will.