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  1. Have you thought any about what you want done with your body after you die?

    I have a donor card, so depending on how much is left of me after I die, I think I'd like to donate my body to science.

    My mom will probably have issue with that though, so she might post-humously science-block me. (She's religious, and is very adamantly opposed to the idea of her body or her children's bodies getting anything but a traditional Christian Burial. Personally I don't see why sticking my body in the ground to melt into methane is better than contributing it to education and scientific advances that can help the living. Also kind of have an issue with the idea that she thinks she should have a say in how any corpse but her own is handled, but that's a thing for another day.)

  2. I said I'm giving my body to science, and THEN giving what's left a good old Christian Burial.
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  3. Harvest what you can from my corpse and then chuck it in a fire and burn it to ashes, or stick it in a science museum, or sell it to someone who really wants a human-skin rug. I really don't care, I'm dead at that point, so the funeral is entirely up to my loved ones to decide. After all, funerals are for the living, not the dead. Whatever comforts the living should be prioritized over the dead.

    After all, I'll be dead. It's not like I'll care.
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  4. Eh, I don't really care at the moment. Like Brovo said it'll be up to my loved ones to deal with it. Maybe I'll care more as I get older.
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  5. I like the idea of growing a tree out of my body. That way I'm easy for my family to find, I helped support more life, and I can give shelter. Helpful me is helpful!
  6. Biourn. I want to be cremated and then grown into a tree.
  7. I want to be buried on Mars.
  8. Depending on how gruesome my death is, I'd donate as much of it as possible, then burn what's left and shove it in a bio-urn. Or just toss it somewhere, not too keen on being buried, cremated or not.

    But that bio-urn is a cool idea. Being turned into an oak or something after you die would be cool shit.
  9. If we're not talking realistically, I'd probably try to have my sentience imported onto a robot and attain metallic immortality. Otherwise, go for a Viking Funeral.
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  10. I'd be cool with having my organs donated for medical purposes, but I'm less okay with my body being the subject of experimentation or educational dissection. Ideally, I would like to disposed of in a non-environmentally-harmful manner, and one that does not leave behind a corpse. The details, be it incineration, disintegration, or liquefaction, matter little to me.
  11. Mount my lifeless corpse on a stick and wheel me out at parties to terrify people.

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    [spoilet] you just lost the game [/spoiler]
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  13. I'm an organ donor, at least while I'm here in Georgia. I'll probably sign up for that when I finally move back up north, too. So... whatever organs are useful to others, I'm completely okay with others having when I pass.

    The rest of me, I want turned into ash. Haven't thought too far ahead about what I want done with it, but I don't want to spend the rest of eternity living in an urn on someone's fireplace mantle.
  14. I'd love to either be cremated and turned into a diamond or buried in one of those bio-urn things and become a tree.
  15. First I want any donation-viable organs to be used for such.

    Then anything left over should go toward science and education purposes of any kind.

    If no nearby facility wants my corpse for science then I'd be totally down with it being used for artistic purposes, assuming there are any suitably macabre artists about (not an issue if I die in/near Portland, Oregon as is rather likely since I enjoy living here and don't care to travel) and the local laws don't have problems with it (which may be the case, idk).

    Anything left over after those three options are exhausted should be cremated. The disposition of the ashes should be left to family to decide on, but if nobody cares to make that choice then my default preference is to have them chucked into the ocean or off the top of a high place on a windy day so the last bits that were once part of my body can spread out and possibly be useful to something some day.

    I've thought about this question a few times before. :P
  16. I hope my organs to be of some use then I want my ashes projected into space.
  17. Not gonna die.
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  18. I like the idea of being planted in the ground with seeds from a tree. Perhaps buried next to my husband or something, all romantic and shit.

    Otherwise, recently, I been thinking I'd like my ashes combined with a custom handmade knife for my son to carry with him. He'll have me protecting him wherever he may roam, and also it sounds badass that as a knife I can drink the blood of his food and/or enemies. Should I have more than one child by the time I die, hopefully the ashes can be divided for more than one weapon. Only weapons, no jewelry or anything else useless. >:[
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  19. That's fucking amazing. Can I join you that? Make it so that when the scared buggers run from your corpse-stick they run into my corpse-stick? :ferret:
    1. Stuff my body with various explosives.
    2. Invite my enemies to gloat over my dead body.
    3. Detonate the explosives.
    4. ???????
    5. Profit.
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