Zombie apoclypse Life at Cass

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    In a medical testing lab in Newyork City a cure for cancer was being created and tested on animals. After one of the dogs have been treated by formula HOPE it turned out that this formula had an extra unwanted chemical that was added without the scinetists knowing of it. After the dog whent through it's mutations it got loose and ended up biteing one of the scinetists and hospitalizeing him. He too whent through mutations and ended up biteing one of his nurses. Afterwords the virus has spreaded accross the U.S and now the world is being infected by this virus soon cuaseing total ahnilation. With only a small amount of survivors left in the world the hope for humanity is starting to run out.

    In Ozarks Arkansas out in the middle of nowhere stands the lonely campus of Cass Job corps center. During the intial outbreak the students of Cass banded together to make the center zomibe free and a safe haven from the undead helping other survivors. Sourrounding the campus is a 10 foot wall of concret reinforced by brick and rebar with eight watch towers Two for each wall the trees have been cleared out around the center to give 300 feet field of vison around the center luckliy military soliders had joined all with differnt training. the once outside basketball court was onverted into an air Field with three Osperys on the northeast part of the center a training field/ shooting range had been installed. There are two entrances to the center on the east and west side both heavliy fortified and gaurded. The center is always busy and and alive the work stations still in use working to make weapons and repairs to the center and it supplies. Each of the nine trade helping in their own way.

    Name: Eclipse Moon

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Weapons of choice: DSR1 Subsonic sniper rifle, K12 semi auto pistole, Two Ninjato's

    Class: Sharp shooter

    Bio:Being the best on his sniper team in boot camp he was asked to join the green baret after two years of intense training when the virus had spread out to more than half the earth so he set out to finde survivors luckily he found the Cass job corps along with four other survivors.

    Eclipse would be seen standing on the eastern tower's standing watch. He would have his sniper rifle strapped to his shoulder and bonoculars in his hands to see out far. " Not much going on today. " He says just as he seen one straggling zombie come up from the distance. He would shoulder his rifle as he looked down the scope. " Smile for me. " He said just before he pulled the trigger blowing the zombies head clean off of it's shoulder's.
  2. Name: Taven Kuro
    Age: 21
    Hieght: 5'11"
    Eye color: Midnight Blue
    Hair short and black.
    Weapons: A japanesse Katana named ShadowBlade. M4A1 Red dot sight semi automatic/ fully automatic. Usp 45 laser site/ flashlight. K Bar
    Talents: Stealth, meele combat( speicalizing in sword combat.) Parkour, impovising. strateigist. fire arms.
    personilty: can be cocky at times but most easy going but serouis when need be spiecaly during missions and scavaging,

    Bio Taven father was a navy seal and trained Taven as well. they lived in japan for a few years where he learned his swordmanship and aquired his blade. After moving back to the states Taven join the job corps program to better him self when the out break occuerd he was able to get home only to find his infect dad he had killed him and gather his thing and went back to the center.

    Taven walks out of the Bumpers dorm and heads up to residantal living confrence room He walks in and ask one of the people to bring him the members of Alpha 1 Taven sits down in the chair and awaits his other squad mates.
  3. Eclipse would hear there is a squad meeting. He would climb down from his post he would start to walk to the Residential building he opens the door before him as he enterd he would then walk to his normal seat and sits down waiting for the others*
  4. Name: Jazzabelle 'Jazz' Dupris
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: "Why the fuck does it matter?"
    Eye Color: Acid Blue (The blue-ish color at the base of a flame) with a tinge of orange around the iris
    Hair: Long, straight, Chestnut but usually put up into a high ponytail
    Talents: "Wouldn't YOU like to know?"
    Personality: Loner, but can be a bit socially awkward, which she hides by becoming overly sexual, wearing things that show off her "assets".
    Weapons of choice: Anything that could be hanging around. She's against guns because she hates how they feel, but give her a blade or a blunt object and she's got this.
    Class: Random 'Citizen'
    Bio: Having been at Cass when the disease struck, she had taken refuge under ground and only came out when she heard other life. She had grown to be antisocial, not allowing any emotion to show through to people. She can be random and a bit sexual, but when it comes to 'love', she doesn't believe in it. She'd rather punch someone in the face than fall in love with them.

    Jazz had seen others around for a while. She wasn't very interested in talking to them, her mind more focused on surviving. She'd stopped trusting anyone, although she'd never trusted anyone before the outbreak. She had no idea what would happen to her, she would most likely die in this place. She had stayed out of sight after the wall had been built. She had been around for a while, throwing her weight around and adding her part of the work, but after everything had died down, she had hid away underground, stealing away from the world. She watched these men walking toward what used to be Residential, her head poking out from under the one-and-only entrance to her dug-out, the large cobblestone right in front of the flagpole, under the (now shattered) stone bench. She moved quickly, pulling herself out from under it and standing, adjusting her tight-fitting tan t-shirt and her pixelated camo pants, bending to tighten her shoestrings on her combat boots a bit before straightening up and clearing her throat. In one smooth sweep, she picked up her dagger from the ground, kicking her stone back into place before strolling into Residential. The men had never seen her before, so she knew there'd be an.... odd reaction, but hell, in her eyes as long as she's not a damn "zahmbie" then they should be cool with it. She was tall and lean, only slightly curvy but definitely attractive, with piercing eyes that could pull the truth violently from anyone if she stared long enough. She kept one hand on her dagger, eyes scanning the room for other potential weapons. She knew how to work with what she had or what she could find.
  5. Name: Merlin "The Silver Bullet" Del Rosa
    Age: 21
    Talents: appearing from shadows, fading into shadows, extreme speed, and other to learn in time
    Hieght: 5'4"
    Wieght 140 lbs
    Weapon: Daggers, Barrett .50 cal sniper with silencer, .44 magnum with compresser and silencer
    Bio: After being alone for the past 3 years, he found himself at Cass job Corps when the zombies began to attack. with Taven by his side the managed to push the zombies back and held them off

    After returing from a mission to find more surviviors, Merlin spots Taven entering the Command Room. Ever so quitely he follows Taven inside then slips into the corner to watch and listen.
  6. Eclipse would yawn as he looked to taven as he waited for him to speak.
  7. Jazz leaned against a far wall, waiting to be noticed. She knew even if she was they wouldn't say much, but she did want at least some reaction. She liked surprising people with her presence. She looked into the darkest corner and saw a man standing there, hiding away. Hm. She watched him for a moment, the sillouhette in the darkness of the shadows, then she turned her attention toward the man that seemed to be the leader, the tall one with the dark blue eyes and black hair. He seemed to be waiting for something. Jazz took out her dagger and began toying with it, point of the blade on one finger as she spun it professionally. She admired how it gleamed in the light and she smiled. It was her baby.
  8. Eclipse would look to the girl in the shadows as he watched her toy with her dagger. " Hey taven you know that girl? "
  9. Name: Montgomery Parker
    Age: 21
    Talents: Montgomery has several talents due to having been a spy for the junior spy agency at his bording school and he has aquirred experience in several fields of study and jobs due to the trips the junior spy agency at his school took.
    Weapons: From his experience as a spy Montgomery has 5 types of weapons he's skilled at using. His weapons consist of a rope, a stun gun, regular pistol, a medium sized sheathed sword, and throwing stars.
    Bio: Montgomery grew up in the bording school starting at 6 years of age when he joined the school. The school had a junior spy agency which when the kids reached the 6th grade they could join the agency and go on missions after their classes ended in the school day during the time of the school year. During the summertime the students who were in the agency would take trips and provide their services to many different people of many different job feilds, learning about the jobs, and each member practicing a bit themselves in the fields with their clients while they were providing their spy services.
    Personality: Is kind and considerate towards others and has respect for everyone. He has a seious side though and can be mildly strict at times.
    His valued possesions: A watch his uncle sent him before passing away, and a picture of two twin kids that he recieved wrapped up in a letter that revealed his parents passing away in a fire that was caused by an electrical explosion when he was in the 7th grade.

    21 year old Montgomery Parker is walking around the area as well. Sense 3 years back when he graduated the bording school he was a student at, he had been looking for 2 twin kids that he recieved a picture of when he was in the 7th grade. The twins at the time were 5 years of age and that's the age they were in the photograph so it having been 7 years sense that day Montgomery new the twins would be 12 now. Not having been given many leads about them other than their age Montgomery has had rough luck finding the twins. But he has never given up and he looks for them every day.
  10. Sensing he was being stared at, Merlin looked around and saw the most silent girl he knew in the room. He was always catching himself wondering her name as they never spoke. He attepmted to give her an inviting smile hoping she would come over and talk to him, but when he looked back she was twirling a dagger on her fingertip. "She must be wanting to test my skills," he said to himself. To prove that he was as skilled as she was he pulled out his special dagger, made for him by his father out of crystal and diamond. He tried hard not to think about his father as he showed off his skills, but it was just too much. He put the dagger away and grabbed his other dagger, made from adamantium. He began to spin it as the girl had.
  11. Montgomery goes into the Residential living building to see if he would find any new leads to help him find the twins. He pays for a drink out of the vending machine in the lobby. Then he hears talking comming from a room down the hall. He starts heading down to the room, the drink in his hand.
  12. Taven cracks he neck the sound of his neck popping fills the room. His midnight blue eyes scaning the room each falling on the three fellow survivors in the room his eyes first fall on Eclipse for he was the only one stiting. his eyes then fell upon Merlin his close friend he smiles as Merlin shows off his skills. finlly his eyes glace over at the newcomer he had heard word of a girl on the cernter that no one know who she is or even anything else about her he merely shurgs wondering why she is here thinking to him self She'll probbly say something. Taven Clears his throat "It is good to see you all here and if i may ask to the lady spinning her knife who are you and why are you here? " He then pauses as his wakie takie goes off informin him of a new arrival that was told to find Taven" I guess I shall wait to infrom Merlin and Eclipse of our mission after we deal with the other two people."
  13. Eclipse would yawn as he scratched th top of his head with his cap. He would look to merlin as he would adjust his ninjato's on his waist as he would put his cap back on.
  14. Montgomery hears what Taven was saying through a crack in the door that no one is aware of. Knowing that this building is where he was told to go to if he was looking for any kind of information, especially info on a missing person's case, Montgomery knocks on the door.
  15. Jazz looked over at the other man in the shadows, who was now mimicking her with a dagger of his own. She rolled her eyes and sneered. Fuckin' show-off. She put her dagger away as the leader spoke, obviously aiming some of it toward her and she stepped forward, hands on her hips as she moved with a grace she'd perfected in her past years.

    "I'm Jazz and I'm not an enemy. That's all you need to know."
  16. With the new information, and the fact that he was going to have to wait for the new mission, Merlin slips outside. He looks for Jazz, trying to get more info about her. He liked her, there was something about her that caught his attention. He wanted to know more about her. He wanted to know why she was so shy, and he wanted to break her of that shyness.
  17. Montgomery looks to Merlin pass him by in the hall. No one having heard his knock he just heard everything from out in the hallway due to the crack in the door.
  18. " Hey taven there's somebody outside the door should let he/she in? " eclipse would say as he looked to the door hearing the breathing due to his keen senses.
  19. Watch Merlin slip outside shaking his head thinking to him self Always chasing the ladies merlin.. "Yes Ecplise. Whom ever is outside enter now. And as for you Jazz thats good to know in this time to know whom is freind or foe well a major foe is quite obouvis the undead"
  20. Jazz slipped fro the room. This didn't involve her, nor did it intrigue her, so she wasn't interested in sticking around. She moved along the shadows, caressing the outlines of each and every one with a fondness known by few. The darkness was one thing she loved. The only thing she loved. She looked up to the darkening sky, the moon's pale ghost ripping through shreds of clouds. She sighed, looking around her and shook her head. She had to get out. She was tired of these same damn people in this same old place. She froze as she heard another's heartbeat and she smirked, not bothering to turn to him.

    "You're following me. Why?"