Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. Oh no! There's been an outbreak!


    What would you do if suddenly faced with a zombie apocalypse?
    No prep time, no gaining any magical weapons mastery! Just you, now, with the zombie threat unleashed.
  2. Probably just roll into the fetal position and wait to die tbh
  3. I would book north so fucking fast you can call me The Flash...

    My extended family own a large house with geothermal heating. The winters are long and cold enough to freeze any poorly circulated zombie. It also lies out in nowhere. There is plenty of wild game about and I hunt. I know how to skin and tan leather. ANd I know how to curate meat.

    That is if I can make it there in time.
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  4. Meet up with local friends, head up north to find our other friend and his family at their farm. Then move out North from there.
  5. 1. Take car.
    2. Go round to friend's place.
    3. I don't know anyone called Phil, so locate a person called Phil and kill them.
    4. Locate and hole up in nearest old man pub with big deadbolt doors and a suitably patriotic name.
    5. Have nice cold pint.
    6. Wait for it all to blow over.
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  6. Run.
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  7. Heading North sounds lovely but a) I can't drive and b) I don't know how to use a weapon aside from a kitchen knife. >.>

    So I'd probably end up finding the nearest Walmart (only 5 mins away yay) and hold up there.
  8. Hellis you made my day with your comment I LOL so hard at what you said.

    As for me I'd most likely book it north fast as possible as well probably find an old wooden cabin and bunker up and stay away from any damn city in existence LOL
  9. Using the collaborative powers of public transport and cheap survival books, I'll follow @Hellis' lead. Literally, if possible.
  10. That's why you adapt and learn. :P
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  11. Yeah but... I'd end up killing myself before the zombies even had a chance. ^_^'
  12. Considering I have a vast array of firearms and ammo at my disposal, I would load up all my weaponry in my vehicle. I would head south to first try and find my girlfriend. Which would more than likely be a suicide mission.

    But since I'm decently trained with firearms, I'm not worried. My good ole 92FS won't fail me.
  13. Don't get close, find good bite wear, practice in an open area on dummies, cans or what have you before getting anywhere near a Zombie. Plus, find others. I don't care if you're the best survivalist out there, you're far safer having someone watching your back, especially since likelihood of injury (and lack of medical treatment) is high. And said others can also help train you, which they'd have to be idiots not to cause it's in their best interest for their group to know what they're doing.
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  14. Think about what I'll say to all my favorite dead celebrities when I get the chance to meet up with them.
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  15. This would probably be the hardest part ^_^' Unless people know you, why would they want you to tag along?
  16. Luckily I haven been preparing for the apocalypse for years. Water, food, guns, ammo. Bring it, Zombies!
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  17. Establish a dictatorship and manufacture a zombie army that will eventually turn against me.
  18. Honestly? I would do nothing other than calmy buy supplies because almost certainly the outbreak wouldn't happen anywhere close to me and just keep an ear to the ground for news. The entire country isn't going to suddenly fall, and given the vast expanses of Canada between major cities out West, there's a good chance the zombies would never make it out this far before they die off.

    If the odd chance they do come this far, I have a truck and there's a lot of open fields that can help me avoid the no doubt congested and blocked off roadways (another reason not to jump the gun and flee right away, considering staying put until you have to absolutely have to move is paramount), and head 40 minutes West to the Rocky Mountains, aka the most easily defendable location ever with an abundance of resources.

    I'd grab my camping supplies, my spear, my rifles and ammunition (probably use the Lee Enfield for hunting), clothing and some things for entertainment and away I go to wait out the most short lived and ineffective apocalypse ever.
  19. That is actually a very good point. Imagine someplace that already has really bad traffic problems already? Crazy.

    In hindsight, I may just end up staying home.
  20. I'd do my best to get to my best friends house using the smaller roads as to avoid congestion. If I made it to his place, I would then take the short trip to my Dad's. Both my friend and my Dad each have more than enough firearms and ammunition, and we all shoot on a fairly regular basis, so together we would be pretty formidable. My Dad actually lives on plot of land within the property of a salsa manufacturing facility, as well as a resturant. It has sturdy ten foot wooden fences around almost the entire property, and we could easily fill in the gaps with tomato and/or onion totes filled with sand, since we have a few bobcats over there. Plenty of propane too. A large backup generator that powers WAY more than we would need. An almost endless supply of beans and rice. Walk in coolers we could turn into ice houses. Hell, there are even a handful of relatively nice houses within the complex.

    Yeah, I've thought this through...

    If I was able to make it there and secure before it got destroyed, I think we would be pretty well off.
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